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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

WELCOME back from Eid-el-fitri festivities. During Eid-el-fitri, I am reminded not only that ram meat is better than cow meat for any-one who is mindful of his or her health, but, also, that, of the Four Animals at the foot of the Throne of the Almighty Creator, as the Christian Bible renders this image in the Book of Revelations, only the Ram bear the countenance of man. The ram and the three other Animals Form a perfect Square. The three others are a Lion, Eagle and a Bull, sometimes called an ox by some people. Of them all, the Ram is the only Animal to bear the countenance of man. This presentation holds a serious spiritual message for Mankind as do the mien of the other Animals.

Back in high school, I was not a Geometry loving student. And it was much, much later, when I began to become able to think deeply that I began to understand the Square and even the Pyramid. In school, as I said, I hated geometry and all those constructions which go with it. But when I became let into one of the messages of the Pyramid, I recognized what noble royal art it is for rendering to man spiritual messages of serious import for his existence. Today, I will mention only the projection upwards of the dot point or the dot on the Square on which each of these Four Animals stands. That construction gives rise to a Pyramid, with a Starting Point for everything above the square, and the square standing as the Four Pillars of Creation.

The Yoruba of South-Western Nigeria have come to this recognition in the course of their Spiritual development they origun merin ni ile aiye ni (the world has four pillars) if we can see these Animal not as animals in the sense in which we see and recognize earthly animals, but as living and knowing Beings, we may come to the recognition of their importance to the perfection of our beings, since they are the First Beings sighted nearest to the Creator. Whenever I eat ram meat, therefore, I never get over the thought that the Ram bears the countenance of man. Does the symbolism in the earthly ram featuring in our memory every Eid-el-fitri celebration hold for us a bigger message than we know of? While we contemplate this possibility, we must quickly return to terra firma, that is … to this Earth lest we detour from the urgent need to constantly detoxify our bodies of heavy metals and other toxic substances we cannot escape from every day on this poisoned Earth. Thanks, Alhaja Mario Abubakar, for your insight and encouragement. Many readers of this column and of this series may not really understand why this column is raising the current dust. She and one or two other readers telephoned me to express their delight at reading not about another litany of bacteria and viruses from which we must flee. Heavy metals are among those destructive substances assailing our health every day about which we obtain little or no information and against which we have little or no personal empowerment. So, from this week this column will strive to share information about how these can be acquired. Last week, the prospect of detoxification through high colonic irrigation was discussed. It is all about a catheter pumping detox materials into the bowels through the anus and, through this, opening up of the taps as it were to run out poisons from as far up as the liver to as far down as the anus. Sometimes, fecal wastes and poisons which have adhered to intestinal wall, obstructing absorption of nutrients and even preventing optimal digestion of foods, are scrubbed off the wall and brought out of the body. It may be necessary to have a medical doctor supervise a high colonic irrigation.

Vitamin B17 (Laetrile)

A war still rages between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine over whether Vitamin B17 does what the latter claims it does……. cure cancer.

Actually, the United States Food and drugs Administration (USFDA) banned it in the 1980s, hounted doctors who prescribed it, including Dr. Contreras Snr. Out of business. These doctors fled to Mexico which granted them full freedom for their prescriptions. And that, perhaps, is why, today, Mexico is acclaimed the worst leading cancer cure nation. Vitamin B17 is present in the seeds of fruits such as Apricots and Apples, and cassava and millet. I was alarmed when I learned for the first time that I could eat the seed of an apple if I wanted Vitamin B17. That was because of apple seed, like some other seeds, contained cyanide, a killer chemical substance. But I relaxed somewhat later when I obtained information about how this type of cyanide works. In the seeds of the fruits which contain cyanide, the cyanide is surrounded by laetrile. Tumour cells are believed to break the laetrile wall when the latter comes into contact with them. The broken laetrile releases the cyanide. The cyanide infuses the tumour, increasing its acidic content and, thereby, killing it. Alternative medicine doctors say this process works best when Vitamin B17 is administered along with Vitamin A, C, and E, all antioxidants, and pancreatic enzymes. This arsenal is believed to induce apoptosis or programmed cell death in the cancerous tissue.

In the 1980s, the department of physiology of Kyung Hee University in South Korea combined Amygdalin extract, as Vitamin B17 is also called, with prostate cancer cells in a test tube. The extract was reported to significantly induce apoptosis in the prostate cancer cells. This led the researchers to conclude that it offered hope for the treatment of prostate cancer. Animal studies concluded that vitamin B17 could kill cancerous bladder and brain cell if it was combined, for example, with anti-body enzyme complexes. Some other studies have proven that Vitamin B17 may have no effect on breast and human living cells, fueling its rejection in mainstream medicine as an anti-cancer medicine. Despite these reverses, Vitamin B17 have won accolades for reducing enlargement of lymph notes when it was administered intravenously, for stimulating white blood cell activity, for improving the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and liver enzymes. The support it gives liver function in this regard is thought to enhance the organ’s detoxification capacity. Thus, while the liver can detonate harmful heavy metals and free radicals, pancreatic enzymes prevent the transformation of healthy cells into aberrant cells.

Dr. Contreras Snr. (1915-2003)   popularized the use of Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin). He ran the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuane, a Mexico, for more than 30 years. After his medical training he enrolled for post graduate training at the Children’s Hospital Boston, was chief pathologist at the Army Hospital in Mexico City, was professor of histology and pathology at the Army Medical School. Many of his patients were from the United States which, till today, is pathologically opposed to the use of Vitamin B17 in cancer therapy.

Graviola leaves

In Nigeria, we call the fruit Sour Sop. In Europe, and the United States, it is reported to be one of those many cures for many seemingly intractable diseases which mainstream medicine is accused of trying to sweep under the carpet in favour pharmaceutical drugs. Graviola fruit is seasonal in Nigeria, and is expensive since it would appear not to be cultivated in plantations, as is the Practice today abroad. Two weeks ago, one of the long-standing readers of this column, Mr. Muhammed Rabiu Aliu, telephoned me to ask if there was anything new in the market. I told him a smart Nigerian retired General had cultivated a large acreage of NONI! Fruit, had begun production of Nigerian-made Noni juice which the sells on network marketing basis. This would not only create jobs but would save foreign exchange. Secondly Graviola (Sour sop) leaves may be worth considering in the absence of the fruit. He exclaimed! He said he suddenly remembered that a secretary of his once told him her sister who suffered from breast cancer for which she was seeing oncologists (cancer doctors) at the Lagos university  teaching Hospital (LUTH) eventually took Graviola leaf therapy and her doctors were later to confirm the cancer completely regressed. So, I undertook a small search for information on the leaf of sour sop and found it may help detoxification.

The journal “CANCER LETTERS” reports a study of the effects on Graviola leaf therapy on cancer pancreatic cases. The cells were prevented from multiplying and “advised” to die. The researchers concluded these leaves may prevent and treat cancer. In May 1998, THE JOURNAL OF OTHORNOPHARMACOLOGY reported Graviola leaf therapy suppressed the herpes simplex virus. In 2010, the INTERNATIONL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCE reported that mice induce to have inflammation and pain suffered less of these symptoms under Graviola leaf therapy than the placebo group.

Cilantro and chlorella

Cilantro, a deep green leaf herb and chlorella a deep-green algae, are reported to work in a partnership that can remove about 80 percent of the heavy metals in a person’s body. Cilantro leaf stem and root have been used in traditional medicine for their “antiseptic carminative, analgesic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, flatus-removing, depurative, deodorant, digestive, fungicidal, lipolithic, stimulant and stoma chic properties.” Dr. George Georgiou says:

“Many health practitioners use synthetic chelating agents such as DMPS, DMSA, EDTA and others to mobilize and eliminate heavy metals from the body. There are advantages and disadvantages to us. These one advantages is the power of their mobilizing activity-they are quick to mobilize and eliminate certain metals in the body, but this may place a life burden on the body’s detoxification system. Cilantro is the best used in conjunction with chlorella because it mobilizes more toxins, then it can carry out of the body. It may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals that were previously stored in safer hidden places. This can cause detoxification if another binding agent isn’t used to help rid the body of the heavy metals that are found in their hidden places throughout the body. People who have eaten large salad daily full of cilantro have experienced this effect moodiness terrible  acne,  joint pain  and more while they were mobilizing heavy metals, they weren’t all excreted from the body fart enough which meant they were detoxifying and retoxifying themselves at the same time”


Whatever goes up must come down, we say. And what goes around comes round. Another way of saying it is that one good turn deserves another. About two decades ago, an under 20 struggling mother of three children was obliged to add to her financial responsibilities care for one child from another home who needed food, clothing, medicine, and shelter. That child struggled through life and is, today in the United States, a medical doctor training to become a consultant gynecologist. Meanwhile, both foster mother and young woman kept in touch. The older woman developed a malignant tumour in the throat which does not permit water or food access to the stomach. A hole had to be made in her upper abdomen through which a feeding tube was fitted into her stomach to eat, she has to liquefy food and pipe down as though through a funnel. Now her stomach burns whenever food touches it. And, to top it all, she developed endometrial problem which makes her bleed from the vagina every day. The bleeding requires two to five menstrual pads every day to mop. I suggested she may add Zeolite to her seemingly endless list of nutritional supplements. Zeolite was scarce in Nigeria and expensive. It helped a gentleman in Benin City whose PSA (prostate Sensitive Antigen), which should normally read 0 – 4 counts but which had risen to more than 400 counts. His testes were to have been removed. But the crash of his PSA to almost normal saved them. This troubled woman sent an SOS message to many people abroad, but the gynecologist – in – training was the only one to respond. She checked on Zeolite and thought it could help her “Antie’s”. From her mega resource as a struggling student, she sent the first bottle and told her Zeolite was good in Cancer therapy.

Last week, she sent two bottle more with the prayer “antie, you must be well”. When I heard the news, the auntie and i said prayers together on the telephone for her wellbeing and mine as well. I hope you, too, will remember her in your prayers.

Zeolite has many uses, industrially and in chemistry. We are concerned here with its medical benefits as suggested by many sources, including www.globalhealingcenter.com, which says:

“One way to benefit your body in several ways is to detox with Zeolite. Zeolite are naturally occurring minerals, typically found in rocks and clay. Cultures around the world have consumed clay for health purposes. Prior to the rise of industrial used civilization and many animal species consume earth minerals as well. Zeolite has many industrial, agricultural and medical uses. Large amounts of research have been done on all the possible benefits of detoxing with Zeolite and studies show that they appear to balance pH within the body, reduces allergies, act as antioxidants and aid liver function. Zeolite also appears to help with digestion and most importantly, they may also help remove toxic metals from the body. One natural Zeolite, Clinoptilolite, was discovered to assist in removing toxic metal, toxins through, urination without depleting the body’s store of essential electrolytes. These studies are extremely encouraging because they suggest Zeolite can help with alleviating accumulated toxic metals. The benefits of Zeolite have been known in the medical community for many years. They have been used for blood purification, Zeolites supplements have been used to detox the body of lead and also known to fight diarrhea and harmful organisms.”

How does Zeolite work? The website explains: “The molecules in Zeolite contain a powerful magnetic energy, which can be used to attract and hold several types of toxins. The idea is that Zeolite pull the metals out of afflicted tissues and into themselves. this ability may be especially important for removing lead, Aluminum, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury. These metals are then passed out of the body through urination and defecation.”

I should advise in advance of your trial of Zeolite that it has, for me, and awful taste, despite my penchant to put anything “awful” on my tongue without squeezing my face. Once again, happy Eid-el-fitri in arrears. Some other day, we would talk about the Ram.


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