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Mrs Ngozi Shodunke tells her cancer survivor story

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WORLD- WIDE, few people survive Cancer, not to mention having the grace of an opportunity to tell their survivor stories. Mrs Ngozi Shodunke, of Lagos, is one of those lucky few. I listened to her last Saturday on the health programme of JORDAN 105.5 FM radio Station at Abule – Egba, near Agege,Lagos. The presenter said that, has the year was winding up, the station thought of reviewing the cancer carnage in Nigeria with a view to letting it be known that this awesome, dirty and killer disease was preventable and possible to survive.
Mrs Ngozi Shodunke is, for her, a good testimonial of cancer survival.

The young woman had lost one of her breast to cancer through surgery, had gone through chemotherapy and radiation, both of which had killed many people, and survived them, and fed her audience with confidence that under certain situations, cancer-challenged people can emerge from the fire storms…and carrying on with their lives.

If I heard Mrs shodunke well, she was 46 when, she felt a lump in one breast during her routine examination one morning…

From her age then, I considered her a young woman not in comparison with mine at 69, but on account of her mother being 90 and alive and kicking, and one of her elder sisters being 70. She is the last of her mother’s children from a family with no history of cancer. She admitted that, prior to being cancer challenged, she was a very busy person who ate lots of ” rubbish” food or “junk” food as she described them, with lots of ” soft drinks” as accompaniment. That did not strike me much, because such foods are common denominators for blood and tissue toxicity and acidity in practically all disease conditions. Nor was I bowled over when Mrs Shodunke said she spoke with cancer challenged women and found that, like her, they took fertility drugs to get pregnant and that these must have altered their hormonal profiles and set the stage for their cancers.

I will come to this point later, as I hope to in respect of other questions raised by her interview. One of those questions is the response time of Nigeria’s medical system to the cry for help of sick persons. Mrs Shodunke said it took one whole, long year for the breast lump she personally identified and reported at a Nigeria hospital to be identified as dangerous!
She wasted no time following it up in Nigeria. With financial and emotional support from her family and church, she headed straight away for Europe where, within five days, the cancerous breast was surgically removed, the remnant tissue cosmetically repackaged, and she was sent for chemotherapy and radiotherapy over the next year. She lost the hairs on her head. Her cancer was STAGE FOUR and TERMINAL. But there she was last Saturday, six years after, feeling like a conqueror on top of a conquered mountain. For any cancer- challenged person who lives beyond five years after Chemotherapy and radiotherapy is considered a cancer conqueror, a cancer SURVIVOR.

Mrs Shodunke says the conquest comes from within. Indeed, within each person lies dormant potential energy for getting things done, Including surviving diseases. She kept telling herself cancer would not kill her. The cells of her physical body must have absorbed or drunken of this positive energy streaming from the spirit to re-adjust themselves accordingly. And since she got back on her feet, Mrs Shodunke has readjusted her lifestyle and her diet as well. She has abandoned processed and industrial foods. She starts her day with water and lemon juice, to fight acidosis and alkalinize her blood and tissues.

Her interviewer (Apologies, I could not catch her name) made a careless, sweeping statement when she branded Alternative Medicine as being of no use in cancer therapy, labelled practitioners as quacks and said, quite unfortunately, that these quacks had invaded her radio station, obviously to deceive an unsuspecting public. What she may be forgiven for not factoring into her spur-of- the – moment statement was that there were quacks in every profession, including Alternative Medicine. Even by the standard of Orthodox Medicine today, will many young doctors not see as quacks those Orthodox doctors among their professional progenitors who led their patients to the slaughters labs with toxic medications? There was a time in the history of Medicine when doctors cut the VAGUS NERVE, believing it was the cause of over acidity in the stomach and peptic ulcer. Did Dr Barry Marshall not prove all of them wrong at the risk of his License being withdrawn? Which doctor would cut the Vagus nerve today?

Also, at the risk of losing his license, did doctor William Bates not prove in his book, BETTER SIDE WITHOUT GLASSES, the irrelevance of eye glasses if rigid eye muscles has strengthen and made flexible through eye exercises? Do we then say Opticians are cranks? Tomorrow, may a new generation of doctors not arise and brand manufacturers and dispensers of chemotherapy medical quacks who have, with it, killed millions of people world – wide? May the survival of one in a million not be due to personal reasons? All over the world, there are survivor stories from many people who declined chemotherapy, but lived for upwards of ten years or more after. Johanna Brandt, of South Africa cured her stomach cancer on a grape fruits juice and wrote her amazing book THE GRAPE CURE. Dr George Malkmus fasted almost exclusively on carrot juice, got well and wrote HALLELUJAH DIET. He went on to set up HALLELUJAH ACRES, a Health farm, where he trains doctors and nurses about how to cure cancers with natural foods. We cannot forget Dr. Max Gerson ( please google GERSON THERAPY who, with organic coffee (not edible coffee) enemas, fruits and vegetables juices cured many cases of terminal cancer. Nor can we ignore the ” landmark ” experiment of Dr. Karl Folkers (google his name) who cure more than 30 cases of terminal breast cancers, using Minerals, vitamins and Co-_Enzyme Q10.

Some of the other questions raised in this interview will be addressed below…

Delayed Response

Mrs Shodunke said her breasts lump was diagnosed for one year as benign, and only found to be cancerous the year after. Many people have this experience. A former Provost of College of Education, Ijanikin, Lagos State, suffered from a condition which was discovered about three years after to be Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was retired, and had no money to go abroad for treatment, and relied, as last hope, on a pilgrimage to Mecca for spiritual intervention. He went, But that was the last of him I saw.

There was a 57 years old woman introduced to me by Mr Simon Ekor for counseling on her diet. Her weight was 38Kg. Her throat was so block that she had at that time to feed on liquids through a straw. Her diagnoses for about two years was esophagitis ( inflammation of the oesophagus). I suspected cancer, but did not wish to fracture her emotion. Then the throat blocked more, to allow passage for not even a drop of water. Only saliva passed. Then, I told her to raise possibility of cancer with her doctors. With more tests, they confirmed it . But she declined to have her abdomen perforated to let in a tube into a perforated stomach through which she would then feed on liquids. I persuaded her to agree. If she could make 75kg, her doctors promised, a section of her intestine would be surgically removed to form a new esophagus to replace the damaged one. I suggested protein- rich powdered greens such as Spirulina and Kale, along with Liquid Chlorophyll, which she blended with Forever Lite, a protein milk shake from Forever Living Products (FLP). Sometimes she liquified cocoyam and added Liquid Aminos from Bragg. She took other food supplements and, soon, her weight grew to 65kg. She knew chemo and radiation were dangerous. But who would blame her for obeying the oncologists. Her stomach saw the tube as a foreign body to be digested, threw up such quantum of acid to break it down that literally cooked the tissue. No antacid would help. And some of the cancer cells in the esophagus may have dropped down into the stomach, compounding the problems there. The pain was so severe day and night that she gave in to chemo and radiation. Chemo damaged her bone marrow and, from a wheel chair, she went in for radiation which, finally, took her life.

This story is an unpleasant one for me to tell. I tell it only to back Mrs Shodunke’s claim that Nigeria’s medical system, good as it may be, is sometimes too slow to to save life. There is a girl whose face I see before me but whose flame I cannot remember. She worked at EVER READY LAUNDRY SERVICES at Olugbi Street, by Kusa Street, Pedro area of Shomolu Bariga, Lagos. Her father was a driver, her mother a housewife. Her mother reacted in pains to inter course with her father, bleeding or exuding fluid. Each time she went to hospital, she returned with pain killers. When I saw her hospital papers, I whispered to her daughter this was STAGE 3 cervical cancer. We arranged for her to see an oncologists who had helped look after SHAKIRAT ADEOTI, the 33- year-old microbiology student who had bleeding cancer in both breasts before finally, she die of Chemotherapy complications. This girl mother was taken in for radiation. She ” dried ” up rapidly and died soon after. Ever since, I tell anyone who seeks my opinion of the pros and cons of chemotherapy and radiation and let them take a personal decision.

Finally, let me connect on the case of a food seller who often came to sell me food for my dog. Any time she came, she fiddled with one of her breasts through the bra that I thought she was trying to be seductive. One day, I asked her if she had to fiddle with her bra. She said the breast was itching her. I asked her to check it for a lump when she got home. There was, indeed, a lump. I asked her to head for the hospital immediately. There were too many referrals over 18 months, but nothing concrete came out of them. One day, I saw her Obituary poster on the entrance gate of the housing estate where I lived. Apparently, she was a younger sister of a professional colleagues who built a house in the estate and had her live there while he explored greener pastures abroad.

What causes breast cancer?

Like many doctors and researchers, Mrs Shodunke had no idea of what causes cancer. There are no fewer than 20 possible causes around which intelligent opinions hover. Before the end of every year or at the beginning of a new year, I try to summarise new thinking on this question which I present in www.Olufemikusa.com after publication in column. I suggest this website be visited for these links. It is in summary, therefore, that I will address this subject here.

I start with a book written by a group of doctors titled CANCER IS A FUNGUS. Candida, other yeast forms and fungi are found in foods we consume in this humid environment. Our bodies battle with yeast and fungi overload every day. Weak organs succumb easily. Among them are fatty organs, such as breasts, and the prostate glands, especially where enough anti-oxidants which protect these organs are deficient in the diet. Among these anti oxidants are Vitamins A, C, E, the minerals, selenium and Zinc, and a supplements such as Alpha Linoic Acid, which is active in fat and fluid media. An excessive carbohydrate diet fuels candida and yeast overgrowth. Dr. Solocini of Italy injects breast cancer tissue with naked sugar. Hungrily, the cancer receptors for glucose open for the cancer to ” drink and be merry”. While they are enjoying the revelry , he injects them with an alkaline substance. And , because cancer cells cannot stand alkalinity, they die and the cancer shrinks. Dr Sam Asemogha, of Nigeria, has approached Dr Solocini to learn this trick. But Dr Solocini would not let out his trade secret. The alkalization approach shows that acidity suppresses the immune system and encourages diseases and their agent. It weakens the immune system system while it strengthens cancer cells.

Back in the 1970s, I learned from a spiritual Work that neither drugs nor injections bring lasting health, and that the way to health is thorough ” the right foods and drinks”. This will take us to the diet stage. But before then, the Work states emphatically that cancer CAN NEVER take root in any human body in which the liver is healthy and functions optimally. The liver has now been rightly acknowledged as the chief detoxifying organ of the body. Where it is sub optimal in its functions, toxins accumulate in the body which irritate the cells and makes them to transform into abnormalities.

This massage about the liver was delivered to mankind as long ago as in the 1920s. But it was not until about 70 years later, in the 1990s, that autopsies reports began to show a relationship between cancer death and subnormal liver. An uncased for liver is like a fireman sent to quell an inferno but is not given a protective gear. Imagine an astronaut on the moon or a diver in a French suit! The liver is protected against the toxins it fights by hepaprotective foods such as Milk thistle, Carquaja, Jerusalem Artichoke e.tc. It is stimulated to work optimally by bitter principle. This morning , every member of my house hold had a glass of pawpaw leaf juice before breakfast. Tomorrow, it would be Lemon grass extract tea. Lemon grass has a constituent called CITRAL which some oncologists abroad use to slow the growth of cancer cells. Of the five taste principles (sweet, bitter, sour, bland and salty), many people prefer the sweet and avoid the bitter. Yet, as the Yoruba would say, “the friend of the tongue is the enemy of the body”and ” the enemy of the tongue is the friend of the body”.

Pawpaw leaf juice brings us to ENZYMES and enzymes therapy. The digestive enzymes help us to digest food. When enzymes are added to the diet, as food supplements, they help digestion get better. But when the proteolytic enzymes are taken on empty stomach, the immune system uses them to fight germs and break down degenerate tissues such as uterine fibroid and cancers. Germs hate oxygen and thrive in deoxygenated environment . Oxygenation comes partly from the diet and from exercise. Chlorination and fluoridation of water have deoxygenated the water we drink. Junk foods and chemicalized food is deoxygenated food. That is why oxygen tablets and drinks are now popular. Exercise brings oxygen by expanding the lungs to bring in more air and oxygen. How many of us do as little as walk three bus-stops times a day? In many people, the lungs are functioning below 40 percent!

There are other possible cause of breast cancer than can be mentioned now. Other will emerge from other questions raised by the interview of Mrs Shodunke. The way into a cul-de sac or trouble often, also, shows the way out in reverse order. Surgeon Norman Pearl and Carolyn Myss show in their THE CREATION OF HEALTH, which espouses ENERGY MEDICINE, that PATHOLOGICAL HATRED may cause breast cancer. Even after the mastectomy, cancer may regrow or the other breast may become cancerous if the hatred was unresolved. Some of their patients resolved their breast cancers through resolution of emotional stresses without the need for the knife or chemotherapy. Edgar Caycees showed that spinal sublixations may cause breast cancer. Mrs Olusola Sowemimo, an organic farmer, attends yearly conventions of CANCER DEFECTED every year when she has the time, to learn how organic foods help prevent and cure cancers. Many people who got well on natural remedies alone come to tell their stories and of the roles of organic foods.

What about fertility drugs?

Both fertility drugs and anti – fertility drugs are possible culprits. Mrs Shodunke said she took fertility drugs to get pregnant when she could not get pregnant on her own in five years. She said, also, that she found that many women in her shoes she spoke with took fertility drugs as well. Fertility drugs may make a woman to become estrogenated or estrogen dominant. Estrogen is one of the principal female hormones. When it exceeds its ratio in the hormonal mix, it may overstimulate the ovaries and the breasts, and even the uterus. In the uterus, uterine fibroids may grow. Spasms of uterine wall during menstruation may cause period pains. A high estrogen profile may cause cancer trouble in the breast.

In like manner, anti- pregnancy hormonal injections may cause cancer. In the late 1980s or early 1990s when I was Editor or THE GUARDIAN newspaper, an injection which barred conception for three months , found its ways into Nigeria, and distributed by a popular company. The Federal Ministry of Health could not make up its mind about whether to approve it. The injection had been rejected in the United States and some European nations on account of suspicious that it was partly or wholly responsible for some breasts cancers. THE GUARDIAN raised an alarm. The company took up arms, threatening to sue the newspaper. THE GUARDIAN counted on the Federal Ministry of health for evidence to stage a “public interest” defence in court if litigation followed another publication. But in the twinkle of an eye, the Ministry caved in and THE GUARDIAN became like fish outside water. Thus, it gave up the fight against this drug and company in order to be able to live and fight this fight another day in another way, which it did, though unsuccessfully because the Nigerian society was inert and irresponsive in such matters and because, in any case, the women is sought to protect were seeking sexual freedom and the enjoyment of freedom from ” disturbing pregnancies. So, here we are today, this injection is a load of chemicals which interferes with the balancing of hormones in the body, unleashing estrogen on the breasts.

What about foods and herbs?

Mrs Shodunke avoids many foods like a plague. She has aversions, also , for many herbs which she says have preservative. She would rather go for lemon in water to alkalize her system, and for carrots. It was at this point that the interviewer practically wrote off Alternative medicine, saying the practitioners were quacky, had invaded her own industry. I hope she did not imply by this that her radio station, loved by many of us, is not at the fore front of planting medical quackery on Nigeria. For, currently running on this station is an HOMEOPATHY programme and advertisement by an intelligent practitioner which many of us dutifully follow.

Mrs Shodunke is right about the need to avoid preservatives and insecticides from agricultural (mal)practices. But how far and well can any one avoid them in their thousand folds in food, air, water and even tooth paste in the poison world of today? As I always ask. Even the carrots she eats may be poisoned, if they are not from organic CERTIFIED farms like Mrs Sola Sowimimo Ope FARMS. When you know the history behind OPE FARMS, you would appreciate why it had to be ORGANIC CERTIFIED.

Last week, my house keeper bought some yams. While eating one of them boiled, I suspected something would be wrong with all three. Within days, the left over half and another tubers had become completely rotten. She wanted to cook the third. I screamed. For it would go the way of the other two in the intestine. Thus, for mine, DETOXIFICATION and support for the liver is the way out of the present day cancer malaise. In www.olufemikusa.com you would find two articles in this regard. They are TITLED THE PIT TOILET INSIDE ALL OF US, referring to the intestine, a warning by British surgeon decades ago and DEATH BEGINS SLOWLY BUT SURELY IN THE INTESTINE.

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