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Will 2016 be a better year?

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Call: +2348116759749

Many people on earth today do not live a conscious life. They do not render service. All they care about is bread and butter…… were they striving upwards, that is homewards, they would think only of rendering service to their society, even as the sun, the moon and the stars, other stellar bodies and features on this earth render service to make the earth hospitable for man.

When I am about to retire for the day, I say bedtime prayer for restful sleep and, afterwards, strive to be in tune with creation before my eyes give way to sleep.

To strive means to work hard and not just to try. Being in tune means being a part of. And Creation? It is a definite work like a house with all its structures and function. As a work, creation, like a house or a motor car, stands outside the Author. It is the World that is everything which lies outside the creator and His immediate vicinity. This huge World has many sub divisions or such worlds of which the Lord Jesus would speak when He said….. In my father’s house, there are many mansions” we all know a mansion is a huge building. As a young man, I often wondered: how can there be many mansions in one house? Now I get the message right, thanks to Revealed knowledge on the face of the earth today.

Earth Compared To The Rest Of The Universe 1jpg18Creation is that house of which the lord spoke. And the “many mansions” are the many worlds in that House, creation. Paradise or the spiritual world is the pinnacle of creation. Even paradise has two distinct parts. There is the world of those spiritual beings, that is human spirits, who were created in the “image of God” And these beings were perfect and never had the need, as “images” of God” to journey out of paradise for self-development. For they were perfect from the beginning to all eternity. Another part of paradise, which lies below the world of these perfect spirit beings, is the world of immature spirit germs who had first to travel downwards out of this world to regions below, where the heat and pressure was conducive enough for their unfolding (sprouting), flowering and fruiting. These are the humans (I would rather say human spirits) who are resident on earth today. Some of them are earth-bound today, or bound to some other parts of creation which lie below their starting- point in the lower paradise. The paradise, not of created beings but of developed ones. In the highest state of their development or perfection, they would become not images of God, but the images of the images of God.

It is a long story line attempting to narrate the story of creation. Among earth-men, there is no 9\ are not born into families or nations other than the ones in which we found ourselves, why we dream of event that later come to pass….. And many other question of existence.

These glimpses we put together to form pictures. The picture, 8like the glimpses, are deep or shallow, depending on the depth of the inner struggle and experiences. For example, I need no-one to tell me of the possibility of Out- of –Body Experience (OBE) after I had one at 24, finding myself outside my body which I beheld lying sleepily in bed. Anyone who has not had this experience is likely to deny its possibility, if he/she has a closed mind. But mankind is not left alone in the deep inner struggles to make a meaning of existence. When I remember the helps from the prophets, seers and artists, to mention a few, and the revealed knowledge on the face of the earth today, I doff my hat for the composer of that Baptist Broad man Hymnal song NEVER ALONE, which is all about the Redeemer promising never to leave us alone.

WHERE I am heading is that the knowledge of creation and attunement to creation, makes a more mature happier and service oriented person of us, and ignorance of this knowledge account for why many people behave like animals, especially when, in a country such as Nigeria, they find themselves in position of political leadership.

Earth Compared To The Rest Of The Universe 037

I am encouraged to write this article by Mr. Shola Adebowale ‘’Editor – in – chief of ACHIEVERS GOLDMATE magazine. He read and liked my column in THE NATION newspaper on January 1, 2015 titled WILL 2015 BE A HAPPY NEW YEAR? My projection was that it wouldn’t for many people because they still did not know much about creation and its laws and what creation expects of them before it can reward them handsomely. We stand on the threshold today, as a new year ‘2016’ begins to pop its head in the corner. It is true president Ebele Jonathan and his folks in government are gone, replaced by President Mohammed Buhari in a bitter election. Thus, we have new helmsmen promising change’’. What will inform the content and thrust of that change? We must wonder. Human will or Gods Will? If human will, which stand in opposition to Gods will as engraved in the language He speaks to us in creation, are we not reminded of the warning of the prophet…… take counsel together [against God’s Will ] and it shall not stand? .

A World of service

A world of service, filled with dedication and born of love is what we observe throughout creation. The earth was created billions of years ago to provide a heaven for human spirit from the spiritual world in search of self- development to sprout, flower and fruit. The sun, about 93milllion miles away, provides heat source for the earth to make it hospitable. If it is farther away, everything on earth would freeze. If the sun is nearer, the earth would burn. In wisdom, love and service the sun as been kept where it is. The moon is not up there for decoration. So are not other co-planets of our solar system and the stars, as we shall soon see. Everything somewhere is in its station to contribute its quota to making the earth become hospitable for its inhabitants. These inhabitants need to work, to exercise their bodies, and to rest their bodies for recuperation after a hard day’s work, to bring about a healthy necessary balance between work and rest. This is in keeping with the law of Balance, one of the laws of Nature which we encounter and observe in everyday life. We do wheel balancing for our car tyres so the cars do not become coffins on the road. The architects balance or even out the structures in a building so that the building does not collapse. Nigerians geopolitics is now bedecked with geo-political balance in the cabinet. Women balance colors out in their dressing and, in the kitchens, salt must not surpass pepper or palm oil in the soup pot!

Up, up there in the skies, service for humanity is at play in the movement of the cosmic bodies. The earth provides us with day for work and night for sleep, rest and recuperation. To do this, the earth rotates on its axes, turning one part towards the sun for day lighting this time, and taking it away for nightfall another time. It rotates on its own axis from west to east once in about 24 hours to achieve this. It is an herculian task for the earth because, while doing this for mankind’s convenience, it is under pressure from the sun and the stars which are like its bosses. Relative to the stars, the duration of this rotational motion is 23 hours, 56 minutes. By this time, the sun has left the earth behind by four full minutes. So, the earth would have to double up to catch up with the sun.

This is why, relative to the sun, the earth is said to rotate on its axis once in 24 hours. The scenario is amazing to people who follow it. All these huge objects are in space, moving in all sorts of direction, hardly colliding. The speed of the earth’s rotation, which brings day and night, for example is 1,675 kilometers per hour or 465 meters per seconds or 1,040 mile per hours. This is incredible. Spinning at 1,675 kilometers an hour the earth could easily spin us and our building off its surface into outer space like rockets. But, mercifully, the force of gravity keeps us so beautifully on the earth that we do not even know the earth is moving at an incredible 1,675 kilometers an hour where some of the fastest saloon cars cannot hit 300 kilometers an hour. What a loving service rendered to humanity. Yet this is not the only movement the earth makes for our benefit which we do not feel or know about.

Earth Compared To The Rest Of The Universe 041

A second earth motion is its revolution around the sun which it takes an average of one full earth years to complete. This movement brings the various seasons.

In Nigeria, we can talk about the rain season, followed by the harmattan season and then the dry season. Each season brings about different kind of food crops, vegetable; fruits and herbs for strengthen the health of the body or healing it of disease. This is important for human survival on earth. We appreciate this when we know that everything is radiation and that we exist in an ocean of radiation. The sun, the stars, the other planets, galaxies, trees, underground rivers, rocks, mountains, etc are radiating upon us at different frequencies.

Each object radiation is peculiar to it. Through it, the object announces or broadcasts its existence to the universe. There radiation waves may hurt the radiations of the human body if it has no resistance against them. We can glimpse this in situations where some people develop skin cancer from cosmic radiations and other causes while some people exposed to the same environment do not. Ditto the onset of cataract of the eye lens. In the Wisdom of the creator, the earth forges these radiations into food sources from which man may derive protecting radiations for the health and strength of his body.

And that is why it has been suggested that he eat every fruit and vegetable in season to optimise this benefit. This is yet another great service for human convenience on earth.

To bring the season about and afford mankind of their immense benefit the earth moves around the sun at yet another incredible speed of 108,000 kilometres per hour to travel 940 million kilometres around the sun in one year (365.242199 days) there is yet another movement of many others which take place that I would like to mention. Our earth belongs to a solar system of which the sun is the core. This solar system is one of the billions and billions of solar systems which form a GALAXY of solar systems. Billions of galaxies of solar systems exist.

The galaxy to which our solar system belongs is called the NILKY WAY. Like the earth and the sun and our solar system, these galaxies are also in motion creating all sorts of movements which affect us positively in earth.

AS AMARA GRADS says in www.center.stanford.edu/faq/qsols. : ‘’the sun is moving towards lambda Hercules at 20 kilometres per second or 12 miles per second.

Units, 72,000 kilometres per hour or 45,000 miles per hour. This speed is in a frame if rest of the other stars are all standing still. Three dimensional pictures of the suns movement through the galaxy is a little complicated. The sun is moving upwards, out of the plane of NIKLY WAY, at a speed of seven kilometres per second. Currently, the sun lies 50 Light-years above the mid plane of the galaxy, and its motion is steadily carrying it further away. But the gravitational pull of the stars in the galactic (NILKY WAY) plane is slowing down the suns escape”.

When I learn that the sun is trying to ‘’escape’’ two questions cross my mind:

  • Will it abandon our solar system and leave it to perish?
  • Will it drag us along with It.? We know from the Law of motion, another law of Nature, that everything must be on the move otherwise it would perish.

We know, also, that all the formations are moving towards the conclusion of a great cycle know spiritually as the COSMIC TURNING – POINT, the conclusion of which will bring monumental events on this earth. The cycle is in keeping with the Law of the Cycle, another Law of Nature, which compels everything to return to its starting point. The blood flows from the heart to all parts of the body and returns to the heart Evaporated water returns to the land through rainfall. We drink water from the earth and it returns to the earth as urine. The air we inhale return to its starting –point with exhalation. We human spirit came from somewhere and must return there. Our bodies come from the earth and would return to the earth.

Even this earth and the solar system and the galaxies and the universes which formed from a hail of gas and dust will someday, individually, return to this primeval state.

     Amara Graps tell us: ‘’the astronomer frank bash estimates that, in 14million years, the sun will reach its maximum height above the galactic disk. From that 250 Light-years position, it will be pulled back towards the plane of the galaxy. Passing through, it will travel to a point 250 light years below the disk, and then escalate upward again to reach its present position 66milion years from now. We crossed the plane two million years ago. We are currently in the thick of the galactic disk and our view of distant regions is largely blocked by dust but 10 to 20 million years from now, our motion will allow a full view of our starry galaxy. The galaxy is thought to be 100,000 Light years in diameter and is thought to be about half-way out from the ceuder…. The sun appears to be cruising along at 20 kilometres per second and it takes 240 million years to complete the grand circuit around the galaxy.’’

If you wish to know how small and stupid man is when, egoistically, he thinks of himself as the center of the universe, working and fighting for himself alone, all you need to do is look out in knowledge into the clear night sky. Then, think of the earth, your father’s backyard which you think is the biggest in the Universe.

The sun is 10times larger than the earth in diameter. Mercury, a co-planet in our solar system, is about 38times longer in diameter than the earth. Venus rates 95times more than the earth. Mars is 53 times better rated. Jupiter is 11.19 times wider. Saturn is 9.40, Uranus 4.04. Neptune 3.88. Pluto is 18. Our earth is indeed, a small house in which we live this is in terms of diameter.

According to the National Aeronautic and space Administration [NASA], the following are the relative sizes [radii] of the solar system planets to the earth… Jupiter 1,120percent the size of the earth; Saturn 945 percent, Uranus 400percent, Neptune 388percent; Venus 95percent; Mars 63 percent; Mercury 38percent; we see the sun as a huge star. On a clear night, we see the star as diminutive. But that is only because these other stars are far, far, far away. The sun may be about 330,000times more massive than the earth and contain 99.8percent the mass or content of the entire solar system. It is none the less one of the smallest stars in the Universe. Sirius, the biggest star in the night sky, is twice as massive as the sun and 25times more luminous than it.

Pollux is eight times the radius of the sun. Even Pollux is dwarfed by Arctures, which is 26times the size of the sun. Arctures is no push over. Vy canus major is 2000times the size of the sun or two times the size of Arctures which is 1,000times the size of the sun. What is thought to be the most massive star in the night sky is YR102KA is called poeony Nebulla star 175times mass of the sun. According to many prophesies of old [read Tom Kay’s WHEN THE COMET RUNS], a great star known as “THE GREAT COMET”, will visit our earth, outshining the sun for several days, to anchor radiations of THE FINAL JUDGEMENT. When the End-Time for our planet and its inhabitants arrives. Even the great seer, Nostradamus spoke of this star of stars.

Spiritualists speak of seven Universes. That is not our concern today. This article is concerned about our own Universe. Scientists say it was formed about 13.7billion years ago. Its radius is 13.7 light years. One light year is the distance light travels in one earth year. That is 300,000 kilometers/second [186,000miles/sec]. In one light year, light would travel 330,000 kilometers multiplied by number of seconds in one year =330,000 x 31,536,000 seconds. The size of the Universe is about 78billion light years.   According to one authority: “If you start traveling at 60 miles per hour or 100kilometers per hour, you will get to the end of your first coffee stop, the end of one light year in nine trillion years. Then you just keep going for another 77,999,999billion light years. This is stupendous. The Universe is growing bigger every day at the speed of about 71kilometers per seconds. What our telescopes observes is the world of gross matter. Above it is the world of medium gross matter. Above that is the world of fine gross matter. Above that is the Animistic world. Above this is the paradise of the human spirit with its several graduations. Isn’t man so diminutive from all these. Were the beings who hold the structure of the Universe together to slacken in their service, and one of the big stars is to fall upon the earth, what would happen.

THESE are wondrous event that should inform us that we are not the author of creation but mere creatures in it who should seek the Will of the Author and unconditionally fulfil it. What I have not said so far is that these lifeless material bodies are not carrying out there movements and services by themselves but are mere effects of the activities of animistic beings who merely animate matter. These beings stand in unconditional loyalty to the Will of the Creator who, granting the prayer of the human spirit for a world where they could unfold and grow permitted them to bring the World of Matter about. We are to emulate them if we want peace and happiness on earth these beings are our teachers and guardians. Look at the ants and the honey bee. Do their lives not teach us something? Look at the human body. Every organ works dutifully for all, and all dutifully work for it. It is scenario of one for all and all for one. . The heart cannot digest food. The mouth, stomach and intestine do that dutifully. They give the heart food and the heart gives them blood. The lungs get food from the digestive system and blood from the heart. It gives them oxygen in return and expels their waste. The immune system depends on them and defends them all and enjoys their services. The nerves monitor the body and the environment and files their report to the brain which makes the necessary decisions and issues appropriate instruction. So whether 2016 will be a happier year than 2015 and other previous years will depend on whether humanity is prepared to recognise that man is not the author and owner of creation, discards his ego-driven will and adopt the principle of service.

Many people always say this change has to come from the top that is the government. I believe they are wrong, for it is when individuals change that society will change. We build a house from the foundation, not from the roof down.

If you listen to what house girls say of their madams, you will appreciate they do not render service but are forced, sometimes brutally, to work for their pay. Observe shop girls and boys, bricklayers and municipal commercial bus drivers. It is when there is fulsome change at the bottom that change will be demanded from the top. For it is from the ranks of the bottom that the ranks of the top are recruited. That is why, today, many people at the bottom do not see anything wrong with what is going on at the top in Nigeria today. They gleefully, unashamedly, tell you they would do the same if they had the opportunity to be at the top. You can already see a picture of 2016, like the previous years, unfolding!

Being in tune with creation enables us to recognize that we are merely microscopic parts of a grand design, the authors of which we are not. Humbly, then, we would seek to recognize the creators plan and unconditionally fulfill it. We can see service everywhere in creation. We should therefore, become service-oriented whether we find ourselves at the top or bottom of society.

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