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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Descent from Life, as Great Cycles Close

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Call: +2348116759749

Sometimes, when reading and writing tire me, and I stare at the world through the large window of my study, but at nothing in particular, thoughts of heart breaking events in Nigeria fill my heart. Inevitably always, I come to the inescapable spiritual conclusion that great cycles of old in which many, if not all of us, were involved, are closing, under compulsion of the natural law which makes everything return to its point of origin. Just as the blood flows out of the heart and returns to it, or as water evaporated into the clouds from the rivers and seas returns to them in rainfall, so do events we once originated or partook of return, for us to experience their consequences or to harvest fruits of their seeds, sour, bitter or sweet, or sour. Today, I remember a young Christian Tutsi woman from Christian Rwanda, a land of the Hutus and Tutsis devastated a few years ago by ethnic Christian -on- Christian genocidal civil war. I remember, also, the 40 or more southern Nigerian Christian students at the Nigerian polytechnic in Mubi, a northern Nigerian town. They were woken up from deep sleep in the dead of the night by radical Islamic militants, asked to renounce Jesus Christ, and then shot in the head or chest.

I remember as well the predictions of the great French seer, Nostradamus, who about 400 years ago foretold man’s landing on the moon, the two world wars, great scientific discoveries of today, the possibility of a huge earthquake in America that is likely to convulse western United States, the appearance of a second sun in our solar system which will outshine the present sun, a war between Islamic countries and Christian nations, an earthquake in America just as Islamic forces are close to victory, the consumption of Islamic and Christian forces in the earthquake, the collapse of religion, in its present cast and the search for a better explanation of God and His Creation, a serious climate change in which the earth’s North pole and the South pole will reverse positions, changing configuration of the solar system and turning Africa into a temperate zone and making Europe become tropical, the rising of a huge land mass in the Atlantic which sank long ago, displacement of huge bodies of sea water as the land resurfaces, flooding or submergence of coastal lands and nations as displaced water infiltrates land, the appearance of a huge lake in the Sahara desert, widespread, large scale confusion on earth, loss of the power of technology, return to simple, communal lifestyle …and the emergence of Africa as new hope and leader of earth men as it once was in the days of Atlantis.


For many reasons, I cannot mention the name of this woman.

She is a Tutsi from Rwanda, a country peopled also by Hutus.

Both tribes are also found in The Congo and in Burundi, nations that were created with dissimilar peoples in the European scramble for Africa. These artificial political creations, an example of which Nigeria is, is a defiance of Nature which, as the bearer and anchorage of God’s Will in His Creation, has placed kind among kind to produce culturally, historically and linguistically harmonious people together as nations. Look at the human body, as a further example. Cells of the eye are not to be found among cells of the brain. Women who suffer from endometneosis should appreciate this. The endometrium is the lining of the womb. If its cells escape into other parts of the reproductive system, there is “war” with the hosts, so to say, and inflamation, pain and sometimes life-threatening bleeding that doctors may have to scrape out the invaders or surgically remove affected organs. In Nature, dissimilarity does not bring harmony and peace, and, one day, disharmonious people must draw the dagger or pull gun on one another. Ants don’t live with bees. Nor do lions and elephants cohabit. In the sea, salmons have their abode and tilapia theirs. The specie must be homogenous for peace to reign.

In Rwanda, the Hutus decided to eliminate the Tutsis. I will simply call our friend T. When Hutu soldiers invaded her home, T. her mother and younger sister fled together, Her father and other siblings were not so lucky. T, her mother and younger sister found refuge in the home of a Tutsi woman married to a Hutu. The couple dug a manhole in their compound where they hid mother and children. The refuges came out in the night to feed and returned to their prison cage before dawn. Then, one day, Hutu soldiers came to the house in search of Tutsis. The man told them no Tutsi lived there. But the soldiers knew better. They asked for his wife. They spoke to her in Hutu language, but her Hutu was not fluent. They gave her husband a gun and asked him to kill her. He was reluctant. They told him they’d kill her and then kill him if he did not kill her He …killed his wife, and was never the same again. He fled the house afterwards. Before the incident, mother instinct had made T’s mother leave the house, against pleas by her daughters in search of her youngest daughter who was barely seven. For one week or longer after the murder of their hostess, T and her sister remained holed up without food, water, sufficient air and sunlight. The younger girl was feeble and dying until they would die. T took a risk, brought her sister out and made whatever meals that would sustained them until they would doe. Again, soldiers came, this time, Tutsi soldiers liberating the land. Identified as Tutsi, the girls told their story and led the fighters to their home. There, to their horror, lay the remains of their parents and little sister, chopped to pieces, like logs chopped into bits. It was indescribable trauma. The events in Rwanda, glimpses of which are now occurring in Nigeria in the burning of churches and killing of Christians, by Islamic militants, are going on in many parts of the world, but unknown to us in this country.


Opposition literature, which would appear to be suppressed by the mainstream press, suggests that Arabia and Islam have a stronger hold on the United States today than ever. In the drive for petrodollar, America dined and wined with the so-called Devil” with short spoons. President Barrack Obama, unlike conservative American Presidents, would not avenge the slaying of American diplomats in Libya in an election year. Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (Foreign Minister), is accused of keeping a Personal Assistant with proven blood links to leaders of the militant Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. President Obama is accused of being a disguised Moslem who attends church as a Christian to mask his beliefs. But none of his challengers can prove their fears that his high mission is the Islamisation of America! There is no doubt, however, that he has pursued policies which encourage largely Moslem illegal immigrant infiltration into the country. When Hillary Clinton is told her government is too soft on Islamic militants, she canvasses understanding and respect for Islam and race, and annoys her audience with reminders that Christians, too, have been or are still militants, citing the Crusade, the Hutu massacre of Tutsis, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) war on Britain and the Ku Klux Khlan in America. The American gun industry has politicized, along the lines of Islamic take-over of America, President Obama’s bid to dispossess American citizens of personal light arms. He says if no citizen bears personal arms, the high crime rate, for which the country is notorious would decline. But the Opposition says this is a ploy to make America powerless when the Arabs strike, as Nostradamus predicts they would. Under American Constitution, every citizen must be a member of the Peoples Militia and bear personal arm. This is distinct from the Regular Army. It is the Army of Last Resort when all else fails. The architects of the Constitution may have created this mass force to wrest power from the aboriginal West Indians, and, having conquered the land, this Army may have outlived its usefulness. But being a constitutional creation, it cannot be abolished without an amendment to the Constitution, which appears impossible in a country where practically every one loves to own guns and where the personal arms industry is big, big business. So, Obama went through the back door… to the United Nations, to propose a treaty among nations banning their citizens from owning or bearing personal arms as a means of curbing terrorism. Countries which sign the treaty would be obliged to disarm their citizens. So, President Obama, too, would be able to disarm Americans, because the Constitution would have to bow to the Treaty. I almost lost the confidence of some of my anti-Obama American friends when I supported the president on account of my belief that such an international UN Policy, if well enforced in Nigeria, could help the slack and sagged security situation of this country. They thought I was too myopic not to clearly see where Obama was heading. Accordingly, there is mass mobilization on the internet to resist the President. In the campaign are military and other security officers. Some say they are under institution to be on red alert in November. One even warns that, at that time, no one should be too far from his home because, due to unfolding events, he may be unable to return. As I write this Monday morning, I read two posts in the internet. One titled MILITARY & POLICE CALL IN ABOUT GUN CONSFICATION ORDERS says:

St. Louis city residents have been warned not to be alarmed at the sight of U.S. Army tanks rolling down residential neighborhoods after sightings of the vehicles provoked fears of martial law”.

The details could not be immediately obtained as the server

was unreachable. A second post today, obtained on infowars. Com says:

“The battle lines are drawn and you should prepare for massive civil unrest and civil war. A Federal Appeal Court has ruled that the U.S. Government can still indefinitely detain citizens.


Students and scholars of Nostradamus’ and other prophesies of great import for our time look to the Middle East for the handwriting on the wall. Long ago, long before the time of Moses, this region hosted a people and events which set the ball rolling for the time in which we stand. Few people know about these events and this Arabian tribe whose land lies buried today in the desert, to preserve it for the future world when the cycle of those events begin to close. This is not speaking in tongue or in parable. There are people who know of this anchorage of power in Arabia, which may be one of the reasons why this region is aglow with energy and restlessness which, unfortunately, are being expended in the wrong directions. This tribe was a Chosen people who were to lead earthmen spiritually to God. I believe that, after them, the mantle fell on Jews and, after them , Germans, who blew it up in two world wars, a spiritual mission having been mistaken for political dominion of the earth. I do not think the United States, today unipolar world leader, has a place in these matters. It is a power based on the power of technology. Take technology away from its hands, and it collapses like snow melting in the scorching tropical sun.

Where in any case, other than the abyss, would a country which legalises homosexualism and lesbianism and forces teachers in primary schools to teach them positively as part of a subject curriculum? I am glad Mark Hitchcock says this much in the just ended conference titled UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES in Eden, Prairie, a Minneapolis suburb. Hitchcock, author of over a dozen books and the well read The End: A Complete Overview of Bible Prophesy and the End of Days was reported by BEN MILLES on face- book. Says Milles:

“Hitchcock also spoke about America’s role in the Bible prophesy and said that although some try to twist possible hints in the Bible about America, there are far too many problems with those views. Instead, he says, America doesn’t seem to be part of an end-time scenario.

“He admitted that any conjectures on why America may not be involved in the end times would only be a guess, but he offered a few plausible scenarios”

Milles quoted Hitchcock as saying: “We could see a nuclear 9/11, or a financial apocalypse or even an oil crisis.”Well, that seems to tally with the NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTION. He said an earthquake of serious magnitude would hit California. It took hundreds of years after for science and technology to discover a huge fault in the California earth plate that could cause such huge earth movement about which science and technology could do nothing. If, as Nostradamus said, America becomes infirm and Japan goes under water as once did Atlantis, with parts of LOWLAND Europe also going under, what would the world of the future look like? In the 1970s when we discussed this in spiritual contemplative meetings, grave pictures emerged. If, as an example, Europe is in no position to sell us water purification chemicals, wouldn’t the municipal water works fail?. Many of us advised ourselves should be build our own houses, to provide no fewer than two deep wells. Boreholes may not work. Where will there be fuel to run generators or spares to maintain them?. Forget about cars or air travel. Forget the computers. We would be back to simple lifestyles. And for Nostradamus’ students and scholars who like to believe the Christianity/ Islam war would start from the Middle East, Miles reports:

“Hitchcock says today’s news reports indicate a new alliance is developing of nations that haven’t regularly gotten along with each other in the last, oh, few thousand years. And their common foe would be Israel, said Mark Hitchcock.

“What makes this century different than any other, said Hitchcock, is that Israel has once again been reconstituted as described in Ezekiel 37 in the prophesy on the Dry Bone.

Milles report Hitchcock as saying that nations from Russia to Iran, Libya and Turkey have never been allies throughout history, and yet here in modern times each of these countries is not only prominent in the head- lines, they seem to be forming alliances none too friendly with Israel.

As Hitchcock said: “All of the Ezekiel 38 nations are identifiable today and are forging alliance with each other” “He was addressing a packed house at the UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES CONFERENCE in Eden, hustled by Olive Tree Ministries Attendees came from as far as India and Jerusalem for the 15th annual conference at a large church auditorium ”

He quotes Hitchcock: ”It is as if today’s headlines were written 2000 years ago,” adding

“He pointed to one prophesies he feels is nearing fulfillment known by those watching prophesy as the Gog-Magog war. The text of the prophesy can be found in Ezekiel 38. It described an alliance of nations that go to war with Israel.


We are still a simple, pure but dissimilar people living in a

complex radical and militant global village in which we

seem unable to protect ourselves. With that militant world anchoring in northern Nigeria, it is still unclear how a southern politician will be safe in the north in 2015 campaigning for the Presidency. That year will be the 101st anniversary of the forcing together by British colonialists of dissimilar people in breach of natural laws. There is fear in the land. Will President Jonathan re-run or flee? Will a Moslem President turn Nigeria into an appendage of Arabia? Will northern Sudan or northern Mali happen here? Will a northern Christian president such as David Mark be a compromise? If the Moslem North wishes to adopt sharia life should the Christian south stop them? If the militants ask southerners and Christians to leave the north, isn’t it their land and haven’t they got the right to decide whoever they want to live with them? I pity President Jonathan he is the man of the moment. But like Wiston Churchill he would not bring down the Wall, even if Nature so demands, and for its greed. Last week, greed for Bakassi oil drove America, Britain and France on solidarity mission to the Cameroon; as Nigeria prepares to appeal the World court judgment which gave this oil-rich peninsula to its belligerent neighbour. There they go again.

Cycles of events triggered long ago are closing. The Crusade and the Jchad in particular. Christian have learned from the Crusade that man is unworthy to “fight” for God. Islam, like Christianity, preaches love and peace among men. Who is like God? Who among us men can command underground water to rise and it will, flooding oceans and cities? Who can command the sun to move only one kilometer upward to cause the earth to freeze and life to end? Who else can order it to move closer to the earth and make heat end earth life? Who can else can command the moon to fall over the earth to destroy it? Does God need man to create His world or to run it? These is a lesson radical Islamic militant’s will yet learn. Islam preaches love, not hate; peace, not strife.

Suddenly, I rouse from seeming slumber and remember I have a column to write. So, here is it.

White America is paying for the Slave Trade. Whatever is false in Nature that man has forcibly sustained will collapse. A gale of purification will sweep through Africa if, as Nostradamus predicts, it will be the hope of man in the future.

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