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SCATTERBRAIN (ADD/ADHD) children and adults (2)

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Moving from a low grade apartment to higher grade housing sometimes has downgrading effects. Between the mid 1980s and 2006, I have changed residence no fewer than four times during which I have misplaced or lost no fewer than three prized possessions. Such a loss I see as a downgrade. One of these three prized possessions was a rare book I was given by a woman whose child was experiencing attention deficit caused by a childhood experience many parents hardly pay serious attention to. She gave me this book in love to help me enrich my knowledge of natural healing arts. Tight work schedules made me pay passive attention to this book as I flipped through one page and then another on my free days until a gentleman I was close to like the back of my palm told me one of his sons was experiencing situations similar to those of the child of the woman who gave me the book. The book links this condition to a stage in the development of a child which is meant to be experienced by him or her but which, for yet medically unclear reasons, is omitted by this child. Such children refuse or fail to crawl on ALL FOURS.


We parents take crawling on fours for granted. But people with deeper insights into human existence on earth do not. They believe none of us is on earth for the first time, and that every developmental stage of a child tells the story of a previous earth life. Parents who are insightful can learn a lot about the history of the existence of a child and adapt the education and guidance of the inner light of this child in accordance with his or her own peculiarities. Lucky is that child whose parents are not just run-of -the mill parents who merely are raising children because everyone around them is doing just that, but who are insightful parents who know that raising children is not all about just providing them bread and butter for physical survival. Until I came about this book, I had examined the works of some child investigators who periodized the history of pristine times at every seven years. Every seven years corresponds with the development of a CHAKRA energy in Eastern European folk medicine practice.I do not wish to visit those ideas today, lest I detour into a wide ocean of thought.So let me quickly return to the development stages of a child we are all familiar with.

A human baby does not rise and walk the day he or she is born.Babies cry, no doubt, for all sorts of reasons. For some time, they cannot move from side to side. Later, we teach them how to sit and encourage them to crawl. Sometimes, they remind us about swimming when they attempt to move about while lying down. Later, they begin to crawl on their hands and knees. Some prepare not to engage their toes and feet. There are yet others who do not crawl at all. It is as though they hate to. And just when everyone is giving up on them, say at age 18 months, they suddenly grab the arm rest of a chair one day and begin to learn to stand and to walk.

There was a small family party in the home of this friend of mine the day his son who failed to crawl shocked Everyone by leveraging with the aid of a seat arm rest and tried to stand. The child’s experience was to have been a lesson to the parents that this child was probably a SLOW BUT STEADY human spirit who would disobey, but not necessarily dishonour, his parents. In pre kindergarten class at school, he was such a loner that the child minders thought something was mentally wrong with him. But what about another way of looking at the life’s story which that childhood period of his present earth life was telling his parents and guardians. What if he was irresponsible to his environment simply because he was “seeing” and “experiencing” oddities all around him? Don’t babies cry when persons with dark or ugly auras try to lift them from a bed or take them from their mother’s arms in order to play with them? There was a time we did not know that a baby in the womb could respond to music or the joy or anger of the father or mother. Even the bible reminds us today that, in the respective wombs, BABY JESUS and BABY JOHN THE BAPTIST recognized the presence of each other and leapt with joy when their mother met during Mary’s visit to Elizabeth.

The boy whose story I am telling grew into a fine boy but with that characteristic let-me-do-it my way bent.He was intelligent, energetic, vibrant and loved beauty around him, although he would not personally cultivate it. I asked the parents to bother less about it. Wasn’t he the best dressed among his siblings? Wasn’t he the most empathic and romantic? Wasn’t he who, as a baby, cried the least for attention? From the stories I heard from his parents, he was the one who always asked questions even most adults have long forgotten to bother about. Such questions included origin of the sun, moon and stars, where human beings came from, if an animal could become a man and a man could become an animal who made the Creator if the Creator made all we could see, while the moon was following him about where rain came from and what causes thunder…

There is no doubt that parents would feel fatigued by a child who threw books about, lost school uniforms in the boarding house and often missed his lessons or absented himself from class.But from the deep questions such a child often asked, wasn’t he showing that he was a perceptive human soul who needed a type of education different from regular education? Have we not heard that some of the greatest men among men on earth today dropped out of medical school? Or, have we forgotten that the teachings which ended in the various religions which galvanise men, women and children on earth today were brought not by scholars or potential professors? What if what we term negative attitude in that boy were mere responses to an inner but yet inexpressible feeling of a past obscured in his present developmental history? Why do parents not learn to adapt to the special nature and needs of a child but always seek to impose conformity. Mind you, I am not saying a naughty child shouldn’t be beaten into a straight line. What I am saying is that “do we really know our children”? I have been in a situation room in which a parent was asked to take things easy,to consider if the child who wants everyone to serve him, who would not exert himself to do anything by himself, was a king or prince in his previous life and the mother retorted that” that is his business, not mine”.

To shorten this long story, the book in reference ,the title and author of which I have forgotten, suggests that children who are known to behave out of the family box, would or cast and who are known to have omitted a phase in their developmental experience be made to observe the “missing” link even if they are adults.For they may have lost or forgotten a human experience in that process. Armed with this advice, I visited my friend’s family almost every weekend for an exercise which he and his son partook with me. All of us would crawl on fours chasing a bouncing object like table tennis egg and using our hands as bats to score goals against an opponent.It was an exciting time. That boy is out of the university today, much improved in his mien.


Outside the realm of the soul and the experiences a soul is bringing to this earth life from a previous one or a line up of them,diet has a heavy hand in ADD and ADHD,according to many scientific studies. Mary Ann Shearer and Charlotte Meschede,co authors of HEALTHY KIDS,which I recommended for your health library last week, lead us today back to the ACID/ALKALINE or PH balance conversations in which acidosis stands for the opposite of balance and health and alkalinity represents the environment in which radiant health thrives. The pH balance is a 0-14 scale in which values below seven represents acidity, beyond seven is alkalinity and about 7.4 is the ideal alkaline state to grow and maintain health and balance.

They say:

“More recently, more information have been made available from research workers in Britain where a clear link between intelligence and the level of acidity in the brain was found by Caroline Ray, a biochemist from the medical research council in Britain, is that the more alkaline the environment in the brain, the higher the intelligence.

“Now, the quickest and most permanent way to encourage this alkaline environment is to eat a diet that is 75 percent alkaline forming. These alkaline foods are all fresh and raw fruits, all vegetables(either cooked or raw), almonds, millet and sprouts.

“When it comes to ADD/ADHD, remove all processed foods from the diet permanently. This includes all made from refined flour (white bread, biscuits, cakes), sugar in any form (from coated breakfast cereals to chocolates and soft drinks to ice cream and all foods containing additives of any sort (including margarine), whether they are colourants, flavourants, stabilizers or preservatives.

“Many parents find that their children struggle to give up sugar. Two nutrients have been found to be extremely effective in reducing the sweet tooth. These are zinc and vitamin B1, both of which are found in abundance in fresh foods and vegetables”. Before I proceed with these authors, mothers of ADD and ADHD children who helped the young ones overcome their problems and share their own experiences in this book, I would like to remind diabetics who make enquiries from me about their challenges that zinc, vitamin B1 and green plant and vegetable powders are always among my suggestions because they help sugar metabolism and promote alkalization. Our guides recommend as well the consumption of seeds and nuts and essential fatty acids (EFAs) of which I will speak next week.

“They will affect his ability to interpret the information he is receiving in the classroom, they advise. “and this of course impacts directly on his ability to read, write, listen and learn”
They warn that “if he is unable to function appropriately, he will become very frustrated and will consequently become disruptive, especially in the classroom situation. An ADD child will realize more than you suspect that he is not up to speed with the rest of the children in his class. He will often try to redirect the negative attention to his bad behaviour and poor performance receives either with more negativity (often expressed in the form of bullying or aggressive behaviour, or by withdrawing completely from everybody else”.

For EFAs, they suggest avocados, sweet corn, olives,nuts and seeds, cold pressed oils such as flax seed oil. When I learned about the effects of EFAs on the brain, eyes and nerves, especially from pregnancy and even adulthold, I persuaded my wife to replace croker fish with (the original) Titus fish in our diet. Our last child, who scaled through primary school in three years, was not fed infant formula. He was weaned from the breast about six months after his birth on cooked cereals to which cooked and lureed Titus fish was whisped.
Shearer and Meschede mince no words in warning that because of their importance in brain function and development, deficiencies of essential fatty acids can lead to permanent learning disabilities”.

Next week, I was going to get Dr Udo Erasmus to take the floor on essential fatty acids,being one of the leading figures worldwide on this subject.His book,FATS THAT HEAL and FATS THAT KILL is a masterpiece on fat theories which helped to unify .But here we are,even today,Shearer and Meschede speak about his work:

“Udo Erasmus ,the guru on fat and fat metabolism,has this to say about how important fats are:

“Low fat diets for infants can seriously harm their health. There are healing fats and killing fats in infant nutrition. In our craze to lower the fat content of our diet for health reasons, over ambitious parents children sometimes do their children’s health(a well meant) did service when misinformed by media and medicine, they place them on low fat or free fat diet”.
Please obtain a copy of HEALTHY KIDS from the book trade, as I suggested last week. On a parting note today, the co-authors give the following assurances:

“By paying attention to all these dietary elements,you will find that you avoid as well as sort out almost any problem relating to behaviour and learning difficulties. We know from both personal experience and from dramatic results achieved by the countless families that we have counseled that you will see a difference.

“I am reminded here of a mother who came to me in desperation. She had taken her monstrous son(as she referred to him) to any and every specialist and was willing to try our approach to diet as a last resort.Her story was typical. It was quite simply impossible to take her son anywhere due to his behaviour and on top of it he had problems with concentration at school.

My first question was ” what does he eat”?

and the second was “What is his favourite food”?

The answer to both was ” sugar coated cereals”.

This child was eating cereal with milk at any and all possible meals. His mother thought that he was receiving all the nutrient that he needed because the cereal boxes always displayed a long list of nutrients and added vitamins and, of course, she believed the myth about cow milk being the perfect food.

To summarize the approach, we started off by allowing him on limited amounts of fresh and dried fruit.We told him the only cereal he was allowed was the uncoated variety sweetened with raw honey in banana milk (banana blended with water to a milky consistency). Within two weeks, the mother was back, thanking me for the change in her son.Then she said an astonishing thing.

“I have never really loved my son as he has been impossible from birth, but in the last two weeks, I have come to love him with a passion as his real gentle, wonderful nature has come through”.

Our prayer is that, in your love for your children, you feed them the possible way and, in doing so, they will be the person they can be”.
That also is my prayer for all our children.

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