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Covid 19, Chymall Succour, Great Expectations From 2021 (2)

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247


About this time every year, I always try to preview the coming one. I have been doing that. But I am afraid the skyline is still foggy although some outlines are surfacing. Covid 19 helps the thinkers in check. Ideas for the New Year may begin to emerge in March, however, when leading lights on Asian Traditional and Alternative Medicine from 8 nations submit their thoughts and experiences to a conference in Tokyo, Japan, on April 19 and 20. Just before the 8-nation Asian conference, the French will conduct theirs in Paris from March 24-25 on Traditional and Natural Medicines in Africa, Asia, Mexico, Korea, and India.

Whatever new insights come from any of the departments of traditional and alternative medicine I doubt if they would surpass those from QUANTUM FUNCTIONAL ENERGY MEDICINE. For centuries, or, perhaps, for as long as man has lived and recognized there is a force superior to him in the universe, it has been known that everything which exists is a piece of storage of energy. Thus, even in a piece of metal, the component crystals are no more than bits of energy vibrating at different frequencies and pulsing now and then to create a rhythm. The biological systems to which the human body belongs is not different. Every component of an organ vibrates at different frequencies and, collectively, produces a bioelectrical field which, is unique to that organ. This bioelectric field is affected for good or for heal by other electric fields in the universe. Organs are in states of dis-ease when component units vibrate below par or above their bars. In FUNCTIONAL ENERGY MEDICINE, which QUANTUM PHYSICS has learnt substantial knowledge, it is said that dis-functional tissue vibrations can be normalized through dietary supply or external impact of QUANTUM ENERGY. In normal circumstances, biofields are believed to derive etheric sustenance by plugging into electric power centres in the universe which correspond with their nature.

In the 1990s, I used EYE MAGNET to improve my vision. As the Assistant Editor, Deputy Editor, Editor and Editor-in-Chief of THE GUARDIAN newspaper at different times, I had to read tiny printed proofs of Editorial materials which covered about 40 newspaper pages every day. There was no doubt that this posed a challenge to vision. One magnet was placed on each eye for about 15 minutes at bedtime. Sometimes, they fell off when I fell asleep. Through advances in technology, the eye magnet was made into a pair of eyeglasses which are reported to control Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP). It became popular with the report in the medical journal OPHTHALMOLOGY that doctors at the University College London (UCL) and Oxford University successfully implanted magnets in the eyes of a man who suffered from NYSTAGMUS. In this condition, the eyes uncontrollably flicker or dance left, right, up and down or around. The patients lost his job before the surgery but got it back after, and he could read, write and watch television with minimal discomfort for the four years he was followed up post-surgery. The eye magnet would later be surpassed in popularity by the QUANTUM ENERGY EYEGLASSES. This is the point of connection with the first part of this article published last Thursday.
The first part was an exploration into whether Chymall e-commerce business was phantom business, which we call MMM business in Nigeria, or if it was a real business. I was privileged to know about it in the course of searching online for a pair of eyeglasses which could help my vision against glare and ultraviolet rays from sunlight while I grappled with Glaucoma, first diagnosed in 1995. My discovery was startling, and I published it in this column and posted it in www.olufemikusa.com under the title PROTECT YOUR VISION WITH ENERGY (POWER) EYEGLASSES. That was at a time (and even now) that Nigerian Banks were butchering deposits anyhow. It was interesting to me that if I pulled a little over #100,000 from my bank account to purchase a pair of QUANTUM ENERGY EYEGLASSES I could be considered an investor in the business and paid #15,000 every month as profit while my bank gave me nothing in return but continually deducted my savings. If I bought the Eye Glasses elsewhere and not from Chymall.net, that was the end of the business, no monthly profit after purchase.

As the first part of this article, this second part is a reply to the WhatsApp message to me by Mrs NIKE ADEJUWON, a retired Director at the Lagos State Ministry of Education. She is a member of a WhatsApp chat group for retired Directors from that ministry. She and I grew up together but lost contact in the 1990s. She was excited to read a post on their chat group by Mr KUNLE ONIFADE, her former boss, a member of their chat group, my high school classmate (1964-68), and a chymall e-business investor who linked me up with that group when he posted on it an article on chyymall written by me. Many members of the group rose in uproar against Mr Onifade, claiming he was introducing phantom business to them. Mrs Adejuwon had known me to not be a frivolous person and advised a calming of nerves. To reassure the respected retired Directors that Mr Onifade was not leading them downhill, I published the first part of this article, situating it in the historical competition by nations to govern the world economy and how, by last year, China displaced Europe and the United States to become the world’s economic leader. Incidentally, business enterprises such as Chymall.net help to harm China with the winning joker after more than 200 years of struggle for economic freedom from Europe.

My second reply to Mrs Adejuwon’s WhatsApp message reads……
Re: Chymall e-business (2)

Dear Nike, I feel an urge to address one more point… That this business is not an MMM. Venture. In the last note to you, I said it was not, but I did not amplify how I came to that conclusion. I wish to make one or two points in that regard. I came across the company while I was shopping online for anti-UV eyeglasses. I had been diagnosed with Glaucoma at 45 in 1995, that is about 25 years ago. I opted out of surgery. Pharmaceutical eye drops were over crashing my blood pressure, and I fainted once or twice from low blood pressure. My regular blood pressure in the past 25 years has been 110/70. My opthalmologist shifted me to an eye drop made from a local nut. But I still had oxidative stress and cell damage to contend with. So, apart from nutritional supplements which neutralize free radicals and their activities even in the eyes, I needed a good pair of eyeglasses which block the blue spectrum of sunlight from entering the eyes.

At that time, the company I related to was SAIRUI e-commerce. It soon recapitalised and became CHYMALL e-commerce. The company was doing business in the QUANTUM ENERGY PRODUCTS MARKETS with activities in the health and general products sector. In www.olufemikusa.com, you would find an article titled: EMPOWER YOUR VISION WITH POWER (ENERGY) EYEGLASSES. It was also published as my Thursday column in THE NATION newspaper. The article shared with my readers what I had discovered… Quantum Energy Products which may improve their health from different perspectives, and the various business opportunities it held for them. It was situated in the dormant of ENERGY MEDICINE and the BUSINESS of ENERGY MEDICINE.

Quantum energy comes from special metals or healing stones which offered the possibilities of radiation therapy or medicine. In the 1920s, humanity was advised that energy medicine would be the medicine of the future. If we are sick, it means the sick organ cannot produce enough energy to get along with the healthy ones. If an organ suffers energy deficit, we can “jump-start” its sick energy with a quantum energy device, as we do with Rundown motor vehicle batteries. In the 1980s, I wrote an article about ENERGY SURGERY MEDICINE ATTEMPTS in the Bahamas. In the surgery, the surgeon handles a surgical knife but he does not invade his patient’s body with it. With his thoughts (energy), he projects the astral prototype of the knife and astral prototype of the ailing organ, which he can see with his astral eyes. All surgery is at the astral level. Interestingly, the patient who is not cut up on the operating table experiences impact on the physical counterparts of the operated astral organ soon after. In a short while, healing takes place in the physical organs. We should understand this possibility if we remember that the body in which we find ourselves when we dream is not the physical body sleeping in bed but the astral archetype. We do know that what we experience in dreams materialise later. I have heard of people who found themselves fighting with other people and woke up to experience pains and aches all over, especially in those part of the body where they received dream injuries.

Psychic surgery, attempted in the Bahamas, would appear to be one whose time has not come, and, so, it soon fizzled out. It is possible there first has to be an intermediate experience with radiation medicine before we can arrive at the point of full-scale energy medicine. We may be now in the precinct of energy medicine. Dr Norman Sheally, a surgeon, and Carolyn Miss, a journalist and spiritualist leave us in no doubt about this in their book, THE CREATION OF HEALTH, which I have revealed several times, including in December 1999. In that book, the co-authors wondered if, in the year the 2000s onwards science and medicine would recognize that man is “spirit”, the highest gradation of energy, living inside a clay or physical body. They also wondered if our generation would experience full-scale energy medicine.

The energy eyeglasses do not only filter blue energy from the sun and prevent it from racing and damaging the eye, they also energize all structures in the eye involved in the visual process. They include tiny blood vessels which may have become partially or substantially blocked, thereby reducing nutrition in the eye and allowing poisonous waste products to accumulate within it. The unclogging through quantum energy restore normalcy. All parts of the eyeglasses, including the frame, are made from quantum energy materials. The Quantum Energy Eye Glasses is the product of four technologies functioning synergically. The first is STANDING WAVE technology. The literature suggests that, in 48 hours, this technology improves and repairs micro-circulation in the eye, clears toxins in it and empowers micro-molecule water to freely move in and out of cells.

The second technology prevents the blue spectrum of light in sunlight from entering the eye. The blue wave “cook” the crystalline lens into solid matter called cataracts which prevents the passage of light and causes blindness. Additionally, the blue light causes molecular damage of other structures in the eye. Nature prevents such damage through the diet with the inclusion in foods of such remedies as Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Astaxanthin, for example. There are also Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins A, C and E, Bilberry, Wolf-berry, buckthorn berry, Gogi-berry, Glutathione, Super Oxide Dismutase(SOD) Betacarotene etc. This technology protects the eye against photophobia, i.e eye which experience burning sensation in sunlight or cannot stand computer screen light, such as the eyes of albinos.

In the third technology, medical stone TOURMALINE and VOLCANIC MAGMA are ground to nano matter to compose the rims of the glasses. The Nano Medical Tourmaline releases through the rims about 1700-2200 heavy negative ions, which on impact create the effect of eye exercises throughout the day. Long before now, Doctor William Bates, a New York opthalmologist, said in his best-seller BETTER EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES that stiffened eye muscles from lack of exercise caused rigidity and some diseases in the eye and that this required no surgery but exercises to correct. My only concern about the eyelashes is that it is too fragile for my obtuse nature. Happily, the new designs are sturdier.

The fourth technology is in the concentration of Infrared rays which dilate or expand blood vessels to promote blood circulation.
Later, I became exposed to another product, QUANTUM ENERGY WATER SPRAY BOTTLE. My opthalmologist advised me to always rinse my eyes of dirt etc by opening them into clean, quality, room temperature water every morning. I knew about water spray for the eyes and eyelids to energise the eyes. So, one day, I sprayed the energy-water into my eyes. The effect surprised me. I felt movements of muscles in the eyes as I did whenever I applied Pharmaceutical eye drops or the herbal eye drops. The water removes smelly odour from spoiled food. It helps wounds to heal faster. It Combats migraine and other headaches. Last week, a Nigerian woman resident in the southern Africa region visited me at home for the herbs she often ordered for her colon cancer, for which she rejected chemotherapy. She came to Nigeria through an indirect flight that first took her to Kenya, Dubai and then Lagos. She must have developed DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis) in the process. One of her ankles was swollen and painful, When I sprayed the water on it, the swelling went down and the pain subsided in about five minutes.

The bottle was so small she must have assumed it cost next to nothing. She was shocked it cost #53,200 to register for it as an investor in chymall e-business. But she was excited to learn that the N53,200 investment will bring her a minimum of N7,000 profit every month. Even then, she wished to take it away, but I objected with fervent please, explaining how useful it may have become to me. She promised to return for her own. One day during the covid 19 lockdowns, my eye pressure ran up to 36 in one eye and 44 in the other, against between 12 and 17 or 20 allowed by many ophthalmologists. I returned home and made my herbal eye drop solution. On the third day, the pressure had crashed to almost normal in both eyes. I did not know how my opthalmologist stabilized it. So, I freshened it up twice a day with energy water. In the heat of the coronavirus pandemic, I wrote an article titled CORONA VIRUS: LOOK-ALIKE SYMPTOMS JOIN THE LEXICON. It was posted on www.olufemikusa.com. It was all about my personal experience for three weeks, and that of my housekeeper for four weeks after my recovery. A major saving grace for us was SOLARISED or SOLAR ENERGY WATER. I explained in that article how everyone can make it at home to always recharge the body’s energy levels with solarised water. One of our experiences with it was that we were so filled with the energy we could stay awake, working all through the night, going to bed for only two or three hours before we began the routines of another day.

Chymall sells other forms of energy devices. And energy boxer is on the way for men, and its equivalents for women is not too far away. When you place the metal bottom of an energy bulb on the quantum energy device in the energy boxer, the bulb lights up. The boxer is said to energize the energy of the second Chakra(the pelvis region). In Eastern medicine, the 7 Chakras are the point of contact between the spirit and the physical body through which the spirit “breathes” into the clay or mould body to give it life. If a chakra is down, it means its energy is down and all the organs it transmits energy to will be down. You may visit the Internet to learn more about THE SEVEN CHAKRAS. Christians would remember that when a woman who had been bleeding for many years touched the garments of JESUS, he remarked that power(energy) went out of Him. The woman became healed. such ailment such as prostate challenges, erectile dysfunction and infertility, among others, are reported by chymall to be the target of its Quantum Energy Boxer. In women, irregular menstruation, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroid are among the challenges slated for treatment by chymall quantum energy undies. There are also chymall Quantum energy petrol shelf-life extenders.

In electricity generators or automobile fuel tanks, it extends the shelf life of petrol. There are power rings which may serve as wedding rings, such as the one I wear. There are Quantum energy bracelets, necklaces, massagers, shoes, clothes, water treatment devices and many more products including door and window blinds.

The article on eyeglasses quite naturally spoke of the business side of chymall as a networking and e-commerce venture. What evidence do i need to add that this is a real business and not an MMM scam? Many people have the right to approach any business proposal nowadays with advised caution. I, too, was hit in NOSPECTRO. I burned my fingers in stock market investments. But I have learned to not generalize, to always watch out for the “works” and the “fruits”. Afterwards it is by their “works” that we can tell the scam from the real.

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