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Godwin Obaseki: Shedding Bloody Tears For AstraZeneca

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
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By: Femi kusa
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I HOPE that, with the death of twice vaccinated Mr Ladi Williams (SAN) on Sunday 3 October 2021 and that of twice vaccinated General Collins Powell on 18 October 2021, Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki and Kaduna state Governor el Rufai may wish to rethink their garrulous jungle orders of forcing everyone in their domain to be vaccinated against COVID19 infection. el Rufai set Sunday 31 October 2021 as the deadline for all civil servants to be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Both Governors and co-travelling Governors are following the Federal Government in tow. The vaccination order sweeping through Nigeria assumes that human beings are pieces of wood, metal or stone, cannot think for themselves and do not know how to safeguard their lives. The passing of Ladi Williams(SAN) and that of Gen.Powell are yet other testimonies that vaccination does not necessarily prevent covid19 infection, complications and death. So, why force a whole population to be vaccinated when it is not even yet known what the future repercussions would be. Today, some scientists are blaming the wise spread cases of cancer on tuberculosis and smallpox vaccinations in the 1950s and 1960s. For I watch daily events in Malaysia for about three million Nigerian traders in chymall e-commerce which, like that country’s physical space and economy, had been on lockdown since about February. The lockdown was imposed when the daily infection rate hit more than 15,000 persons. It was to be lifted on August 1, if it crashed to under 5,000. But, as August approached, the rate spiralled to 15,000 and then crossed a 20,000 bar and began to even storm its way to 25,000 before, repentantly or what shall we say, It stopped “carrying shoulders” and then “calmed down”, as we, also, say, to about 18,000.

This is a country of only 32 million, or just about the population of Lagos and Ogun States. On October 5, Nigeria’s 220 million population reported 141 cases of Covid19 infections with 70 recoveries, far insignificant in comparison with Google account of 273,972 daily malaria infections and 822 daily deaths. Over insignificant Covid19, our governors are breaking our bones, trying as it were, to kill a group of irritant flies with bombs dropped from jet bombers. In one day, more than 20,000 new cases of infection hit Malaysia, about 14.5% of Nigeria’s population, presenting 4,000 cases of persons who had taken the second jab. If these figures count little before our governors, there may be, in their decisions to force us to vaccinate rather than find alternative natural routes to safety, something at the bottom of the river drumming and singing for the dancing mermaid on the surface.

To check if there is music playing at the bottom of the river, I made the following post in FACEBOOK on…


WITH the Federal government and no fewer than three southern states imposing compulsory Covid19 vaccination on civil servants in a world in which civilised nations are recognising the right to not be vaccinated, Nigeria is set for the spread of yet another wildfire in the handling of citizen rights. As usual, a nation well known for negotiating peace with terrorists, bandits and felonious warriors against the State is pursuing the line of least resistance in the management of the Covid19 pandemic. Even the Chief Executive Officer of PFIZER, one of the world’s largest producers of Covid19 vaccines, is yet to be vaccinated and says that, so far, he has no need for it because, at 59, he is hale and hearty, had no health challenges and possesses a sound immunity.

Is this statement not suggesting that the Covid19 vaccination campaign is fishy? Is vaccination the only amour against infection? Have some vaccinated persons not been infected and died? Have producers of the vaccines not admitted that vaccination is not a guarantee against infections? Were about 4,000 vaccinated persons in Malaysia not among about 22,000 infected persons in one single day? Isn’t there something in forced vaccinations to suspect that African leaders who objected in the “morning” and were toppled or ran into other troubles in the “evening” are victims of machinations of vaccines merchant against them and their peoples? Isn’t there something to also suspect that African leaders who are imposing compulsory vaccination on their people are captives of a plotted and emerging new world order of a world government which was speculated but denied by vaccine producers when Coronavirus first reared its head?

When PFIZER Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ALBERT BOURLA was reminded by an interviewer that he was yet to take his own jab of his company’s vaccine, he replied:

“I can, I will. I don’t. The only sensitivity here, eh…hh, eh…hh I don’t want to set an example that I am up in the line. I am 59 years old. I am not working in the front line. So, my type is not recommended to get vaccinated.”

So, whose “type” is “recommended to get vaccinated”? Helpless Nigerian civil servants who do not wish to be vaccinated, who are not in the “frontline” will comply to keep their jobs because they live in a country where millions of citizens are unemployed, and may not find another job on years. If the CEO of PFIZER can say what he said about himself having no need to be vaccinated, why should African leaders lead their people to the slaughter slab, if Covid19 vaccination ends in a huge global scam of medicine as many Euro-American critics and objectors are saying? For what ALBERT BOURLA seems to be telling us to our faces is that what is good for the gander is not necessarily good for the goose. Sometimes, as in this case, I cannot disagree with critics of BIG PHARMA, the controller of Orthodox Medicine, that Orthodox medicine has become BIG BUSINESS in which DISEASES are invented and pre-disease solutions are suddenly “invented”.

We are all living witnesses to the HIV/AIDS scaremongering. Doctors such as Dr. F. Batmanghelidy who said there was no such thing as the HIV virus and proved it in the laboratory were ostracized. Even after the doctor who claim credit for the discovery of the virus publicly apologized that he told a lie, Big Pharma and Orthodox Medicine have continued to say there is a virus. Dr Gallo’s problems began in 1984 when he published in the prestigious science magazine that he and his team of American researchers had discovered the cause of a disease that had been killing thousands of people globally. Apparently, the United States and France were in a race to discover “the cause of the deaths”, give it a name, win scientific validation for the work and produce patented medicines that would be sold globally and bring more money into their economies. That was the situation in 1984.

In 1986, Dr Gallo won the prestigious LASKER AWARD for his “discovery”. This created a controversy between the United States and France over who should be credited for the discovery: Dr Gallo of the United States or Dr Montagnier of France. They resolved their differences later as we shall soon see. In 1989 journalist JOHN CREWDSON published his investigative report on Dr Gallo’s work. He claimed that Dr Gallo “misappropriated samples” in the laboratory. Apparently, Dr Gallo’s team and Dr Montagnier’s team of researchers were spying on each other and struggling over who will take “credit” for discovering an HIV virus, whether one existed or not. The American National Institutes of Health (NIH) dismissed Journalist John Crewdson’s report to Dr Gallo misappropriated samples. The NIH said Dr.Gallo had asked Dr Montagnier for samples of his own French team, unknown to both parties that Dr Montagnier’s samples had been contaminated by the virus and that the contamination later contaminated Dr Gallo’s samples.

In 2002, Dr Gallo and Dr Montagnier ended their scientific war and phase-off over who discovered the virus when they jointly wrote an article acknowledging each other’s contributions. In 2008, the BIG PHARMA train left Dr Gallo behind and stranded in the march of Orthodox Medicine when the Nobel Prize committee recognised the contributions of Dr Montagnier and Dr Barré–Sinoussi.

Back in 1987, the American and French governments sorted out the differences between Dr Gallo and Dr Montagnier by agreeing to share the proceeds from patent rights of the HIV/AIDS vaccine. It did not matter to them who eventually got the credit. What matters most was the money. After all, they did not see HIV/AIDS as a Euro-American disease. It was meant to be an African disease, and a vaccine was developed for Africa which would bring money to France and America.

Thanks to well-meaning researchers who confronted this medical oligarchy, especially from the standpoint of Alternative Medicine. We now know HIV disease did not come from heaven. It is a group of symptoms exhibited by persons whose natural immunity are broken down. Immunity breaks down under certain conditions, including when the internal environment becomes acidic and not alkaline and there is a poisoning, disorientation and weakening of all cells in the body, including immunity cells. Bacteria, fungi and viruses take over an acidic internal human environment in order to dismantle it and return it to dust since that is their calling. To avoid this circumstance, which is a natural process, the internal human environment, according to the hygienist, is to be kept clean and alkaline. But this is hardly possible nowadays because of the diet which is anti CREATION DIET, stressful lifestyle, emotional distress and pollution of all sorts. That is why many people still on their feet and going about on their daily occupations are half dead and half living persons. Their bodies tend towards acidosis carrying a high microbial load which is constantly trying to break down the acidic body while the immune system, poorly nourished and overworked, is installmentally losing the battle. Several decades ago, the DAILY TIMES columnist ALLAH DEY (Alhaji Alade Odunewu) call such persons WALKING CORPSES. He was one of them, he said because his doctor discovered his blood pressure to be terribly over the bar but he did not know until he went for a check-up. In alternative medicine, when attention is given to these concerns, the HIV viral load drops, CD4 count rises and the frequency and intensity of symptoms automatically decrease. This is the storyline of many people I know who are diagnosed with HIV but are regaining or have regained their balance and do not have to be on HIV medications for life. Dr Batmanghelidy mentioned, in particular, the importance of Cysteine and Zinc for recovery from these symptoms.

Back to Coronavirus. The same forces at play in the days of HIV in the 1980s are very much at play today. These forces try to make a mountain out of the mole of the EBOLA virus but failed. They succeeded long ago with the POLIO virus. That is why countries that produce vaccines against this virus make lots of money every day from the vaccination of all children worldwide. Now, it is time to make money from Coronavirus. They make mouth-watering donations of free vaccines to poor nations into whose peoples they instilled health, economic and personal financial fears. But we know it is all a matter of trade in the future and not aid or love. When you are hooked as a nation on donors vaccines, you would buy it in future. So, to capture your future as a nation they first capture your leaders through all sorts of means, legitimate or not. In their own countries, they accept and grant freedom of choice to an enlightened citizenry but pretend they know nothing about democracy and freedom when your own leaders pin you down and abrogate your freedom in this matter and ram compulsory vaccination down your throat.

Africans are not stupid, though. NA CONDITION MAKE CRAYFISH BEND. That condition is the African leader. About 200 years ago, the African leader sold his people into slavery abroad. Today, the African leader loots the treasury and makes living in the country so unpleasant that some of the victims of his looting voluntarily flee into modern captivity and slavery abroad. Now, the African leader is leading his people to take a vaccination which the man who produces it has confessed he has not taken. Who should have been the first to take the jab? In Africa, if your neighbour is sick and you have a home remedy that can help his condition, you taste it or use it before you give it to him. This is to prove that you are not giving him poison. In Nigerian’s psychiatric hospitals, doctors and nurses insist that friends and family members who bring edibles to their patients eat portions of it, randomly chosen to be sure they have not come to poison these people.

PFIZER and Co have led many of us to believe that Mother Nature is powerless against Covid19. At the same time, BOURLA suggested he believes in Mother Nature because his immunity is capable of protecting him. Then, why are we discarding the relevance of immunity in the fight against Covid19? In March last year, I went down with some of the symptoms of Covid19. I was five months from 70. If I went to an isolation center, I may have passed with the experimentation of drugs going on at that time. Two other members of my household went down as I came back to life. Knowing that immunity would help, I kept working at it for three long weeks, making sure it did not affect my breathing or make my blood clot and that the temperature crashes from time to time. I shared some of these remedies with Nigerians in the United Kingdom and in New York and it worked for them, too. Even now, I continue to share them with Nigerians at home. The ones for the blood are crucial. They include VIDA MAXX, CARDIOTONIC PILL, CHOLEDUZ, WHEAT GERM OIL etc. Vida Maxx comes from anti-clotting extracts of tomatoes. Cardiotonic pill contains 1% of camphor. Both do not allow the blood to clot. I lost appetite and had to be sustained on pure honey and solarized water. Check solarized water online. It is amazing. It contains all the ethers to sustain life, including Vitamin D3 for immunity.

To stabilise all my organs and systems, I took CBD oil. There were anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial recipes as well. One of my sisters-in-law, Mrs Shade Kusa, brought me Oregano Leaf which I now grow in the flower beds and eat raw with every meal. The Oregano super strength drops and Black Seed Oil were given to me every three hours or so to keep my breathing open and prevent a systemic wave. I was happy to learn from a professor of medicine sometime last month on the television that ZINC and SELENIUM, both immune boosters is now routinely given to patients on the arrival at isolation centers. My experiences are reported in www.olufemikusa.com under the heading COVID19: LOOK ALIKE SYMPTOMS JOIN THE LEXICON. It is interesting that all of us three members of my household then (the others were Udeme Edet James and Better Effiong Happiness) went through the symptoms…and came out of it.

With the background, I would advise that Nigerian Governors respect human rights, do not compel anyone to take the vaccination. If we spend a quarter of the energy and money we are throwing at the vaccination good nutrition, education and herbal medicines, Covid19 would have no hold on our nation and on our people. In any case, as I write, there is hardly a Nigerian home in which one recipe or the other against Covid19 is not kept for emergency and used in everyday cooking or as food supplements. Kudos to our people. One lesson for me in all of these is that forms may change, the content hardly changes. In this case, the forms of our leaders who have been selling us into slavery have been changing, from the monarchs of traditional society and the soldiers in government to the politician in State House today, whereas the CONTENT, which is the selling of their people into one form of slavery or the other, has remained a constant factor throughout modern African history.

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