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What ‘s on the Shelf?

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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Ionic Magnesium , Marigold

Sometime last week, a gentleman telephoned me to ask if I no longer discuss new natural medicines on the shelves in Alternative Medicines health foods Stores. I was surprised, because this column had been running a series on CBD oil and was billed to publish the third part last Thursday. So, I replied that i had not forgotten the shelves and that he should kindly look out for today’s column. So, here we are today, with a product named ReMag, which I recommend to everyone, and Marigold powder.

I am thrilled by Marigold flower powder not only because this plant has psychic powers, as we shall so see, but also because it is Nigerian made and helps to cut the price of Imported brands. I use this Nigerian brand because I know it is an organic product not merely produce for commercial gains by a woman who has been tending plants and flowers since the early 1970s, for which she earned the nickname MADAM FLOWER. She takes her time through planting, imbuing her gardens with human energy, natural harvesting, communication with her plants, freeze drying and packaging. You may not find the shelves awash with her products because she makes them strictly for private or personal consumption and, in a few cases, for people who are passionately looking after the health concerns of fellow Human beings.


With a difference

When you have to buy plant medicine as dietary supplements for your health, do not for get to include MINERALS in your shopping list. They perform a wide range of functions in your body, including making your heart to beat, your intestines to digest food and to eliminate waste, and poisons, and to ensure that your blood stays ALKALINE and not ACIDIC. World wide, demineralization of the blood and cells is reported every day to be the major cause of many diseases. For not only has rain water washed minerals in the top soil into rivers for thousand of years, making the plants to access very little of what it needs from the soil to be what it is meant to be, modern diet is so acid forming that much of the minerals that are meant to support vital function of the body are diverted into neutralizing acidosis to prevent cell degeneration and death. This makes the body to become demineralized and prone to disease and early death. Does, the carrot of today may not be nutritionally rich in beta carotene or vitamin A as the carrot harvested from the same soil five years ago. The body uses the small amount of Magnesium available to it every day to neutralize poisons and over acidity which plagues it from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe, not to mention havocs produced by stress and negative emotional energy.
I have a wide range of choices for minerals, particularly from the powers of green plants such as wheat grass , Kale, Spirulina, Nettle and from liquid chlorophyll.
Lately, I have added RELIEF BLEND brand of CANNABINOL or CBD OIL. It is fortified with three powerful essential healing oils and 78 trace elements and minerals. One of the major missing links in the minerals chain world wide is MAGNESSIUM. Many people did not have it in their diet or cannot digest it or cannot assimilate it from the intestine. Magnesium deficiency reveals itself in many ways… disharmony in the brain, lack of calm in the eyes, palpitations of the heart, muscle pulls, hand and leg cramps, period pains, premature ejaculation, asthma, attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), depression, insomnia, weak bones and teeth e.t.c.

American physian Dr Carolyn Dean is trying to help Magnesium deficiency people world wide solve their problems. With the defiant passion of Alternative and Complementary Medicine great and crusaders such as Dr. Paul Bragg ( of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar fame), Dr Robert Atkins,(The Mega Vitamins and Minerals Doctor), Jethro Kloss (back to hidden fame) et.c. Dr Dean is all over radio and television in the United State where sixty percent of the population is official reported to be Magnesium deficient, offering dietary solution to this problem. Dr Dean as connected with the demineralized people in more than 200 countries, and , unknown to many Nigerians, has connected with this country through a Nigerian medical doctor says in the of one of her ionic dietary medicine products.


One of these product is Re MaG. Dr Dean says on the product label:
“Magnesium is an essential co- factor required by 1,000 enzyme systems that promote thousands of biochemical reactions in the body. It regulates temperature, produces and transports energy, transmits nerve signals and relaxes muscles. Magnesium is vital for glucose, fat, and protein metabolism and affects every cells in the body in a proactive life supporting way. Magnesium also ensures that we have healthy bones by regulating Calcium absorption and metabolizing the active form of Vitamin D from its storage form.
Magnesium deficiency has been shown to be a factor in dozens of health conditions”.
Dr Dean suggests that ReMag is so concentrated that it should be diluted in a liter of water to which one quarter teaspoonful of either Himalaya salt or Real salt is added and the contents sipped, not gulped.
In their book THE REAL VITAMIN and MINERAL BOOK, Shari Leiberman and Nancy Bruning say:
“Low magnesium appears to be associated with psychiatric problems. In a study of 165 boys, it was found that those with symptoms of depression, schizophrenia and sleep disturbances had lower levels of Magnesium in the blood than the boys without this disorder. In another study, it was found that the average Magnesium levels of autistic children were also well below average. In fact, there are some evidence that autistic children may improve when given large doses of Magnesium along with Vitamin B6. In adults, insufficiencies magnesium may be accompanied by loss of sensation in the extremities and, if severe, tremors, convulsion, muscle contractions, confusion, delirium and behavioral disturbances. One study found that psychiatric patients who had attempted suicide had lower Magnesium levels than did non- suicidal psychiatric patients and healthy individuals”.
They speak, also about how low Magnesium levels may cause havocs in the heart, blood vessels, nerves, energy system, insulin production, pregnancies, osteoporosis, tooth decays, blood clots. They say people who are at risk of developing Magnesium deficiency include women on the pill, people who take antibiotics and diuretics, people with intestinal disorders, bulimic , people who live under stressful conditions e.t.c.
There is no doubt that many of us need to pop up our Magnesium intake with a Magnesium supplement that is about 90 percent absorbable and which does not run the intestines, qualities which ReMag possess.
Ladies and gentlemen, the table is set.

Herbal Marigold

Sunlight is like a doubles edged sword. It helps us to chase darkness away, and to to see. But the blue colour in the light spectrum “cooks” the lens and other delicate tissue in the eye. The contents of the lens is meant to be like the white of raw egg. But when it is cooked, the lens is harder, like the white of cooked egg. This is cataract which may cause blindness because it does not allowed light to pass through it to the brain. To prevent this, Mother Nature factored antioxidants in the eye to prevent photo degeneration by filtering away, like photo chromic
eyeglasses, the dangerous blue spectrums of light.
Among these antioxidants are three members of the carotenoid family which are abundant in MARIGOLD flowers. These are LUTEIN, ZEAZANTHIN and ASAZANTHIN, which is the most powerful among the trio. There more carotenoids than this three in Marigold flowers.
These three carotenoids are now commercially extracted from marigold flowers. There is hardly any eyes health formula nowadays which does not contain lutein, zeazanthin and Astazanthin in the form of extracts. Hary Marshall’s lost but regain vision helped revival of interest in Marigold for eye care when he regained vision in one of two ” lost” eyes. He had three surgeries to no avail for Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), which damages central vision. He had to rely on side vision. His wife led him by the hand around the house until his Opthalmologist attended a conference and brought him a leaflet on a product. He said Harry could contacts producer of the products, just in case the eye care remedy would live up to it billing touted at the conference. The leaflet was all about lutein and Zeazanthin and Astanzanthin commercially extracted from Marigold flowers. Harry took the product and, today, drives himself in London Streets. British newspapers roared Marigold in their headlines ( check internet for details of this story and of clinical studies on Marigold’s carotenoids. In the psychic garden, Marigold is known as a sun plants because of the bright red and yellow colours of it florets. The eye which it protect is a sun organ.

In the 1990s, I wrote the following product label on Marigold…
“Since the healing powers of Marigold (Calendula officinalis) were recognized again in the latter part of two centuries, ago, many health – enhancing capabilities have been ascribed to them. As a tea, Marigold is said to possess alkalizing, antiseptic, ant- fungal, ant- inflammatory and other prized health promoting properties, which aid in the relief of digestive system and menstrual cycle disorders. It cleanses the blood and stimulates its circulation, promote the healing of wounds, including gastric intestinal ulcers, and relieves heart burn. It improve eyesight through an abundant store of carotenoids from which the body makes vitamin A.

Recently, Marigold had been positively mentioned several times in eye care researches. Its reputation in this area had been promoted by three anti-oxidants found in its flowers and abundantly in the human eye. These are LUTEIN, ZEAZANTHIN and ASAZANTHIN. They are found far more concentrated in the eyes than in any organ of the body. Researchers believe they protect the eyes against light and oxidative damage by free radicals. LUTEIN, ZEAZANTHIN and ASZANTATHIN extracted from the flowers of MARIGOLD are the principal substances in many proprietary eye- care herbal products, including LUTEIN EYES and VISUAL EYES, which are imported into this country”.

MARIGOLD grows abundantly in Nigeria. The source of this tea product, which comes in the form powder, are flower heads obtained from herb growers who are committed to bringing in undespoiled blessings of nature to their follow human beings.
Many Nigerians children and adults become blind every year because of Vitamin A deficiency. Today,babies are parodically giving Vitamins A drops under the tongue to protect them against avoidable eye diseases and blindness. Adult have to protect themselves. Our country, Nigeria, is in the tropics where sunlight can be ash and damage unprotected eyes. We do not wear special eye glasses to block ultraviolet rays from our eyes, as Americans and European who are wiser do in their temperate and almost sunless zones of the earth. The psychic gardener teaches us to observe our environment. When we are sick but do not yet know we are, Nature knows. It makes plants to grow in and around our homes which would make us well. But we do not see them or we ignore them. Nigerians eyes clinics are overflowing with eye patients. It cost between N2,000 and N3,000 to check eye pressure in under 5minutes with a hand held device. Nature probably knew we would need plants which offer our eyes vitamin A protection .One of them,Marigold, grows abundantly around us. But we do not see it or ignore it. Let us clink glasses with mother nature for this recognition and enjoy, with gratitude to Almighty Creator for health benefits of the African Marigold flowers.


Introduces us to Psychic aspects of the Marigold plant. In her book for gardeners and herbal medicine healers, THE PSYCHIC GARDEN, Mellie Uyldart says: ” It is a plant of life and death and the conflict between them. It grows rapidly through tremendous moon force. A tendency towards cleavage is clear from the leaf, which follows the stem for some length the way a mother forms a bond with her child. But the stronger moon force is kept in a balance by the sun force because the flower is a true sun, a center point with emanations, a true composite.
“The salve of Marigold is not so much used for ordinary accidental wounds, arnica is better for this… but rather for dirty wounds, with inflammation and suppuration and on cancerous wounds and swellings that emit a bad smell. Using it moon force, Marigold creates new cells which must replace those damaged and lost. But with it sun force, it creates a plan for new structures, the pattern for making better cells, that is, healthy ones. It cleanses at the same time.

“Tea from the petals may be used for washing wounds and help to remove pus and inflammation products. Inflammation itself is a purifying fire, lit by the ego. The ego says: ‘we shall start a new life, the old number and the spoiled pattern in the soul are removed from the subconscious, away with negative thoughts!
“This is the subtle ( action) of Marigold on cancer patients and it is quite remarkable how this plant appears in abundance quite by itself round houses where this sickness is present. As soon as the patient has recovered or has died, the marigold disappears, its task being completed”.

Millie has just let us into a secret of Mother Nature. There are Nature beings we no longer can see all around us, in streams, rivers, mountains, forest, or our gardens. They see the radiations of the organs of our bodies. Whenever an organ or organs are radiating below par, like a lamp which is not burning well, they cause plants to grow a rounds us which will give us radiations to kick- start or jump start our falling radiations, as it were. But many of us have lost this knowledge and treat these helpful, medicinal plant plant as disturbing weed.
Millie adds: “Tea is the petals, when drunk, ( they may be fresh or dried) is a good curative ( but it must be accompanied by the proper diet and purification of the soul).
“Cancer is the result of creative forces that are kept suppressed, which cannot be use in life, loving or artistic creation and which then turns inward and proceeds to build up gratuitous material forms. But if these swellings contain poison, there must be poison foci in the soul of unprocessed, old sorrow. Then, there is too much moon and too little sun in proportion in the person. The sun ego must then be strengthened, so that it can process, understand and clear away all those moon as ailments and injuries that have been sustained. The house of the soul must be cleaned, the windows thrown open, allowing the light of truth to flow in. For this, you need the help of this flower of sun and moon.

“Generally, this plant strengthens the heart and liver, stimulates the kidneys (effective against dropsy), and expels toxins, partially through transpiration. In France, the flower buds are infused in vinegar and they are eaten pickled like capers.

“The Marigold, as a tea of the green leaves and petals, cleanses and calms, and cures inflammations, wounds and sores, particularly intestinal ulcers. It is taken for nausea, constipation, nervous debility and nervous upset and it helps with menstruation”.

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