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Gen. Martin Osahor and Nigeria – made Noni Juice

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Major General Martin Chukudi Osahor (rtd) is a present tense man. A man of such description fits the high bill of the Newsmaker, a terrific column where The Guardian newspaper, in its days of vigour and eloquence and high taste featured exceptional men and women who were changing the lives of fellow – men for the better. The editor at that time, Oyinlade Bonuola (LADBONE), ensured that the Dicks and Harris’s of this world had no place in this hall of fame of sort. It didn’t matter if you were building a 10 – star hotel. The qualifying or disabling question would be: and so what, hasn’t someone done that before? You had to be a trail blazer to be able to come on board. My definition of present tense man resembles that of this Newsmaker. So, what has Major General Martin Chukudi Osahor (rtd) done that no one else, that not many people in his country, Nigeria, have done?

Last week or thereabout, I hinted that a Nigerian had produced for commercial distribution the first NONI JUICE that is Nigerian made. You would understand the implication of this if you recognise that, like all phytomedicines, that is plant and food medicines, NONI JUICE is enmeshed in international politics and national rivalries for foreign exchange in the worlds products and money market.

To cut a long story short, Noni (morinda citrofolia), (not moringa) grows lushfully in south-east Asia where it is used as a herbal remedy for many health disturbances. These challeneges include hypertention, diabetes, cancer. Over there, as elsewhere, many people call the Noni Fruit “the prize herb of the south pacific” or “sacred plant” or “the mother of all healing plants”.

Quietly, the polynesians had used Noni juice for health concerns for more than 2,000 years before biochemist Ralph Heinicke carried out a study which suggested that the healing power of NONI fruit lay in a chemical compound called proxeronine, an alkaloid precursor of xeronine.

we are told in www.caoh.com/noni1.html:

“He believes that Noni helps in the normalisation of abnormally functioning cells by delivering the essential biochemical compound proxeronine, which cells then assemble into tile alkaloid xeronine. In Heinicke’s view, the Noni fruit provides a safe and effective way to increase xeronine levels, which can be decreased by anger, stress, trauma, disease and injury”.

The website says that Dr. Neil Solomo, M.D.,Ph.D., a medical reseacher,”adds to this by explaining how Noni can relieve pain through its ability to increase xeronine levels in the body…it is reported that xeronine has the ability to normalise abnormal protein and subsequent cellular function, including brain function, where pain originates, he says:

“Heinicke also proposes that if the body could be supplied constantly with proxeronine from other sources, tile needs to sleep would diminish, since  proxeronine is produced by the body during sleep. In the united states, the Noni fruit is prepared as a fruit supplement either as a liquid, dehydrated capsule or in a nutrient-rich encapsulated form, says Solomon. He adds that Noni supplements are palatable and must be taken just before breakfast and dinner. However, as with most medicines, be it herbal or conventional, certain precautions must be taken before using Noni. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult with their physicians before taking any Noni supplement Elkins warns. Furthermore he adds that taking Noni supplements with coffe, alcohol or nicotine is not recommended and that high doses of root extract may cause constipation. Nevertheless, according to a survey quoted in Solomon’s book, Noni can be taken with all medications since there were no reported negative interractions from any of the doctors”.

Dr. Heinicke’s research through a bombshell on a sickly United states, where many illnesses were overcoming the population. Smart businessmen went to the polynesians and asked them to cultivate Noni fruit exclusively for an American company which, afterwards, began to sell Noni juice to the world, including the polynesians, on a multi-level network marketing platform. Network marketing makes products and ideas move faster in the market than the otherwise would have. So, the Americans gained control of the world market in no time. But the brand sold in the United states and perhaps in other discerning countries, was the pure Noni juice. The brand sold in Nigeria, a dumping ground for many countries, was about 85% Noni juice. The remainder was water and, sometimes, grape juice.

Gen. Osahor (rtd)

   Why i say Gen. Martin Chukudi Osahor (rtd) is a present tense man is this. Nigeria, his country, was in recession and much bigger financial distress than anyone had known since colonial times. The economy had been run down not only by large-scale thefts of public fundseng_pl_noni-juice-500ml-278_1 and plundering of private companies but also by the penchant for consumption of imported goods and laziness about domestic production. A new government came on board to salvage the people and the economy. The therapy called for tough measures which may bring more pain in the interim before a flicker of light appears in the pitch-dark tunnel. But just this the people crying for deliverance would not bear. They would rather have back the rulers of yesterday. It makes no sense to a man with no food in his stomach that the labour-room is not a fun-room or that rain must fall and probably wet his clothes before the fields would bring forth bountiful harvests. In other words, they do not accept that there can’t be a gain where there is no pain. Many such weak-heart people were like the children of israel being led out of dehumanising slavery in Egypt who, simply because of minor problems they experienced on their journey to the promised land, such as lack of garlic in their diet, wshed that Moses would lead them back to their slave masters in Egypt. If Nigeria would emerge from her own “Egypt”, she would need men and women of foresight who would see the way out of the woods and, painstakingly, lead a lost, wandering people out into the open.

Gen. Osahor (rtd) was one of such visionary people. The present Nigerian situation requires that, light must follow darkness and sunshine follow rainfall, pain must come before gain. Gen. Osahor (rtd) acquired land, cultivated Noni fruit in a plantation, experimented with the extraction of Noni juice, bottled it to the world class standard and began to sell it on multi-level marketing platform two months ago. If he gets it rights, Nigerian-made Noni juice, through multi-level network marketing, will sell fast not only in Nigeria, Africa but also in Europe and in the United States. I forsee his present plantation being not able to cope with enlarging demand, and asked Mrs. Fransisca Okolie who introduced to me, Nigerian-made Noni, T&T virgin Noni juice, if he was already thinking about this. She said Gen. Osahor was already searching for contract farmers. I am told the purity of Nigeria-made Noni lies in the facts that it is not mixed with water or anyother juice, and that it contains no artificial flavours or preservatives. I am told, also, that Gen. Osahor (rtd) is searching for farmlands in Nigeria that can undertake Noni fruit contract farming for him. He is a present tense man because he is solving problems of present day Nigeria, creating jobs for farm workers, creating jobs for independent marketers, caring for the health needs of his fellow country-men and women and saving his country valuable foreign exchange at this critical time when the local currency, the Naira, has to be revived for prices to fall and make the economy lively and boom again. (I understand that, with rice production, the government of Lagos state is doing something similar in the north of Nigeria. It is this sort of interstate co-operation Nigeria requires, not ethnic jingoism and the clamour for war to resolve simple questions).

I have signed up to be a user of T&T Virgin Noni and recommend it for all health seekers. The taste is unmistakably Noni juice taste. So is the aroma. And so i believe will be the effect.

Gen. Osahor, our present tense man, was born in 1951, the first of 24 children in a polygamous household. At the age 14 in1965, he enlisted in the Nigerian Army at the Nigerian military school, Zaria. He graduated in 1969 as a private soldier and was deployed to work as a physiotherapy assistant. The following year (1970), the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) enrolled him for cadet training with regular course 8. His career would lead him to the Royal Military Academy (RMA), sandhurst where he graduated with Intake 49 and became commissioned as 2nd lieutenant regular combatant officer on August 4, 1972 in the Nigerian Army engineers corps. A lucky man, 2nd Lt. Osshor would later attend the Royal Military college of science, shrivenhan, swindon, United Kingdom (now Crownfield university) where, in 1975, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.

He says in www.tntvirginnoni.com:

“I obtained 2 masters Degrees, one in water Resource Engineering in 1983 and another in community and Regional planning in 1984, both from the university of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

“I had a meritorious military career which spanned 40years (including NMS) during which i attained the rank of Major General and had the priviledge of being the Chief Engineer of the Nigerian Army when i commanded the elite Nigerian Army corps of Engineers from 2001 to 2002. I attended many military, academic, professional and management courses, as well as many seminars, training workshops, conferences and study tours which took me to over 20 countries. My last duty post and the highlight of my career was my appointment in july 2002 as Director General of the National institute for policy and strategic studies (NIPSS) kuru, by the president and commander in chief of the Armed forces Federal Republic of Nigeria chief Olusegun Obasanjo. This appointment, which lasted from 15 july 2002 to 13 may 2005, effectively installed me as the CEO of ths highest National training institution in Nigeria”.

In my view, this would not be the highest peak of a mountain Gen. Osahor (rtd) would climb. For many people, life begins in the sixties, the preceeding decades being years of preparation and masturation for their peak tasks. Noni business is big business worldwide. So many products, including soaps and cakes, are made from the plant. Even the leaves are no less useful and profitable. Currently in Nigeria 500grammes of the Noni leaf powder sells for about #25,000 or more.

According to http://thisdamecook.com:

“Today, the fruit and its juice are more commonly know, though i cant understand why the stinking stuff would appeal to any one. The leaf, however, are pleasantly fragrant when dried and steeped for an herbal tea. It really tastes like another green tea. Noni leaf tea is naturally caffeine-free and to quote http://nutritionwithsonia.com:

‘studies have shown the leaf to be the most nutrient-rich part of the plant, containing health-promoting nutrient, including phytochemicals, antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Rich in a number of vitamins and minerals – phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin K1, Niacine and more. Noni leaf is rich in plant sterols, protein, glycosides and anthraquinones. The leaf has many benefits when taken regularly…will protect us from toxins and pollutants, encourages the body to detox, helps prevent the premature onset of age-related diseases, boosts our immune defences, reduces our risk of developing cancer, aids in better digestion and assimilation, helps to cleanse our intestinal system in a very mild way, reduces inflamation and eases pain, has mild antibacteria properties and helps to maintain normal blood sugar level”.

There are some contraindications, however, it is contraindicated in liver and kidney disease (daily use not recommended) and for pregnant women and nursing mothers. For the lovers of Noni fruit, N.M. Krishna Kuma says in a review of its health benefits:

‘The polynesians utilized the whole plant for preparing herbal remedies. The root is used as a cathartic and febrifuge and applied externally to relieve pain and gout. Leaves are considered tonic and are used in wounds, ulcers and externally applied in gout. The charred leaves made in a decoction with mustard are a favourite domestic remedy for diarrhoea. Noni fruit juice is widely used for sponging gums, throat complaints, dysentery, leucorrhoea and sapraemia. The fruit juice is in high demand in medicine for different kinds of illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains, gastro ulcers, menstrual difficulties, headache, heart diseases, mental depression, poor digestion artherosclerosis, and blood vessel problems, cancer, AIDS and drug addictions’ “.

Thanks, Gen. Osahor (rtd), for bringing Noni nearer home to us, for saving our depressed currency some pressure from purchasing Noni from overseas, for giving our country the opportunity to earn foreign exchange from T&T Virgin Noni export, for whatever else the benefits of Nigerian-made Noni juice would bring. For all these and more that are to come, you are definately a present tense man, not a man who still lives in the melancholia of a beleaguered past or who is day dreaming in the sun or moonlighting, expecting from today what tomorrow will bring, doing nothing, when the whole of Mother Nature, having given us vast fertile arable land, good weather, intelligent and educated country-men and women, is beckoning that we all live in the present, doing something useful with our time, money, talents and energy, not agitated, seek war as a solution for easily resolvable question. You are teaching us with your life and work not to be like those five Foolish virgins who did not have oil in their lamps and, on account of this, were rejected by the Bride groom, or those lazy uncare-free servant who did not develop their talent entrusted to them by their master and were, therefore, cast away by Him, or like the seeds of the Sower which fell either among thorns or on stones and would not sprout and grow. Oil in the lamp simply means alertness of the soul or being inwardly alive. We live in a blessed country but many of us do not have oil in our lamps and, so, cannot see the blessings all around us, blaming other people for our woes. Everyone forms his environment according to hi8s or her nature. The economy, good or bad, is an extension of our collective nature, our environment. You have shone the touch in the engulfing darkness. In my humble view, Change those not mean one man will perform miracles that will take us all to elderado. It means, he would point the way and everyone of us would change from our old ways of bigandry and all of that to New lifes. Which will not only ennoble us individually but, cumulatively, beautify our country and his economy. Thanks Major General Martin Chukudi Osahor for being a beacon of hope.


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