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I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Like all things, NEWS comes and goes. Coronavirus news, hot cake in Nigeria for some weeks, appears to be ebbing. The Italian man who brought it to Lagos has been declared cured.

Many of the people he was in physical contact with have been located, isolated and have tested negative to checks. Even the banks have slowed down on sanitization. The Corona heatwave is cooling… and the rain cycle has reopened again, with its bundles of health challenges. In other words, from this season of hot weather, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, we are entering another season which demands belt-tightening by people who easily go under the weather from such ailments as cold, cough, malaria fever, asthma, arthritis and water infections among several others. Together, this host of ailments is called SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDERS (SADs).

When the eyes redden and water, and the nostrils run, perhaps accompanied by cough, mucus builds up in the throat and the voice becomes hoarse, It may be wrong to think Coronavirus. SADs are forms of depression which may range from mild to severe when the weather changes. In a temperate climate where winter occurs between December and February, for example, seasonal Affective Disorders are rampant in these months. They express differentials in the quality of life between two seasons. These differentials or changes in the quality of health may sometimes be difficult to correctly diagnose if the physician relies solely on external symptoms. Broadly speaking, SAD has to do more with decreased energy from sunlight when winter or rainfall shuts away the sun and the body does not readily adjust to the shortfall. This situation may compound underlying problems of unresolved psychological conflicts which may trigger such a season moderate or severe psychiatric challenges. Such challenges may, in turn, become seasonal for some challenged persons who are unable on their own to cope with these conditions.

This is why DR SUNSHINE is one of the remedies for SAD ailments. By Dr. Sunshine, it is suggested that the patient tries and be outdoor for a few hours every day, take VITAMIN D food supplement or, if he or she has to be indoors most of the day, stay by large windows which bring in some lighting. In cold countries, LIGHT BOARD therapy is often prescribed. This entails exposure to full light spectrum lighting from bulbs of high voltage in aboard. The lighting alters the circadian rhythm of the patient to make him or her produce more SEROTONIN in relation to MELATONIN. Serotonin and melatonin are chemical substances that work on the brain to make us keep awake or to become sleepy and fall asleep. Thus, during day hours, we produce more SEROTONIN. When night falls and our eyes send the impression of nightfall or decreased sunlight to the brain, we produce less serotonin and more melatonin and fall asleep. Some people may experience the tendency to fall asleep in the rain season because there is more melatonin in their brains than they need to keep awake. Their systems literally shut down, and they are weak and unproductive.


In the season of the rain, withered fields green up and mushroom again. POLLEN flies all over, blown about by the wind, carried by water, butterflies, insects or birds, to mention a few of the vectors. Even thunder may splash pollen around. Hay fever may be the onset of an oncoming asthma attack. The eyes become red, watery and itchy, and the nostrils may begin to run. This period calls for high dosages of vitamin c. If we go by Dr Linus Pauling(1901-1994), who won the Nobel prize two times, unshared with anyone, first in 1954 and then in 1962, we may go up to 1000mg three or more times in one day, where many conservative doctors hold it down to 60mg a day. Dr Robert Atkins may be unfit to loosen the shoelaces of Dr Pauling, who was named by THE NEW SCIENTIST as the 20th greatest scientist of all time, he, nevertheless, was a mega dosage doctor as well. He goes up to 6,000mg of vitamin c for pulmonary problems, including asthma, and adds vitamin A (15,000 to 30,000 i.u.), essential fats formula (3,600 to 7,200mg), N acetyl cysteine (500-1000mg), magnesium(400-800mg), pantethine(300-600mg). Lime or lemon also provides a vitamin c cushion. At about 500mg, vitamin c raises immune count and is a good anti-histamine like orange peel powder. Magnesium is good as an antispasmodic. The Nigerian market now features ionic magnesium from frontiers expanding Dr Caroline Dean of the United States. Ionic medicines are more readily absorbed, many of them from under the tongue, but more expensive than the regular brands. Orange peel powder is terrific antihistamine and easily neutralizes histamine, a cause of hay fever and asthma. It also combats cough like oregano oil and stems inflammation as well as lower high blood cholesterol levels. Fenugreek loosens cough, dries up mucus which makes breathing difficult and threatens life. On the Nigerian market, too, are different brands of bronchitis and decongestant herbal teas.

CBD oil or hemp oil cannot be kept out. Many studies on how CBD oil combats Asthma have proven it is a broncho-dilator and that it forbids constriction of the air passages. It has many receptors in the respiratory system which makes it readily welcome and effective there. Asthma constricts or narrows the bronchial tubes, thereby reducing the flow of oxygen, making breathing difficult and threatening life. Anything that would keep the airways open is, therefore, a welcome therapeutic agent. Besides, CBD oil is anti inflammatory, and , therefore, makes breathing not burdensome for asthma challenged persons. Allergies of all sorts are a part of this sometimes huge picture. Traditionally, STINGING NETTLE ROOT has been used against them for ages. While CBD ointments may help skin irritations, itchiness or rashes, the oil and nasal spray may help out to resolve respiratory conditions such as cough, congestion and breathing difficulties.


A SAD symptom may be the craving for carbohydrates or sugars. The challenged person may eat compulsively and have a penchant for several large or extra-large meals packed with huge calories. What may be going on here? Depression is possible underlying trouble. Serotonin and melatonin activities may have become so poor that the mood or behavior may have been changing or swinging. Grumping, anger and tiredness are not too far fetched, as in cases when the brain needs serotonin to keep awake. The long standing herbal therapies for these conditions may now have been joined by quantum energy gadgets, which are becoming a global rave for packaging energy into the depressed and weak body. Time will tell if they are not better choices than anti-depressant drugs. One of the quantum energy gadgets on the Nigerian market today is in the form of a finger ring. Some people wear it on the wedding ring finger. There are, also, bracelets and pendants. IAM yet to experiment with the one called quantum energy spray. Said to have a 200 years shelf life, it is about the size of a standard ladies perfume bottle. It is filled with water which is left on to be energised for between 15 and 20 minutes. The water may be sprayed on the forehead during headaches or migraines or any part of the body to quieten pain, or sprayed in the mouth to remove food smell or mouth odour, on the feet to relieve tiredness, on sores to heal wounds, on foul smelling food to kill bacteria and other germs and to neutralise the toxins they produce, and under the feet to remove odour. I use the quantum energy eye glasses. There are men who wear the quantum energy boxer. I have heard of quantum energy shoes but have not seen or tried one on. The boxer lights a rechargeable light bulb and, like its version for women, is said to energise pelvic region organs such as the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, endometrium, fallopian tubes and ovaries, all in women. For men, this region houses internal and external organs of the reproductive system as well.

For people who would rather stick to herbs which have helped them cross the bridge from one season to another, the earth still brings forth these plants in abundance. Some of the herbs which help us make serotonin as needed are St John’s wort, panax ginseng, kava, tumeric, avocado, green tea. These herbs may not be taken towards retirement for the night as they may infuse the brain with such amounts of energy as may Delay or disturb restful sleep.

Gotu Kola would appear to be in a world of its own. For many studies say it balances the two hemispheres of the brain. Studies with rats have proven over and over that one of its chemicals, TRITERPENES, increases brain levels of serotonin noreadrenaline and dopamine and reduces corticosterol levels. The bottom line of these rat studies is that the TRITERPENES of Gotu Kola are responsible for its anti depressant and brain balancing activities.

Gotu Kola has a wide range of uses in Indian and Asian traditional medicines. These includes the treatment of bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. In this group are cholera, shingles, dysentery, urinary tract infections, leprosy, syphilis, the common cold, the flu, elephantiasis, tuberculosis and schistosomiasis, a bloody bladder/urine condition. It goes as well for Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, cognition, intelligence and memory enhancement. It is known for improving blood circulation. In this respect, it is used for venous insufficiency, a broad term which embodies conditions such as varicose veins, plaques in blood vessels, blood clots in the lower extremities, small blood vessels damaged by diabetes. According to www.rxlist.com, Gotu kola is useful also for the following conditions:

“wound healing, sunstroke, tonsillitis, fluid around the lungs, liver disease, jaundice, systemic Lupus erythematosus, stomach pain, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcer, swelling in the lining of the stomach, epilepsy, asthma, tired blood(Anaemia) and for helping them live longer. Some women use Gotu Kola for preventing pregnancy, absence of menstrual period, and to arouse sexual desire”.


While many causes have been labelled on arthritis, such as degeneration of cartilage and bone, the synovial fluid lubrication drying up, infections, enzyme action, nutritional deficiencies, auto-immune attack, etc, the rain season has been given its own pride of place in what is going on inside the joint capsule.

Some people are said to be able to predict if the rains are coming simply because their arthritis get worse just before or during rainfall. More than 200 bone joint conditions are grouped under two broad types of arthritis. These are OSTEO-ARTHRITIS, (OS), in which the bone joint wears, and movement is stiff and painful because of inflammed tissues.The other, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (RA), has to do with the immune system attacking and damaging the joints. In 2014, a study was carried out which involved 222 patients who were suffering from osteoarthritis of the joints. The findings suggested that “barometric” pressure and humidity influenced symptoms”. This is saying that the conditions get worse when air pressure falls, the air becomes heavier and colder, and the atmosphere is stormy with thunderclaps and lightening. A drop in pressure which portends cold is believed to cause an already inflamed tissue to expand and induce pain. It is, therefore, not surprising that heating pads, infra-red applications and hot water bottles are popular in the winter or rain season.

Some arthritis challenged persons often migrate from cold weather areas to warm weather. But while the symptoms may reduce in severity, the condition does not always disappear on account of this alone. Scientists are divided over whether there is any connection between the sun or the weather and arthritis, but many sufferers continue to swear that they predict thunderstorms and rain from the pains they experience ahead of these natural phenomena . Of all the studies I have followed which agree that the sun and weather may affect arthritis, I always check on the one summarised by Jonathan O Callaghan in www.dailymail.co.uk under the title DOES THE SUN CAUSE ARTHRITIS? Scientists in New Jersey discovered that “arthritis cases peaked every 11 years”, he says. This aligns with an 11 year solar cycle. The peaking is suspected to be caused by geo-magnetic activities which decrease the body’s output of MELATONIN. In the joint capsule, as probably elsewhere, melatonin is a timekeeper of the circadian cycle(cosmic clock). Melatonin shortfall, therefore, implies inadequate response by the immune system in particular to cosmic and atmospheric changes. The human body is between 65 and 70 percent water. Stellar, solar and other radiations affect not only atmospheric and underground water bodies but the water content of the human body as well. If the human body content does not respond to the solar cycle, it will be beset with trouble. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan has proven that the molecular structure of water changes in accordance with the type of music and sound it is exposed to, and the type of word or prayer said on it. Melatonin shortfall depletes cellular responses in the cases of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Giant Cell Arteritis(GCA) to the solar cycle. Melatonin boosts the immune system and a deficit of it means depleted protection for the joints of the body. The study was led by Dr Simon Wing of John Hopkins University.

In my view, it all boils down to cosmic rays and earth rays interplay with living forms. The stars are not decorations in the sky. They emit radiations to the galaxies and to the solar systems, all of which beam on the earth. The earth beams back. We absorb atmospheric solar magnetic rays but less of the Earth’s in counterbalance, thus creating an imbalance in our bodies because we no longer walk barefoot. Observe chickens, cats, dogs, and goats. They soak up negative currents of electrons from the earth’s surface. These negative electrons counterbalance positive charges, from the atmosphere to create bioelectrical balance in their cells, organs, and systems. Humans, whose bodies are also derived from the earth, have woefully failed to connect to the earth for these negative currents because they no longer sleep on the ground but on foam mattresses which cannot easily conduct the negative earth currents to them or walk barefoot, especially on dew-covered grass in the mornings. They are, therefore, overstuffed with positive currents from the atmosphere. This not only creates an electrical imbalance that does not allow the cells and the organs and the systems to function properly, but it also overloads the systems with free radicals in the form of positive charges which damage the systems, causes diseases, premature aging, and short life spans. Earthing the body of man, as man Earths his electrical appliances to protect them from lightning and thunderstorms, helps to produce within the body a stable electrical environment in which all cells can flourish. Electrical or ionic imbalances in the body may, therefore, be a cause of arthritis flare-ups in the cold or rainy season.

All the grammar can boil down to acidosis and alkalinity. Certain foods, like too much positive current, may cause arthritis. Negative currents, like alkaline-forming foods can repair arthritic damage or cure it. Arthritis-causing foods to avoid begins with the NIGHTSHADE FAMILY FOODS. In this family are tomato, potato, peppers, eggplant etc. Foods to avoid include red meat, egg, poultry meat, especially chicken, white flour foods, fried, processed and packaged foods, citrus foods such as grape and orange. Although lime and lemon taste acidic, they end up in alkaline radicals in the blood. Vegetables and other fruits are alkalizing. Traditionally, the following herbs have been found useful. Shark cartilage provides chondroitin and glucosamine which repair and prevent degeneration of cartilage tissue and hydrate bone mass. Where shark cartilage is not available, bovine (cow) cartilage (trachea and windpipe) may be substituted. Ginger, fish oil and curcumin are anti-inflammatory. Horsetail and stinging nettle used alone or together are known to have eased many conditions. The mineral boron is indispensable. So are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. Ionic forms of these minerals are ideal because they are easily bioavailable. Cheap calcium is not readily absorbed and may cause a nuisance coating of the intestine which hinders nutrient absorption. Coral calcium and vitamin D3 are suggested. Omega 3 oil, from fish, evening primrose or flaxseed is good for inflammation. Although borage oil is an Omega 6 oil that fuels inflammation, it is good for stress, especially of the adrenal glands, and contains gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) which the body converts to the anti-inflammatory arsenal. Green tea is worth mentioning. So are avocado oil and black currant oil. The place of cell or tissue salt is an important one. The 12 biochemical cell salts may be incorporated into therapy or their use may be limited to those specific for pain, mobility and joint health. Bromelain, from pineapple, a pain reliever, has been successfully used with rutin. Let us be grateful to mother nature for these gifts and many more for arthritis. Let us today resolve to obey the LAW OF BALANCE between the earth and the atmosphere.

Let us start walking barefoot within our homes and the premises. We may also buy mats made from natural products and learn to sleep on the floor as a way of grounding our bodies to mother Earth from which they came for its radiations which eliminate free radicals from our bodies. As children, we enjoy the heat from our mother’s backs. Mother nature is more than a mother to us. Let us enjoy her heat.

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