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With 2020 gone into the archives, it is natural to pray and to hope that 2021 will be a really brand new and clean year free of COVID 19 harassments. Afterall, the Indian boy who predicted it said it should be gone by September or December last year. But what are we hearing now? A newer and deadlier strain of COVID 19 has hit the United Kingdom, some countries have imposed travel bans on that nation, and the new virus has found its way again into Lagos and Abuja through the usual vectors…the high and mighty Nigerians who will never learn to stop gallivanting worldwide. So, it would seem we are in it again, and must return to the trenches.

In the trenches, there are really helpful and healing herbs. I mentioned some of them last year after I recovered from a three -week bout with look “alike” symptoms of COVID 19. My experiences and how I bounced back to life were posted in www.olufemikusa.com under the title COVID 19: LOOK ALIKE SYMPTOMS JOIN THE LEXICON. Recently, this Column has been inviting the attention again to energy medicine, as a cure for diseases. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, author of THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASES, has featured on this page in this regard. About four weeks ago, the Bahamas attempted in psychic surgery was mentioned in the column on DIVERTICULAR, DIVERTICULOSIS, DIVERTICULITIS AND ANAL FISTULA.(see also www.olufemikusa.com).

Last week, Mrs Grace Aina Adu, from Abeokuta, made my day with a post on the healing potentials of human radiations. Before I come to her wasap post , I would like to quickly say Something about human radiations and about Dr Hulda Clark’s book which, in my opinion, may hold the key to a drugless cure of corona virus infection but was trampled underfoot decades ago by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).


This column is noted for saying everything which exists is a gradation of energy. If we rely on physics and electricity to understand this concept, we may speak of voltages of different gradations and of bigger voltages consuming smaller ones or breaking them down. That is why a person in contact with a high voltage electricity source the body cannot resist is electrocuted. The source of human radiation is not the physical body. It is that “breath of life” breathed into the mud or clay body to give it life…the human spirit. As it glows through the body, the physical vessel in which it sojourns on earth comes alive. There is no doubt that this vessel must thereafter develop and Maintain its own energy to be in union with the spirit. How well it does so will depend on how well it is looked after dietarily and through lifestyles of the being within, the spirit. When the spirit Departs or withdraws, the body falls apart, lifeless, dead.

There is abundant evidence that human radiation exists. Animals like to come around humans because human radiation helps them to form their souls. Observe the cat, dog, chicken or goat. We can ask: What about snakes and lions? They, too, should freely live with humans had humans not lost touch with their responsibility on earth to unite all creatures under their dominion. In the days of Gautama Bhuddah in India, humans and snakes lived together in harmony. Snakes attended human festivals in worship of the Most High and were used for security guards of communities. Several years ago, I accompanied Mr Lade Bonuola, when he was Managing Director of Guardian Newspaper, to a rural town for the funeral of one of the parents of his wife. We had an open air reception in the evening enlivened with classical music. I knew something would happen because there was a farm nearby. Suddenly, there was shouting, and the reception temporarily broke up. A snake had came around! Snakes enjoy classical music , and this one may have come to felicitate with us. Unfortunately, they now live in fear of us and we of them. The beautiful days of Bhuddah are long gone. In those days, men understood the language of animals and conversed with them. People who live in big houses know that uninhabited rooms smell stale, while inhabited ones are fresh smelling. In the villages, houses collapse not simply because they are old but because they are uninhabited as inhabited older houses show no signs of strain. It is easy to note from this that something human maintain houses!
If we doubt, it is probably because we have never reared animals .

I once reared rabbits and pigs. If rabbit babies fall from the cage and you pick them with bare hands and return them to the cage, the mother rabbit will abandon them. This is because she will smell something human on them. So, the wise rabbit farmer picks them with gloved hands. If there is no glove, the farmer caresses the body of the mother rabbit for some time. During this time, something from the rabbit’s body hangs over the farmer’s hand and reflects on the baby rabbit’s body when it is picked with bare hands. This is an interesting aspect of pig farming. Female pigs (sows) breeds about two times a year. The gestation period is about three months, three weeks and three days from the time she is taken during her “heat” period to the boar (male) for mating. The farmer expects a litter of between 8 and 10 piglets to recoup breeding cost. Sometimes, the budget is ruined by a litter of three or four piglets.

The disappointed farmer may be self centered. In that case, the sow may be sent right away to be “crossed” by a boar while its piglets are taken away to another nursing mother. The mother pig would tell them out from her own piglets if the precautions mentioned in respect of the rabbit are not observed. The mother pig may bite the strange piglets to death or eat them raw.

Christians who are familiar with the story of the cure of the woman with the issue of blood for several years when she touched the garment of the Lord Jesus, should know this is healing by radiation. We do not know which disease produced the seeming perpetual bleeding. But it is obvious that her system was down. Energy from the Being of Jesus suffused His garment. By touching His garment, energy flowed through her and she became healed. Immediately she touched his garment, Jesus asked:”Who touched me, for I perceive power go out of me”. This statement confirms that “power” is ever going out of us, suffusing our clothing and other personal effects and connecting us with these items wherever they may be. Elisha maintained connection with his master prophet Elijah, when he obtained the former’s garment as he was borne aloft heavenwards in a chariot of fire, an ethereal, not physical, event. We read of king Solomon and the maidens who laid around him to keep him warm. Maidens, like children, have an abundance of animistic energy, which is why, in the healing protocols of some cultures, it is encouraged that children stick around a sick person. Can we forget connections of the placenta to a new born baby? In Africa, it is buried in “safe” places where no one can easily discover it. It is believed that anything done to the placenta would travel on its radiation connection to the owner and impact the message physically on him or her. We are very likely familiar with the stories of missing clothes, head gears or even shoes and stands of sponge in our villages. In Europe, trees are planted on placenta sites. It is believed that conditions of such trees reveal the fortunes of” owner ” wherever he or she may be on the face of the earth. Thus, radiation connections should advise against the wearing of second hand clothes and briefs which is common in Nigeria today. Who knows what the last owner suffered from and if a radiation connection still exists with the clothes or undies? Can the radiations of disease (s) not travel on this radiation bridge to the new owner?

Human radiation is felt more in the blood stream. The spirit makes the blood. That is why blood circulation ensues in about the middle of pregnancy , evidenced in the first foetal kicks , when the soul takes possession of the growing baby and crashes with the physical death. It is through blood radiation that the spirit communicates with the body and uses it. As the spirit is the highest creature on earth, human blood radiation is meant to be the strongest vibration on earth. This should , therefore mean that nothing outside configurations of the body should exist in it. The blood radiation should easily pulverize and vanquish it. Therefore, where disease can still thrive in human body, investigations should be directed more towards the blood radiation and the soul and the physical body. Already, as we may soon see, mankind was forewarned in the 1920s that blood diseases would erupt in our time because blood radiation was ebbing as the soul and spirit became more subjected to higher voltages of energy pouring down like rainfall upon the earth as it approached the precincts of a new age.


She said in her main book, CURE FOR ALL DISEASES , and other books that all diseases were caused by parasites and could be cured by a simple electrical device which she designed and produced for sale. She offered the design free in her book to show her honesty of purpose.

The summary of her proposition is that everything which exists announces its existence through a peculiar emanation equivalent to a radio frequency. Thus, if the radio frequency of a parasite, say corona virus, was known, it would be easy to destroy it by producing a radio frequency to jam and dismantle its own. This process is akin to the jamming of the broadcast of a radio or television station, or of the signals of early warning systems in outer space. The medical and scientific community in the United States denounced Dr Clark and pursued her out of the country with law suits. They had what appeared to be a last laugh in 2009, when, at the age of 82, Dr Clark died of blood and bone cancer. Why didn’t she cure herself, they asked. The same jest question was made of Dr Linus Pauling who advanced mega doses of vitamin c for the cure of diseases. He died of cancer at about 104 years, two nobel prize awards behind him, neither of which he shared with anyone , a rare honor. The major critics of Dr Paulin died in their 60s and 70s. Nevertheless, sarcasm was what the disciples of his critics hurled at his earthly remains. The wise Chinese followed the medical teachings of Dr Pauling about COVID 19 and vitamin c, and bounced out of the pandemic, whereas his opponents are still searching for incomprehensible solutions.

Dr Clark may not get it all right. For not all diseases are caused by parasites. The strength of the vigour of health lies in the blood, spiritually speaking. We cannot run away from this, for we are human spirits on earth from the spirit world, paradise. The spirit animates the body, that is gives it life which makes the body to exist as though it has a life of its own. But when the spirit detaches itself from the body, the body falls apart, lifeless, dead! What gives the body its existence as a living form is the blood, which is made by the spirit. And, as it is now known, nothing which is not meant to exist in the body such as parasites, can exist in it if the BLOOD RADIATION is of optimum strength and health. Where it is not, it means the spirit is weak, sick, not vibrating well. That is a spiritual question which no earthly medicines can cure. Today, the majority of mankind equates spiritual life and questions to not the spiritual but the religious.


This is what I titled a wasap post from a swiss cross bearer which Mrs Grace Aina Adu, a crossbearer, sent to me from Abeokuta. If you wonder who a cross bearer is, he or she is an adherent of THE GRAIL MESSAGE- IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, by Abdrushin. The post says…
I’ve got this from a Swiss crossbearer so stimulating:


The spiritually minded will understand:

The Covid virus has an oscillation of 5.5 Hz and dies above 25.5 Hz.
For people with a higher vibration, infection is a minor irritant that will soon be eliminated!

The reasons for low vibration can be:
All forms of fear, phobia, stress, tension.
Jealousy, anger,
Hate, greed,
Attachments or pain

And so we have to understand how to vibrate higher so that the lower frequency does not weaken our immune system.
The frequency of the earth today is 27.4 Hz. But there are places that vibrate very quietly like:
Help centers,
In the underground etc.

Here the vibration drops to 20 Hz or less.

The virus becomes dangerous for people with low vibration.
Pain 0.1 to 2 Hz.
Fear 0.2 to 2.2 Hz.
Being irritable / tension 0.9 to 6.8 Hz.
Noise / being loud 0.6 to 2.2 Hz.
Proud 0.8 Hz.
Superiority 1.9 Hz.

On the other hand, increased vibrations are created in the following behaviors / inner moods:
Generosity 95hz
Gratitude 150 Hz
Compassion 150 Hz or more.

The frequency of love and compassion for all living beings is 150 Hz and more.
Unconditional and universal love from 205hz

So come on …
swing higher !!!

What helps us create high vibrations?
Love, smile, bless, give thanks, play, paint, sing, dance, yoga, tai chi, meditate, walk in the sun / daylight, exercise, enjoy nature, etc.

Food that the earth gives us: seeds-grains-cereals-legumes-fruits and vegetables-
Drinking water: helps us swing higher ….. !!!

The vibration of the prayer alone goes from 120 to 350 Hz *
So sing, laugh, love, meditate, play, thank and live!

Let’s swing high … !!!
This information is provided by nature therapist Dr. Harshal Sancheti, Nasik, compiled and edited

The original source of this information is from the book * Power Vs Force *
Based on * David R Hawkins’ PhD thesis *.
Please share this valuable information!


Abdrushin completed THE GRAIL MESSAGE- IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH in the late 1920s when two significant events in the universe took place. First, the earth came under a new AGE. Then, the universe completed its gigantic cycle to usher in a COSMIC TURNING- POINT. Space does not permit descriptions of these events. Suffise it to say that the earth now is in THE AQUARIAN AGE in the cosmic clock, also known as the third REICH or Kingdom of the HOLY SPIRIT, after the age of the FATHER AND THE SON. As the Holy Spirit created the Universe, mankind should expect the Final Judgment of which Jesus forewarned.

In summary, THE Aquarium Age and The Cosmic Turning Point impact the earth with stronger vibrations than it has hitherto come under. Mature human spirits withstand them and flourish in them as was intended by cosmic forces beyond man’s control. Immature human spirits cannot bear the pressure. As the spirit forms the body and the blood, that means sick spirit, sick blood and sick body. Thus, based on His assessment of the spiritual state of making, Abdrushin, forewarned in those days that our civilization would experience a flourish of blood diseases. COVID 19 has been one in a long chain of them which includes cancer of all sorts and HIV AIDS. When the spirit is strong and healthy by spiritual, not intellectual definition, no material pathogen or substance can take root in its well vibrating blood circulation. Many of us human beings on the earth today are now like chicken bitten in the rain, cold and shivering. In the spiritual school that the earth is, we can also be likened to school children who are” O” Level failures but have found themselves about to write a university degree final examination. So insightful for this day were Abd-rushin’s admonitions that neither drugs nor injections but the right kinds of foods and drinks bring lasting health… and that humanity, groping in the dark for radiant health, ignoring the simple and searching for the incomprehensible (vaccines), may infuse the physical body with more and more poisons.

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