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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Cell signaling and other likely causes

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One man’s meat is another’s poison, we learned in primary school. Changing weather conditions cap it all up, for example. Nigeria’s weather has been so hot for months and predisposing some people to near sun stroke ailments that many people are earnestly praying for the rains to come pounding and cooling. Such may not be the prayer of sufferers from Seasonal Affective Discover (SAD) diseases, including arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which, like asthma and other breathing problems, tend to flare in the wet and cold season.

I was not surprised, therefore, when at the onset of the warm up to the current rain season, I began to receive enquiries about which herbs or natural protocols are best remedies for these conditions at this time. These enquiries immediately reminded me of Mr. Kevin Ejiofor, former Director – General of Radio Nigeria, whose mother beat her arthritis in the 1980s and 1990s with the combined forces of stinging Nettle and Horsetail teas.

As an improvement on this protocol today, I would add Maria Treben’s Swedish Bitters formula. This is just one of many recipes which may stop the inflammation and pain, and even help the repair of tissue damage, in arthritic conditions.


There are between 200 and 250 and 300 degenerative joint and joint tissue conditions grouped together under the arthritis umbrella. All of them fall into one of two categories of arthritis , however, these categories are Osteo – arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.
Many leading medical authorities say Osteoarthritis comes along with the aging process. But their observation does not go far in the light of facts that there have been exceptional people who lived up to 100 years or more without expressing the signs of Osteoarthritis.

In the light of this, something other than the aging process would have to be responsible for osteoarthritis than the other hand, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been likened to similar culprits in osteoarthritis and to more factors, one of the most prominent being immune dysfunction. Immune dysfunction can be likened to the soldiers of a country who, live to whatever reasons, abandoning their professional calling of defending their country against external and internal foes and begin to kill and maim these people that are paid to protect. The body’s immune system represents the national army. In Rheumatoid arthritis, it suddenly turns its guns and other weapons away from germs and other foreign bodies, and begins to attack and destroy bone joints throughout the body.

I would have liked to limit myself to Rheumatoid arthritis, but this will hardly be possible as this condition presents, also, some of the manifestations of Osteoarthritis. When it is said that Osteoarthritis comes with age, the picture often presented is that the over-used joint suffers depreciation over the years. The cartilage wears out, and the synovial fluid lubricant inside the joint capsule may have significantly dried up. These are important events in the joint capsule, because, knowing about them may enrich the knowledge of how to solve the challenges they pose.

Joint Capsule

We know what an antibiotic capsule looks like. It comprises medicine hidden in a container. The joint capsules is likewise containerized. One bone is indirectly uniting with another with another for a number of purposes, including locomotion. I take the thigh bone and the lower leg bone as examples. Each bone presents a rounded head for their union. These rounded heads are never to meet, touch or grind, otherwise there would be inflammation and pain from wear and tear. So, Mother Nature wisely covers each rounded head with a cartilage, which is to take any bashing and save the bones from trauma. Even the cartilages, too, are not to be overgrazed ,if they are at all .So mother nature provides for a fluid known as the synovial fluid to stand between and around the cartilage. The lubricants fluid is produced by a synovial membrane inside the joint capsule . Lest I forget, the synovial fluid is like the engine oil which protects the piston and rings and sleeves in an engine from wearing through contact, and thereby prevents engine knock. Osteo arthritis and Rhematoid arthritis may be seen in this light as a joint capsule “ knock”. The structure described are held together by muscles and tendons and covered by skin.

Destructive Factors

Many factors are caused by a degeneration of this capsule. Germs may find their ways in, and in fact the synovial membrane .This may cause the membrane to overproduce synovial fluid, like infections in the nostrils cause the mucus membranes there to become inflamed and over produced mucus, causing running nose etc. Too much synovial fluid in the joint capsule causes such swellings in the knee, for example, which causes pain and impairs mobility to the point that doctors may have to draw out some, using a syringe. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury may be the culprits of joints capsule damage. Dehydration is another problem. Certain enzymes, over produced by the body may be causes of troubles. Overweight cannot be over looked. Joints help to transfer pressure from one part of the body to another. The head is a lot of load. It transfers its weight to the neck bones which in turn sends the pressure to the shoulder bones. From here, the pressure and nose of the internal organs, travels through the spinal bones to the hip bones, and from there to the thigh bones and the leg bones to the heel and foot bones. Throughout the body and especially in the spine, Mother Nature provides an hydraulic system to serve as shock absorbers whether they are standing, walking, running and jumping. Our major duty to our health is to maintain our bodies, gifts of nature to us on earth, through wholesome nutrition which Mother Nature has gladly and wisely fashioned for this purpose. The manufacturer of a car tells us in the car manual what we are to do, including engine oil changes, to keep the car in the top gear. But we fail to heed Mother Nature dietary manual, always to our detriment.


When we run our cars, the tyres wear, and we maintain and change them. We cannot change our joints, but we can maintain them on a day to day basis through the diet. When we stand and walk, jump or run, the joints use up certain materials which we need to replace. Unfortunately we have departed it markedly from the diet Mother Nature provide for this purpose and imbibed man – made foods which cannot properly maintain our joints and other parts f our bodies.

We need not only calcium, magnesium and zinc for healthy bones and joints. We need food factors such as baron, manganese, strontium, molybdenum etc, for the cartilage, we need Chondroitin and Glucosamine and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) to ease pain. Not only these. The joint capsule must build local immune capacity for self defence (a sort of local police) and prevent inflammation and inflexibility. Besides, it needs proteins to reconstitute worn – out cells and energy from glucose to drive their operations. Glucosamine is nothing but Glucose and Amino acids! And amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

When, dietarily, the joints are not well treated over time, such changes as we describe as Osteo arthritis occurs within them. They become inflamed and painful, rigid or immobile; the cartilage may have worn out so much that the bones are now grinding over each other; the cartilages may still offer the bones some protection, but there may not be enough synovial fluid to protect the cartilages from grinding. The Osteo- arthritis sufferer may need to lose weight if overweight is compromising joint health. In civilized societies, heavy duty vehicles are not permitted to run on light-weight bearing roads. Detoxification may become necessary. And joint health may profit from anti-inflamatories such as wheat grass, Alfalfa, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Orange peel, Fish Oil, Flax seed oil, Hemp oil. Bones and cartilage thrive, also, on Sulphur – containing foods, among which are garlic, onion, cabbage, Asparagus. Surphur helps in the repair of cartilage and bone. These great roles are played by cartilage food supplements such as Shark cartilage, Bovine (animal) cartilage, and Bone marrow, some of which come with good amounts of cartilage.

Dr. William Lane popularized shark cartilage when, as an off shoot of his studies on shark cartilage, he published his first book, SHARKS DON’T GET CANCER, and the follow-up, SHARKS STILL DON’T GET CANCER. The latter was a response to the criticisms of the first book in which he was accused of making over sweeping statements about the anti-cancer prowess of shark cartilage. Sharks do, indeed get cancer, maybe about one in a million of these, said Dr. Lane in the follow-up book which said the infinitesimal occurrence of cancer in sharks compared with humans made the book’s title appropriate.

As for Bone marrow, especially from grass-fed cattle, the product helps the radiation or Chemotherapy damaged bone marrow back to recovery, and the many bone factors also present in it help to heal the ailing joint. The need for detoxification may warrant the use of Chlorella, and Spirulina, both antioxidants, anti-inflamatories, detoxicants and nutritive herbs. Another good anti-inflamatory is ginger, which may be used raw or in powder form in teas and food. The powder in dry form is said by many people to be more effective, maybe because the constituents are more concentrated than in the wet form.
Rhematoid Arthritis (RA)

I had a faint bout of it in the 1990s. it began with shoulder pains which threatened to render useless the right arm. Behind the car wheel, the right arm was more or less a decoration. I could not even wind up and down the driver side glass window or adjust the side mirror. In the end, I ended up with corticosteroids from an orthopeadic doctor which, as another doctor said, set the stage for vision challenges. Only at this stage did I realize how stupid I had been. Forever Living Products (FLP) had just been launched in Nigeria, and two of its best –selling products then where ALOE GEL and FOREVER FREEDOM. The latter combined Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM with Aloe Vera gel. The beauty of Aloe Vera in this matter is that it is an immune system moderator, something like the military police which checks the excesses of soldiers. Rhematoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease, it is said which the immune system is disoriented, forgetting what it is meant to do, namely to fight and destroy enemies of the body, but is on the rampage destroying the body itself, something like killing mosquitoes with bulldozers.

Wrong Cell Signally

Of the many possible causes of RA, I always appear most interested in the break-down of healthy cell signaling within the body, because many other factors hang about it. There is nothing in this great Universe which does not broadcast its existence to every other thing which exists. This is done through electromagnetic waves or emanations. We know of the various radio and television stations through their radio frequencies. The human body arose from one cell fertilizing another to become one, from which about 100 trillion cells evolved in the average adult human body. Being of the same origin, they communicate with one another on the same frequency.

We may wish to image the police and their walkie talkie. Any-one of them whose walkie talkie is on a different frequency from the others will be cut off from them. The same goes with the food we eat, before the body modulates its frequency. Do not forget that the body rejects transplanted organs because they are broadcasting their existence on frequencies different from the body’s. when we eat cooked food, immune cells rush into the stomach, believing such food to be foreign bodies. But they relax when they discover the content to be the good, old food. This invasion is said to be the reason one feels stressed up after a meal before they get calmer. But when we drink water or eat fruits before cooked food, we discover digestion takes place under a clamer atmosphere because the immune cells hold their fire.

Some people swallow carbohydrate foods. They call them swallow foods. They do not appreciate the fact that many carbohydrate foods are polysaccharides which require a good mixture which with saliva to be digested or broken down into their next simplier form, disaccharides. The stomach does not digest disaccharides. It is in the intestine that disaccharides get digested into monosaccharide. It is monosaccharide which are then absorbed into the bloodstream. If, for any reason, disaccharides get through into the blood stream, they are very likely to be seen by the immune system as foreign bodies and attacked, or pursued into whichever cell, tissue or organ incorporates them into its system. We can imagine the police pursuing some law beakers. If they flee into a house, the police would follow them there. The admission of disaccharides into the blood stream is an abnormal situation causes by damage to the absorbsion sleeves in the intestine known as the Villi. We can imagine the sieve of a herbal tea drawn in a tea pot. If the sieve is damaged, not only the water extracts of the herbal leaves would pass though. Some of the leaves will end up in the tea cup as well. We may have to fish out such illegal immigrants with the tea spoon. Damage to the Villi means their mesh is leaking. And this gave rise to the idea of the leaky gut syndrome.

Thus, RA-challenged people are likely to suffer from leaky gut syndrome. Large food molecules which their Villi let into tissues alter the nature of the tissues and, as the hypothesis goes, give rise to the attack of the affected tissues whose signaling broadcast frequencies, by now, had become different from that original frequency incorporated into the memory of immune cells.

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