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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

The Euphoria of a brand new year will envelop almost everyone in this country hours from now. I say almost everyone because many moslems may not swing into it, or do so halfheartedly. The January to December year is a Gregorian calendar, which is different from the Islamic calendar. Both calendars are different from the yearly calendar to which I subscribe. This is a spiritual or CREATION CALENDAR, and it begins to run from the Gregorian May month. I will soon explain this.
In several ways, our bodies are semblances of creation. If we understand our bodies, we should understand creation and enjoy it. For the Laws of Nature which formed our bodies and govern them also formed creation and govern it. Before I come to the CREATION CALENDAR, let me quickly mention the THREE BASIC LAWS of CREATION…
Law of sowing and REAPING, the law of ATTRACTION OF HOMOGENEOUS SPECIES and Law of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY. Irrespective of the prayers we would say tonight, these are THE LAWS that would define our fortunes in 2022.

We have always abused an outgoing year, like an outgoing government, as a “good-for-nothing” year and invested all our trust and hope in the incoming year, only to discover in that New year that nothing really changed for the better, that many things, in fact, went down. But we hardly saw ourselves, our nature, in the equation. It had to be other persons and, more conveniently, the government.
One day last year, I counted the ears of corn on a cub of maize. They numbered about 400. There were five cubs on the stalk. This meant an average of about 2,000 ears of corn from a single grain of maize sown. The Lord Jesus taught us that whatever we sow, we SHALL REAP


Until now, mankind did not know how this happens. A simple way I can explain it is this: we live in a universe,a part of which is seen and a part of which is unseen. Who can see germs or

COVID19 virus with unaided yes?

Who can see the air we breathe?

Who can see x-rays?

In the unseen world, there are living BEINGS Like us. some of them are elemental and weave our carpet of fate for us. When we think or talk or act, they collect the unseen forms of these activities which are like seeds and mould them into forms that correspond with their nature, ugly or beautiful, light or heavy, luminous or dark. Anyone who has followed the works of Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan should easily understand this subject. In one of his experiments, Dr Emoto filled polluted water into glass bottles which he placed in different rooms in which music was played each. Then, he photographed the crystalline form of each sample after. Pop music or noisy or now music had the ugliest forms. Classical music had the most beautiful forms. If our bodies are each 70 per cent water, isn’t this suggesting that the environment to which we expose them will govern the health of this water content and, hence, our health? If our inner being is riotous, envious, hateful, fearful, does this not suggest what our harvest will be? The unseen forms of our thoughts, words and deeds are attached to us as their authors by these unseen elemental beings. These forms of our thoughts, deeds and actions leave us to manifest their nature in the lives of people we aim them at. They are drawn to similar types on the way, helping each member of the group to manifest in more powerful terms than if acting alone. if someone sent us bad wishes about one year ago, it is possible the workload of these thought-forms delayed the action on us. When the reinforced group arrives, it may impact dangerously if we are of their nature or make no impact if we are not. For example, we may suddenly discover that everywhere we turn, people hate us, are talking ill about us, our business is not thriving well, and many things are going wrong. Sometime in the past, could we not have inflicted these injuries and experiences on other people through our thoughts, the spoken word and our physical needs? What admits them into our space or dismantles them is the protective shield of our aura formed around us by our nature.
With this knowledge, we should hate to think evil, speak evil and act evil because these activities will return to us someday, reinforced. Thus Jesus warned the man he cast demons out of to live a clean life thereafter, otherwise, the demons will return in a larger army.


Homogenous birds of a feather fly in their flocks. Observe them in the sky. Our bodies came from the mating of two cells which in the adult body became about 100trillion cells. Do we not see how these trillions of cells separated themselves into homogeneities of the skin, teeth, hair, bone, nerves, blood, liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, eyes etc? This is suggesting to us that we should not mingle in thought or deed with persons who are not homogenous with us. This is why the different residential neighbourhoods of the various social classes arose. I grew up in Abule-Ijesha and Shomolu. Will I today like to live in those neighbourhoods? I will also not like to live in Europe or America. In business, I choose my friends. To not do so is to court trouble. Homogeneity brings peace, happiness and beauty. When the endometrial lining of a woman’s womb escapes from the womb and settles elsewhere, endometriosis is the result. In endometriosis, there is almost unbearable pain and revitalising loss of blood. This is because one set of homogenous cells have gone to settle among another group of cells with which they are not homogenous. In nations, especially in Africa, where tribes that are not homogenous were politically lumped together by their colonial masters to form singlet countries, we hear all the time of tensions, political instability and even wars. When a cancer cell escapes from its primary location, does it not spell doom in the new environment? Let us watch the company we will keep this year.


At the end of days when we are called away, the same principle we learned in high school science class is what we take to our new home, showing us the same laws apply everywhere. By this principle, a cork or a feather will float over water, whereas a pebble will sink. If we are light in spirit, not earthly or earthbound, we would float to higher or lighter regions of the universe, towards our home in paradise, upon leaving the earth. On the other hand, we sink deep into the nether regions if we are heavy. Our dreams sometimes forewarn us of our current status. Many people dream of finding themselves in beautiful environments. Many others find themselves pursued by demons and phantoms, wild devouring animals, wizards and witches, gunmen etc


It begins with what the Christians call Pentecost. It is not a Christian calendar. It is a calendar for all humanity. It had been running before Jesus mission to the earth. Jesus knew of it, and that was why He asked His disciples to gather in the upper chamber to avail themselves of its blessings. This calendar runs from the Gregorian May month. That is the season of regeneration or spring when the rain starts to fall, the fields and the trees become green, flowering and fruiting again. What happens in creation at this time is a larger version or archetype for what happens in the human body when the heart pumps blood. If the heart does not pump blood, nutrients and oxygen will not be delivered to the 100 trillion or so cells in the adult body, their wastes and toxins will not be removed and excreted and death may occur. In creation, there is an outpouring of power to all creatures once in the earth year. Thus, we can say that, while the heart beats about 72 times in one minute to keep the body alive, the outpouring of power into creation by its maker takes place once in one earth year. Every creature receives this neutral power and puts it to whatever uses that are pleasing to it, good or evil. But every user of this power will render an account for its use. In this opening month of the creation calendar in the month of May, events always come to a head or boiling point whether for individuals, families, nations or humanity depending on the uses this freshly received power is used. The disciples of Jesus used theirs beneficially. That was why they performed the wonders ascribed to them. We, as individuals families or nations, or even as humanity, can use this power much much more aright every second of our lives. Our nature as human beings is like a prism. The prism collects light, transforms it and passes it on. When the light is focused on a spot it may cause singes. Thus, we can beneficially focus the power of the Light which passes through us on any subject of our interest. For example, this may be for peace, health or food surplus. We do not do this. Rather, we complain and point accusing fingers at why things are not working right. We may be like the classical music in Dr Emoto’s experiment, bringing about beautiful forms, or like the noisy popular music, producing ugly crystalline forms.

We are magnetic, too. Through our nature or innermost being, we attract our environment to ourselves. NOTHING can ever approach us that we did not previously give rise to, or attract. We are like radio or television receiving sets in this regard. When we begin to think, we tune our inner being to the frequency of corresponding power centres in the universe. This may be a good or evil centre. Whichever it is, we receive its “broadcasts” like a radio or television tuned to a frequency. If we want our lives to be better this year, we would tune to pure power centres and not make ourselves the playgrounds of impure THOUGHTS, WORDS and DEEDS which would form a corresponding ugly experience in 2022.

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