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Yarrow; Tape worm in brain, Parasite cleaning

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Let us take a walk again today on Memory Lane in the gardens. My friends have not stopped talking about our re-discoveries last week… Amla or Amalaki, also called Indian goose berry,  Vitamin B-15 and Vitamin B-17, and Gotu Kola. It was a wonderful week of rediscoveries which flooded back to memory many herbs. Some of these herbs, literally speaking, were the “reigning champions” on health food store shelves. I have found Amla rejuvenating. I tried to find out if Gotu Kola would keep me awake if I took it just before bed-time. It didn’t, despite a heavy Kola taste. Even my son who had a teaspoonful this morning as I write this column, while I had another, is having a restful nap beside me. Gotu Kola is a nerve tonic, a friend of the brain as well as we found out in the last column. I have no use as yet for B-15 and B-17.

In the walk on Memory Lane in the gardens this week, many old herbs popped up in my mind. One of them is YARROW, a true friend of women.

Another is Ransoms. The aroma will put off Garlic haters. But those people who love it and are searching for a herb like garlic with therapeutic powers stronger than it has will give Ransons special place in their herbal medicine shelves at home. Its other name is WILD GARLIC. I am not as excited about Dill and Anise as I was about Amla and Gotu Kola. There has been so much talk lately about Lemon juice and its huge store house of Vitamin C, and how the use of grated freezer frozen lemon drink can overpower diseases, including cancer. Who would not be excited at the re-discovery of a plant whose fruit and leaf is about 16 times richer in Vitamin C than lemon and is besides one of the earth’s leading antioxidant fruits?

We are moving on from there herbs to Yarrow…


DIAMONDS are said to be a woman’s best friends. But can there be a truer and better friend than Yarrow for a woman? Diamonds may so adorn a woman’s body that they make even the ordinary- looking woman suddenly striking, gorgeous and glittering, enhance  herself worth and make her walk one or two inches taller on the grand stand or under the Kleig lights. But when the feathers of trouble fly, when those challenges of health that are peculiarly women’s strike, where are diamonds, and which woman remembers them? The true friend of a woman in these times is most likely to be…Yarrow.

Whenever I remember the yarrow plant, my memory goes back to those days my mother nursed my sibling. Every nursing mother then had a medicines basin in her room in which were kept all the medicines of the baby. Before my wife returned from the hospital with our first baby, I had made up the baby’s medicines basin for her. One of the star medicines in that basin was Yarrow. I quarreled with her whenever I did not see Yarrow in that basin. It was a common medicine in every home where a woman was nursing a baby. It was even more popular than Quinine, the anti-malaria medicine. What Yarrow was used for, I do not know till this day, except guess that it prevented or brought down fevers, which may cause convulsion and death. Today, I know Yarrow like the back of my palm as a herb for almost all female problems.

Let us begin with the power of this plant to stop bleeding and to cause bleeding as well. Yarrow, as an astringent herb, stops nose bleeding, bleeding in ulcers, uterine bleeding, bleeding in piles and other types of bleeding. It is a kind herb to women whose menstruation ceases abnormally in a condition called amenorrhea. Women who suffer from amenorrhea are usually women who suffer from hormonal imbalance. This means the female hormones critical for ovulation, fertility and pregnancy and up keep of the foetus in the womb do not exist in the right ratios. These hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, among other Emenagogue herbs have the power to normalize hormonal balance and stimulate menstruation. Yarrow is an emenagogue. It combines well with hormone balancing and emenagogue herbs as Vitex, Black Cohosh, Squaw Vine, Rue, Motherwort, Ashwaganda and partridge, not to mention with ashoka which is good for uterine fibroid among others.

Abrupt stoppage of menstruation can be a source of serious stress for a woman who married late or decided in mid-life to have her first baby only to discover that her reproductive system is not supporting her dream. For this type of woman, yarrow can be a great friend. Some women suffer from Ovarian Cysts. These may occur when eggs matured to be released from follicles are not released or, their release cause injuries which later become infected and form cysts or when the ovaries fail to release egg and enlarge. In some women, these cysts are multiple. In others, the cysts occur bilaterally, that is in both avaries. They can be not only sources of pain and anxiety but a barrier to motherhood dreams. Yarrow is anticeptic. It may be combined with other herbs to kill off troubling germs, head off inflammation, spasms and pain. These other herbs may include Golden Seal root, Pau d’Arco, Echinacea, Ransoms, Mango seed extract e.t.c. In this regard, I have a soft spot for Bellacp Capsi, Guakatonga, and myco.

As ovarian cysts are sometimes, if not often, driven by too much estrogen in the system (estrogenation), especially during the wrong time of the month, compounded by hormonal imbalance which offsets the values of follicle stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Leutenising Hormone (LH), Yarrow as a hormone balancing herb has a role to play in the connection of there abnormalities. In Japanese and Eastern medicine generally, it is believed that congestion of  blood in the uterus this could constricted blood supply to the ovaries, overwhelm and overthrow processes which ensure normal menstrual cycle. Such a condition can spill over to cause pain, bleeding and abdominal spasms. Yarrow and other circulation herbs may decongest these blocked organs. Yarrow is known to improve blood circulation in the pelvic, where the uterus and the ovaries are located. It may be combined with other blood circulation herbs like Cayenne, Wheat grass, Ginkgo biloba and Butchers’ broom.

To heal wounds or injuries in this area, Yarrow may be combined with Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Amla or Amalaki. Yarrow obtained its botanical name, ACHILLA MILLE FOLIUM from Greek mythology. Greek super warrior Achilles and his warriors were said to heal their war injuries with the juice of yarrow. Achilles was even said to wear garlands of yarrow which prevented arrows and spears fired at him from penetrating his body. From the exploits of his invincibility at war came the concept of Achilles’ heel of which we are familiar today as a weak spot.

If we do not believe these stories, modern science has a shocker for us. A chemical compound in yarrow called Achilliane found in yarrow causes coagulation of blood and rapid closure of broken tissue to cause healing. Achilline also protects wounds against infection and takes away the pain. Yarrow’s reputation as a wound healer has spread to modern military times with its use in the healing of Napalm bomb burns. For this reason, yarrow has been nick named HERB OF THE MILITARY.

Yarrow is not just about what has been said of it so far. Its antispasmodic qualities make it a good friend of the woman who dreads the next period pains, because this herbs eases of muscle cramps and the pain they cause. Yarrow is known to fight bacteria and viruses, promote digestion and detoxification and help out in states of anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are two common challenges of the mid-life woman in Nigeria today. She experiences emotional disturbances when her relationship with a man does not click in marriage, or when her marriage is under threat from whatever causes. She worries over her husband, perhaps more than he does over her. Thoughts of her children accompany her everywhere, especially if her expectations over them become mirages. She must keep a home and a job, and may even become the family’s major bread winner in a nose-diving economy. Sleep, for her may become a luxury. Her blood pressure may rise. Many even suffer from palpitations and irregular menstrual cycles on account of there challenges.

A herb for many seasons as it were, yarrow may always come to the rescue. Yarrow tones blood vessels, in particular the smaller ones, thereby helping to lower blood pressure through dilation of the capillaries. During breast-feeding when the breast may be inflamed for one reason or the other (mastitis), yarrow is able to calm the temptest.. the same goes for ailments such as tooth-ache digestive upsets, inflammatory bowel disease ((IBD) and anemia. Two other well known uses of yarrow are as a diaphoretic quelling of fevers through sweating) and as a urinary system antiseptic.

Maria Treben, in her HEALTH THROUGH GOD’S PHARMACY, gives us the last words on yarrow today…

“Yarrow is a medicinal herb that would be difficult to be without. It is of great value for many illnesses, but, first and foremost, it is a herb for women. I cannot recommend yarrow enough for women”.

Abbe kneipp says in his writings ‘Women could be spared many troubles if they took yarrow tea from time to time. Be it a young girl with irregular menstruation or an older woman during menopause or already passed it, for every one young and old it is of importance to drink a cup of yarrow tea from time to time. It is beneficial for the reproductive organs of women and they cannot do a better thing for their health than while working through the fields pick some yarrow’’…

Some yarrow…

“ It was said of a young woman that she had cancer in her abdomen. She received Cobalt treatment. The relatives were told that there was no cure. I thought of the Abbe Kneipp and of advice for abdominal disorders and asked the woman to drink as much yarrow tea as she could. I was surprised when, after a note saying she felt great and her weight was returning slowly’’.

The only well known contraindication in the use of yarrow is that contact with the skin give some people rash.

Baby Tapeworm in the brain!

tape worm in the brain.Image from http://healtyfoodcenter.com/eating-this-common-food-can-give-you-brain-worms/

This is scary news. I read of one incident about 10 years ago. Then, today, 24 September 2018, I heard of another in KUSA GREEN PASTURE HERBS chat group where about 400 persons share experiences on health matters. Before my comments, I would reprint here information shared on this platform regarding tape worm and how it may find its way into the brain.

We have not in any way departed from our walk down MEMORY LANE in the herbs garden…

From the chat group.
OPE FARMS: “ Let me share something for my pork eaters. Speaking of pork, my cousin had to undergo surgery last week to drain some fluid after the doctors found worms in her brain… which they are saying was caused by eating pork. The parents used to keep pigs a while back, and the doctors are saying the condition can take about 15 years before the symptoms become serious or start to show. These pathogens are very crafty and smart. They will survive and scheme. It is why any parasite cleanse you have must kill the adult larvae and egg… Soon come shared as a personal story not the regular forwarded massages, please”.

OPE FARMS shared this post from another person’s post on Instargram.

FEMI KUSA :(Replying) “Ope Farms, thanks. Let me remind you of a report I read in the newsletter of Dr. Al sears, which you gave me about 10 years ago. A Jewish business man suffered headaches for many years. All the medicines his doctor gave him did not resolve it. One doctor he met last decided to scan the brain. He diagnosed a small tumour as a culprit.  But when the brain was opened up, the tumour- looking substance turned out to be a baby tape worm. It was removed, and the headache disappeared.

Dr. Al sears explained that the man probably did not have enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach. He probably also did not have enough protein digesting enzymes in the stomach and intestine. He probably did not chew is food well. If he did not secrete enough enzymes but took them as food supplements, these enzymes would destroy the eggs and microscopic worms we consume with food every day. I stopped eating the intestine of animals which we call round about. When I learned that baby flat worms survive the cooking. In the human body, they grow into adults, which may inhabit the pancreas, damaging it and causing unresolvable diabetes. In the liver, this worm is called Faciolopsis (or something like that) hepatica, which damages the liver, causing fatty liver, Cirrhosis and even cancer. Next time you go to the market to buy beef, ask the butcher if he sometimes finds worms in cow liver. The worms create some of those deep holes in this organ. I stopped eating liver when I knew about that. These flat worms may also make the prostate gland their residence, especially if this organ has an abnormal concentration of Nickel, a heavy metal.

When my friends see me eat Pawpaw leaves with a meal which I do once or twice a week, it is to avail myself of the digestive enzymes in it. I try to take digestive enzymes in food supplements with other meals. All enzymes in cooked or fried food have been damaged or destroyed by heat. A lack of enzymes in the diet is one reason people suffer constipation. Constipation encourages the breeding of germs, non the least of which are candida, fungi, mold and other yeast which may take as long as one year of sustained treatment to treat. As you spoke of shared experiences, which agree completely should dominate our post, I experienced intestinal challenge as I described above in my son who was in your Children’s Class. Joyfully, I watched him yesterday (23 September 2018) as he and I and some of our friends ate pawpaw leaf over lunch. When we do not wish to hurt the plant by picking one leaf too many, we grate caked pawpaw leaf powder, spread it over a meal or add it to drinking water. Thanks, also for mentioning PARASITE CLEANSE. These two works formed the name of a proprietary anti-parasite formula which he took along with other medicines for one year to rid himself of debililating intestinal parasites. In the last two weeks I have been writing in my newspaper column shared in www.olufemikusa.com, about herbal medicines I had soft spots for decades ago but which I appear to have forgotten about as newer ones parade themselves before us. So, in about two weeks, I will write about parasite cleanse and share experiences about tape worm in the brain. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of what ought to be the quality of our posts’’.

AKA FA LLER; “ Sir, I am very happy this write-up is coming at a time like this. My girlfriend just died of this parasite in her brain. I have never known such a thing like this exists. It all started early this month of September 2018. She complained of severe headache and was taken to the hospital. Tests were run but could see anything aside few malaria parasite. She was given a drip and later discharged the following day. Her situation further deteriorated to paralysis, mental disorder, shortage of blood and (she) fell into coma. After few days, she gained consciousness and a brain scan revealed parasite in her brain. To cut the long story, she died last Saturday (the 22nd of September 2018) just with two weeks (and) three days illness. Wake-keep is today and buried on Tuesday 25th September 2018. Sir, I can’t wait to learn about this parasite cleanse. Thanks a mega deal for your immense contributions to humanity in the field of health and wellness’’.

OSCAR: “Dear Dr. Kusa, how is one going to go about this cleansing of the brain to get rid of these worms. Currently, my brother-in-law about 26 years old is down with headache and all known medications failed to stop it. Malaria and typhoid have been treated but the headache continues’’.

I had thought it would be possible to address parasite cleansing today. Space does not permit. I will attempt to next week, using the template of 28 American doctors who explain how they do it when they treat FIBROMYALGIA, a condition in which poisons from parasites cause extreme fatigue and untold pain in muscles, tendons, bones, tissue and joints.

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