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Seeds arise in Creation diet plan

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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

I let a cat out of the bag last Thursday, in respect of HEMP (CBD) OIL which is sweeping through the Nigeria’s Alternative Medicine community. Another cat follows in tow today seed nutrition. I realized how so little of this may have gone out from this column only after someone asked me last week if l was interested in SEED NUTRITION. How would I not be be?, I wondered. Since the 1990’s I have know about a food supplement named GINCHIA but now called GOLDEN CHIA, for balancing hormones and for generating energy in the body. It is a complex of Ginseng and chia seed. Now, Chia seed are flooding in from everywhere as seed, flour and oil. We are no strangers any more to Flax seed oil. But many people have not tried the flax seed. Black seed is more popular in the mosques, especially on Fridays. I can take a bet that mango seed Extract is unknown in many homes. In the few where it is now appreciated, the mango seed extract has proven a good anti -bacteria, anti-fungal and anti- viral ally, helping out even in Viginal infections when applied overnight in a carrier base, and in the bedroom as a spermicide when it is used for contraception purposes. Paw paw seeds are well known like pumkin seeds and Grape seeds extract.

Last Thursday (01/08/2019), I mentioned Black Curmin seed oil as one of the essential components of HEMPPTONICS, the larger proportion of which is CBD oil. For some time, pomegranate seed has been featuring on this page. It improve heart health of the heart and unblocked clogged coronary arteries. I know of the value of the seed along time ago. In GENESIS 1:29, the Bible says it was created to be food for man. Thus, the seeds of Basil ( scent leaf) and of partminger(curry leaf) or end up in my pot of rice, beans , yam porridge, stew or soup. when I behold a huge mango tree and remember it may have brought fourth hundreds of thousands of mango fruits,and that inside its small seed is encoded in miniature form that huge tree, I bow my spirit before the Majesty of the Almighty creator.The human body, too, teaches as not to ignore the seed in our daily diet. From two seeds which united into one have arisen the average human body Is a household of more than 100trillions cell of different specialty. In order words, the seeds enlarges and regenerates.Thus, including plant seeds in the diet is in Fusing the body with vast energy for restoration and regeneration. The head of the cat popping out of the bag today is a new stream which has come of age in Nigeria’s Alternative Medicine Community…seed nutrition. We would hear of this henceforth, from time,to time to time, begining from today with a limited exploration of the shelves.


image credit from organicfacts.net

GINCHIA, now called GOLDEN CHIA, by FLP was probably my introduction to Chia seed nutrition in the 1990s. Arguable, that was the golden age of Ginseng in Nigeria. So, a Chia ” collaboration” with Ginseng was bound to positively impact on chia seed.China seeds have formed part of the daily diet among native Americans in the United State and among Mexicans for hundreds of years. But it was not until the about the 1990s that it gained wide scientific a claim as a bigger source of Omega -3 fatty acid that the well known Flax seed in the plant kingdom apart from being a rich source of antioxidants and minerals such as Calcium. Magnesium, phosphorus, Manganese, iron, potassium and Vitamins. Its fiber content is high, it is low in calories and is a complete protein. Studies associated Chia seeds with several health benefits, especially healthy brain, eyes, heart, digestion, balanced blood cholesterol, blood pressures. l, balanced blood sugar management, depression, and weight management, among other benefits. Many people chew chia seeds raw one man ate a handful too many and the morsel got so stuck in his throat that doctors had to free him of the yoke. Chia seeds form a jelly-gruell as the absorb about 27 times their weight of water. In the opinion of many people, it is better to pre- soak them in water, eat them as smoothie or with a meal. I soak them in my raw corn pap for about 30 minutes, before I cook the pap I make sure I drink a lot of water from about one hour after the meal. I believed Chia seeds will be a good combination with Hemp oil and flax seed oil for people who are eating for Omga-3 oil. By the way, Nigeria is correctly a washed with Walnut oil which, good for the brain and nerves, is rich in Omega-3 oil as well. But, in this oil, Chia seeds top the chart of chia seeds/ Flax seeds, Hemp oil/ Walnut.

Between the Golden Chia of the FLP and MILA, a proprietary brand of chia seeds by PURE LIFE, a relatively new natural foods and medicine marketing company in Nigeria, there are many Individuals who import nutritional seeds, including Chia seeds. I hope to try out MILA next week. Pure Life says Mila is well made to easily release its contains.
LIFE PURE LINKS MILA to Omega-3 and , the intestine and the brain. It reminds us :
Understand that 80percent of your immunity is in your gut. Bad foods like sugar, toxins of all kinds, stress, antibiotic etc. All negatively affect the microbiome and can cause anything from obesity, to diabetes, to heart heart disease, to mental disorders and more. The human gut is lined with more than 100million nerves cells. It is practically a brain unto itself. The gut actually talks to the brain, releasing hormones into the blood stream that, over the course of about 10 minutes, tell us how hungry it is or that we should not have eaten an entire pizza. But a new study reveals the gut had a much more direct connection to the brain through a natural circuit that allows it to transmit signals in mere seconds.The findings could lead to new treatment for obesity, eating disorders and even depression and autism…all of which have been linked to malfunctioning gut”.

Pure Life brings us the conclusions of some of these findings that Omega-3 oils may so improve the health of the Intestine that this will ,in turn, positively impact on brain health.
I am fascinated by another report from a study on Chia seeds that its Omega-3 oil is a short chain fatty acid which the body has to convert to long chain ones before it can use it,but that the body finds this difficult in the presence of too much Omega -6 and Omega_9 oils.Therefore, it was suggested that, to derive maximum benefits from the super foods from Chia seeds are,the Omega-3 from them be complemented with Omaga-3 from fish oil or that from a specie of algae rich in Omega_3 such as SPIRULINA.

Sesame seeds


With a rich history dating from about 1,300 B.C in Africa,this seed is now grown in many parts of the world for food and medicine. There are three major types… Black,white and red. The black is the most medicinal,and yields the best quality oil. The white variety is known for its rich store of calcium,and the red for a high iron content.

image credit from foodtolive.com

Seseme seed is blessed with many abilities,one of which is its nature as an emanagogue,which means it promote menstrual flow where it is scanty. Many women do not like scanty flow. They believe scanty flow those not washed them out well enough. Some believe it is a sign that they have become less fatile. Some therapist have suggested that they consume plenty of watermelon juice for a cleaner cleanse. But the Kenton sisters,in their fabulous book,THE NEW RAW ENERGY,a best seller decades ago,suggested that menstruation may,indeed,be a disease and the absence of a flow,a testimonial of good health. This was chocking news for me at that time,as it was for many people as well. Their argument, backed by some scientific studies, was that women who had large amounts of beta carotene in their bodies tended to not discard their uterine linings if the eggs released by their ovaries did not get fertilized. Such women were fertile, nevertheless, and got pregnant.

I was to meet with such a woman in Nigeria at a GOTHE INSTITUTE seminar in Lagos for alternative medicine practitioners. She was ostracized from her Benue state community for becoming pregnant and having babies three times without menstruating. I referred the seminar to the book of the Kenton’s. This is not suggesting, however, that where ovarian insufficiency is linked to scanty menstruation help may not be sought from such herbs as vitex, Black cohosh, Dong quai, Peruvian Macca, zinc and, of course, sesame seeds and sesame oil. Authorities in Asia,where sesame oil is choice oil,say it is the best among the oils for various reasons,including the fact that it boils at a much higher temperature than others,thus minimizing molecular damage or destruction during exposure to heat. Sesame oil is used to treat piles,diarrhea, dysentery, anaemia,respiratory diseases,including bronchitis and asthma,skin and hair disorders. This oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and linoleic acid (LA).

Pumpkin Seed

image credit from familypantry.nz

In Israel, pumpkin seeds are eaten with relish as we eat ground (pea) nuts in Nigeria. My Igbo friends are shocked when I tell them that, years ago, European relied on this seed for prostate gland health. In Nigeria, the seed is used largely to cultivate pumpkin vegetable(Ugu). Yet we can farm seed oil kilometers of this vegetable not only for its leaves but for the seeds as well. The oil from pumpkin seed is green in colour because of its high chlorophyll content. About 45 to 60 percent of the oil is linoleic Acid(LA). Together with a high magnesium and zinc content,it has offered succour to many men who suffer from benign prostate hyperpnasia (PPA). The body needs zinc,among other nutrient,to convert LA to GLA,which is important for the production of prostaglandins,hormone like substances. Prostate gland patients should now appreciate why zinc is always in their prescriptions. Prostate gland patients,too,should know why they doff their hearts for pumpkin seeds. The seed has not only essential fatty acids,especially Omega-3, for their prostate gland. The zinc helps to regulate the work of an enzyme in this gland called 5-ALPHA-REDUCTASTE. Without this regulation,this enzyme will convert the male hormone,TESTOSTERONE,to di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) far more than is necessary,and this may lead to prostate enlargement or even prostate cancer. The prostate gland is about the largest pantry in the male body where zinc is stored for about 200 or more uses. Men who cannot take their eyes and hands off women loose a lot of zinc in sexual ejaculations. If they do not restock the pantry with zinc,they stand the risk of having not enough GLA and of 5 Alpha Reductase overshooting its boundaries to cause prostate questions for them. There are noble men though,who cannot digest or absorb zinc properly. Their best bet is in refilling the stock is ionic brand of zinc which goes directly into the blood stream from the tongue.
Women,too,need pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds may be parboiled and eaten. sometimes, pumpkin seed oil may become rancid and dangerous to health.

Mango Seed

image credit from indiamart.om

In the mango season,many people eat the juicy fruit and throw the the hard core away. The hard core,however, would appear to be the nutritional treasure trove of the fruit. Are 100 grammes of the mango kernel powder,the following Is a nutrition fact sheet…

Magnesium 22.34mg.
Potassium 158mg
Vitamin B12 5percent (of daily requirement)
Vitamin B6 14.62percent
Calcium 10.21mg
Protein 16.30gm
Total fat16.30gm
Total dietary fiber 2gm
Carbohydrate 32.24gm…

As medicine, mango seed powder treats dandruff, reduces cholesterol levels, treats diarrhea, supports dental health, supports weight loss,curbs heart problems,makes skin soft and supple,strengthens hair follicles,control diabetes,is good for gargling to arrest throat problems including those caused by bacteria and viruses. Mango seed powder is an indispensable remedy in the first Aid Box at home,for not only children who often come up with all sorts of skin and other infections,but for adults alike. Women who have used it successfully for vaginitis will confirm this. It may be added to skin and hair creams,just as they add orange peel powder to them. There is no waste in Nature. Everything is useful. Women who suffer from seemingly intractable fungal infections in the vagina may mix some mango seed powder with egg white,a protein,or propolis cream,or any other carrier natural remedy,and use it as a douche material overnight. Next morning, they may wash out with FEMENELE.

Pawpaw (papaya) Seeds

image credit from pulse.ng

These small, black seeds, like the sap of the unripe fruit and of the leaves and stem,are rich in papain,a chemical compound which in structure and function resembles pepsin,a protein digesting enzyme found in the human stomach. Pawpaw seeds,therefore,help in the digestion of proteins and destroy parasites,since these,too,are protein based. But they do not ordinarily damage or destroy human or endogenous proteins. Pawpaw seeds are a rich store of polyphenols and flavonoids. These compounds protect us against free radicals from food,air,water and metabolic waste. Free radicals cause oxidative and chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Poly phenols and flavonoids do much more,including fighting inflammation and supporting immune function. As support for the immune system, some chemical compounds in pawpaw seeds have been linked to the destruction,in test tubes,of three strains of fungi which cause yeast infections. Some intestinal parasites are believed to also succumb to chemicals in pawpaw seeds. Tiny as they are,pawpaw seeds are fibre dense. This has led to suggestions that they may not only facilitate bowel evacuations but,also,lower triglyciride levels and balance the cholesterol fractions. Where this happens,say report on pawpaw seeds,there are lowered risks of developing heart attack, strokes and related health challenges. In at least one animal experiment, rats were infused with toxins to damage their kidneys. But,as reported,an elixir of pawpaw seeds giving to them prevented the damage.. It is not always a rosy picture for pawpaw seeds, however. When abnormally large doses were fed to monkeys and rat,the male experience low sperm count. In the rats, poor sperm motility was reported but these conditions reverted within 45 days after the experiment was stopped. Another side effect,also noticed with large dosages,was the possible impact of a chemical named Benzy-isothiocyanate. This compound features as well in some cruciferous vegetables,the family of which includes cabbage. In test tube studies,it has shown protentials to prevent cancer. But in high dosages,say some researchers, it may damage DNA,the blueprint of the cells. This should not frighten the follower of Mother Nature. In Nature, MODERATION is the safety watch-word in all undertakings. This is anchored in THE LAW OF BALANCE, One of the three basic lost of Creation or of Nature which produces equilibrium or tranquility wherever it is observed or upheld..

Ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria’s Alternative medicine practice has inched it way forward into a new frontier… Seed nutrition,an observance of Creations diet plan laid out in Genesis 1:29. Let’s swing along. We did not create ourselves. We did not Create our world,either. Creation is a Work. Before the creation of man, everything he would need for his sustainance was well provided for in Creation. In his early days on earth, Nature beings guided man to the knowledge of his diet. Along the line, man ignored and abandoned this guidance by the dutiful servant of his Creator,followed his own discretions and brought ruin upon his health. But we stand now in a time when the Grace of his Creator offers-us help out of our disaster to lead us back to the creation plan. The plan will not be change for us to satisfy our will. We are the ones who must bowed before the unchanging or unbending will of the Almighty Creator and Ruler of the Universes. So, let’s swing along.

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