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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

I retreated last week to an “OLD GENERATION”. Our generation is very sick and appears unable to heal itself that it reminds me of the days of THE BLACK PLAGUE in Europe when about 20 million Europeans were wiped off the face of this earth. In the old world of my grandparents, there was a health remedy I have dusted up, just in case it may serve the needs of this time. Since last week, I have been stocking water in a clear white glass bottle which I keep in the sun from sunrise to sunset and drink all evening and night. I plan to also keep bath water outdoor in the evening, let the moon and the stars shine upon it, and bathe with it in the morning. I’m told this was a common health building practice of a few Nigerian generations past. On the internet, you would read of the health secrets of THE FOUR THIEVES who survived the great European plague which killed more than 20 million people. This medicinal secret may protect and save lives in this generation of Coronavirus disease.

When I thought about changing my table water to water sun-heated in a clear, glass bottle, I had a hunch that the long-lived and pandemic free bygone generations of Africans couldn’t be wrong. Even the “black plague”, one of the worst pandemics in human history, contaminated only fringe regions of Egypt, not the rest of Africa. Those generations conducted themselves in the knowledge that earthly existence was no independent existence, that the stars, the sun and the moon influenced earthly life in various ways and that, beyond the stars, there existed another world which could not be seen with the eyes, but, nevertheless was subject to experience by something within their bodies that was not these bodies…they themselves. I was glad this week when I learned from Hari H.P Cohly, Asit Panja, and M Rajeswara Rao in www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov that sun-heated water could really be a good health protector and builder. They carried out an experiment that showed than sunlight transformed the chemical and physical properties of water and modulated its biological functions.


The column of last week titled CORONA VIRUS: “NEITHER DRUGS NOR INJECTIONS, BUT THE RIGHT KINDS OF FOODS AND DRINKS BRING LASTING HEALTH”, now available in www.olufemikusa.com, was all about the likelihood that right applications of the knowledge of radiations in the war on Corona virus may bring victory to mankind.


Many beliefs underline this knowledge of medicine.

1) Everything which exists is energy, and energy radiates. Radiation moves in waves at varying speeds which depend on the specie of radiating energy. The speed of radiation produces specific colours. Thus, it can be said that different colours represent differences in energy specie and the speed of the radiation of each specie. Thus, also, while some waves may only be heard as sounds and some can be seen in colour forms, others, such as infrared radiations cannot be observed by the naked eye.

)The stars, the sun, and the moon are not mere decorations in the sky; they are radiating downwards on the earth.

3)There are seven wavelengths, radiations or colours in the radiations of sunlight, namely
a) RED b)orange. c)yellow. d)green. e) blue f) indigo and violet. Each colour is believed to have a specific effect on the health of the body. A clear (white) bottle in the sun attracts all the ETHERS (components) of the seven colours of sunlight. When water is kept in a blue bottle, however, it is only the blue ethers that are attracted to the water. Ancient teachings suggest that various organs in the body are composed of or exhibit all the ETHERS in such various proportions or ratios which differentiate one organ from the other. This may not be evident to lay eyes. Clairvoyants can distinctly see the radiations of every organ and the color it exhibits as lay eyes can tell green from red. Thus, a clairvoyant doctor, as we are told caregivers of the future would be, need no diagnostic tools or support to know which organ of the body is sick, or in what degrees. If the organ is meant to be dense yellow but is pale yellow, the clairvoyant doctor would know that is where the health problem is, and advise the patient about which foods and drinks would recharge that organ to health. Thus, in the case of a yellow organ not “booting” well, the clairvoyant doctor may suggest water sun-heated in a yellow glass bottle or a clear (white) bottle wrapped around with a yellow sun filter. This would attract all the yellow ethers, and the sick yellow organ would “drink” a surfeit of the yellow ethers. But where the sun-heated water is in a clear bottle, all ethers are present in the water. Healthy organs top up their ethers and sick organs fill up.

There is another angle to this idea, which modern education has confined to the realm of fringe science. This knowledge belongs to the reality that the WORLD is not the earth. The earth cannot, therefore, be interchanged with the WORLD. The “world” is CREATION. The “earth” is a tiny Outpost smaller than a grain of sand in the scheme of things. The crown of creation is the paradise of man. Beyond or above paradise is the world of angels and archangels. This column today is not concerned here with what, to me, are misdefinitions of the simple geography of this gigantic work which is believed to house seven UNIVERSES one of which is ours, EPHESUS. Angelologists get wool up the geography when they grope from below upwards. The right knowledge of this geography can only come from revealed knowledge or knowledge revealed by someone from the summit of creation. In clearer geography, however, we recall the starting point of the world which science has tried to capture and define as the BIG BANG. The pressure and white heat of PURE LIGHT ignite motion in an environment and impel fire, dust, gas, and nebulae across the boundary between life and void into the void. Over billions of years, these materials settled into their present forms which are connected by common forces and influences, since they have a common origin. Thus, if the human body originates as one of the last precipitations of these influences and is thereby connected to them, they should influence it in a myriad of ways.


I would like to mention today only three of the influences taught by ancient peoples. The Chinese, for example, still keep records of a CIRCADIAN RHYTHM in which certain organs of the body are said to be inclined to certain planets or stars during sleep for their maintenance. These organs may contain enough of the dominant materials in these extraterrestrial bodies to make the connections by radiation possible. This is giving me the picture of these heavenly bodies as transmitting stations and the organs as receiving devices. If we skip this hour for the link-up of an organ, that organ misses its etheric nurture for that night, it is said. Thus, an accumulation of misses may portend wasting, disease, premature aging or organ failure.

Thankfully, plants, fruits, and herbs store radiations from all heavenly bodies in special batteries from which the human bodies extract these radiations. Modern agricultural practices are defeating this purpose, however. Genetic modifications change the atomic structure, and, since the structure is a function, a modified structure cannot provide a natural or nature-intended function. This in no small measure depletes immune function, which may be why human immunity at this time appears powerless against Coronavirus disease. For immunity is all about the capacity of the organism to withstand and defeat external forces that invade its operations and threaten them. The world health organization (WHO) is currently emphasizing the need to strengthen the human immune system against the virus. About three decades ago, it asked all nations to make laws for the reduction of the sugar, fat and sodium content in all processed foods, saying three ingredients had been implicated in many degenerative diseases. But many nations turned deaf ears to this call.

Finally, we have in sun-heated bottled water one of the cheapest medicines on earth…water. The same goes for the radiations of the moon and the stars on bathwater.
I used to be cynical about the claims of natural caregivers that the bark of a tree boiled in water and used as bathwater could cure internal and external health challenges specific to them. But some experiences encouraged me to keep an open mind. One was the contraceptive finger ring an orthodox doctor in Lagos from Calabar gave to his female patients with one year guarantee. He soaked them in a herbal preparation, the formula of which he inherited from his father, a herbalist. Another was the powder form of a plant that a vendor sold to hemorrhoids sufferers. One of the drivers of Mr. Hyacinth Uzor, a former sales manager, of Nigerian breweries, was a beneficiary. The powder herb was not taken internally or applied to the hemorrhoids. It was applied, instead, on the sufferer’s faces…and that was the end of the hemorrhoids. It then dawned on me that this was healing at the level of radiations. Whatever comes out of us, such as urine or feces, bears our radiations for a while. The same goes for our clothes, shoes or hats. The radiations of these objects connect with our radiations wherever we may be and may impact on us whatever radiation is loaded on them, just as electromagnetic waves bring voice or picture signals to our radio and television sets, or just as our cell phones receive data messages from other cell phones.


Even human immunity is a process of radiation war on invading radiation. The bigger swallows, the smaller and weaker. We humans are as though suspended in a sea of radiations from the cosmos, land, and the earth and well fortified to withstand them by consuming plants, fruits and herbs of the seasons and of drinking sun-bathed water(“…right kinds of foods and drinks”…). But modern civilization has altered our natural radiation environment, making the cells of our bodies subject to ionization or dismantling, damage, disease, and death.


Of all the suggestions made for the cause(s) of the present pandemic, four are worthy of consideration. These are;

1) sin and punishment
2) Accident in a virus production factory
3)5G radio wave technology, and
4) rare stellar constellation.

Although plausible in the light of an approaching judgment of the earth, many people have roundly dismissed it. All things being equal, China has fully recovered, losing not more than 4,000 people. We may say Europe and America are paying the wages of the gay and other lifestyles illegal in nature. But total global death figures have not equaled an average of 25,000 malaria-related deaths in Nigeria every month.

This is yet to be dismissed or settled.


Credibility is still running high. It falls with an electropollution bracket of several decades. In past decades, it was suggested that the electrical fields of many electrical appliances were interfering with the electrical fields of human cells and may be ionizing them. To ionize is to dismantle. That shouldn’t be much problem as upbuilding (anabolism) and catabolism (breakdowns) are a normal cycle in nature, provided upbuilding surpasses breakdowns. Upbuilding is supported by the consumption of minerals and vitamin dense foods. The trouble is that, even before the Advent of the more ionizing cell phone, human nutrition in the face of ionizing adversity had degenerated to levels unsupportive of health. Thus, 5G technology penetrating power would appear to be driving the nails into the coffins.


This comes from a 14-year-old Indian prodigy and his highly plausible. The constellation of stars has effects on the earth. The radiations once poured down by some stars supported the life of a dinosaur . And once the dinosaur finished its business on earth, the radiations abated as the stars, too, wound up. People who are knowledgeable about how the single landmass on earth was fractured into the various continents and islands and peninsulas may recall that it took the moon forty-nine years to accomplish this in the Atlantean civilization, with warnings every seventh year to the inhabitants of that advanced civilization which they failed to heed. Nothing in the universe happens suddenly. Notices are given. 14-year-old Indian boy, Abighya Anand, saw the constellation coming up and foretold the disease it would visit the earth with, mankind is guilty of paying no heed to events beyond his earth. The radiations of the constellation, if there was one, may have aggravated effects of 5G technology in countries that have deployed it, notably those worse hit by Coronavirus pandemic.


Stress, toxins and heavy microbial loads weaken immunity. SOLARISED or sun charged water may help clear the dross and even help during recovery from even Corona virus infection. Science backs the view that SOLARISED water irreversibly kills viruses, bacteria etc and alters the chemical, physical and biological nature of water to make it more reactive and healthful. One of the most well-documented studies which explains how this happens was carried out by Hari H.P Cohly, Assist Panja, and M R ajeswara Rao. Their goal was to find “Evidence for alteration in chemical and physical properties of water and modulation of its biological functions by sunlight transmitted through color ranges of the visible spectrum-A novel study”. They used samples of seawater, well water, and distilled water. They divided the samples into control groups and different color groups. Their findings were exciting. SOLARISED blue water alone helps mosquito and larvae to hatch.
SOLARISED orange water stimulates root growth in seed germination. Their conclusions were

“There is an indication that 40-day incubation in sunlight results in storing solar energy as potential energy, which can be utilized as kinetic energy in various biological systems. These results are novelty and open new possibilities for the investigation and understanding of the role of exposed water through different colours of the solar spectrum for plant, insects and human life”.

SOLARISED water is worth trying. Some people believe technology caused the global Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic in countries that have deployed it. Sun charged water is as old as human civilization. Knowledge of it keeps popping up and disappearing. It was known in ancient Greece as CHROMOTHERAPY. The word came from CHROMA (colour) and THERAPIES (medical treatment). Many authorities agree that solarised red, orange and green are best taken in the first half of the day, as it is energizing, while blue, indigo and violet are best in the second half, being calming. Each colour is specific for each part of the body. Violet, for example, relaxes the nervous system. Green kills bacterial and viral infections. Red provides energy and stimulates the blood. Blue reduces stress. Yellow is reported good for weight management, perhaps because it reduces appetite.

Blue is believed to also boot biological formulations and is linked to the throat chakra and lymph nodes. This should be of interest to people challenged with lymphatic system health.
For now, I solarised water in clear glass bottles for an all-color effect, and sip it throughout the day. This is not a season for one way medicine. The United States, seeking to remain a leader country, is goading the world towards chloroquine, a discarded anti-malarial. China wishes to tell Nigeria how it got over coronavirus, and many Nigerians pandering towards America are defaming this leading business partner of their country. I asked one of them if China would like to destroy or support its biggest market in Africa and he had no answer.

Nigeria’s professor Maurice Iwu says he has a formula and a vaccine. Are we giving him fair hearing? The Ooni of Ife says the Yoruba royalty leaf, ewe akoko (r:m:r:d:r) (new bouldia leaves) is a cure. The Igbo call this leaf OGILISI, The efik call this leaf ONIOK and Hausa, call it Aduruku. Ophthalmologist prof Bukola Adefule Oshitelu, the chairperson of Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board, has made suggestions from mother nature’s treasure trove which Nigerians in the United States and Britain are following. Governor Seyi makinde of Oyo state has tested negative said told us he used carrots, black seed oil, vitamin c, etc to cure himself. Are we listening to them all or waiting for controversial vaccines from the United States or Germany or the one Israel is offering?

If chloroquine works because it is an anti-malarial, can we not consume anti-malarial herbs with our meals? Would we not have been better for us, if our leaders encouraged us to consume these natural remedies in the hope that it may boost immunity? If they boost immunity and our record is so low that we do not have to keep everyone indoors on empty stomach, will our economy not be the better for it? We are too intellectual and not intuitive in decision making and that is why our lives are always upside down and commotion prone. I eat raw pawpaw leaves in rice and beans when I do not use the powder. I also solarize chanka piedra in water. What of Karella, and bitter leaf and lemongrass? We should follow nature in all things. The man did not create anything. Things were created in the process of radiations. Man does not create; he only transforms radiations. Even the alchemists of old transformed sand into gold. When we unite radiations, we obtain new forms. Coronavirus may very well be the outcome of wrong unions unintended for this earth by mother nature. Therefore, only radiations of the right kinds can dismantle it effectively. Something good always comes out of the bad in the end.

For me, I have rediscovered an ancient healing art in the process of finding a natural balm for Coronavirus ailments…SOLARISED OR SUN CHARGED ENERGY WATER.

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