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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

NEXT time you see a flock of cattle egret near a swamp or some other water source, carefully watch them for one or two lessons. That was what the engineers of Volvo Car Corporation did with a swarm of locusts flying from opposite directions without collision, to give the car industry new model, intelligent cars which can avert collisions with other cars in slow traffic (15-30 Kph) or help to minimize impact and consequence(s) at up to 30kph. The secret of these CITY SAFETY cars, as they are called, is that sensors are placed in windscreens which can automatically apply the car’s breaks or de-accelerate the car, to avoid collisions with even pedestrians. The designer of the cars picked up the idea from flying locusts. If a million locust fly against another million locusts from the opposite direction, not a single one of the locusts from one direction collides with a single locusts from the other. When scientists examined the brains of locusts, they found out that Sensors in their brains were responsible for this intelligence. And that led them to feed the windscreens of the Volvo City Safety cars with sensors to monitor the traffic lanes and help (the drives) avert collisions, without taking away from him the personal responsibility for safe driving. We have a lot to learn or re-learn from Mother Nature, for example that the feathers of cattle egret chicks contain more heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, than those of the adult egret. The egret feeds on flies, and cattle teak, among other sources of their fit, suggesting or indicating that the environment may be concentrated with these heavy metals. The fact that these metals are less concentrated in the adult cattle suggest a more detoxifying mechanism in them.

What seems to me to be this more mature detoxifying mechanism is a characteristic of the cattle egret I read about in an old herbal literature on detoxification in humans. The story line was a sort of go-to-the-ant-and be-wise admonition. In aquatic areas, the cattle egret is reported to pick water with its beak for drinking and, after a fill (gulp), for injecting into its anus. Anal injection is like an enema which helps colon movement and aids detoxification of the colon and body. In earlier parts of this series, it was stated that heavy metal detoxification begins in the intestine. When the intestine is clear today, the body on the next day, literally speaking, unloads another round of toxins previously stored in the cells for safe keeping. The scenario goes on and on, suggesting the need for regular clearing or detoxification of the bowels. A hair analysis, as suggested by the concentration of heavy metals in the feathers of the young cattle egret, offers us humans a diagnostic opportunity to know how much load of heavy metals we carry from time to time.  Before I relate enema in the cattle egret to colonic irrigation (advanced form of enema) in humans that has now become the vogue among Nigerian elite, I would quickly like to mention cadmium toxicity.


In www.arttma.com, we learn that…:

“Cadmium is an extremely toxic metal which has no known necessary function in the body. Cadmium toxicity contributes to a large number of health conditions, including the major killer diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. “Cadmium displaces Zinc in many metallic-enzymes and many of the symptoms of Cadmium toxicity can be traced to a Cadmium-induced Zinc deficiency.

“Cadmium concentrates in the kidney, liver and various other organs and is considered more toxic than lead or even mercury. It is toxic at levels one-tenth that of Lead, Mercury, Aluminum or Nickel. Cadmium toxicity is increasing today for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is a Zinc deficiency in many commonly eaten foods. Zinc, which is protective against Cadmium, is becoming increasingly deficient in the soil and consequently in foods. Food processing and eating of refined foods further reduce Zinc intake.”

I would like to add to the contribution of this website that enlarged sexual appetite of men also causes Zinc deficiency.  More than half of the Zinc in a man’s body is stored in his prostate gland, for many reasons none the least of which is to moderate capacity of the 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme to cause prostate enlargement. Prostate secretions help to form and enrich the semen. Frequent ejaculations mean Zinc losses since the Prostate becomes active in every ejaculation. This is a possible cause of Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer among the men of today who, either due to ignorance or penury or being miserly do not add quality Zinc supplements to their diet.

As www.aritma.com. Adds:

“Exposure to Cadmium is also increasing due to its use as a coating for iron, steel and copper. It is also used in copper alloys, stabilizers in rubber and plastics, cigarette paper, fungicides and in many other products. Often, these industries then pollute water, air and food with thus metal. The most common sources of Cadmium toxicity are foods such as rice and wheat which are grown in soil contaminated by sewage sludge, super phosphate fertilizers and irrigation water. Large ocean fish such as Tuna, Cod fish and Addock concentrate within their tissue relatively large amounts of Cadmium. Oysters, although containing large amounts of Cadmium, also contains large amounts of Zinc which serves to protect against Cadmium toxicity. Beside contaminated produce and organ meats such as liver and kidneys, a significant source of Cadmium toxicity, is a diet high in refined foods. Zinc, which normally protects against the toxic effects of Cadmium, is largely removed during the milling process, leaving Cadmium behind.”

Given this information, shouldn’t we be glad processed rice or white rice has become so expensive in Nigeria that we have been forced to look inwards for substitute staples? Processed white or polished rice has little or no Zinc, more than 98 percent of the Zinc having been removed. In contrast, Ofada or native, brown rice which, hopefully, will flood the market by December has lots of zinc. In the murmurings over white rice price increases, which the politicians of yesterday are exploring to stage a come-back, Nigerians have been like the children of Israel who in the wilderness, forgot their sufferings and dehumanization in Egypt to quarrel with Moses over inconsequential wants compared with the gains of freedom and the prospect of a promised Land gift. The Yoruba proverb of yore would describe such people as chickens barred from foraging on refuse dumps to protect them against infection, disease and death but which, nevertheless, are bent on life on the refuse dumps. I do consume these devitalized foods, if I cannot avoid them, without taking my food supplements which must include Alkaline Vitamin C, coral calcium and Zinc.

Our guide website www.arltma.com says:

“Many processed foods have had the protective elements Zinc and Calcium process. Cadmium however remains, and is readily absorbed since the Zinc and Calcium are not available to compete for absorption. Cadmium may also be used as plating material in food processing plants, thereby finding its way into processed food products. Processed meat, refined grains, instant coffee and Kola drinks are among the most common sources of Cadmium toxicity. Widespread use of white rice, along with various vitamin and mineral deficiencies, contribute to Cadmium toxicity by their high Cadmium/Zinc ratio. An excessive carbohydrate intake also seem to reduce tissue Zinc levels, further aggravating a Cadmium toxicity problem.

“Solder used to seal cans is a common source of Cadmium. Cadmium used in industry finds its way into many water supplies. Soft water is more dangerous since the Calcium in hard water has a protective effect. Old galvanized pipes and new plastic (PVC) pipes are sources of Cadmium in our drinking water. Cadmium is used in numerous industries, in battery electrodes, semi-conductors. Workers in these industries are at risk of exposure. Dental amalgams and appliances may also contain Cadmium. Cigarette deposits between two and four micrograms into the smoker’s lungs. Cigarettes are especially, dangerous because Cadmium is effectively absorbed when inhaled, motor oil, exalt, incineration of rubber goods, tyres, plastics and paints….. Cadmium levels are highest in urban areas where incineration takes place and where vehicle are higher.”

We should be grateful to www.arlthma.com for this information, and like other websites mentioned in this column, we should visit the regularly to improve our health education. The information in these websites, which may be found in back files of this column in the Nations website or from www.olufemikusa.com, should open our eyes to why disease and death are becoming more prevalent in Nigeria today, despite the quantum leap in university education from four universities in my days as a young man in the 1070s, to about 117 today, according to www.ailafrica.com.in other words, while education is growing, ignorance is also growing.

Last week, one of my younger cousins in the village broke to me the news of his wife’s death from kidney failure complications arising from diabetes. My mind raced immediately to orange peel among other possible solutions to the sugar menace, and to heavy metal toxicity. Many young people suffer today from breast questions, seizures, color cancer issues, sperm count problems and erection problems, hormonal imbalance and infertility. When we realize these problems may have arisen from heavy metal and other toxin toxicity, and see the root causes everywhere we go, as already indicated, we may become crest fallen, believing there is no escape, if we did not know about detoxification and the various helps Mother Nature offers us in this regard. Shedding some light on some of these is the purpose of the later part of this series.

Colonic Irrigation

If you remember the cattle egret pumping water into its anus and you remember, also, the good, old enema, you would probably have an idea on colonic irrigation or high colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy. It was begun in Nigeria in about the 1980s. From pipes fitted to the anus, substances that stimulate a gentle bowel flush are mixed with warm water and gently piped into the system. Sometimes, herbs are used. Sometimes, fiber materials are employed. At other times, the main ingredient may be inedible inorganic coffee. Toxic fecal wastes would have built up in the bowels. The diet would have filled the intestine with such poisonous matter as red meat sludges and colourings, as is now used in palm oil, carbide, as is now used to force fruits to ripen, milk and other dairy products which cause sludges refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, that may have produced residues which adhere to intestinal wall, thus preventing the absorption of nutrients. Add to these poor intake of vegetables, consumption of constipation – inducing bread products, beer, and the street likes of them, including coffee and fizzy drinks a high colonic irrigation process is described in www.detoxologie.com:

“Once you are comfortably positioned on the colon hydrotherapy system, a towel is placed over you to maintain your privacy. A sterile catheter is then inserted into the reaction; our therapist will start the procedure by turning on the switch, allowing room – temperature water to start gently following into the colon to stimulate the body’s own peristaltic motion. This flow of water continues until light cramping is experienced. At this point, you will release the water and the fecal matter is eliminated in a hygienic – like manner. This process is repeated until the eight gallons per 42 liters (One full tank) has been used. Each time you released the water, you are also releasing waste material from your digestive tract, which may not have been removed without the procedure. A registered nurse or colon hydro therapist is always available to assist you with the procedure or answer any question you may have.”

The number of procedures you would have in Nigeria, ranging from about N80, 000 to well over one million Naira, would depend in the medical doctor in charge. In some clinics, you would be given probiotics to take after the last session. Many people say afterwards that they feel like they have a new lease of life or a sound wind or have discovered the spring of youth. But there are other people who say it did not help their condition or even worsened it. One man’s meat, they say, is another person’s poison.

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