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Tiwa Savage…Thumbs Up For A Brave Woman

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I REVISED this column three times as the storyline was unfolding, to be sure that TIWA SAVAGE, as her critics allege, has not set us all up in her pursuit of fame and money from the internet-imprisoned Millennium and GenZ generations. In the end, I ended up with the following thoughts…

The blackmailer has weak knees and walks on feet of clay, but appears as Damocles before the victim who shivers and caves in. Tiwa Savage dared the shameless fiend and betrayer who wished to blackmail her to surrender her life. All of us who hate evil and say we are for the good should salute her and cast the demon out of our midst.

This fiend met a successful woman who had an emotional gap in her life and pretended to love her. She was careless, as many of us often are, and yielded. As consenting adults, they retired into the privacy of a room, secured the windows and the doors, to shut out the rest of us, to do with each other what none of us can deny he/she had never done in adult life, away from prying eyes and eavesdropping ears, save for those disembodied or astral persons who are earthbound and waste their time sniffing the aroma of sexual vibrations.

As an aside, do not let us deceive ourselves. There are persons around we do not see or hear when we engage in the procreative act. It may be all that they enjoyed doing when they were on earth. Unable to detach from this activity after they left the flesh, they wander about searching for where they can enjoy the scenery, stocking the fires as they do so. There are also souls of different characters who seek to return to the Earth and are searching for physical bodies they will inhabit to become Earthmen or women again. They luck around in the hope that what we are doing will produce fruit in the womb which may be assigned to them as new bodies they will use in another Earth life. Such souls are invited to us because the procreative act creates a channel of vibrations that ring out into the universe.

In that supposedly hallowed chamber, Tiwa must be one of those persons who believe the legendary William Shakespeare that there is no art for reading the mind’s construction on the face. For this fiend did not love her, his intent was impure. All he wanted was her money, and the cheapest way for him to do that was to thoroughly mess her up by luring her to completely give herself up to him, strategically, like a professional, capture all her moods and movements of her nerves, make a film of them all and present a copy to her with the question: YOUR MONEY or YOUR LIFE?

If Tiwa fell on her knees, pleading, this blackmailer would come again and again until, emotionally drained, Tiwa would cease to live. But all of us wish to live. And the only way to do that is to continually inwardly and outwardly confront and crush those forces which do not wish us well, feats we can easily accomplish if only we would decide to accomplish them and believe we can. To our surprise, this decision always brings unexpected strength which energizes our free will. That, in my view, was what Tiwa did. She told him that rather than give him the millions he was asking for, she would rather spend the money on a designer wristwatch. She bought a 79 million naira DAIMOND WRISTWATCH, to tell him…”go to blazes”. Enraged, he released the video of their time together in bed.

Now, we may ask, what has he gained, what has she lost? My answer is that he has gained nothing, except for the cheers of fiends like him who, hilarious, are helping him to circulate his video to put some money in his pocket. Those who circulate the video and those who watch it and cause this woman, her child and family pain do not realise that they are accomplices in the act and, through the Law of Karma, that is the Law of Sowing and Reaping, are linked to this dirty man and his action. Tiwa is someone child. These people have children. Would they like their daughters to be so treated? Do their daughters not fool around? How many of them can guarantee no one else touches their wives? Would they like these things announced on mountain tops?


Tiwa made mistakes, no doubt. We all do. The experiences from her first marriage should have taught her to be careful with men. How could she not have known he was into drugs during their courtship? Must a woman be married at any cost? Is marriage the main preoccupation of anyone, man or woman, on Earth? Isn’t marriage only a means to an end…an opportunity to help the other party achieve the purpose of existence on Earth? How many people trouble themselves about why they exist? It is, therefore, not surprising that “professional husbands” target rich women who are desperate for marriage and rip them up. Even women who have no money but are desperate for marriage fall easy prey to dirty men with their bodies and emotions.

William Shakespeare, with due respect, was wrong to assume that there was no art to read the mind’s construction on the face. True, Banquo could not detect Macbeth’s intentions towards him which were veiled behind feigned professional smiles and perfect protocols of State reception. But that was as far as the intellect was concerned. The intellect is the receptive capacity of the brain. It only receives, classifies, stores retrieves and interprets information. The “art” for reading the mind’s construction on the face is INTUITIVE. Intuition is the receptive capacity of the SPIRIT. We all are human spirits. We are not our bodies. Our bodies are mere vessels or clothing in which we, the human spirits, exist on earth. The spirit knows EVERYTHING. It is the spirit that brings warnings in dreams to the physical body. Sometimes, you are somewhere in a dream, fighting, struggling for life, and your body is doing exactly the same in bed. Sometimes, you rise from a dream to ease yourself. As you settle back in bed, the dream continues from where it stopped. Do these not amaze us?

When you stand before a man or a woman, it should take you no more than five minutes to suspect where that person is coming from or heading, if our intuition is keen, is well oiled and not disused. It is because many of us ignored the INTUITION and OVERCULTIVATED the INTELLECT that we lost the “art” of reading the mind’s construction on the face. For the “art” belongs to the INTUITION. Even in this matter, we cannot be a judge over Tiwa’s decision about her lover. We, too, make our mistakes either because our intuition is walled up by the intellect or because we do not respect its advice and rationalise it only to lament afterwards that “something” warmed us.


Tiwa’s other mistake is her expenditure of #79 million on a diamond wristwatch in a country reeling in poverty. Is the purchase of this wristwatch the only way by which she could have shamed this blackmailer? No. She made her money from the society which listens to her music and, thereby, put money into her pockets. She could have done better, if she gave something back to that society, especially the young people who are her avid followers. This would be in keeping with the LAW OF TAKING and GIVING. We take in air to live and give back air. We take food and water from the soil and give them back. The atmosphere sucks up water from the rivers and oceans and gives it back. Tiwa could have set up a FOUNDATION for the upliftment of young people. She could have built an orphanage. She could have set up a clinic in a mental hospital for the care of mentally ill persons like her betrayer and even named it after him to spite him. She could have gone on to tell the story behind it, and all of us would have been making periodic, perhaps yearly, financial contributions towards the maintenance of this edifice, nay, idea. Rather she gave foreigners our money. What a mistake!

Irrespective of that, I believe all men and women of goodwill have the duty to stand up for her at this time of what may be the worst torment in her life. I have never met her, and do not listen to her music. But the story of her torment in the hands of a fiendish blackmailer touches me. I pray always to have the strength to stand up for the GOOD. In our existence, we cannot afford to be neutral. We evolve from unconsciousness of existence to a state of consciousness of it from where we are meant to evolve into perfection. So, it is a question of either evolving, stagnating or devolving when it comes to choosing between good and evil, light and darkness. Blackmail is evil. Sadism that is a deriving joy from what makes others sad, is evil. Murder, either of character or of the physical body is evil. In this matter, we must take a stand either for or against blackmail, sadism and murder. I expect Tiwa to get up immediately and speak out. She has done nothing wrong expressing all her feelings to the man she thought was genuinely in love with her. It was her right as a consenting adult. Who among us does not express feelings? I take sides with her simply on the basis of PRINCIPLES. This fiend has denigrated womanhood, including his own mother, wife and daughter if he has any. He is polluting our children who are already soaked in sex. Imagine a 15-year-old watching the sex video of a woman old enough to be her aunt or mother. The source of the video should be tracked and this man should be brought to book.

I am proud to belong to the chat group of the 1964-68 set of Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo, Old Boys Association. When one of us dropped this video on us, it was a 20-year-old girl who works with me who invited my attention to it. I refused to watch it and asked that it be cleared off my phone immediately so that my 14-year-old foster daughter would not see it. Already, I have a tough time regulating the makeup, dressing and exposure to social media. So, I expressed concern about our platform. One after the other, the other members spoke against the post and the Admin, a well-respected gentleman who had been level headed right from school, suspended the erring member forthwith.

The message was simple: our principal, Rev J.B.P Lafinhan, taught us that we should not lose our heads while other people were losing theirs. We had a serious Christian upbringing at Olivet. That meant that we subscribed to the TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, one of which is THOU SHALL NOT KILL. By this, we understand that it is not only when you shoot a man or woman dead that you kill him/her. You kill when you make a promise which you fail to fulfil. You also kill a person when you destroy his name or reputation. For what is the work of a man or woman without good reputation. This man has tried to DESTROY Tiwa, to murder her. At Olivet, we couldn’t support him. With this Olivet heritage of which I am proud, I urge us all to lift Tiwa up in her fact, in our actions against the conduct of this man, and in our thoughts and prayers. We should do this by refusing to watch the video and by refusing to transmit it.


Like all of us, Tiwatope has made mistakes in life. Mistakes avenge themselves bitterly. She married a man she didn’t know well enough. But how well did any of us know our spouses? Even now, how much of them do we know? She ran with Wizkid, ten years younger, like a cheap sex hawker. We do not know how many men came after Wizkid before this horrendous one. But that isn’t a crime if she was still searching for Mr Right, to which she is entitled. I have heard of a woman who went through four formalised marriages before she met her hearts throb. Tiwatope may not have hit the end of the road. So what about it, if she hasn’t? Isn’t it her life? This last man messed her up. How many women have not been messed up in other ways by unfeeling, dirty men? Is it wrong to trust a partner who says he is trustworthy? Isn’t it at the close of a cycle we know who is trustworthy and who is a betrayer? Did they not lock doors and windows? We may say Tiwatope trusted her instincts more than her intuition in relying on him to keep their secrets. How many of us don’t do that in all our daily activities? Haven’t there been boys or men who became “radio stations”, broadcasting to their friends, after they had seen their women off? Are there not men who did nothing but claimed they did everything? What we need to address and to learn lessons from are many.

A woman should not be desperate for a man in her life. Her reason for being on earth is neither marriage nor motherhood. Both help the purpose of existence if they are well understood. The human body is meant to be inviolable, being the greatest gift for God to earth-man. For my marriage, for example, I declined to recite the familiar line of MY BODY I THEE WORSHIP after the marriage officer. She looked at me. I looked at her penetratingly in the eye. She moved on to other lines. I was glad because I am not meant to worship a human being but my Maker. Remember that is a vow, a promise, and we are not meant to make promises we cannot keep. At the reception, my wife and I disappointed the guests when we kissed on the cheeks and not frontally on the lips. Female singers open themselves up too much on stage and in videos to make money. The result is that all sort of dirty thought forms from men hangs about them and follow them everywhere, one step after another, they keep yielding until they hit a calamity. For in the LAW OF ATTRACTION of HOMOGENEOUS SPECIES, the dirty thought forms around them will attract more dirty thought-forms until the crowd thickens to foment materialisations or dirty physical events around them. That was what happen to Tiwatope Savage and is probably waiting to happen to women like her whose karmic returns in the LAW OF SOWING AND REAPING are most probably on the way. Such are the storylines of many of us as well.

Tiwa’s lover is a thief and a pretentious lover. In addition, he is a traitor. He lied that he loved her to win her trust. When he couldn’t get her money, he decided to destroy her. If we circulate this video, we help him to make money, we support a LIAR, TRAITOR, MURDERER. If we support this man, we support a man who DENIGRATES womanhood, a man who doesn’t value the normal life of our children on whom he has unleashed this video, a man who does not care what this video would impact on the six-year-old son of Tiwatope who probably has been seeing him as “daddy” and calling him as such. This child may need the care of psychologists as he grows up. My hope is that he will not feel bad about his mother. I hope that the child will recognize that the mother expressed her feelings in a secure environment. I hope his paths would be led to recognitions that A CHILD IS A GIFT TO THE RIGHT MOTHER, that, if his mother was not the right mother for him, he would not have been sent to her.

I hope that he would grow up into a fine gentleman who would respect, honour and protect women, marriage and parenthood. I hope that Tiwatope would arise today, shrug off the ugly memories of this man, give us a beautiful album on TRUE LOVE, TRUSTING LOVE, DISTRUST, COVETOUSNESS, BETRAYAL and PSYCHIC MURDER, among others. I hope that the lyrics will elevate our understanding of THE PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE and of EARTH-LIFE. I do not know what her songs sound like. I am 71 and do not listen to anyhow music. But I look forward to the next album by Tiwatope Savage.

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