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Corona Virus: Pathways to a Nigerian Cure

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

From where will a cure for Corona Virus infection come from… Pharmaceutical drugs or plain herbs? This was one of the dead ends into which Corona Virus a.k.a. COVID19 has pushed almost every country. Alternative Medicine, like Traditional Medicine, has been showing promises of one possible cure or other. But Allopathic (Orthodox) Medicine has been bursting the balloons. In Madagascar, President Andry Rajoelina went on television to propose a herbal tea which he drank before his viewers and called COVID ORGANICS, saying it had cured two persons who tested positive to the virus. But the country’s National Academy of Medicine said it did not trust the tea as a definitive cure because the President’s claims were not scientifically proven. Undeterred, President Rajoelina asked soldiers to distribute sachets of the tea free to vulnerable groups. Then, he compelled school children to take it whenever schools re-opened form their lockdown. Children who disobeyed were to be expelled.

The tea has been ordered by Senegal whose President has congratulated President Rajoelina for what he said was Madagascar’s contribution to the defeat of COVID 19.
COVID Organics is made from Sweet Wormwood herb which the Yorubas call EWE IGI GBE. From the ascents on the vowels, this translates as LEAF OF DRY WOOD. The Chinese and Romans have used it for thousands of years in the treatment of Malaria, inflammation, pain and rheumatoid arthritis for example, apart from taking it for longevity.

In 1972, the active Ingredients for which sweet wormwood is well-acclaimed as an anti-malarial was isolated and called ARTEMISININ. Beyond the realms of folk medicine above, some studies associate Artemisinin with digestive health, immune system boost, restful night sleep e.t.c.

Back home in Nigeria, this column reported last week that Professor Maurice Iwu, Professor Ayodele Adeleye, Dr. Ben Amodu, and Mr. Olajuwon Okubena have offered their herbal products for testing and use, even as adjunct medicines in COVID-19 therapies. Not much is known of the presentation by Prof Iwu. Dr. Amodu made cure claims in respect of about five products and even said a patient who tested positive at his 30- bed African Alternative Medicines Hospital in Abuja had been cured. These are claims which may not be swallowed line, hook, and sinker. But they should also not be dismissed with a scornful wave of the hand. What if they are true and can free Nigerians from a lockdown that would no longer be necessary, free the economy, and prevent hunger, stem social upheavals such as armed robberies in which large groups of idle youths rampages in neighbourhood for food and money.

So far, there is no indication that any government agency has contacted Dr. Amodu, a Fellow of the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Society Nigeria ( PSN). Also very amusing to me is the seemly lack of interest in Mr. Okubena’s Jobelyn, which he has been pushing for recognition since about 1994. Arguably, I would say it is about the most researched herbal product in Nigeria. Last week, this column reminded its readers again of the Jobelyn story. Jobelyn has been researched in no fewer than five Nigerian University Colleges of medicine, with credible results for all healing claims and at the Military Hospital in Lagos. The producing company, Health forever products Limited, has also detailed studies in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. What else is the Nigerian government waiting for? No one is suggesting that the Jobelyn claims be swallowed line, hook, and sinker. Why is the government not interested in investigating the claims and adopting this product for official use in Nigerian hospitals if the testimonials are proven?

This is where Madagascar, Senegal, Ghana, and South Africa are better than Nigeria where the matter of medicine concerns providing the citizens with multiple cure choices. Too often, this country keys itself into a “War Government” system of medicine that is dangerous for its citizens. COVID19 entered Nigeria and the United State about the same time. Today, Nigeria has fewer than 60 deaths, the United States more than 60,000. Yet the United States has better medical facilities and more well-paid doctors and nurses than Nigeria. Shouldn’t we have recognized from this that there is something about us that is lacking in Americans, for which reason we should not have attempted to solve our problem the way Americans are solving theirs without many results? Can these unique factors be our food, plant medicines, weather, less polluted environment, and lifestyles? I mention plant medicines because about 80% of our population relies on them for their health maintenance and disease cures.

In Europe and America, there is a heavy reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to which disease germs always soon become resistant. May the COVID 19 new Corona Virus not be a resistance strain Corona Viruses? Americans eat denatured foods, too many chemicals with their meals and consume too many genetically modified foods, including wheat and white flour foods. Bad as these lifestyles may be getting here, they are nowhere near the derangement in America. Let us add to the Euro- American dietary calamities, their habits of keeping pets at home, and see if this may not be a factor in immunity degradation. Animals have their own peculiar parasites from which they are protected by their immune systems. In traditional Africa, pets were not kept indoors. I was reminded by Mr. Oluyemisi John, a retired Safety Manager of TOTAL last Monday of the setting in the book titled FROM THE HEART OF AFRICA. That was a civilization in which men understood the language of animals and conversed with them as they did nature beings and elemental beings. When one of the settlements was to secure itself against Intruders, Nature beings led to them to guard dogs which were to perform this task in addition to their other preparations. The take-away in our discussion was that separate quarters were established for these guard dogs, away from human habitation. Even then, only specially chosen men were to work with these animals. Today, the story is different. Many people in Europe live in-door with their pets. The saliva of the dog is known to be very acidic and toxic and parasite-infected. Pet owners do not mind if their dogs lick their skin or hands.

Some even kiss them

Finland and Sweden have moved from the simple societies that they were in 1734 when it was punishable with death for any-one to have sex with animals to bestial nations in 1971 when, in Finland, humans can have sex with animals provided the animals are not hurt physically or emotionally in the process. Demark free itself from this beastiality only recently. In Norway and Sweden, cats, dogs, cattle, pig, horses are the animals most commonly abused, sometimes to death, from injuries, anxiety, and fear. In the United States, there are some states which still legalize sex with animals. This bestiality is not without an indelible, negative mark on human immune system. Human to human anal sex and oral sex is prevalent in Europe and in the United States. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj opened the eyes of his followers to how this lifestyle causes HIV/AIDS. His thesis is that the Vagina is well prepared to receive sperm. But it anti-body is suppressed by the antibody- anti-body of the sperm, which is like a military an anti-ballistic missile fired at a missile to knock it out of action. The ant-body anti-body keeps protecting the baby in the womb until it is born. The anus, says Dr. F.Batmanghelidj, has no protection like Virginia and, so, is easy gets overrun by anti-body anti-body barrages from the sperm, compromising whatever local immunity there is in nearby tissue, unfortunately thereby endangering the entire body. I once met a man with gum discomfiture who admitted he was no stranger to oral sex. His case featured in this column under the heading”THE MAN WHO PUT HIS MOUHT IN THE WRONG PLACE!


The World Health Organisation (WHO) is so short of words about the war of the Virus on humanity that all it can say for now is that it is all A CASE OF WEAKENED IMMUNITY. If that is the case, should our goal in Nigeria not be how to boost immunity every day? There are many reasons for depleted immunity. They include a poor diet, environmental illnesses, polluted air and water, spiritual indolence (by spiritual I do not mean religious), Chemical poisoning, Stella radiations, electro pollution, hormonal disturbances, emotional and physical stress and anxiety.

To help us revamp immunity, these are the questions the National Orientation Agency( NOA) should be educating Nigerians about at this time. The government should de-emphasis fear and scaremongering. It should sponsor seminars on Alternative and Traditional Medicine which will throw up what our researchers have to fight COVID19.
About two decades ago, Jobelyn saved the life of an ectopic pregnancy patient of Dr. Victor Umoh, of Ajakota Clinic. I told him about Jobelyn as a blood normalizer when he worked at Duro-Soleye- Hospital on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. He remember Jobelyn when his Javoah witness patient and her family rejected blood transfusion to save her life, and she was dying. He rushed to Lagos and back to Ajakota and gave her Jobelyn intravenously, and she survived. Recently, a reader of this column had rare surgery in Lagos. The pre-surgery test showed her blood parameters were normal. She did not lose blood during the surgery. Nevertheless, she became so fainty that her doctors said she will need to be transfused with seven pans of blood. She was furious and questioned them about what happened to her blood. Much as I, too, do not like blood transfusion because of the spiritual consequences of loading another person’s blood radiation on one’s own blood radiations, I told her this was not the time to question her doctors about her “missing blood”. She agreed. When she went blank the following day, I suggested that she take three pans immediately and four pans later. Her plan and mind were that she would simultaneously beef up the three pans with two capsules of Jobelyn three times a day and take lots of beetroot juice. She brightened up and never needed the extra four pans.

If the government cannot look orthodox medicine straight in the face, as this woman did, and ask them to share space with Alternative Medicine and Traditional Medicine, it can at least stay in the middle, and, for example, sponsor seminars of health caregivers in this health domain. It would be like an invitation to them to bring to the public square whatever they have up their sleeves. President Mohammadu Buhari made a verbal call for this, and expected the Ministry of Health, the Nigerian Center for Diseases Control ( NCDC) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control ( NAFDAC), among others to be not like a jealous first wife whose husband is bringing another wife home. This situation reminds me of a legal principles in the defense of Libel…VOlENTI- NON-FIT-INJURIA. The translation is that it is impossible for a reasonable or rational person to deliberately injure himself or herself. A State-Sponsored series of seminars across the country, on the other hand, would throw up ideas. Even if the ideas carry a warning that NCDC and NAFDAC have not validated their suggestions, would there be any harm in letting the public be aware and trying out these recipes for prevention, if not cures? After all, we now know that Vitamin A boosts immunity and prevents night blindness, and that Vitamin C prevents and cure scurvy and that Vitamin B1 cures bery-bery while Vitamin B12 and folic acid address anemia. We can learn from how, within one week, Nigerian tailors made face masks for the entire population. We have heard of how Nigerians resident in the United Kingdom and in the United States tested positive, of how there were no beds for them in hospitals, of how their doctors asked them to manage their conditions at home, of how they resorted to all sorts of Nigerian herbs purchased from the African market … and of how the survived COVID19 infection, whereas people considered lucky to be offered beds in hospitals died like flies.

Anxiety and Fear

There is another type of fear in town. It is not the fear of collapsing in the street and dying like a dog if COVID19 gets hold of the lungs, preventing breathing, attacks the heart to reduce or stop blood circulation, affect certain blood factors to cause massive blood clotting, death, and provoke inflammation in important organs such as the liver and the kidneys. It is also not the fear of dying of hunger at home or of disease because there is no money to buy food or to see a doctor. It is the fear that the glutinous doctors paid N50,000 a day or the nurses on N30,000 a day may create an artificial pandemic by throwing every-one found coughing, sneezing or running a fever into an isolation center, just to keep the number of positive-testing People growing. Even asthmatics believe they are an endangered species at this time. Did military officers sent to ECOMOG peace keeping in LIBERIA not tell us ” THIS IS OUR TIME”and prolong the exercise? Is the war on BOKO Haram not going the same way? Did Nigeria-Biafra war not suffered that faith? When many journalists on radio shows were calling for TOTAL LOCKDOWN as many People were crying of hunger, I smelled huge rats. Luckily, we are getting out of the jam. These journalists were earning salaries to buy food for their families, had passed to move around like princes and princesses in COVID 19 kingdom, and did not recognize suffering and wailing in homes and in the streets. Happily, the President they thought they were serving had said he heard those.Or, shall we just say the Federal government has only come to its senses? Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwolu preferred a curfew, which we now have. But the Federalists wanted to throw some Federal weight around and found they couldn’t bear the cost. I am prepared to stay at home for the rest of my life if there is a government that will meet all my needs. But if you take away my right to move around and earn a living, I will demonstrate a simple law of social science… THE END OF PROTECTION is OBEDIENCE.

That means I will obey you for only as long as you can protect me. That was the massage in the defiance of Federal lockdown by many people and those heavy traffic jams which must have surprised the government. The bottom-line now is to find a Nigerian cure in Nigeria for COVID 19 and stop looking up to Europe and America for disease cures. That is a way we can honor our progenitors who looked after their health themselves before the knew the white man.

Immune boosting

The World Health Organisation says a healthy immune system is a great weapon in our hands. The government should be reminding us so and teaching us how to boost immunity. That is why the National Orientation Agency, exist. On our part, we shall say the first step forward is to learn what the immune system really is and how it works. We can take some internet lessons on this. When we are told to check out our neighbour, we can share our internet experience with him or her. We know we ARE WHAT WE EAT. One cube of sugar suppresses the immune system for about six hours, we are told. So, we should avoid soft drinks, each bottle of which has about eight cubes of sugar. We should eat plenty of lightly cooked vegetables and fruits. There is no heavy meal I eat which is not garnished with shreds of raw pawpaw leaf. It contains all the enzymes and smells in my urine about three hours after the meal.

This gives me the joy that health benefits of this leaf are circulating in my body. It is anti-malaria. Malaria has been linked to the havocs of COVID19. All the herbs which have helped Nigerians at home and aboard so far are largely antimalarials. Jobelyn is anti-inflammatory it goes well with other anti-inflammatories such as fish oil, CBD oil, Shark Liver Oil, and Curcumin 2000X, among others. Where there is damage to connective tissues, Gotu Kola, pycnogenol, Vitamin C, and Bioflavonoids, among others are therefore you. Fenugreek and aged Garlic help in mucoid blockages of airways. COVID 19 is corrosive with free radical emissions. Anti-oxidant abound in Nature to clip their wings and destroy them. Jobelyn is a terrific one. CELLGEVITY and N- Acetyl Cysteine for making Glutathione are important. CBD oil protects all parts of the body, in particular the respiratory system, the digestive system and the crucial organs. On the guard for the liver, Milk Thistle and Jerusalem Artichoke and Licorice DMG. It is good to do an organic coffee enema, cleanse about two times a month, fill up on green foods regularly, alkalize the blood and cells, clean up the nasal cavities and the throat regularly and take ANTI- VIRAL HERBS, since we are dealing with a virus. In this regards, try Chanka piedra tea every morning for about three months, try Amazon A-F, a warehouse of anti- VIRAL herbs, and, in particular, RED MARINE ALGAE which has proven its usefulness in HIV treatment.

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