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The battleground of Nigerian politics today is whether the federating tribes are in a union or in a merger, that is a fusion. While many of the Northern states want a merger or a fusion, all the Southern states want a union. The quarrel may not be resolved until 2023. Common sense has begun to prevail in the South with all the governors speaking with one voice on national questions, including the demand to warehouse the presidency in 2023. They are a motley crowd of governors who represent more than ten tribes. In North, I am told but have not verified the information, that only two of the governors are not Fulanis’, the tribe that is the dragging force of the North and wishes to make Nigeria a merger or a fusion of federating tribes. It is also the tribe that all other tribes are standing up against, to prevent their land from being taken away from them and handed over to itinerant Fulanis’ who in this 22nd century are tired of wandering and searching for land on which to settle. We can help the North and the South to settle this quarrel by asking mother nature who brought the tribes about whether they are meant to unite or to fuse. For there is a huge difference between a union and a merger.

In the language and chemistry of creation, one form is natural while the other is unnatural. The natural is always the right form.


Throughout the universe, unions, not mergers occur. And it is in the union of forms that perfection occurs under certain conditions. Thus, Hydrogen and oxygen may unite to form water, ice or vapour. In like manner, Sodium and Chlorine form Sodium chloride or table salt. We can say the same for Magnesium sulphate which can dissociate into Magnesium, Sulphur and Oxygen. There is also Magnesium Maleate which can separate into Magnesium and Malic acid. What about Potassium permanganate, a union of Potassium, Manganese and Oxygen, the uniting substances. Everywhere in the mineral world, we can easily observe minerals that can easily be congregated into the individual uniting minerals. Sodium and Chloride may dissociate in certain conditions, each reverting to its original status or forming new compounds with other substances as in Sodium Sulphate or Potassium Chloride. In high school, “ordinary level” chemistry pupils were deceived by ELECTROLYSIS to believe that “OPPOSITE POLES ATTRACT” while “LIKE POLE REPEL”! Our favourite example then was that men repel men while men attract women.

But as CONTEMPLATING adults, we may observe that what we see as OPPOSITES in Sodium, positively charged, attracting CHLORIDE, negatively charged, is that, primevally or primordially, both were one form UNITING or UNITED form separated and now seeking reunion for a fuller existential value.

What we observe in the mineral kingdom or world we experience in marriage between man and woman and in friendship between different persons. Each marriage partner comes into the union called marriage, which is by no means a merger, with certain abilities which are incomplete and are searching for complementary abilities for completion. That means each party takes from the other what it lacks in its own makeup and gives to the other what is required to fulfil or complete that party. Thus, an impatient man may marvel at the composure of a woman and desire her. Likewise, a fluffy woman may grow well in union with a strong-willed man. We are perplexed when marriages of decades crack or break down. What it simply means is that one or both parties are not receiving those complementary inputs which should have kept them and the union going. Thus, to make marriage or friendship last forever or “till death do us part”, those conditions that cement the union must always be present. Two atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen will ever remain one molecule of water under the right conditions of temperature and pressure.

If we are persuaded that it is UNIONS and not MERGERS that exist in the Universe, we should appreciate this UNDERSCORE by GIBRAN, author of THE PROPHET. Of marriage, he says a couple may “drink together, but not from the same cup”. This is saying couples should not consider marriage a merger, and that they should create allowances in their relationships for each person to still be himself or herself despite being in a union.

If we understand this right, we would not be POSSESSIVE. A wife may take a month-long holiday ALL ALONE once in one year only for self-rediscovery and self invigoration. A husband may also do the same. Don’t we feel relieved, as though a heavy load is lifted off us, when our partner travels or we travel? This matter concerns our children as well. GIBRAN says that they are like arrows which we fire from a bow. That means they have their own lives to live. They were never our property. We were only meant to be FAITHFUL GUARDIANS OF THEIR PATHS till they come of age to continue their journey in creation from where they once called it off. Thus, again, there are no MERGERS between parents and children. They are meant to be friends in this earth. A parent has about four responsibilities over a child…

1) Bringing him on earth from the other side to this earth (“I knew thee before I formed thee in thy mother’s womb”).
2) Protecting the child from physical danger when he or she cannot do this.
3) Educating the child and equipping him or her with skills to earn a living in adult life.
4) Leading the child to the Almighty Creator in accordance with the light of his understanding.



How does Nigeria feature in UNION, not MERGER, scheme of our great Universe? Only one LAW rules the entire Universe because there is only ONE CREATOR. Thus, the LAW which occurs in the mineral and animal kingdoms or in marriage, friendship or business governs the formation of nations as well. The tribes of mankind may UNITE. They can never MERGE. The great biologist MENDEL tried to genetically form a new breed of plants by combining the genes of different plants. He seemed to succeed but only to about the fourth generation, after which the best breeds reverted to the original species of the various plants. Even among human beings, interracial marriages may produce beautiful physical bodies but not psychically strong physical bodies. For Mother nature prepare each body type to be able to withstand the radiations from the stars, the earth and from vegetation and landforms. The hybrid human body from interracial marriage is unknown to the Universe and is thus not well adapted to the sea of radiation in which it exist.

Nigerians lead knowledge of history to recognize that Nigeria cannot be immune to history. Said in another way, this means history cannot protect Nigeria from wrongdoing. The history of mankind is filled with the rise and fall of empires. Empires teach us of the union of peoples which also dissolved. There was never a merger of these peoples, otherwise, the empires would have not collapsed. In this regard, we remember the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, Oyo Empire, Benin Empire, Songhai Empire, etc. In modern times, we witnessed the breakup of India into India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We witnessed the Chezs and the Slowvax go their different ways from Czechoslovakia. Did SeneGambia not break down into Senegal and Gambia? Did Eritrea not leave Ethiopia? The grandmaster of them all in our time was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR), a war machine that peacefully fragmented into its components nations including Russia.

The lesson of history for Nigeria and Nigerians is that nothing is sacrosanct about the Nigerian Federation. It was put together by man, not Mother Nature. In this regard, it can dissolve into its components federating tribes, just as the hybrid plant of biologist MENDEL reverted to their primaeval species by about the fourth generation. But it can stick together and solder-on if the burnt are so loosen that the federating tribes drink together but not from the same cup as GIBRAN, author of THE PROPHET advises husbands and wives to do uniting but not merging or fusing.

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