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We are back on the market again today, to talk about yet another health enhancing energy gadget and e-business. Only last Thursday, this column mentioned power or energy eye glasses for eye health (please see the article PROTECT YOUR VISION WITH POWER (ENERGY) eye glasse. That article mentioned as well, though in passing, availability of energy boxers for men. I was told early this week that this equivalent for women is still at the design stage, and would most probably first surface in Ghana and in the Cameroun where e-business is better appreciated and growing than in Nigeria. But many predictions for year 2020 business architecture in West Africa suggest that Nigeria will overtake and surpass these countries.

You must wonder what an energy boxers is like and what it does. Before the main explanation, it is a typical underwear for men on which quantum energy materials are embroidered on the flap and other sensitive areas.It reveals its potentials when you place on it the metal contact part of a re chargeable electric bulb. The bulb lights up as though connected with live electric wires. This said, I would like to tell you my layman’s impression of it the first time I saw one. The impression was that…This is like a well charged car battery which can jump start a flat car battery. Please hold that impression before your gaze as we try to unravel the quantum energy boxers.


Electricity is a form of energy, and everything, at the end of the day, boils down to energy in various forms. When it is said, for example, that a thousand years on Earth are like one day in heaven, what is means is that the energy with which life moves on Earth or the energy of the earth plane is 1,000 times weaker than the energy life forms and activities in heaven. Thus, what would take 1,000 years to accomplish on Earth would happen or manifest in the twinkle of an eye in heaven. Please permit me to cite two testimonials from Christian literature.

When the inner eyes of men are suddenly opened to behold angels, do they not fall upon their knees in the fear of the brightness of the light which surrounds them? What happened at the transfiguration of the Lord Jesus, when his Divinity shone through his earth body? The light men see around higher beings and fear is a mere emanation from their inner cause, which are higher forms of energy than man’s. From these and other examples we may infer that the various spheres of existence which we call heavens are organised on the basis of varying voltages of energy, to use human expression. Lower lying worlds are lower voltage or lower energy worlds.

Man should, therefore, be on Earth because the voltage of this plane is homogenous with the voltage of the spirit kernel which he brought here, to develop into a higher voltage which can survive and not lapse into unconsciousness in higher voltage worlds. What I mean to say here is that man is a bundle of energy which is expected to vibrate at the highest possible frequency for his specie. He would be concious in a world which vibrates at the same frequency as it vibrates or at a frequency lower than his. He would be unconcious at a higher frequency because the power and pressure of that higher frequency would be much more than he can stand or bear.

When we pass electricity of a higher voltage through an electricity cable of lower resistance, does the cable not melt? when higher voltage of electricity than an electrical appliance is designed to handle passes through it, is the appliance not blown off? When brain cells suddenly discharge more electricity than the nerves can resist, do we not experience sudden knee jerks or, on some cases, even collapspe in epileptic feats?

We were expelled from paradise because we could not stand the pressure in paradise. Before we can return to paradise, we must develop our spirits through spiritual activities and ennoblement which will permit conscious existence under his power and pressure. This is the stumbling block of many people. They do not know how to do this or cannot just do it and believe endless hours of prayer and fasting and begging will see them through.

Anyone who doubts this conception may imagine what would happen to anyone who, unprotected, grabs naked high tension electricity cables with bare hands. The higher voltage which would rush through his low-voltage body would burn it to Ash. This is what happens in SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION (please check with Google) when the human body suddenly catches fire, and fire burns nothing else around, except that human body which it reduces to plain Ash. It has been recorded that this is a mode through which human souls on their maturity for higher realms move there from lower -lying planes. On Earth, only a few cases have been reported and, far in between.(More about this occurrence in future articles).Spontaneous human combustion simply means that the spirit becomes so energised and its power consumes the feeble earthly body that, on its own, is lifeless.


The human being is a spirit being in various casings, including the outermost shell, the earthly body picked up in a woman’s womb. Spirit is one of the creatures in creation, the highest as a matter of fact. The spirit world lies below the world of Angels, the Divine world. Spirit is a gradation of energy. Without this energy ,the human body lapses into disease and even death. On its own, the earth body is lifeless. But when it is glowed through by the indwelling spirit, the earth body comes alive, and generates some energy which unites with that of the spirit for both to hold on to each other. In sleep,this union relaxes to permit flight of the soul in what we call dreams. When the union falls apart, such as when the spirit loses the will to live, illness of the body, old age or shock as during an accident, death of the body occurs. While the union is in full swing, the body maintains it’s energy through the ELECTRICITY it produces from the food we eat.


When at rest, the body of an average person produces between 40 and 100 watts of power. During g activities such as athletics, the wattage may rise to between 300 and 400 watts. During sprinting, the wattage may shoot up to 2,000 watts. Foods rich in electrolytes support this venture. Among these electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Potassium resides inside the cell, sodium outside it. Together, they create the sodium/potassium pump. As sodium tries to enter the cell, potassium pushes it back. This creates an electrical circuit in and outside the cell which brings nutrients in and exports wastes and toxins. When the circuit is weak, the sodium/potassium or, better still, the sodium battery is said to be weak. In a strong battery, the electrolyte ions travel across protein based ion channels across the cell membrane which is made up of essential fatty acids. Thus, the more supportive the diet is on Omega 3 fats, the better for the transmission and energy output in the body.


The nervous system which governs the body is electricity based. When electrical output is poor, the heart, for example, may beat irregularly and a heart attack may occur. In respect of other organs, messages from the brain may not be well delivered, disruptions in cell life may arise and the outcome may be all sorts of diseases. In the region where the energy boxers chiefly impacts,these may present as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, absence of sperm, premature ejaculation, prostate gland discomfitures, urogenital challenges, kidney challenges and many more. As for women, infertility questions may be frequent, as may be period pains, uterine fibroids, prolapse of the uterus, blocked tubes and many more.


There are many ways to address these questions. In Asia, from where the quantum energy boxers has come, chakra or energy medicine is widely applicable. Energy medicine believes the spirit or the OVERSELF connects with the body at seven different points…1)sacral 2)pubis 3)solar plexus 4)chest(heart). 5)throat. 6)forehead(the third eye)and 7)hallo of the head. It is said that these points on the body are cites of etheric energy transformers which pass energy from the spirit to the body. If the spirit is Disturbed in these areas or the body cannot bring about the right amount of energy to unite at that point with it, the transformer (chakra) would weaken and the region it serves would be thrown into “energy black out”. It is obvious from this knowledge that emotional challenges which block the chakras has to be resolved by re balancing a disturbed spirit, or mind, if you like. The designers of quantum energy boxers do not pretend, in my view, that, in such cases, this gadget will wrought miracles. Nor will they, I dare say, discountenance the need for ” the right kinds of foods and drinks”. In fact, a literature review of this boxer describes it’s mechanism of action as follows…

Men’s Quantum Underwear

Men’s quantum underwear is designed separately. The scrotal bag can make the scrotum fully stretch, ventilate and dissipate heat, and solve the dampness of the scrotum. At the same time, it can make the scrotum stretch freely and achieve the effect of gentle massage. It can improve microcirculation, promote the secretion of testosterone, improve the ability of spermatogonia to divide and produce sperm, and improve the sexual and reproductive abilities of men. It can alleviate fatigue, improve and prevent prostatitis and urethral diseases, prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids, improve odor, and carefully care for the beauty of male masculinity.
Omni-directional ventilation, all-directional emission of quantum energy, dehumidification, odor removal, strong skin affinity of fabrics. Air permeability, comfort and energy replenishment. Light wave quantum implantation, pure physical effect, 100% safe, without any side effects.

1.Repeated washing, energy does not decrease
2. Antibacterial, bacteriostatic, bactericidal, enhance immunity
3. Activating cells, promoting blood circulation and dredging microcirculation
4. Improve the prostate gland, thoroughly solve scrotal dampness, frequent urination, urgency, incomplete urination
5. Improve low back pain”

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ever expanding world of ENERGY MEDICINE. We knew of ACCUPUNCTURE and ACCUPRESSURE and of REFLEX ZONE THERAPY. We knew of necklaces, bangles and socks. Last Thursday, we heard of energy eye glasses. Today, we hear of quantum energy underpant. The energy shoe may be just around the corner, like the energy singlet or the energy braziers. Our world is not a static world, but an ever expanding world.


In the column of last Thursday (12 December 2019), titled PROTECT YOUR VISION WITH POWER (ENERGY) EYE GLASSES, some returns on investment were projected based on the interpretation of the data available then. Those returns are higher than the actual returns which are as follows
1) Referral bonus is 20 percent of 80 U.S Dollars in the investment or N5,760 (not N14,000 as earlier projected)

2) Trading bonus earned on every 10 day trading of direct down lines of three percent of 1,000 U.S Dollars or N1,080(not N2,100)

3) Earning of N5,000 every 10days of one’s own trading is valid as stated

4) Besides, there is CHAIN PROFIT, which was not addressed last week. In this, e-commerce uplines not only earn from down lines, down lines earn as well from the trading activities of uplines.

Other Health questions

Give – me- Chance Cassava

This is a specie of cassava which has become very popular among farmers and the populace in Ikot Ekwere, under Itam town in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa – Ibom State. I am told, also, it is the cassava -of- choice in other local government areas. The cassava specie is nicknamed GIVE ME CHANCE because it is said to “scatter” the soil, pushing every thing aside to grow to a massive size for any cassava specie known in this region before now. Yet, it is grown like any other cassava specie and it takes between four months and six months to mature for harvest compared with one year for the older and natural specie.

Which farmer would not like this specie of cassava? It offers two planting seasons, instead of one, every year. For a region were cassava is a staple food, cheaper cassava products such as garri, fufu most welcome. In future, we may even have cassava tubers growing as big as a motor car. It would all depend on how the genes are located in the formulae structure. The genetic code tells every cell, man, animals or plants, how to behaves. We have already witnessed it in tomatoes, maize and wheat. The restructures wheat, which we now consume in Nigeria, has been shown to damage the intestinal lining of many people. Nature created the genetic structure of our cells and created, also, the genetic codes of food crops which would perform specific functions in our cells. Since the codes determines the functions food crops will perform in our cells, the genetic codes of food crops we are changing will perform in our cells functions other than those that nature created the original codes to perform. This is why organic farming is the way to follow in today’s Nigerian world. Now, I eat organic, green plantain and the peel made into powder . I also take as pap a wide varieties of whole grains such as white , yellow, millet and sorghum. Since ” fufu” makers in Lagos began to add HYPO to their production processes, I have secured my fufu powder from an organic source.


The symptoms resemble those of cholera except that they are less severe. Vomiting, stooling, imitable bowl and fever are present. So are fever, weakness, bleeding and even death. It can be confronted with Activated charcoal and Diatom. They suck up the irritating toxins and kill the offending germs. Golden seal Root tea or capsules kill the germs, too. Apple cider Vinegar taken on empty stomach or before a meal gives the stomach enough acid content from which these germs cannot survive, let alone find their ways into the pastro- intestinal tract.

Vervain stops spasms which cause vomiting. Basil help as well. On the pig farms, Basil fed raw to pigs distress by diarrhoea can rescues them from this intestinal problem. If the intestine is inflamed and producing mucus, Fenugreek should be at the ready. It would cut blood sugar though. So, be prepared to eat more. Curcumin 2000X is one of the best proprietary anti- inflamatories for internal use. The liver and the kidneys may be protected and cleansed with appropriate herbs, including milk thistle, Dandelion root, Cilantro and Sweet prayer Leaf. I never fail to add Maria Treben Bitters, which I mentioned earlier.

Maria Treben Bitters

This formulae of Swedish Bitters comes from Maria Treben, a legendary Austrian herbalist who wrote the book HELP THROUGH GOD’s PHARMACY in which she shares with us some of her clinical experiences. This product is not preserved with chemicals. And as she wrote in the book,it can serve about 50 purposes, including use in various forms of intestinal problems such as the stoppage of bleeding. In this regard, I would have liked to combine it with shepherd’s Purse, in the case of the twelve-years old girl earlier reported, as this herbs is well known for helping many cases of internal bleeding.

After-meal Sleep

When a person is knocked out during or so soon after a meal , some of the first questions i ask myself are…

1. Does this person have enough blood in circulation?
2. Is the liver in good condition?
3. Is the blood too thick?
4. Is the person suffering from Nacoplexy or sleep attack?

When we eat, blood flows more to the intestine for digestion. If not enough blood gets to the brain, sleep may easily follow the meal. If the liver health is sub-optimal, fat in the diet may destabilise it , making the affected person grossly heavy or ill- at ease. The blood is thick when it is dehydrated. Water should be drunk about 30 minutes before a meal to not only provide water for the production of digestive enzymes and their transport but also to dilute the blood ahead of new solute from incoming food. Thick blood inconveniences all parts the body, the body especially as, through the law of Osmosis steals fluid from the cell and tissues it passes through.

In nacoplexy or sleep attack, the affected adult sleeps like a baby, at meetings, in buses, or while making public speeches at a day function or even over meals. Such as a person may have an excess of the night time sleep hormone serotonin, in day- time, when the day time activity chemical, melatonin, should have been more abundant in the brain and body.

GREEN PASTURE HERBS facilitates access to the business opportunity discussed above.

Telephone:08034004247, 08116759749
WhatsApp: 08094226112

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