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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Every Ramadan, as during every lent season, I cut back on meals, although Iam not a fast devotee like some of my christian and moslem friends, simply because I believe in healing powers of fasting. Ramadan 2009 should get off the ground world wide next week. Every Ramadan, this column responds to requests for tips that can help the faster maximise the benefits of detoxification which this season offers alongside that of purification of the soul. So, in the years gone by suggestions were made for the inclusion of detoxifying and nutritive green drinks and food supplements in the diet. This Ramadan, I wish to suggest what all disciples of Dr Max Gerson do…ORGANIC COFFEE ENEMA DETOXIFICATION.

We cannot talk about enemas as a means of ridding the body of poisons, parasites, unfriendly micro organisms, heavy metals, and of fighting especially degenerative diseases without talking about Dr Gerson and organic coffee enema. And I believe it is right on the mark in this season of the detoxification of soul and body to bring them to the center stage of this column.

But before I get started, I would like to take one step backwards to say that, since about my middle age in the 1990s, I have loved my body with more passion than I did as a teenager or young adolescent, and always feed it only with what I believe will keep it going healthily, since, without it, there is little or nothing I can do about bread and butter hustles and the pursuit of loftier spiritual (not religions) goals on this beautiful earth.

So, I budget for my body’s health needs every month irrespective of whether I smell a rat anywhere. Even as I write this column behind my writing desk at home, I feel a slight discomfort in my nostrils and in my head which I realise may also affect my blood, lungs and, perhaps some organs as well. Guess what? The dustmen are moving garbage in my housing estate this morning. It is about ten in the morning, a time they believe many residents would be out on their hustles.

I know when they are around because waves of rotten air fill all the rooms in my house. I do not run air conditioners because I hate cold. For about thirty minutes, the housing estates is under pollution siege when they come. My nostrils are inflamed now from trying to prevent unwholesome air getting into my lungs. My eyes feel peppery. My brain, too, has responded with some fuzziness.
Sometimes, your tongue, too, may join these other parts of the body to warn you, the owner of this body, that something that may be dangerous to your priceless body is going on, on which you should take remedial action. I always wonder when I see these dust men what sort of beings they are that they cannot complain about the killing conditions of their employment, and how callous their employers and big bosses are who sit in air conditioned offices. With the breakfast today, I will take some herbs which should help me to clean up some of the poisons the Lagos dustmen have forced me to inhale. Incidentally, I listened only last night to two audio lectures in a spiritual work I have enjoyed reading since the 1970s. The titles of these lectures, THE PHYSICAL BODY and THE MYSTERY OF THE BLOOD, remind the reader and the listener of how important it is for a man or a woman to take the best care possible for his of her healthy body, and not spring to action after harm has been done.

Many of us do not think such air pollution as I was under at home this morning matters much. We just shrug our shoulders and move on with the hustle…even when we hustle, and inhale thick, black smoke in traffic jams.

I am sorry I have to take another step backwards from Dr Gerson and organic enema to introduce you to a woman I have known since the 1970s who about three weeks ago, asked me to share the following information on this column. She is Mrs Oloyede (08055531225), of Ajuwon, an Ogun state border neighbourhood with Lagos state.

About two months ago, Mrs Oloyede went to a market in nearby AKUTE-ODO to buy some fufu for the weekend. Fufu is a dense, staple carbohydrate food made from cassava. The raw fufu is made by peeling cassava, marshing it into a gruel and soaking the gruel in water for about four days to extract the toxic factors, including cyanide. Many people in Lagos like to stock raw fufu in home deep freezers. Many others prefer the cooked fufu. Fufu is big business in Lagos. Fufu is budget friendly with people on 0-1-0 or 0-0- 1 food budget not only in homes but in restaurants as well. And just because it spins money for people in the business, the time for extracting the toxins has been cut from 96 hours to 24 hours. This is achieved by emptying some packets of detergent soap into the gruel, mixing them up and trying, next day, to get out the detergent and the toxins by pouring large amounts of water into the gruel-detergent mix and, scooping up the gruel by hand, squeezing out the water and soap remnants and then throwing away the wash water like a baby’s bath water. Thus, Lagos fufu doesn’t taste or smell like Calabar fufu or ijebu fufu which fufu addicts say are about the best in Nigeria. Beyond the smell and the taste, I cannot bear the thought that I eat detergent soap, also, when I eat fufu, or of the effects of eating it on my body.

Away from fufu, what about PONMO or KANDA, local Yoruba and Igbo names for cow skin, a delicacy in most Nigerian homes despite several warnings by health authorities that it is not good for human consumption? This morning, I try to imagine the expression on the face of TOSIN OSHIN, a news presenter on RAY POWER FM radio station in Lagos when, among newspaper headline review, his co presenter read a report in which health officials in Lagos state declared that cow skin was toxic to health. Tosin OSHIN must be in his thirties. He exclaimed that he was hooked on cow skin. About two years ago, this column reported how the abbatoir was poisoning its neighbourhood with toxic air from bonfires of huge stock piles of disused motor vehicle tyres on which the skins of about 10,000 cows were roasted every evening at the Lagos abattoir(Please search for Lagos abbatoir in www.olufemikusa.com) The commissioner for health sent the gold diggers packing next day. Meanwhile, they had made many people eat arsenic and inhale it, for this is one of the many poisons in tyre bonfire. Iam surprised at how we do not connect information in the country when I see some “exposed” people who still eat cow skin. They have travelled extensively abroad. Back home, they pull off the skin of fish before they eat the fish. They do this because they have heard that the skin of an animal offers storages for some of the poisons in the body of that animal. They see that the skin of the fish is thin and flimsy. They see that the skin of the cow, from which shoes and bags are made, is thick, fatty and hard. If they can throw the skin of the fish away and eat the skin of the cow, isn’t something wrong with their thinking? Many vetinarians have warned that a cow suffers from many skin diseases, and that residues of drugs injected into the cow through its skin reside in the skin of this cow! I do not wish to mention another horrible one…the intestine of the cow which Nigerians relish and call ROUND ABOUT. It has been cited as a source of flat worms, parasites in the human intestinal flora which may damage the liver, upstage the prostate gland or even find its way into the human brain. We must now quickly return to whence we came from…to Dr Max Gerson and to ORGANIC COFFEE ENEMA

Dr Max Gerson

Enema is not new to man. Even some animals do it. For example, when the cattle egrets arrive at a water source , the birds drink with their long beaks and then, with these beaks, infuse some water into their anuses. This enables them to poop freely, thereby hastening the speed of bowel evacuations. Sluggish evacuations encourage fecal impaction (plastering of) intestinal wall. This plastering prevents efficient absorption of nutrients. Thus, a sick person may be given medications which may easily not enter his or her bloodstream to do their work because hardened fecal waste plastering debars them. Such a person may erroneously complain that the medicines are not working or that the doctor is inefficient. In this blame game, the impacted intestine is left out of blame. Metaphorically speaking, some other person may eat all the food on earth in one day and still remain as thin as a lead pencil or a broom stick because food nutrients in the intestine cannot cross into his or her blood stream. As parents in the 1980s and 1990s, we all saw how the pump enemas of those days relieved our babies of intestinal or general body pains.

Dr Max Gerson was a German American doctor who lived with serious pains of migraine headaches for about two weeks in every month until a lay person showed him the way out of them. Dr Gerson (18 October 1881-March 1959)was asked to always consume fruit and vegetable juices. The migraines disappeared. He wondered what was in them which freed him of these pains. He was to discover the secret was potassium. When he gave fruits and vegetable juices along with detoxifying herbs to his patients, he discovered he could cure cancer and other degenerative diseases. He then proposed the hypothesis, which has now been upheld by successor generation of natural healing doctors, that deficiency of potassium in the cells lead to oxygen loss in them and that this leads the cells to change their living processes from oxygen-dependent ones, that is oxidative lifestyle, to non-oxygen dependent or fermentative lifestyle. The fermentative lifestyle is a tumour, whether it is benign uterine fibroid or a full blown cancer. By pumping potassium rich foods into his patients, Dr Gerson was able to regress their diseases and save their lives. One of Dr Gerson’s patients found that the migraine Medicines he was given also cured his tuberculosis of the skin. After Dr Gerson re-evaluated the medication and cured many tuberculosis cases with them, his work caught the attention of Dr Ferdinand Sauerbruch M.D, who helped Dr Gerson supervise a skin tuberculosis treatment programme at the Munich university hospital. In a clinical trial involving 450 skin tuberlosis patients, 446 were reported completely cured. Both doctors published the outcomes in leading academic journals of the day. Dr Gerson also cured the lung tuberculosis of the wife of Nobel prize winner Albert Schweltzer which did not respond to conventional hospital therapies. He and Dr Gerson became friends for life, especially after Dr Gerson cured his type 2 diabetis. Dr Gerson went on to cure heart disease, kidney failure and cancer. Dr Gerson moved to the United states in 1938, practising in Newyork and, in 20 years which followed , treating hundreds of cancer patients given up in the hospitals as hopeless cases. In 1946, against opposition from an angry pharmaceutical drugs industry and conventional doctors and health institutions which back them, Dr Gerson brought, as evidence before a subcommittee of the U.S congress, some of the patients he had cured. He was trying to obtain funding from the public purse for further research into natural healing. He failed in the bid, defeated by a few votes. Then in 1958, 30 years after his adventure into natural healing began , Dr Gerson published a monograph titled A CANCER THERAPY: RESULTS OF 50 CASES. The following year, in 1959, Dr Gerson died aged 78 years.


Let us start from Lilian Levy, cited by Dr Axe, a natural health resource website. She says many studies back findings that the anti antioxidant coffee beverage used in enema flushes “help to flush out bacteria, heavy metals, fungus and yeast like those responsible for candida symptoms, for example, from the digestive tract, including the liver and colon while also lowering inflammation, thereby helping people restore blood function, increase their energy levels and heal some disorders that have caused them trouble for years”.

Coffee enemas have been used since the 1800s to neutralise poisoning or to support the healing process after surgery. In our time, Dr Gerson made coffee enemas popular again when, from the 1950s, he added it to his Gerson therapy for cancer and other degenerative health disorders.

Today, many health care givers turn to organic coffee enemas when they comfort challenges which tend to defy conventional treatments. These conditions include liver diseases, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), candida and virus population overgrowths in the bowels and any imaginable bowel affliction, including cancer.

Jillian Levy says: ” According to the Gerson institute, a coffee enema has the primary purpose of removing toxins accumulated in the liver and removing free radicals from the blood stream. It is not just the caffeine in the coffee that is responsible for the benefits of coffee enemas, in fact, studies shows that bioavailability of caffeine obtained from coffee enemas is about 3.5 times less than those obtained from drinking coffee orally. It is well known that coffee beans naturally contain antioxidants and beneficial compounds, including CAFESTOL PALMITATE, KAHWEOL, THEOBROMINE, THEOPHYLLINE in addition to CAFFEINE that have positive effects on inflammation levels, including within the digestive system”.


The bodies of many people are store houses of poisons. Such people may discover that medications and surgery do not permanently resolve their challenges. Uterine fibroids surgically removed regrow and remnant cancer cells make new and more stubborn cancers because the root causes of these problems were not really addressed.

We cannot escape poisoning from food, air, water and from what the skin absorbs in the environment, not to mention the waste products we generate within the body within the body from our living processes. Nature gave us excretory organs to flush them out. These include the lungs, liver, kidneys, the intestine and the skin. Many of us do not exercise, so our lungs may be working at about 30 percent of their installed capacities. We do not support the liver, bowels and kidneys. We do not do skin brushing or help the skin work better in some other ways. Poisons build up in the liver, the body’s chief detoxification organ. Runover poisons from the liver are taken by the the blood circulation to the kidneys, the lungs and the skin for excretion. The kidneys may weaken from overwork and even develop cysts. Poison upsurge in the lungs may cause asthma. The skin expresses concern through rashes etc. These are suppressed with dermatological creams. The bloodstream now takes the poisons building up in the system into the various organs for hiding. Organ after organ weaken and become diseased. We rush to the priest who blames “the enemy” for these disorders. He orders deliverance prayers.

Against this backdrop, this is what detoxification does. When the liver is stimulated to release its poison hold, the intestine is stimulated to move them out. Immediately the blood stream and the cells sense the liver and the intestine are freer, they shed more of their poison stocks to them. Another detoxification frees the liver, and the blood circulation and the cells respond again, and the cycles continue until the blood, the organs and the blood stream is reasonably free of poisons and can work better and longer. Meat eaters, especially lovers of roundabout and cow skin can now see what they put into their bodies which they thereafter make no serious effort to remove.

Jillian Levy bids us bye: “when ingested compounds with coffee… from inserting coffee directly into the colon act like a cathartic that causes the colon muscles to contract. This helps move along stool through the digestive tract, resolving cases of constipation and making it easier to go to the bathroom. As you are probably aware, regular bowel movements are beneficial for carrying waste and toxins like heavy metals or excess fatty acids out of the body. Research has shown then during a coffee enema detox caffeine and other compounds travel via the hemorrhoidal vein to the liver. Coffee opens up blood vessels, relaxes smooth muscles that help with bowel movement and improve circulation. Once it makes its way to the liver, coffee is also believed to help open up bile ducts and improve production of bile that is needed for proper digestion and excretion. Researchers from the university of Minnesota also demonstrated that coffee enema benefits might include helping to stimulate the production of a beneficial enzyme created in the liver called GLUTHATIONE TRANSFERASE which acts as an antioxidant, anti inflammatory and natural blood cleanser.”( For more information on GLUTHATIONE, please visit www.olufemikusa.com for the article cellgevity, senior citizens and their peculiar challenges).

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