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UTERINE FIBROIDS: Poor Blood Vein Flow, Second Chakra

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FRANKLY, I did not plan to wrap up 2021 with a column on uterine fibroids. Every new month if every year for about 10 years now, I have tried to examine new ideas about the causes of this problem which saddens hundred of thousands of Nigerian women and does not even think it was with bringing to the front burner in January 2022. Dementia and neurological ailments engaged my attention.

But, suddenly, like thunder up out of the blue in harmattan season when the rain season has long departed, talk of uterine fibroid suddenly filled the air. I received several enquiries about which herbs or foods may help. The enquiries were young women or close to menopause and anxious that they did not have children as yet. Many of them had tried protocols that failed. In some cases, the root stumps of uterine fibroids surgically removed regrow. With much money gone down the drain and with no hope of respite, some women have learned to live with uterine fibroids as an all albatross of their lives.

The enquiries made me speak to a woman I have known since the early 1980s who never experienced any of the common or complex gynaecological problems many women face. Her periods were regular and painless. Her weight had not changed since her university days in the 1980s. In fact, at 63, she still wears some of the clothes she wore at 30. She puts it all down to her catholic moral discipline and dietary discipline. As a spinster, she distanced herself from contraceptives and did not have an abortion. As a wife, she has no business with family planning protocol. The only challenge I have heard her complain of is inflammation of the veins which she suspects was behind her early symptoms of varicose veins and arteries m one day long after menopause, she woke up from a long night sleep to find blood Staind on the bed linen. She was not menstruating. One of the swollen veins in her legs got bruised and leaked blood. Then, she began to feel arthritis pain in one knee. When she called me, we discussed two herbs from NATURE’S WAY that was popular in Nigeria if the 1980s for bleeding haemorrhoids.

Somehow, the modern or post-2000 distribution networks have swamped them out of the market. So have they the third called SHEPHERD’S PURSE. You’d be lucky nowadays to find it in the proprietary formula in small pinches. The other two which she was lucky to find in one of my pet proprietary formulas of the 1980s were BUTCHERS BROOM and HORSE CHESTNUT. They are well combined in the products called LEG VEINS. To cut a long story short, this woman’s varicose like symptoms cleared and her arthritis considerably eased.

Persuaded that these two conditions were possibly caused by poor blood circulation in the veins (venous return insufficiency), she believes it must be the cause as well of Uterine fibroids. I couldn’t disagree, because, for about a decade or more, I have pretended studies that link Uterine fibroids to either incomplete menstrual discharge or stagnation of blood in the pelvic region where the uterus is situated. What other evidence do women need when their menstruation comes with thick clumps of black or deoxygenated blood? Does this not show that the blood has been retained for longer than is necessary, all its oxygen used up, and become blackened with a heavier load of carbon dioxide, a killer of cells and tissues whose trademark is deoxygenated blood? Without adequate amounts of oxygen, how can the uterus live a useful and fruitful life? Is uterus fibroids, like cancer, not a tumour, and are tumours not cellular adjustment to oxygen deprivation in a fermentative rather than oxidative existence? These thoughts guided me to add various return insufficiency to SECOND CHAKRA challenges to the present conversation. The other 20 or so settled or partially settled ideas about possible causes of uterine fibroids will, therefore,be tangentially discussed.

It is possible for this reason that no woman and physicians find uterine fibroids difficult to treat or cure. Where there are about 20 possible causes, how many of them can one protocol or a group of their capture? Wouldn’t therapy be like shooting in the dark? What if the culprits are outside the net?


The bodies of many women are acidic. Evidence of this is the greying white carpet over the pinkish-red tongue. It is a sign of candida. The fungal form has a mushroom-like head, a trunk and roots buried inside the tongue. They draw nutrients and emit poisons. These poisons may affect weak organs. Candida, other fungi, bacteria and viruses are often found in uterine fibroid specimens. The answer to acidosis is alkalinity since germs hardly grow or survive in an alkaline environment. Many women have sweet tooth, a cause of acidosis. Happily, there are many alkalising food supplements today in the Nigerian market. For people who love tea, we now have LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE, the world’s first alkaline coffee with more than 16000 alkalising and phenolic compounds extracted from more than 100 plants. We also have my Choco tea with about 20,000 of these compounds.


This refers to damage caused by oxygen free radicals. The body is protected against them by the natural antioxidants it produces. These include glutathione, superoxide Dismutase(SOD) and catalyse. To produce glutathione, the body requires from protein intake glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine. But the diet of many women is heavily carbohydrate, which is acid-forming . Zinc, selenium and manganese are needed for the other antioxidants. How many women take them as food supplements?, What about other antioxidants?


Please, check the Gerson therapy online. Dr Max Gerson, a German, treated and cured some cases of cancer complicated by chemotherapy with fruit and vegetable juices on one hand and organic enema coffee (not edible coffee )on the other hand. Fruit and vegetable juices are rich in potassium. Bread, margarine and soft drinks have none.
Potassium deficiency, therefore, means little or no oxygen for the cell from oxygen -using(oxidative) lifestyle to a survivalist non-oxygen using (fermentative) lifestyle. Dr Gerson said this was the origin of cancer or a benign tumour.


There are too many germs and parasites in the human body. The immune system is equipped to deal with them. But it is disoriented and weakened by a squalid, acidic internal environment. This has to be cleaned up and the immune system-aided to do its work. Were doctors and nurses in Nigeria not especially motivated to fight the Ebola virus and covid 19? Are the soldiers not encouraged to fight Boko Haram insurgency? Many women learn to regularly detoxify their bodies only when the small organisms have almost completely eaten them up.


Period pains from early childhood are thought of as normal for women. So are dark, blood clumps in the menstrual blood, and breast pains. Yet these may be signalling excess of estrogen, one of the female hormones over the balancing ratio with the others. Even in the estrogen matrix of estrone, estradiol and estriol, the domination of one over the other may spell trouble. Too much estrogen vis-a-vis progesterone may elevate the blood level of yet another female hormone, prolactin, which may cause breast troubles and shut down the ovaries from producing eggs. For men whose mothers were estrogenated while their bodies were growing in the wombs, this may cause testicular damage and the inability to produce sperm in later adult life. Many women love milk, egg, poultry turkey and chicken. To make cows produce milk every day of their lives, estrogen is added to their feed. This appears in the milk. The same happens to the chicken and the turkey and their eggs and flesh. Heavy reliance on them causes many girls nowadays to grow breasts from about the age of ten and adult women to have more estrogen in their bodies than they require. Estrogen is required for the maturation of eggs in the ovary. Progesterone is required for preparing the uterus to receive and feed the fertilised egg or, in the absence of fertilisation, to discard it and the uterine lining as menstruation. So, when there is too little for the housekeeper in the uterus, would there not be changes in there? Could one of the changes not be in the uterine fibroids?


Gynaecologists in Europe and America now subscribe to the African notion that when a woman becomes obsessed with having a baby, either to keep her marriage or because she believes that time is running out or for whatever other reasons, the womb responds with either pseudo or dummy pregnancies or uterine fibroids. In pseudo or false pregnancy, the breast fills up, the abdomen enlarges, the skin may lighten up but the uterus is empty. Dr Christiane Northrup discusses the problem in her book WOMEN’S BODIES, WOMEN’S WISDOM which she wrote after 35 years of post-qualification experience.


In some women, all the menstrual blood is not evacuated. The backup is thought to irritate the uterus with retained toxins which ought to have been flushed out. While this may be a consequence of poor blood circulation, especially when gravity ought to have aided a complete flush-out, venous return insufficiency is another uterine challenge altogether, according to some authorities. In some cases, the black clumps may be dissolved and clean, clear, red menstrual flow re-established with such food supplements as Apple cider vinegar(ACV), cayenne and black pepper, Gotu Kola, camphorated castor oil massages, restore lyfe(Japanese Knot Weed and grape seed extract) , Choleduz(fish oil and vitamin E), vidamax (tomato extract and RESVERATROL) etc. But it is horse Chestnut and butcher’s broom I would like to discuss today.


In Frank J Lipp’s herbalism, we learn:

The regular use of horse chestnut vitalises skin tissue and metabolism, and supports venous circulation in the legs, particularly during and after pregnancy.
In THE NATURE DOCTOR, Dr H.C.A Vogel advises against surgical removal of varicose veins and instead, prescribes horse Chestnut formulas along with low heel shoes, loose clothing and avoidance of standing for too long on stone or concrete floor, to avoid damage to non-return valves, a cause of pulling of blood in the lower limb. For the regeneration of veins and promotion of healthy venous circulation, he recommends as well good calcium intake, yarrow, arnica and sweet clover.


According to WebMD:
“Butchers broom is commonly taken by mouth for symptoms of poor blood circulation, such as pain, leg cramps, leg swelling, varicose veins, and itching. Butcher’s broom is sometimes used for kidney stones, gallstones, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), constipation and many other conditions”.

In www.rxlist.com, we learn:
“Butcher’s broom is used for hemorrhoids, gallstones, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), and for symptoms of poor blood circulation such as pain, heaviness, leg cramps, leg swelling, varicose veins, itching, and swelling. Butcher’s broom is also used as a laxative, as a diuretic to increase urine output, to reduce swelling, and to speed the healing of fractures”.


Thanks to surgeon Norman Sheally and spiritualist Carolyn Myss who are popularising energy medicine in the United States, Western medicine is being cross-bred by eastern medicine in the knowledge area of the seven chakras. Eastern world doctors believe a human spirit exists as the overself in the lifeless earth body. In their book, THE CREATION OF HEALTH, Dr Sheally and Myss present case studies, including the healing of breast cancers without harsh medication, when chakra healing principles are applied.

The overself or the soul interfaces with the physical body at seven different points which, as now found, correspond with locations in the endocrine glands. The soul carries tremendous energy from the spirit which cannot be directly impacted on the physical body without damaging or “electrocuting” it. So, like the high voltage electricity stepped down by transformers for domestic use, the chakras step down energy from the spirit through the seven interfaces or chakras.

The chakras go beyond this. The earth is a spiritual school for immature human spirits expelled from paradise on a journey through the various walls for self-discovery and such self-development which make them admissible to their original world, the spirit realm. Each chakra corresponds to a lesson of life to be learned every seven years of one’s life. The first chakra is at the base of the spine where animal tails are. In humans,it corresponds with “groundedness” or a feeling of security in earth life. Persons who are brought up in love and surrounded by love are more self-confident and secure than those who are not and do not easily as adults, fall prey to lower limb problems such as sciatica challenges. If groundedness is not achieved in the first seven years of life, it becomes a “carry over” lesson to the next seven years. Between age 8 and 14, the lesson to learn is the acquisition of power and its uses of it. Power is required to secure groundedness. But just here is where the problems of many people begin. They use power as parents, siblings, teachers, bosses, spouses, financiers, politicians etc to not help or support the self-fulfilment of persons they are superior to. Rather, they use it to enslave them. Where this becomes a pathological occupation and the “prey” is unyielding, the aggressor may suffer such pain of the soul and emotional distress and emotional injury as may block the inflow of animating power from the second chakra to the pelvic region which it interfaces. This will lead to poor energy maintenance of the organs in this region which include the prostate gland in men, the uterus, the cervix, the vagina and the tubes in women, kidneys and the large intestine. If this condition persists for too long, deterioration of these organs may occur. This is one of the hypotheses or even theories for the occurrence of uterine fibroids, according to Eastern European medicine. The solution is to learn to not seek to control other people to develop pain of the soul or pathological hatred for persons and events they cannot bring under their consuming authority. In other words, “letting go” and preventing emotional stress in the use of power is good natural medicine for second chakra challenges.

According to Debra Rose in Healthline
“Shadow issues — or negative qualities — associated with the sacral chakra include:

  • wounded emotions
  • secrets
  • fear of judgment, getting into trouble, or being “found out”
  • repression
  • inability to experience emotional or sexual intimacy
  • nightmares and not remembering or understanding dreams”

According to Jessica Estrada in Well and Good, There are seven different major energy centres throughout the body, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head through which this energy can flow in and out in a constant stream,” says nutritionists and Reiki Master Serena Poon. “These energy centres are called chakras, Sanskrit for ‘wheel,’ and are essentially the link between our energetic and physical bodies and the universal life force energy that connects us environmentally and spiritually.
Circulatory systems, reproductive organs, bladder, kidney, and large intestine

So, really, what does it mean to heal your sacral chakra? Poon explains that it’s about clearing and cleansing that energy centre and bringing it back into a state of balance. There are many things you can do to heal your chakras. There’s talking wearing chakra-balancing jewellery.


The chakras are interesting health subjects. For this reason, everyone should endeavour to learn about them. They help heal from inside to the outside. Can we call it spiritual healing? In many cases of spontaneous healing (read Dr Andrew Weil’s book, spontaneous healing on this subject). The healing patient may have done one or a few things which unblocked blocked chakras. Do we and our children not jubilate, shouting, UP NEPA!, when our deformed electricity transformers in the neighbourhood are reactivated and we are again reconnected to municipal electricity supply?

Some second chakra authorities who advise healing from the outside, that is from the physical body, encourage us to drink plenty of water, especially some orange filtered solarized water (see internet for solarized water), eat plenty of orange-colour foods, wear orange colour clothes(because orange is the colour of the second chakra) and dance, among other measures.

For me, I would like healing from the inside. It involves being selfless and relating in love with everyone, trying to not enslave or take advantage of anyone, living in the knowledge that the sky is wide enough to accommodate all birds, recognising that our endowments are not ours but held by us in trust from the Creator to enjoy part of and expend the remainder in creating opportunities for his other creatures.

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