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Some anti-diabetic foods for sugar blues (2)

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Events always change the course of events, according to the law of motion. In simple terms, it says an object at rest or in motion will remain steadily in its course unless acted upon by another. So, what is acting today on the course of this series? It is none other than the latest business venture in which the briefs of women are stolen and sold to ritualists at N80,000 a piece.The newspaper reports, which invited my attention to this subject again were those which said robbers invaded a brothel and forced the inmates to pull off and  hand over their briefs. Those women who claimed that they had none on were reported to have been given new panties to wear for as few as five minutes. With unconfirmed reports that women whose briefs are subjected to ritualistic manipulations bled or became mentally unstable, the hearers of this news have been wondering what uses these briefs are being put to.

Honestly, I do not  know. What I know is that in traditional Nigerian societies, personal effects were stolen and taken to native doctors who charmed them to cause the effects of these charms to manifest physically in the lives of the owners without any physical contact with these stolen personal effects.

Mr Hyacinth Uzor, a Cambridge University educated historian who was National Sales Manager of Nigerian Breweries Ltd will never be tired of telling you about one of the so called mysteries of life he encountered in the course of his salesmanship. His driver had suffered for many years from chronic bleeding external piles. In one of the up country Yoruba towns one day, they met a herbalist in the street who was hawking all sorts of remedies for all sorts of ailments. He gave Mr Uzor ‘s driver a powdered herb which was to be sprayed on his stool.

That was the end of the piles,recalls Mr Uzor. I, too, have heard that stinging nettle, used like this, has the same effect. But I cannot guarantee that this would be plain stinging nettle. In the first part of this series, and I believe in my FACEBOOK handle (John Olufemi Kusa), I mentioned the possibility of the transference of beneficial and voodoo effects to someone from his or her personal effects through the medium of air without any physical contact with these personal effects. In the first part of this series last Thursday, I mentioned how my paternal grandfather died of frequent urination which, at his death in 1948 was attributed to the “poisoning” of his urine. Although my guess today is that he probably died of diabetes,I cannot rule out diabolism. Why I say so is because I know our clothes and shoes and briefs are suffused with certain emanations from our being which serves as a link between us and the personal effects.

Not too long ago, Europeans, like some Africans today, did not abandon the placentas of new borns in the hospitals. Like us, they buried them in private places in the knowledge that whatever happened to these placentas could happen to the babies from whom they were derived. Tree seedlings were sometimes planted on the sites of these placentas. I believe the internet will oblige more information on the European and African cultural practices. If we are doubting Thomases,and are Christians, did we forget that when the woman with the issue of blood for many years touched the garment of the Lord Jesus in the conviction that doing so would heal her infirmity,the Lord asked “Who touched me, for I perceive power come out of me?” This shows that the garment of the Lord was suffused with power from his essence, and that power linked his personal effects to him like a bridge.

Only people whose inner eyes are permitted by grace to open can see power, this luminence which we call the aura. The inner caucus disciples of the Lord Jesus beheld it at His Transfiguration. The three wise men beheld it of the heavenly host on holy night. Elisha beheld it of his master, Prophet Elijah as he was floated away homewards in supposed Chariot of Fire. Why did Elisha demand that Elijah give him his mantle if it was not because he believed the power of Elijah had suffused this garment? The tongues of fire, which adorned the halos of the heads of the disciples on the day of Pentecost were connections of their inner cores, their spirits, to a higher power, a bridge through which they could be reached and through which they, too, could reach beyond earthly mortality.

There are some medicine men on earth, who have come to a recognition of the principle and are using it for evil ends. In a way, we can liken what is going on to what is going on between a broadcasting station, say,in Europe, with the radio or television receiving set in your bedroom or sitting room or office. If the set is tuned to the frequency of the electromagnetic waves on which the broadcasting station is loading data, voice and picture signals,the receiving devices will decode and make them audible or visible because the waves have set up a bridge between them and the stations.

This is why I have also joined the advocacy to discourage Nigerians from patronising the second hand clothes and shoes business. For if the radiations of the previous owners of these personal effects still link up with them ,the new owners and wearers of these clothes and shoes may be connected in their energies with the previous owners. It would be a two way traffic in which transmissions will be going across the bridge from new owners to old owners and from old owners to new owners. Thus,we may never know the real causes of events which assail us through the wearing of second-hand clothes. What if the old owners were suffering from cancer or barrenness. I recall that Mrs Theresa Nweke of the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) some decades ago  told me that ,in her country, Belize personal effects of deceased persons were often burned.

All said and done, I believe a young woman, Udeme James, who says a woman may never be too careful with her briefs and that she stood under such protection as block any negative flow back to her should her briefs ever get into the wrong hands. This should not be blind faith,though.Electricity, for example, does not recognise blind faith. It killed some of its discoverers or inventors. What I believe she is saying is that if a radio or television set is not tuned to the broadcast frequency or of radio or television station, it cannot receive the broadcast signals, let alone decode them. There are many power centers in the cosmos or the universe ,and we tune to them ignorantly and carelessly everyday drawing inspiration from them. We are like their playgrounds, or like toys in their hands.Christians call them the principalities. There are good power centres,though. Noble souls  are guided and strengthened by forces from such noble power centres. Everyone hooks up, upwards or downwards, with power centres of his or her level of inner maturity. In other words,we are semblances of the power centers we inwardly tune to. The ritualists who are hunting for women’s briefs are linked to power centres which press neutral power in the universe to evil ends. Any woman can delink herself from them whose soul is not ruled by fear and  whose ways are not such which produce for her an aura that resonates on the same frequency as the ritualists operate.For like calls only to like. Evil cannot have anchorage in good soil.

Back to diabetes…

Events alter the course of events, I said earlier.Now,we are back to the main event. As a reminder, barrister Daniella Akpakwu rescued her husband from diabetic coma and insulin injections,and is sharing her success stories. November last year,she invited me to speak on the dietary help for diabetics. That speech is the outcome of this speech,in which I began the listing of some herbs which help diabetics to burn blood sugar,protect them against sugar related diseases and prolong their life. The series continues…

 Red kidney bean pod

What we often misrecognise as waste in Nature is active plant medicine. The pod of the red kidney bean is one of such medicines. The Yoruba call it ewa popondo (d: d: d: d: m). a popular bean decades ago, only hinterland people will remember it today. Even then, the number of those who do is too small to encourage bean farmers to cultivate it. The economy, too, does not favour this bean. For you may cook it for a whole day before it is ready for the dining-table. Who has the money for long-cooking with gas or kerosene nowadays?

The Chinese and the Indians are unlike us. They remove the red kidney bean from its pod and commercially pressure cook it as baked beans for export to us. Then, they freeze dry or hammer mill the pod to fine powder like Dusting Powder. This powder is terrific for weight loss in Obesity as it is for crashing elevated blood sugar. I always keep some in my medicine cabinet because of a tendency for my random blood sugar to rise. I like to keep it under 120 and my fasting blood sugar under 100. One day recently, the pharmacy, which checks my blood sugar announced 199 for my random. Indeed, my eyes were blumy. Next morning, I challenged my system with the carbonhydrate breakfast, which caused the firestorm then I took one teaspoonful of Red Kidney Bean Powder in warm water.  A few hours later, I was back at the pharmacy. “You took your medicines today,” the desk officer asked, as he handed me the result. “Yes, I did,” I replied, smiling. My RBS was eighty-something!.


This is one of the most popular herbs in natural eye medicine. It was found during World War II to protect the retina against light glare. American pilots often failed in reconnaissance flights the day after a bombing because of glare, whereas British pilots succeeded. British pilots often had a breakfast of bread and Bilberry jam. Bilberries were later found to be rich sources of anthocyanins, which protect the retina against photo-chemical damage. But Bilberries have also been found to help in the reduction of high blood sugar. It, therefore, brings double profit to the diabetic, who suffers from diabetic retinoparthy, a condition in which excess blood sugar damages the retina, threatening vision degradation and blindness.

Bitter Leaf

In Yoruubaland, it is called Igi agba. This translates as tree of the elderly. The leaf has many properties, including antibiotic, anti-viral and antifungal. The juice can be sniffed in from a dropper to stop post nasal drip and nasal blockages through infalmation and microbial activities. It can be taken orally to lower high blood pressure and reduce high blood sugar.

Bitter melon

In Yoruubaland, it is called Ejinrin (r:d:d:). Some natural therapists believe it can shrink or eliminate uterine fibroids. But it is better known in many cultures for its anti–diabetic potential.

In some literature, it is described, also, as an anti-fertility herb. It goes by many names… Balsalm pear, Bitter gourd and, botanically as Mormodica charantia. A Nigerian herbs producing company based in Lagos, HEALTHWAYS, owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Obayuwana once produced and marketed it for diabetes under the brand name KARELA.

Golden seal root

This is one of Nature’s most powerful anti-microbial and anti-parasitic herbs. So powerful is its effects on the mucous membranes that is always suggested that it be taken for no longer than seven days in a go without a break of seven days in –between every week of therapy. This herb cuts high blood sugar as well.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

I took a 600mg capsule with my dinner one evening in October last year to improve anti-oxidant build up in my eye. It is active in both fluid and fat media. I dreamt that night, I was at work and so weak from lowered blood sugar that I couldn’t work well. I woke up next morning, feeling tired. So, I had to skip my morning routine of some months… Amla tea with a pinch of Gotu Kola. Amla is to provide me antioxidants, some of which naturally lower pressure in the eye, which I have had since 1995. Gotu Kola imfues the brain and nerves with energy. I skipped both, to the joy of my son, who has to truck along, although he dislikes the taste, because Amla also cuts bloods sugar. Of Alpha Lipoic Acid’s many health exploits, my reference point is Dr. Robert Atkins, now of blessed memory…

“Lipoic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid or Thioctic Acid – whatever you want to call it, the fact remains that, until a few years ago, no one ever heard of it. Today, however, progressive health advocates recognise it as a universal antioxidant and a major treatment for diabetic neuropathy. If it lives up to what the research suggests, Lipoic Acid will become one of our most precious nutrients for helping stave off many of the repercussions of high blood sugar and, perhaps, even the aging process itself.

“The crux of Lipoic Acid  power are its dual role in the body. Like the team player, who can play offence and defence, it can act as an anti-oxidant and as a protector of both water soluble and fat soluble antioxidant, including Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q10. This is a feat no other nutrient can accomplish. Additionally, Lipoic Acid encourages the body to convert food into energy more efficiently, helps prevent what we eat from being deposited as fat and participate in the clean-up of toxin and other by-products of fat metabolism.

“Few compounds are of greater value to someone with diabetes, whether they have Type 1 or Type 2, two quite different disorders. Basing my opinion on work done in Europe, where it has been used for some 30 years, I am convinced that Lipoic Acid is destined to become our single most-effective therapy for diabetic neuropathy. Especially since no other therapeutic, help exists, it is an excellent example of a natural substance deserving, but not receiving the ranking of treatment of choice.

In this case, diabetes painful degeneration of nerves in the arms and legs “More study, a daily dosage of between 300 and 600mg of Lipoic Acid decreased neuropathy pain within 12 weeks although actual nerve function did not improve. Long-lasting relief was brought about in another study with both oral and intravenous dosages of 600mg. In yet another experiment, researcher, calculated an 80 per cent improvement in symptoms after 320 people hospitalised for neuropathy took a three-week course of the nutrient.
“Excess sugar in the blood stream cause diabetic retinopathy’s nerve damage. The process called “glycation” is one of the major forms of cellular destruction that scientists associate with aging. Anything that keeps a tighter rain on glucose levels than could slow, if not quite reverse, some of the consequences of growing older.

Lipoic Acid fights insulin resistance and markedly stimulates our cells uptake of glucose. For example, a 1000mg intravenous dose demonstrates that Lipoic Acid also protects the Pancreatic cells that manufacture insulin. The destruction of these cells leads to Type 1 diabetes and the consequent reliance on insulin injections. Theoretically, Lipoic Acid should be useful as part of a treatment for the earliest stages of Type 1 when not all insulin cells on the pancreas have been killed off”’.

Diabetes 2

Chanka Piedra
Here is another multi-purpose plant, which offers itself for use in diabetes therapy. In Asia, it received the name “chanka piedra”, which means “stone crusher” because it is useful in the dissolution of gall bladder and kidney stones. It is also good for reducing high blood pressure, for use as an anodyne (pain relief), for its iron in anaemia, for stopping anal bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids, as a diuretic and for fighting germs and fevers. It was an indispensable anti-malarial in my home when my children were growing up. And now, that I am searching for a natural eye drop that would help me reduce reliance on beta blocker pressure reducing drug eye drops which tend to crash my blood pressure too low for comfort, I have had the privileged of association with an ophthalmologist, who has experimented with the extracts for such an eye drop formula.

Beyond these characteristics, Chanka Piedra also helps to lower high blood sugar.
In www.diabetesdaily.com, a diabetic on Chanka Piedra tea shares this experience: “After buying this tea, to toy and deal with my large kidney stone, I tested my B.G (Blood Glucose) and on the days take it three times a day, my sugars are fantastics. I am amazed. On Day 2, I missed the evening tea and I took it late the next morning. My numbers were back up that morning before I had it. Took the tea with lunch and the numbers were beautiful again. It is said to be anti-diabetic, but I can’t find much about the mechanism with which it manages to do this. Obviously an important factor as it could just be wearing my beta cells out even faster than the actual happening. Wonder if anyone has had a similar experience or knows how it works? Now that I have found it, looking it up it seems to be helpful for all sorts of liver, kidney, inflammatory, virus conditions…

If I hadn’t seen my numbers change so quickly, I wouldn’t believe it myself…”  That’s from a user’s perspective. From what some chanca pisdra literature say, the plant tea should not be drunk incessantly, because, being a diuretic, it may leach electrolytes through the urine. Maybe a way out of that is to load up with electrolytes in the diet while on chanca piedra therapy.

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