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Tapeworm in the brain, parasite cleansing (Part 3)

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17 Things We Don’t Know — And Shouldn’t Pretend To Know — About COVID-19 — Part III

Continued from Part II Here are a few stories from Harvard in the last 24 hours: A patient I saw last evening: 86 years old with...

17 Things We Don’t Know — And Shouldn’t Pretend To Know — About COVID-19 — Part II

Continued from Part I So, with all those disclaimers, based on my copious research on this matter, some assumptions I question and think need elucidation...

17 Things We Don’t Know — And Shouldn’t Pretend To Know — About COVID-19 — Part I

The philosophers tell us that the more we know about anything, the more we learn that we didn't know much or anything about it....

The damaged colon: Death begins slowly but surely in the intestine (5)

WHENEVER I think of Professor Pottenger or POTTENGER'S CATS, my thoughts race to milk, egg, chicken, and beef...and the many contributions they make to...
Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Call: +2348116759749

As I sit behind my desk to write this column and call for a glass of lemon grass leaf tea to start the day, I do not fail to request that the mug be well rinsed under running water. I am thinking of those parasites we have been talking about. Who would not think about them who is an avid fish eater who last week learned that parasites do make fish, even sharks, blind, by infesting their eyes and living on their eye tissue? As a child, and may be until in recent years, I enjoyed cracking the eyeball of fish and that of chicken, for which the head of hicken was always reserved for me as a child. I gave up on that the day I saw a hen with cataracts in the eye. May be I will now give up fish eye!.

We now know tape worm can find its way to the brain, damage it or even cause death. We now know other worms and other parasites can do so as well. From the series so far, we have seen some of the havocs of parasites and germs in the sinuses, the eyes, the mouth, throat, stomach, intestine and the organs and the skin. The blood stream and the lymphatic system are not safe from parasites and germs. Millions of people still suffer from filarial worms and malaria parasites. The question I have been receiving in the mail from followers of this series can be summarized as follows…. Since we didn’t create parasites and germs and we cannot stop them from existing, how do we protect our bodies against them without the use of pharmaceutical drugs which, we are told, lower the capacity of the immune system to effectively deal with them, and encourage the overgrowth of their populations in our bodies?

Parasite Cleansing

I have just given the answer in two words… Parasite Cleansing. This is like moving sewage from water closets in homes and offices, or clearing garbage from homes and the streets to a garbage dump. This can be done on an on-going basis everyday with the diet or periodically, say twice a year. Both options may also be combined.

I would try to address these scenarios in two stages. The first will be daily parasite cleansing. The second will be therapeutic parasite cleansing. By those 28 American orthodox clinicians I said in earlier parts of this series have incorporated Alternative Medicine parasite cleansing protocols in their practices. We cannot address all protocols in this column. The effort here is only to provide the reader with the idea of self help or help from an Alternative Medicine caregiver, where every other search for help has not brought the desires results, as is often the experience of many people troubled by parasites.

Daily or diet cleansing

For avid readers of this column, every article on this page drops hints. Among the daily or routine cleansers, there are great proprietary formula warehouses of natural herbs. One of them is PARA CLEANSE. It is a warehouse for 13 herbs… China bark, Shield fern, Black walnut hulls, Quassia bark, Pumpkin seed powder, Horse chest nut, Petroselinum crispum, Grape fruit seed, Fedeguso, Worm wood, Garlic, Cayenne and Cloves.

This product is designed to fight parasites in many parts of the body.


Is condition specific… the intestine and abnormal weight. It parades many fighter herbs, of which are…

Pau d’ Arco extract, Java tea extract, Rosemary extract, Beet root extract, Burdock extract and Dandelion extract.

These herbs are liver and kidney stimulators and organ detoxifiers.

INTESTINAL FREEDOM offers protection against a wide range of parasites, including worms and E.Coli which likes to live in the urinary system but may be a nuisance in the intestine as well. ORE GANO can be used as leaf spice in cooking, like curry or thyme, both of which are anti-inflamatory and good for the respiratory system. Oregano oil is something else when used as a mouth or nasal spray, to clear hoodlums in the throat or sinuses.

Oregano oil soft gel helps out in the intestine and organs. When it is combined with intestinal freedom and parasite cleanse, there should be no hiding place for parasites in this combination of forces against them.

BELLACO CAPSI and MYCO are not too far from my thoughts. Bellaco Capsi is a great one for women who are challenged with Ovarian Cysts. It may be combined with myomin and other herbs such as myco, which is a mycoplasma herb. Mycoplasma herbs are believed to be able to pursue bacteria to those tiny nooks and cravices of the body that may not be easily reached by substances with large molecules. In this case, the mycos have great relevance when the cleansing or detoxification work has to be done in the lymphatic system.


Is an unforgettable, especially when the brain and the eyes have to be ridden of parasites. It is one of those few herbs which easily cross the Blood-Brain – Barrier, is an antioxidant, circulatory and anti-microbial and anti-parasite as well.


Is an indispensable one. In some hospitals abroad, solutions of it are dropped in the eyes of newborns, to disinfect them of parasites they may have picked up in the birth canal. It is gram positive and gram negative, and so deals with a wide range of pathogens. During the Ebola scare in Nigeria, I had two bottle of it always in my medicine chest. Like the other herbs suggested above, it should be in every home in this season that cholera is ravaging some countries.


Is another home medicine chest essential, especially in homes where children are growing up. They pick and put practically everything in the mouth and complain of tummy troubles. I told a chat group recently of how I already opened a capsule or two in a glass of water for my children in those days of child rearing, and of how, about one year ago, this medicine and DIATOM (Diatomaceous earth) saved my life after I ate banana ripened with carbide.


Helps the liver make bile and neutralizes food poisons in the stomach and intestine. Ophthalmologist Prof. Bukky Adefule Oshitelu has made the extract into an eye drop for her glaucoma patients. Apart from helping to lower eye pressure, the eye showed benefit from the antibiotic and antiviral properties of this herb which, in any case, as suspected, works for conjunctivitis (Apolo).


Is he old, old one. It comes by different surnames… Garlian, Ransome, Aged garlic (from Wakunaga) etc. it is a multipurpose herb. Aged garlic is said to be about 50 times more potent than natural garlic because its ingredients were aged for several months. Ransoms comes with no less a punch. It is known as the Wild Garlic of Ransoms, Maria Treben says in her Health Through God’s Pharmacy.

“Ransoms is beneficial for the stomach and intestine. It is more suitable for chronic and acute diarrhea, when this is associated with flatulence and colic as well as for constipation when this is caused by inactivity or sluggishness of the intestines. Worms, even maw warm, are expelled some time after eating Ransoms. Those complaints which occur in elderly or over indulgent people through sluggish or overfilled intestines vanish with the improved intestinal activity. Heart complaint and sleeplessness arising from stomach trouble and those complaints caused by arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure as well as dizziness, pressure in the head and anxiety diminish.

I would like to close this section by reminding us of the great detoxifiers and healers often mentioned here. Golden Seal root is kingly. When I see people with runny nose or nasal catarrh, I ask them to dilute the juice of onion or bitter leaf and Basil, keep in a dispensing dropper bottle and use as nasal drops. They are amazed at how it works. I almost forget Orange peel and mango seed extract, Amla, turmeric, Amazon A-F (for candida), Amazon C-F (for bacteria)  Amazon A-P (for flat worms) Amazon  A-V (for viruses), Red marine algae,  also for viruses. The truth is that we cannot remember all of those herbs which help us with daily parasite cleansing and detoxification through the diet. So, we must pull the curtain now to give the floor to those 28 American doctor who treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia, from symptoms of parasite overload and toxemia and have put their thoughts down in a book titled CHRONIC FATIGUE, FIBROMYALGIA and ENVIRONMENT ILLNESS. I recommend this book for your health library.

Therapeutic parasite cleansing

The author of the book which is our guide is BURTON GOLDBERG. One of the clinicians he introduces to us is Dr. Jesse Stoff, M.D; who Goldberg says “regard the idea of seeking a single cause as misguided”. Dr. Leon Chaitow, another doctor says “there has been a search for bacterial, viral and fungal activity. Since many of these (Epstein – barr virus, Herpes simplex, candidacies) are commonly found to be present (active or dormant) in people with CFS, whatever was found was said to be the cause of the entire syndrome”.

GOLDBERG says parasite, candidiasis, viruses and other infections are often present in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Weather these infections in combination are the cause of CFS or opportunistic invaders of a weakened immune system has not been conclusively demonstrated but in either case compromised immunity is a central feature of the syndrome and the infections involved perpetuate and deepen immune dysfunction by further taxing can already overloaded system. As a result, an immune strengthening protocol is integral to the CFS treatment programmes of many alternative medicine physicians.

He says that, despite this shift of attitude, some doctors still stubbornly believe that a single virus is the cause of CFS and, accordingly, target the herpes “family of viruses” particularly Epstein Barr  virus and genital and oral herpes.

Dr. Murray R. Susser, M.D., of Santa Monica, California, says:

“CFS can start with the ordinary viral infections such as those that cause respiratory infections like the common cold and flu. There are 2,300 viruses which can cause a cold or flu and if one hits you and your body isn’t able to get rid of it, then you have a chronic infection. In CFS, we often get hidden viral parasystem. One infection put demand on the immune system which can’t kick it and another infection may join in, leading from one to another in a domino effect. With this constant infection, CFS behaves like the flu that never got better”.

Sussan M. Lark, M.D., and author of THE CHRONIC FATIGUE SELF- HELP BOOK suggests herbs such as “Ginkgo, Siberian Ginseng, Oat straw and Dandelion root for energy boosting and depression in CFS challenge. For anxiety and insomnia, she suggests passion flower, chamomile, Hops and Valerian root”. ‘‘To shore up immunity she goes for Garlic, Echinacea and Golden seal”.

Matt van Bensthoten , OMD,M.A.C.A., of Reseda, California who combats viral infections and immune suppression with herbs says.   “The initial therapy has to be focused on anti-viral measures… once that is accomplished and the virus is well eliminated  you can begin to address some of the secondary factor that cause the weakness in the immune system such as stress induced weakness, problem in the intestinal tract, heavy metal poisoning and low level pesticide poisoning”.

Burton Goldberg says it takes Dr. Mattvan Benschoten between six weeks and about 18 months to resolve these problem, and that about 85 percent of the patients respond favorably. The treatment duration depends, of course, on the tenure of the problems. Dr. Benschoten says the herbs he uses include Astragalus, Cayenne, Chamomile, Dandelion, Echinacea, Ephedra, Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Golden seal, Hops, Kava Kava, Milk thistle, Nettle, Noni, Oat straw, Passion flower, Peppermint, St. John’s wort, VSalerian.

 Case studies

Editor Goldberg cites some case studies, beginning with the use of cayenne in a fibromyalgia treatment of a woman named Henrietta. “Henrietta, 42”, he says, had consulted seven doctor over a two year period before receiving the correct diagnosis of post traumatic fibromyalgia and successful treatment by chiropractor Dennis Zinner D.C., of San Fransisco, California.

Dr. Zinner says the stress of two years ‘‘amplified her syndrome”. She experienced constant pain and could not sleep. She feared she could be fired at work and was disturbed by statements such as that sickness was in her mind.

Goldberg reminds us that Alternative medicine doctor do not like to prescribe antibiotics because they kill beneficial bacteria along with unfriendly bacteria and cause more problems than they help to solve including laying the foundation for candidiasis and parasites flourish. He name some antimicrobial herbs they prefer “to reduce the viral and bacterial load on the body as “Echinacea, Golden seal, Citrus seed extract, Aloe Vera and Tee tree Oil”. He adds;

“Pau d’ Arco obtained from a tropical tree native to Brazil has particularly strong anti-viral qualities Goldberg cites Lita Lee Ph.D., an enzyme therapist in Oregon as confirming that coconut oil helps chronic fatigue patients “for several reason.”

Lita  Lee says:

“Medical research on the use of coconut oil for chronic fatigue patients shows it to have an anti-viral effect” Goldberg says Lee add that coconut oil is “anti-allergenic and antiseptic, promotes thyroid function, regulates blood sugar and protect mitochondria (the cells energy factories) against stress injuries”.

Goldberg inform us that another strong anti-viral botanical is an extract of shiitake mushroom called LEM (Lentinus edodes  mycelium, the immature form of the fungus). Researchers at Yamaguchi University Tokyo, Japan, confirm the immune- boosting properties of LEM, which has been confirmed as well by its Buyers club to be “the all- times best selling nutritional supplement used by CFIDS sufferers.”

For viruses, Lieberman says she prescribes Kyolic Premium EPA, Quercitin, N-Acetyl cysteine (you’ll get that in CELL GEVITY) Echinacea, Co-enzyme Q10 (C0Q10), Maitake D-Fraction, Acidophilus,  Aloe Vera, kyolic premium EPA combines garlic with fish oil, an Omega – 3 fatty acid, Liebaman says “I combine these because garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic and fish oil is excellent for inflammation and  any sort of auto-immune phenomenon”.

Goldberg makes a case for nutritional support during chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) therapy:

“The immune and other key physiological systems … need proper nutrient in order to maintain health without enough or the right kinds of nutrients, these systems cannot function at an  optimum level if the nutritional deficiency become chronic, break-downs in function will occur. In addition, a body whose immune system is continually overactive as it is in CFS requires far more nutrients to keep it going than a healthy body does. Unfortunately, a person with CFS is likely to be receiving fewer nutrients than someone who is healthy. This is because the various viruses, parasites, fungi overgrowth and other infections characteristic of CFS are draining nutrients from the person suffering with CFS.

Burton Goldberg concludes his submission the way many leaders of thought in Alternative medicine do… that it is better to first rid the body of toxins, bacteria, viruses, candida and other yeast, and, of course, parasites before the nurture programme or therapy. Otherwise, the nutrients may not get to their destinations, the cells of the body. That is why detoxification is a crucial part of the healing programme.

Detoxification doesn’t come easy, though, many parasites and pathogens are killed in the process. So are immune system cells. Both armies employ lots of free radicals in this “war”. The corpses of the invaders releases toxins into the cells and the bloodstream. This may aggravate the sickness for a while. The situation is called the “die off” effect. It sometimes discourages many people from completing their treatment. As in all things, It is whoever who ventures who wins. To ease the “die off” effect, antioxidants are taken. Many therapists suggest detoxification once or twice a year. When last did you detoxify

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