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This statement was credited to President Muhammadu Buhari as the London education summit just ended. He made a valid statement in respect of not only Nigeria but of all nations. For as it is conceived and imparted today, EDUCATION is misEDUCATION. It sharpens only the intellect but not the mind, or, if you like, the Spirit, or man himself. The man ought to be educated about what he is, where he is from, why he is here, why he is different from his body, the relationship between him and his body, how he is to use his body to achieve the purpose of his existence on Earth and, also, his environment over which he should have Dominion, and how. Only this type of education will produce a BALANCED MAN. A one-sided education, such as we now have all over the Earth will produce only an UNBALANCED MAN which is why we have worse, pestilence, and several evils ravaging mankind. Thus, President Muhammadu Buhari is right in saying “NO NATION CAN RISE BEYOND ITS LEVEL OF EDUCATION”.

In other words, we are educating the brain and but not the man. Been of this Earth and perishable in it, the brain cannot rise beyond the Earth for answers from above the Earth to earthly questions that would make our earth a likeness of Paradise that we want it to become. That is why, as President Muhammadu Buhari says, “NO NATION CAN RISE BEYOND ITS LEVEL OF EDUCATION”.

misEDUCATION may make Nigerians another Africans to be unable to govern themselves without blood sheath, it has also caused calamities in Europe and America where, for example, misEDUCATION in the field of diets, nutrition and medicine has brought upon the Earth a myriad of diseases and the CORONAVIRUS. Many people are likely to appreciate only the surface value of this statement and to not understand its depth. I hope the President saw it through from the surface to the bottom.

The surface value is all that the Academic Staff Union of the Universities (ASUU), parents and sundry education industry commentators are talking about. They are talking about the education of the CEREBRUM to make more human beings cerebral, or intelligent to the point that they can even attempt to make artificial intelligence or to clone animals and humans. In other words, all the enterprise of education is intellectual development or cultivation. And that is why we have a world of educated, intelligent people who cannot solve problems, who create more problems while they are trying to solve one problem, simply because they are not wise people and are lacking in WISDOM. By the way, which University education did JESUS CHRIST have to bequeath to humanity teachings which make millions of people worldwide His followers. What about Prophet Mohammed? What about Lao Tse, Buddha?

Let us recall when Nigeria had only five universities and about only three polytechnics. Was Nigeria not better governed then than now? Was the country not safer than it is today? Are we not more at each other’s throats today than we were then? What went wrong between then and now that we have more than 174 universities and 107 polytechnics? Mark it again: we had only five universities when Nigeria was running fairly well. Today, according to the National University Commission (NUC), we have 43 Federal universities, 52 State universities and 79 private universities. Mark it again: today, we have 17 Federal polytechnics, 26 State polytechnics and 64 Private polytechnics. What is going on that we now have a flood of lettered people but the country is not running well? According to my understanding, the answers are as follows…

1) There are two sides to the man on Earth or earth-man…SOUL and EARTH-BODY.

2) The soul is several invisible material coverings with a living kernel, the Spirit who we call MAN. The earth body is a mud body in which the Soul transports itself about on Earth and through which it gathers its experiences. We know that astronauts do not wear regular clothes to the moon and divers wear protective paraphernalia to go underwater. These apparels are like the earth body. The wearers take care of them so that the paraphernalia can protect them and support their activities. If we must talk about EDUCATION in this respect we must attend to the wearer more than we now do.

3) In the education of children and in CONTINUING EDUCATION for adults, we have been educating the BRAIN, the most sublime part of the earth body, but not the wearer or owner of that earth body, THE SPIRIT. This is so for many reasons.

4) First, because the spirit is uneducated about even himself or herself, he or she cannot get anything right. The much many of us can say we know about ourselves is that we exist and that our bodies are not us. Thus, we speak of “my head”, the head that “I” own, or “my eye” or “my leg”, just as we speak of “my car” or “my house”. What is that “I”? For what purpose it exists, we do not know. Where did it come from? Even the priests who claim to know answers to all the questions soon discover they are constrained by ignorance and then patch up the rest of the storyline, but cannot carry along some people who see through the gaps in their misUNDERSTANDING which they pass on as the truth.

5) Except help comes from Above, man will continue to grope in the dark and say “a nation cannot beyond the level of its education”. Which education did Egypt have before Egyptians built their pyramids? Which education did shepherd boy JOSEPH have before he interpreted the dream of PHAROAH in which seven lean cows ate up seven fat cows? Joseph, like the pyramid builders and the three Wise Men had WISDOM and not intellectual EDUCATION. The Yorubas of old knew the clear difference between intellectual EDUCATION and SPIRITUAL WISDOM and tell intelligent but erring young people…..OGBON L’OGBON Oo NI LANKAYE(You are intelligent, but not wise).


To understand these conceptions, we would have to come to terms with the fact that there is a frontal part of the brain, THE CEREBRUM, and the back portion of the brain, THE CEREBELLUM and that each part plays a significant role in our lives and are meant to be cultivated or developed in such a way that neither overgrows or overshadows the other to bring about a STATE OF BALANCE within us and in the works of our hands. But today, we call the frontal brain the Big Brain and the back brain the Small Brain because the educational system has developed them disproportionately in a way that makes one “big” and the other “small”.

The frontal brain or cerebrum is connected with voluntary actions such as laughing, talking, eating, running or jumping. The back brain is connected with involuntary actions such as breathing, digestion, expressions of joy or sorrow. From about three years nowadays, we send a child to school, over cultivating the frontal brain and doing nothing about the back brain. Yet it is through the back brain that the Spirit, the “I” passes messages to the front brain for action. When the front brain becomes over cultivated and we call it the “large brain” because the back brain has atrophied or shrunken from disuse, we call it the “small brain”. Do we not see that it is the arm or the leg, left or right, that we regularly use that is the bigger and stronger arm or leg?

In the biological construction of the mud body, the frontal and the back brains were of the same size from primordial times until man began to over cultivate the frontal brain and neglect the back brain. This mistake is THE FALL OF MAN.


It is the fall of man because man is connected to the world from which he came, and to the Earth through his body, and disconnection from either means a FALL. As a baby in the mother’s womb is connected with her through the UMBILICAL CORD, the human soul is connected to its Earth body the SILVER CORD at the SOLAR PLEXUS. When the human soul receives guidance from its Guidance in the Spiritual world, it passes the impressions pictorially through the Silver Cord. The silver cord passes them to the solar plexus which, in turn, passes them to the blood whose fine radiations bring them to the back brain. The pictures register in the back brain, which sends them to the front brain. The front brain then decodes them into thoughts, words and actions. If the back brain is weak from the diet or disuse, these impressions are not sharp enough to be accurately read by the frontal brain. That is why some of our dreams are sometimes confused or we do not remember them. That, also, is why most of our dreams are not in colour but black and white. The dreams in colour are realities. Those in black and white are the flooding of daily impressions from an overcultivated frontal brain on the weak images coming from the back brain. People who do not remember their dreams or cannot distinguish colours in their dreams need to work on their diets and on their Spiritual life. By the way, Spiritual life is not Religious life! They are worlds and worlds apart. All of us have helpers and guidance who connect with us personally from the Earth to our origin in Paradise. We are meant to personally relate with them. But can we, when our education does not teach us about them and why they are there for us? Is a person who does not remember his or her dreams or does not dream at all, not like an astronaut on the moon who has lost contact with the control room on Earth? Imagine a pilot who loses contact with the control tower of an airport! The fall of man is when the human soul on Earth loses contact with either his origin in Paradise or with his body on Earth!

With the back brain becoming stunted, the Spirit or “I” can no longer easily communicate with the mud body, its tool or servant, which, then, seats on the throne of the Master. We then become thinkers, thinking things out, not INTUITIVES who receive from on High and pass the instructions over to the front brain through the back brain. We are, therefore, disconnected from the rest of the Universe and allow the limited intellect to determine everything. Yet the intellect is merely the crown of the mud body which cannot rise beyond the material threshold of time and space into transcendence, and it is refusing to take instruction from the uneducated Spirit or “I” which, coming from transcendence, should be its Lord and Master. That was what was meant when the Spirit or the “I” was given DOMINION over everything on Earth, nay in Creation, including the intellect. Thus disconnected, the “I” in our languages, that is MAN, has become an UNBALANCED being on Earth. That is why we would fight two needless world wars, destroying everything we cannot create. That is why there is plenty of lands on which to farm but mankind is hungry, lizards and goats are not crying for food. That is why a country like Nigeria cannot peacefully govern itself without hullabaloo, and one tribe tries by all means to conquer and dominate the others. That is why, in confusion about how to choose a Leader, some people are saying primary school certificated persons should not be Governors or the President. Was Prof. Kofi Busia an economist, able to fix Ghana’s ailing economy? Was it not an unlettered fight lieutenant who did the job? Was Chairman Mao of China a lettered man before he led billions of people out of serfdom?

Researchers now talk about the BIOLOGICAL MISCONSTRUCTION of Man, alluding to different brain sizes without recognising that mankind, not the Creator, brought this about. Conditions on Earth will continue to shock many of us, but not the ones knowing in these matters until THE BEAUTIFUL ONES ARE BORN. AYI KWEI ARMAN, a Ghanaian, told us THE BEAUTIFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN. Their generation is now trickling down to the earth, we are informed by other sources. In their time, the earth will become a more beautiful day to live in. Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari may throw more money at education, ASUU may triumph in twisting the arms of society for more funding for higher education…. nothing will change on Earth for the better for as long as all the attention is on the frontal brain, and little or no thought is spared the Spirit or the “I” in the language.

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