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Papain, pawpaw seeds and pineapple peel

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Is Sunday Papa Danson still out there… and listening Has he heard? Of papain tablets? Pawpaw seeds, like the leaves, sap of the unripe fruit and skin are medicinal. So is the peel of the pineapple. Both are rich in papain, a chemical substance which resembles Pepsin, an enzymes found in the stomach which helps us to digest proteins. Papain tablets, sold for the digestion of proteins and elimination of dangerous protein molecules foreign to the body, such as those of germs (typhoid e.t.c) are, made from pawpaw extracts from pawpaw (carica papaya) sources.

Many people need Papain because their bodies no longer produce enough pepsin in the stomach or other protein-digesting enzymes in the Pancreases and intestine. Such people may not have enough hydrochloric acid in their stomachs to induce the production of pepsin. Such people are, therefore unlikely to be able to efficiently digest meat (beef) or even fish and milk. Such people may complain that they have heart burn when they eat beans or other protein-rich foods. Such people may end up with food overstaying in the stomach. And this may cause food to become rotten in the stomach. Germs visit rotten food and may cause such damage to stomach tissue we call peptic ulcer. In this case, delayed digestion in the stomach makes the stomach over acidic.

Trying to heal such acidic stomach with acid-blocking antacid tablets or drinks may worsen the situation. In other cases, incomplete digestion of protein either in the stomach or intestine may cause protein slidges in the system which may cause allergies and related problems.

To tap it this week, let’s listen to Dr. Paul    Haider’s 10 amazing health benefits of papaye seeds

“ONE: liver Disease. Papaye seeds contain vital nutrients that help heal cirrhosis of the liver. Take five or six papaye seeds and grind them all or crush them and take them with juice, especially lime juice. Do this every day for 30 days. And some people have amazing results healing liver cirrhosis with papaye seeds

“TWO: Detoxin Eating just a little small amount of papaye seeds can detox the liver. Eat a small amount every day.

“THREE: Antibacterial. A small amount of papaye seeds also kill bacterial such as E.coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and poisoning cases.

“FOUR: Viral Infection. Papaye seeds also work as a good antiviral agent helping heal viral infection, papaye seeds have been used extensively in Costa Rica for dengin fever infections.

“FIVE: Cancer. Papaye seeds contain agent that stop the growth of cancer cells and tumours. Papaye seeds contain Isothiocyanate which work well for colon, breath, lung, leukemia and prostate cancer.

“SIX. Parasites papaye seeds contain an alkaloid. ‘Carpaine’ that kills intestinal worms and amoelia parasite. And papaye fruits help to break down protein and, this, make the Gastro Intestinal Tract a Hostile place for parasites to live. Studies show that drinking papaye seed juice for seven days helped children in Nigeria get rid of parasites the time.

“SEVEN: Fertility. Research shows that eating papaye seeds can greatly reduce sperm production without affecting libido. Taking a teaspoon of papaye seed daily for three months seem to work well. Studies with rats and monkeys showed no sperm production after taking papaye seed for 90 days without side effects. And when papaye seeds were removed from the diet, fertility came back to normal. And women in Asia used the sap of the papaye sap and the grape fruit to prevent pregnancy. And many people make a papaye seed and pulp smoothie with approximately a teaspoon of seeds in each smoothie which seems to work well for male fertility. Of course, there is no monkey in natural products so research has stopped. But that does not mean it is not effective.

“EIGHT: Anti-inflammatory. Papaye seeds are anti-inflammatory, making them great for arthritis, joint diseases, swelling, pain, and redness.

“NINE: Pepper substitute. Some people dry papaye seeds and use them in their pepper grinder. They are peppery in flavour with a little bit the bitterness. But once you get used to the flavour, they are a nice substitute for pepper.

“TEN: Kidney disease. At the University of Karachi, they found that papaye seeds can be used for treating kidney disease and preventing herbal failure, and works especially great for poisoning related kidney disease.”

Sunday, Papa Danson, let’s call it a day.


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