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Covid 19, Chymall succour and great expectations from 2021, (1)

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Today is 3rd December 2020. In 28 days time, the cross over to 2021 will take place at midnight. There will be feverish expectations that the New year will beautify earth life, heal the sick in mind and body, wipe away the tears of 2020 and put more money in the pockets of everyone, including even the Dangotes among us. COVID-19, the hall mark of 2020, killed many people, ruined many businesses, erased many jobs, pasted sorrow on many faces and changed the way many people think and work. But, interestingly, 2020 filled many hearts with joy and lined many pockets with plenty of money. For many people who smiled and laughed, had a lot to eat and to drink and to throw away, or to even build houses in 2020, there are different testimonials for the goodness of the outgoing year. The testimonial I am most familiar with is…..Chymall e- business!.
Chymall e-commerce put plenty U.S. Dollars in the pockets of millions of Nigerians every 10 to 12 days!

I am not writing about Chymall e-business per se today. I only wish to share some of my experiences about it. These experiences are captured in two posts which appeared in the chat group of some senior citizens who retired as Directors in the public service of Lagos state. I made them in defence of Mr Kunle Onifade, a retired director of education who took Chymall e-commerce as a business opportunity to his colleagues in the group chat. Literally speaking, he was shown the door right away as a purveyor of MMM scam. Who can blame them? The money Money Making Machine(MMM) or, as the youruba’s call it, MO GBE, MO KU, MO DA’RAN(Am doomed, I am dead, I am in trouble), swept through Nigeria like a Thunder clap a few years ago stuffing(miracle) money into pockets of the subscribers. If you invested #5,000, you could cummulatively earn #100,000 in three(3) months. The earnings had no credible business logic behind them. Soon, the MMM crashed. I did not get involved with it. But I was into NOSPECTRO with #450,000 from my gratuity. NOSPECTRO was set up by a Gentleman from the NORTH. He had worked in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and disliked the fraud in the Petroleum Import Business which made refined petroleum usually unavailable in Nigeria despite huge Government payments to the importers. He offered #40,000 interest every month to any subscription of #450,000. Many people, including bank workers, pulled money out of their deposit and handed it to him. Dutifully, he imported refined petrol and paid interest every month on the loans. He even planned to build filling stations nationwide to call the bluff of petroleum industry workers who often went on strike on flimsy grams and paralyse the economy. The banking sector and the fraudulent petroleum importers rose against him, claiming he was running a banking service without a banking license. The same Government he was trying to protect rose against him and froze NOSPECTRO account. The case has dragged on for about twenty (20) years!

My posts were to Mrs Nike Adejuwon, a member of the Retired Directors forum who ably defended Mr Onifade and was immediately ready to plug into Chymall e-business.
My first post debunked an MMM image for Chymall e-commerce, situating it in the struggle among nations over the centuries for leadership of world economy. The second post was about the business nature of Chymall e-commerce, including some of the articles of its trade which distinguish it from MMM Ventures. Both were sent to Mrs ADEJUWON.


Re chymall e-business

Dear Nike, I decided to reply to your WhatsApp before I call back,when I learned that Kunle Onifade’s post generated a controversy. First, let me correct a misconception. The business is not mine. It is part of a global effort by the chinese economy to raise capital world-wide to engage Euro-American economies on which continental economy rules the world economy. You are aware that Europe colonised and ruled the earth before the united States joined Britain, France, Germany, Italy etc after world wars 1 and 2. In the colonial era which spanned 1500 to the 1960s, European nations colonized and plundered all nations on the face of the earth except five nations…..Japan, Thailand, Korean, Liberia and arguably Ethiopia. Japan would later invadeThailand and Korea, and Italy would over run Ethiopia. Liberia was a free nation only because the united states kept it free as a dumping ground for African slaves it had freed to return home and fend for themselves rather than bear responsibility back home in America for uprooting them to a foreign land.
China fought 2 opium wars. The first, between 1839 and 1842 was between China and great Britain. The second, from 1856-1860, was between China and combined forces of great Britain and France. Britain and France were trying to control world trade and economy. British and French merchants sold opium to Chinese merchants who sold it to the ordinary Chinese. Drug abuse was rife in China, with almost everyone dependent on it. China discovered that, for the first time in its trading history with Western Powers, it was importing more from them than it was exporting to Europe. What accounted for the trade in balance was huge opium imported by China. China lost the opium wars to superior weaponry. The victors extracted harsh surrender agreement from China. It had to open many sea ports to “free trade”, hand over Hong Kong to great Britain. It had to agree, also, that Americans who broke chinese law or chinese soil could not be tried in Chinese court but by American officials who lived in China. Thus, China was humiliated for trying to protect its own people and their economy. World wide, Europe similarly plundered the economies of disorganized continents, including Africa and made them tributaries or slaves of its own economy. We can recall the book HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA by Walter Rodney and the book THE WEST AND THE REST OF US by Chiweizu .Chinwezu’s book, the WEST AND THE REST OF US, painted, for example, pictures of how dogs and cats were better fed in the western world than human beings Impoverished in Africa and other continents.


In the end, China fought free. It had a huge population to its advantage. It had an abundant, cheap and disciplined labour force aligned to national goals. In Nigeria, citizens are disconnected from national goals. The government wishes to grow home rice to create farm jobs and to save foreign currency. But the citizens are smuggling in rice from Thailand etc. The government wishes to revive the cotton farms, to create jobs, to revive the textile mills and to regrow the clothing industry, but the citizens are smuggling in fourth hand clothes, including bras and ladies under briefs. There is a serious disconnection between public policy goal and reality in Nigeria. China, on the other hand, is well aligned. To free itself from the western world, china sent its citizens abroad for western education, made education free at home, achieved cheap, constant electricity, contained corruption and induced a cultural revolution which purified chinese thinking. But it still needed technology and capital to compete with the west and wrest from it, at home and abroad, world economic power and world economy leadership. Events in the West played into the hands of China. Labor in the West became more unruly, always demanding higher wages and going on strike under flimsy excuses. Production costs went up. Euro American goods and services became more expensive worldwide. Africans and Asians groaned in pains. Some Asian countries, the Asian Tigers began to get up on their feet with capital and technology inflows from Europe and America where labour was terrorising capital and entrepreneurship in those continents. China was a beneficiary. American and European capital owners moved capital and money to China to bring prices down, increase sales and raise profits up. China acquired technology. Meanwhile European and American companies worldwide moved away from orthodox sales and marketing mechanisms to multilevel marketing. In multilevel marketing , independent marketers who earned no salaries are used to move goods and services around the globe in exchange for peanut bonuses. Meanwhile china acquired technology from the west through capital and plant transfers. What was needed to take over the world economy with cheap goods and services was an e-commerce market place and its own capital to fund and run it. 5 G-technology superiorty brought the former. The latter came through modulation of multi-level marketing with the world-wide electronic market place run on 5-G technology.

In the latest FORTUNE MAGAZINE ranking of the 500 biggest world business organizations, Chinese internet and e commerce companies won five of the seven placements in the internet group. These were Hu awei, Ali Baba group, tensent, J.D.Com and xiaomi. Chymall did not earn the decorations. It is a recent formation from the recapitalization of SAIRUI and may itself dissolve someday in a merger or take over by, say, ALIBABA GROUP which has been sending business spies to Nigeria.


You would find the details in www. chymall.net. It is one of the global capital mobilisation mechanisms of China in its bid to become world trade leader and the leader economy worldwide.When you invest in the company, it trades with your money and pays you a profit in U.S dollars every 10 to 12 days. In china, Canada,Ghana, Cameron, and Nigeria, to mention a few countries, the poorest of the earth suddenly discovered they can invest in china and earn U.S Dollars every ten-twelve days without heading for the 2nd slave trade in Dubai, the U.S, Europe or Canada, where they may live in extreme and unfriendly weather conditions. My house manager quit her #12,500 a month job at GOSFAT private primary school in Ifako Agege in August last year to work with me on double that wage. She has an NCE. Within one year, she bought land valued at about #1.2million near Uyo, Akwa ibom state, her home state. This month (December) 2020, she will travel home for the foundation. My group, in chymall e-business is one of several groups which have pooled more than one million investors in Nigeria for this venture. Thus, many Nigerians have gained a strong financial foothold in a new world trade order and a new world economy order championed and led by China. I know no fewer than two of your colleagues who are in my chymall group. One of them is Mr Adekunle Onifade, my 1964-68 classmate at Olivet Baptist High school. Another is Mrs Mojisola Agbeyangi who leads a group of about 200 subscribers. We have many Nigerians in the U.S, canada and the U.K who are daily responding to our call that ILE NI AABO ISINMI OKO. (Home is the resting place after farm labour…or,…east or west, home is home). The bottom line of it all is that China is now the world economy leader. FORTUNE magazine attested to it about two months ago. According to a July 2020 update by FORTUNE MAGAZINE, five of the world’s biggest banks are Chinese banks.

The worlds six biggest industrial concerns are chinese. An American company placed 8th. This may explain the bitter trade tariff war between the U.S and china under the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. As more than 2,000 Americans are dying everyday from Corona virus which China has proven can be controlled with Vitamin C, hot water and herbs intake, the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is still desperately searching for a Corona virus vaccine through which the United States want to control the world economy. A few weeks ago, the respected American Gynecologist Christiane Northrup, Author of Many books, denounced the vaccine not only for the poisonous heavy metal it contains but as an attempt by Bill Gates to create a new financial world order which would make everyone enslaved by cripto currency. Already, many people in Nigeria (Rodney’s local agent) are pushing cripto currency with little or no understanding for its designs. I am not a China apologist. I am only a journalist who has been priviledged to put together a jigsaw puzzle which shows me a picture of a new world economy order in progress.

It is evident that the world economy has a new leader, China. We do not know as yet if China will be a more benevolent leader than Europe and the United States in their tenures. But we do know that, so far, China has given poor individuals in the colonized world sockets to the world economy into which they can plug and earn U.S Dollars. We do not know if this benevolence will be long lasting or how long it will take the ice cream cone to melt in the sun. What we know is that the brave are taking the risk, plugging in and earning money which they are investing in more permanent endeavors. We can stay back, timid, lamenting our faith in a world of winner takes all which has ever been known to be unkind to the weak, frightened and the lilly livered.

One other thing I know from the jigsaw puzzle is that chymall is not among the big players in China’s world capital scavengers. It is a product of the recapitalization of sairui. It may itself be aggressively taken over by big players such as AliBaba if sino-American competition for capital goes dirtier. In this scenario, I doubt if Nigerian and other investments will be lost because China will still be focused on remaining world economy leader. It may not wish to offend Africa which is its great ally in this battle. I am often asked if, good as it looks, this venture cannot collapse. I reply that there is nothing which is programmed to collapse that may not collapse. Had the Americans been able to pin the origin of corona virus on China, this venture may have collapsed, because the intent of America was to avert take over of world economy leadership by China. Again, I am not a China apologist. Some of the factors which caused an easy business collapse are not as prevalent in China as they are in Nigeria, although there are crooks everywhere. China deals far more seriously with corruption than Nigeria does. China’s labour is more aligned to national goals than Nigeria’s. China’s internal market is about 30 percent of the global market. Electricity is abundant and cheaper than in Nigeria. Thus, to conclude, we may assume that this venture is more likely to succeed than we imagine because it is driven from China. A final question…some people ask if chymall e-commerce is not an MMM venture. I guess this is where your colleagues are coming from. My checks do not suggest it is an MMM business. It is products based. These products are available for capital subscribers and outsiders to purchase in the open mall. The subscriber even has an opportunity to purchase shares in the company because a part of his profit paves the way for it. The subscriber is in the game plan with China to change the world economy order in a way which puts world income in the hands of millions of individuals in different countries and not merely concentrate it in the hands of few Euro American entrepreneurs. This is not to say a venture cannot collapse that is badly managed. Great ventures poorly managed have disapppered everywhere. Didn’t they in Nigeria? We can only continue to hope and to pray that the present favourable business indicators around chymall e-business in China and over seas continue to subsist.

If I may may ask: Is jumia an mmm? Is amazon an mmm? Is Alibaba an mmm? They are powerful e-commerce businesses like chymall. Chymall differs from them in a more benevolent manner because it allows you and I to invest in it and make profit from its trading, whereas jumia, amazon and Alibaba do not share their profits with us. I hope I have answered some of the doubt questions raised by some of your colleagues. I am not the owner of the business. I am only a Subscriber to it like anyone else and was privileged to persuade Mrs Agbeyangi and Mr Onifade to join me. I did this in keeping with the LAW OF TAKING AND GIVING. When you enjoy a benefit, you should share the information with others. For in giving back when you take lies healthy life. Nature teaches us that we cannot inhale (take) unless we exhale(give). And when we sow, we harvest. The bigger the planting, the bigger the harvesting .

I cannot in this small post tell you all about the harvest. I can state, though, that, in THE NEW WORLD TRADE ORDER led by china, it is too mind buggling. With the best wishes for your health and work. You are free to share my reply to your questions with your colleauges.

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