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I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Kemi Asekun encouraged me last Saturday, through her good health interview on Ray power FM radio station in Lagos, to devote this column to some alternative medicine ideas on Human PAPILO VIRUS(HPV) and cervical cancer. She and Dr Faseyi were on top of this subject, to invite attention to this killer disease, as the world health organisation (WHO) advises health care givers and their support groups, including the media, should do every January. I hope that the ideas presented here would fill some of the gaps in that interview imposed by time constraint and orthodoxy.

I wish to start to start with “men’s fears” because one caller on the telephone kept calling and asking about what could befall a man who met with a cervical cancer challenged person because he considered the question not well answered. Dr Faseyi narrowed the cause of most cervical cancer cases to human PAPILO virus, of which he said there were about 200 variants. I guess this was what frightened the persistent caller because some HPV variants are known to cause genital herpes which orthodox medicine says is “incurable.” Add to that the fact that many people, women included , are HPV carriers. This means the HPV lies dormant in their bodies, checkmated by some force, in this case a vibrant immune system. Thus, this carrier of a sexually transmittable pathogen can infect a partner with a weak immunity. Among men, the fear of contracting the HPV from a female carrier is a real one, as pharmaceutical medicines do not appear to get rid of it. In the hospital pharmacy, the best remedy for a long time have been the drug named ACYLOVIR of which THE PILL BOOK of Dr

Harold Silver says:

“Acylovir (brand name zovirax) prescribed for seriously frequently recurring herpes simplex infections of the genitals, mucus membranes and central nervous system, herpes zoster(shingles) varicella (chicken pox) and coral infections, including non-genital simplex, herpes simplex and cytomegalovirus (CNV) in immuno compromised patients”.
Acylovir impacts many negative side effects, for which reason only a medical doctor may prescribe it.”

I have seen many men challenged with the fears of this gentleman. It needs no crystal ball gazing to suggest that any man with weakened immunity will pick up anything from a woman who is a carrier of it. While orthodox medicine suggests there is no cure for it, that HPV may be suppressed only for a while, alternative medicine offers many bypaths for recovery, including through energy medicine.

That is why I suspect that the segment of energy medicine which relies on physical quantum materials for all sorts of devices may be of help. This field is uncharted, untested, especially in Nigeria, where quantum energy devices such as eye glasses, necklaces, bracelets, boxers, wristwatches and shoes began to excite the imagination more seriously since about last year. In respect of genital herpes, two of them always cross my thought.

One is the energy boxer. When the copper end of a rechargeable bulb is placed on the quantum device of an energy boxer, the bulb lights up as if powered up as if powered by electricity. The second device is an energy water bottle, which is said to be enamoured with a 200 year potency. It is a small bottle into which water is filled, shaken and sprayed on any part of the body under stress. When the charged water touches distressed tissue, the cells are said to come alive, brimming with energy and a new lease of life.

We are advised as well that spraying the water on germ-spoiled, smelling food not only removes the smell and kills the germs but also makes the food fit for consumption. As I said earlier, this is an uncharted field of activities. So, I only imagine that if, indeed there is present in this water such healing potential ascribed to it, the revitalised genitalia may spring to life when they come in contact.

As for the boxers, it is put up as being able to recharge ailing forms in the pelvic region which houses the penile organ, prostate gland, lower end of the colon and rectum, appendix , testis and perhaps the kidneys.

The energy medicine IAM more aware of is that described by American surgeon Norman Sheally and Caroline Myss in their book, THE CREATION OF HEALTH, in which more than 20 years ago,they theorised that by now, science and medicine would have recognised that man is not his body, but an independent consistency which animates the body, causing the first fetal movements in the middle of pregnancy when it takes procession of the body, and leaving the body lifeless, stone dead, when it vacates the temporary casing for whatever reason(s) which we all death (of the body).

Eastern world medicine philosophy calls this independent consistency the spirit. It is said to be the living essence who speaks of “my head” or”my leg”, and interfaces with the mud or earthly vessel or cloak at seven contact points known as the CHAKRAS. As we journey towards harmonised medicine philosophy, Western medicine philosophy has found that the seven chakras are coterminous with the sites of the ENDOCRINE glands which may cause health derangements when their activities are unbalanced.

What this informs or may inform the impartial or objective observer who may have been privileged to have OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE(S) in which body and soul (spirit) stand apart and behold each other is that the spirit is the living essence, dispenser of energy and life to the physical human body. So, if the indwelling spirit is sick, the body which houses it is sick or will be sick sooner than later.

The Nigeria environment is filled with stories which western -indoctrinated people sweep under the carpet as voodo talk or superstition. We hear of people who scream in their dreams and are roused by people near them. We hear such stories as that they were shot. A few hours or days later, an abscess forms in exactly that spot if they did not know what to do.

In August 1998 I was told in a dream that my father hele and hearty the previous weekend, had left the flesh. On Wednesday, he did at about 3.30am. By 3.40 am, he came to me in a dream to announce that he was gone and I should tidy his affairs. By 5.30am, my brother who lived with him brought to me the news of the passage. I was not shocked, having had my first OBE at 24. Where I am going is that sorrow or joy, stress or anger affects the spirit and those organs at the points of the interface with the body, the CHAKRAS. Thus, if HPV affects one person in the genitalia but does not touch another when they are both exposed to it, the factor to examine is the differential of their inner lives. This may express physically as immune dysfunction or weakened immunity. Something caused something.

I believe the question the gentleman wanted Dr Faseyi to answer is this: What happens or is likely to happen when a man sleeps with a cervical cancer challenged woman? I assume that, since HPV may be present in their system and since HPV is contagious and sexually transmittable, he may pick it up…perhaps as genital herpes, if his immunity is low or if he has challenges with the SECOND CHAKRA which governs the pelvic region.


Let’s listen to Katie Ness in www.yogapproved.com:

“Our emotions reside basically in our bodies. On a subtle level, our bodies communicates with the levels around us and certain energetic impulses usually relate to a certain part of the body and chakra that is weakened or imbalanced. Each chakra represents a spiritual life lesson or challenge to help us gain a more in-depth understanding of our personal and spiritual power. This in turn helps us learn how to overcome obstacles , let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards spiritual consciousness.”

Her article, like that of many others, shows that a person with a strong second chakra can migrate from the nuclear family into the bigger world outside it to understand and correctly apply the mechanisms of power play to full advantage in this world.The rule or law is cooperation and sharing, not the use(or abuse) of power to oppress or to destroy. Spiritually speaking, the earth is a school which graduates us for admission to paradise if we run our programme successfully. Every 7 years in this programme is a new school grade. In the first 7 years of life in our nuclear families we undergo groundedness. The love our parents show us makes us well grounded and feel secure. As secure human beings, we graduate into the next class up to age 14. This is where we begin to learn about power and power play to assert ourselves and begin to chart a direction in life. Many people are not well grounded in the first phase of life by the time they arrive in the second phase. That means they are insecure and come over with a carry over to learn to become secure along side the lessons they are to learn in the second phase. In the second phase, many people are self centered and use power for self aggrandizement instead of for helping themselves and other people move along. We see it in a child believing the moon is following him or her alone and not other children. We see it also in the misuse of power by Nigerian politicians and professionals including military men, policemen, judges, civil servants, women and their househelps and trade unionists.

As adults with phase 2 carry over hanging on their necks, Losing control over other people they wish to goad or suppress, or over finances or sexuality send some people out of balance, and this blanks out or shuts down the second chakra, and thereby deprive the physical organs in this region of etheric or spiritual force or energy without which they cannot beautifully thrive. Thus, they wither and cannot defend themselves against the ravages of pathogens, particularly if the nutrition is horrible. Basically, though, the second chakra literature emphasises negative reactions of THE FEAR OF LOSING CONTROL in all relationships. Some of the health challenges frequently associated with it, according to KATIE NESS, are “chronic lower back pain, arthritis, genital or sexual problems, hip issues…low confidence, lack of motivation, inability to create intimate connection with others, loss of interest in self expression or artistic abilities, infertility, urinary problem,. Difficulties giving birth, producing orgasms and a low libido ”
I recommend this article and others on the SEVEN CHAKRAS. Another point I wish to make here is that our civilisation has been promised the time would be come when healing with precious stones would join other platforms of medicine. Precious stones are imbued with radiations specific to them. They may help us recharge weakened body radiations. Time will tell whether the quantum eye glasses, necklaces, bracelets, boxers, shoes etc are leading us to that era, or if that era has arrived.


While Alternative Medicine approaches a five or seven step therapy, ideas are popping up that, like exposure to sex too early in life when the vagina and cervix are not ready for sperm and semen frequent assault with sperm, even by the same man may cause cervical cancer. Normally, the pH of the vagina and cervix is slightly acidic to kill inhospitable bacteria and viruses. Besides, the vagina has an antibody defence. The sperm, on the other hand, comes with an alkaline environment, and an antibody antibody, to suppress the antibody of the woman’s system. The thinking is that frequent sex alkalizes the vagina and cervix and knock out their antibody defences. This opens the floodgate for all sorts of infecting agents, including HPV which exploits the compromised immunity status. Nutritional disorders and emotional disturbances of the second chakra may add salt to the injury.

Thus, detoxification, alkalization, oxygenation, anti-oxidation, immune boosting and anti -angiogenesis therapies are followed . Organic coffee enemas are done. Vegetable juices are taken, following the successes of Dr Max Gerson (check Gerson therapy on the internet). Dr Max Folkers taught the use of co Q 10 which is the landmark Danish experiment resolved 32terminal breast cancers. Check Dr Karl Folkers also) Green drinks (wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina etc) are inevitable as is liquid chlorophyll, thanks to Dr Jensen. The longrich alkaline water cup should be in the cupboard as should the energy water bottle of sairui to recharge the pelvis through topical dabs or sprays.

Finally, for want of space, I will quickly like to invite attention to the practice of Dr Robert Atkins, one of the orthodox doctors in the United States who championed nutritional medicine in that country in our generation.


“Folic acid alone can reverse cervical dysplasia , the abnormal cellular changes that cause positive pap smears and portend the development of cervical cancer. Dosages of 10mg per day, one study found,eliminated the precancerous cells and averted the need for surgery in just two months. Larger dosages are completely safe and I believe possibly more effective. For my cervical dysplasia patients, I typically prescribe 30-60mg a day along with vitamin B12 and vitamin A. There is one precautionary note, however. Birth control pills should not be taken during treatment for cervical dysplasia because they drain the body of folic acid. Other malignancies are also vulnerable to folic acid. Low folic acid readings are also associated with cancer of the throat and colorectal cancer. Fortunately, the supplement therapy news is encouraging. A year long course of the nutrient 10-20 mg a day plus 760mcg of vitamin B12, reversed dysplasia in smoker’s lungs and in a separate study in the colon. Supplements also cut in half the percentage of people in whom colitis leads to cancer…”

Many doctors fear that folic acid may aggravate cancer growth and spread. Not Dr Atkins, who shook the foundations of U S medicine not only with mega dosage nutrition, but with unthinkables in medicine, which, today, are the norms.

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