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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

By: Femi Kusa
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This is a script in the lecture series for the training of potential AIM GLOBAL partners, customers and distributors of AIM GLOBAL Alkaline, antioxidants, Phyto energizer, anti-ageing products in Lagos.

I WAS DEEPLY moved yesterday by the request on Telephone of an old man ADEBAYO ADEYEYE, to sell LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE in ILESHA, Oyo state. From his voice, he probably belonged to my generation of septuagenarians. He read in my newspaper column descriptions of this AIM GLOBAL coffee brand, the first in the world, and of the suggestions on how it may be well marketed for daily net income grossing not smaller than #10,000 or #15,000, depending on the market push. I tried to register him in our chat forum but discovered he did not have an Android telephone. I told him he had to get one to be one of us. He promised me that, TODAY, Friday 8th October 2021, he would buy a new phone!

Only yesterday, I said in the second post of this series that downlines and uplines were everywhere and I indexed that statement with the emergence, almost from nowhere, of Ambassador Abdulrahaman Ibrahim to become the downline of someone who had just hired his labour as a market porter. We only have t be inwardly to recognize and bring them on board. A Thought came to me yesterday after my conversation with Mr Adebayo… “If he buys a telephone today, why not register him into AIM GLOBAL at my cost and encourage him to raise cash for his first order of the COFFEE and MYCHOCO? Thereafter, I would begin to teach him how to prospect DOWNLINES. The conversation with him reminds me of the story a neurologist acquaintance of mine told me about his friend who was a paediatrician, a doctor who manages the health conditions of infants, children and young people. The paediatrician said his hospital did not have enough incubators for preterm patients for this high traffic of preterm babies brought in every day. So, he devised a means for selecting those who would be given an opportunity to survive. He found that, while some were struggling to live, gasping for breath, others did not. He gave the incubators to those who were gasping for breath, struggling to live! Doest his principle accord with the popular saying that HEAVEN HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES?

When I came by this popular saying after my conversation with Mr Adebayo Adeyeye, I changed my thoughts for this third of our discussion of this subject. I had originally wished to draw the curtain with suggestions of WAYS AND MEANS, that is some strategies adaptable to individual differences. But the Idea of OPEN HEAVENS occurred to me, since we are talking about “HEAVENS HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”.

Over the years, I have had reason to Interface with some of my friends on the conception of OPEN HEAVENS and to show them that my ideas of it differ markedly from there, I dare say at the spiritual Level. The spiritual is REALITY, the religious is an attempt, looking upwards from below, to understand REALITY. At 24, I had my first OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE (OBE). It was REALITY to me that I slept at night but found myself out of my body while that body lay asleep in bed, recognised it as my body and know that I, FEMI KUSA, was not that body, but the SOUL which inhabits it. So, when a teenage virgin tells me of the people she sees around her, which everyone in the room with her does not see, and who sometimes speak with her if she is not frightened, I tell her the story of BALAAM, his horse and the little beings as rendered in Numbers, in the OLD TESTAMENT of the THE BIBLE. We live in a SINGLE world divided now into “here” and “the beyond” by our descent in UNDERSTANDING or KNOWLEDGE. I hope that the conception of OPEN HEAVENS below will enable us to understand that MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING is one of the blessings from OPEN HEAVENS for our generations. The world’s population has grown in leap and bounds. In the time in which we stand, in which everything is being driven to its peak or zenith, everything in obedience to THE LAW OF MOTION must move at a higher velocity to reach everyone at the right time, as quickly as possible. Money in circulation must not get stock in the hands of a few people, like clumps of blood in blood circulation which cause hypertension, heart disease and strokes. Creating a larger number of more affluent people through multilevel marketing actually puts more money in the hands of more people and reduces the risks of social discontent and malfeances, if not outright rebellion. We are witnesses to how the INFORMATION AGE, another blessing from OPEN HEAVENS which brought the cell and android phones, has shattered the various knowledge cults of the various professions and put information in the hands of whoever desires to have it and reaches out for it. We have everything to be grateful for from OPEN HEAVENS and the blessings for the generations. BILL GATES, it is said, is the one who said the wealthy person is the person who knows where the world is heading and gets there first. It is not too late, in my view, for us all to try our hands in multilevel marketing. I said in my series of three articles titled 2022 OUTLOOK: AIM GLOBAL, EARN FOR LIFE, that this company was heading to become the world’s first SUPERSTORE with more than three million shoppers and that this was where global shopping was heading. So, from the advice of BILL GATES, whoever gets there first is a winner in the new times. Are we going to be among the first one million Nigerians to be registered members of this giant global store, earning daily income from not only daily need products we buy from the store but also from what the people we introduce to the store as our downlines purchase from it. This is a great blessing for our wellbeing on earth from OPEN HEAVENS.


Many people confidently speak about OPEN HEAVENS nowadays because, consistently, their priests or prophets are consistently talking about it. But, often, in my humble view, they narrow the idea or concept and, so, do not really fully appreciate the reality. The idea that there is a HEAVEN or HEAVENS, as indeed the truth is, reminds us that there is an EARTH and Earth dwellers. Between the earth and the nearest Heaven is an unimaginable distance which the human brain cannot measure, because it was formed from the dust of the earth, belongs to it like the trees and the rocks, and has nothing about Heaven in its makeup, and will eventually return to dust, its origin. This is in obedience to THE LAW OF THE CYCLE which makes everything to return to only where it came from, and to nowhere else. That part of us as earth-men or earth dwellers which came from Heaven is what the Heavens cater for while we, those members of Heaven, are here on earth.

If we pause whatever we are doing and deeply contemplate this idea of OPEN HEAVENS, a number of new ideas about OPEN HEAVENS may visit us.
1) The Heavens are not just opening, literally speaking now, their “doors” and “windows” to the earth. The “doors” and “windows” have never been closed since the beginning of Time. For the Heavens have continually poured their Blessings upon the earth for the wellbeing of its dwellers.

2) That is why, as we know, the man was the last of the creatures to set foot on the earth…after what he would need for survival had been put in place on the planet. Whoever sends his/her child to a boarding school without providing meals, accommodation, beddings, clothes and shoes, pocket money and some edibles?

3) Where we are heading is that OPEN HEAVENS pour down special blessings for every generation. These blessings or opportunities are what the people of that time requirements for their utmost wellbeing. Those humans who recognize these blessings and use them aright, that is in the sense in which they are given to us, are the wealthiest and happiest among us!


4) If we carefully look back on human history, we may see these blessings from OPEN HEAVENS, observe how they made life more abundant as it were for those who discover them and used them, and how those who did not were mere hewers of wood in the literal sense. Just think about this…one man owns INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP! In the shutdown of only a few hours on Monday, he lost seven billion U.S. Dollars. What is Nigeria’s budget for 2021, which she cannot find and has had to be borrowing huge sums of money to fix from a people whose “son” gave rise to INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP? If the money will spend on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP is the money we are borrowing to finance our material existence, are we hewers of wood because, as BILL GATES said, we were not the first to get to where the world was going? What I am saying is that an idea about communication in this generation was lowered down from OPEN HEAVENS and some people strove to receive it and bring it to fruition. Those people who failed to receive it have remained in the backwaters of material earthly existence. If we look back, we would easily see discoveries of this type… merchant ships, the motor car, the aeroplane, the train, electricity, animal ranches, bridges, modern housing, business modes…yes, business modes!

5) My grandmother was a hard-working woman. She would travel for one or two weeks from Lagos to purchase all sorts of foodstuffs from Ijebu waterside and Okitipupa for sale back home. She would decant palm oil, garri, beans etc on a long table in front of her house. It may take weeks before she returned to the market. She was satisfied with her world. For her, it was better than when she bore one keg of palm oil on her head and, with one hand-carried another, all through a journey of three days in the company of other women from Ijebu-ode to Lagos, resting only in the evenings to eat and to sleep!. Imagine the difference in the business model in which, from the PHILIPPINES, a company named AIM GLOBAL directs the sale of, say, ONE MILLION packets of a product called RESTORE LYF or another called ALKALINE COFFEE throughout our earth. Think also of cocoa. We grow it, but we do not know how to add value to it. Those who do purchase it from us and infuse it with about 16,000 plant energizers, antioxidants and anti-ageing factors and sell it worldwide.

Who does not want or need energy, especially in old age, when all the energy-producing factors of the cells are weak or not enough in terms of numbers due to poor nutrition and other events which do not sustain them? Who does not need antioxidants to chase away those free radicals that are making us to age rapidly by attacking and hacking into our cells every day? Who wants to grow old? Can we not see that anti-ageing formulas which help us to not rapidly grow old, so we can have more time and energy to accomplish the tasks we came to the earth for are answers to our prayers from Heaven and, therefore, are blessings of OPEN HEAVENS? Were the Heavens to shut themselves against us, who would survive for one minute? Imagine the earth quaking everywhere, the oceans and the seas covering over the land, forest erupting everywhere, hot air blowing recently planets and other celestial bodies colliding, cosmic Ray’s pouring down! Who would survive? This is to suggest to my friends that the Heavens have never been shut against us and that we may be deluding ourselves that we need to pray vociferously for the Heavens to open for us.
6) The spiritual reality I see is a world in which the earth is an OUTPOST and no bigger than a grain of sand in the scheme of world events. The WORD is the entirety of CREATION. In some parts of this CREATION, there are spheres of existence we earth-dwellers call “heavens” because they exist above our eyes and we cannot see them with our mortal, dust eyes. Nevertheless, that part of us, the immortal spirit part, that Divine Breath breathed into the mud body, is sometimes taken up to these planes in dreams or through visions. Lucky is that man or woman who has become able to be DAY-CONSCIOUS in his/her dreams. For such a person, there is no more a division into “this” or “that” world. At this level of consciousness, we recognize that there are Beings in “that” or “those” planes of existence who, tirelessly, are helping us to solve existential problems or challenges on earth.

When they have perfected a MODEL we can cope with at the level of our prevailing MATURITY, they may send someone to bring it down to the earth, or someone capable of receiving it on earth is found for the job. I must state that the Evil or the Dark Ones, LUCIFER, adopts these mechanisms as well in His foment of wrong, tormenting principles on earth. He works through the “principalities” which evil and dark human spirits on earth helped Him to set up. That is why there is a constant collision between GOOD and EVIL on earth in which the GOOD ALWAYS TRIUMPHS. The good enables us to see opportunities for our wellbeing and endows us with ideas and energy to pursue them. The EVIL locks us down, always creating negative vibes of “I CAN’T, I CAN’T” around us, making us blame everyone but ourselves for our woes, putting impediments in our way and telling us we cannot overcome them. But the moment we can delink from the “principalities”, we would stand in the LUMINOSITY of OPEN HEAVENS, surrounded by all sorts of beautiful ideas for upliftment and the help to achieve them. Consider: Is what you have been reading one of such helps? Is the AIM GLOBAL/EARN FOR LIFE business one of the blessings from out of OPEN HEAVENS of your generation?

The litmus test is that the business is not primarily about making money but about rendering service through which the income comes. If you have a friend suffering from hypertension and heart disease, and you introduce him/her to VIDA MAXX and it helps, have you not rendered service for which your income is a legitimate earning? I know of the family of a 17-year-old girl challenged with OVARIAN CANCER which has metastasized, that is spread, to the bloodstream. WILL RESTORE LYF help her? What about the alkaline and phyto-energizer products? We do not as yet have WHITE LIGHT, the glutathione mouth spray in Nigeria. Can the family not be advised to order it? But is the business primarily about other people or ourselves? Doesn’t charity begin at home? Many people wait for too long, miserly unto themselves, before they begin to try to solve health challenges that are likely to prematurely kill them after mangling their health.

Every generation is presented from OPEN HEAVENS with the opportunities it requires for not just its sustenance and wellbeing. The PUPIL TEACHER was like a lord in my father’s generation. Then came the civil servants and the colonial police. With the first Nigerian coup in 1966, military officers became the centre stage of political and social life. President Mohammadu Buhari, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Gen. Yakubu Gowon remind us of that era. The principalities brought the civil war as they have also now brought insurgency, Boko Haram and banditry. When my generation mounted the stage, the professions became the blessings of the time. Doctors, lawyers and engineers cleaned the stakes. After them came the businessmen. Many of them had studied in the United Kingdom and in the United States and Canada and knew where the treasures of the economy were hidden. Their ranks were soon polluted from the “principalities” with the most unimaginable ideas and acts of fraud and outlandish thieving. Society began to stagnate. There was no electricity to move the economy. Fraud everywhere inhibited growth. Capital owners began to relocate their money elsewhere. But from out of the eternal goodness of OPEN HEAVENS, MULTILEVEL MARKETING emerged. I recall that, in the 1990s, or thereabout, it took me two whole weeks to be able to register with KATINE COMMUNICATIONS which sold CARROT beauty products. We would queue under the Kodesho street at Ikeja to the rail line. One day, one of the directors of the company identified me in the queue in the scorching sun near the local government office about half a kilometre away and fished me out of the crowd. It was, arguably, the first Nigerian network, and we were hoping it would match TIANSHI and FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS (FLP), GNLD, FORMOR, etc. But, alas, huge internal fraud on the part of the staff and distributors killed a great dream. The networks which can deal with this Nigerian factor survives to give income-earning opportunities to millions of Nigerians who would have been otherwise unemployed and dependent.

Since those days in about 1990 when network marketing brought the Balm of Gilead to Nigeria, we have witnessed several adjustments in their business plans aimed at equitably balancing the returns to the distributor as well as to the companies themselves. For there is no one who wishes to “do business and lose”. We have seen the emergence of e-commerce with a multi-marketing tinge. Now, in AIM GLOBAL, we are witnessing the latest trend in the STORE which, within minutes, gives to you a part of the profit from whatever you or your downlines buy from it. You do not have to wait till a Friday, the end of the business week, or at the end of the month. Your income comes on a daily basis. ARISE and act now by signing up. Call 08034004247. From what we are hearing of the 2022 federal budget, government spending will be curtailed. That is suggesting that there will be little or no money in town. The people who will have money in their pockets will be people who hook up to the blessings of the time from OPEN HEAVENS, as BILL GATES forewarns. Ambassador Abdulrahaman Ibrahim, Ambassador Gift Uche, Ambassador Mrs Afusat Olajide and Ambassador Nnamdi Ayaachukwu did not waste time registering, as shown in the first two conversations. I, too, did not.

The Heavens have been open from pristine times. Thanks for the eternal Goodness of the Almighty Creator and Ruler of the Universe.

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