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CORONA VIRUS: “neither drugs nor injections but…the right kinds of foods and drinks”…

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

As we sometimes hear after a hurlyburly is over, when the battle is lost and won (due respect to William Shakespeare), we may learn someday that today’s humanity groped in the dark for too long in the wilderness for a Coronavirus cure right on its lap. Did we not hear, long after we were bamboozled into believing that the human virus caused AIDS by one of the two researchers celebrated for the discovery that no human virus caused AIDS? In-between the “discovery and the recent”, and till now, a huge industry of HIV-AIDS medicaments has been spurn around humanity. Dr F Batmanghelidj, the paradigm-shifting Iranian who taught the world that water is both food and medicine, would again rescue listening members of humanity that

1) What researchers call HIV are splinters of DNA and RNA molecules from cell nuclei circulating in the bloodstream,

2) Cell nuclei crack and break into pieces when all ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS are not present in the makeup or, if they are, there are no CYSTEINE and ZINC “fingers” to hold them together,

3) When CYSTEINE and ZINC are added to cultures of HIV tissues in the test tube, the so-called viral animally reversed and the tissue regained health and vibrance.

4) It is DNA fragments accumulated and circulating in the blood over a period of time, which researchers mistook to be an HIV virus and again mistakenly assumed gave rise to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Dr. Batmanghelidj reminded us that CYSTEINE was one of the “essential Amino acids”, which the body could not make on its own and had to receive dietarily to be healthy and alive. As Amino acids are the simplest forms of proteins from which human tissue and even immune cells are made, this means a lack or deficiency of them would leave the human body like a mere pack of cards or like ice in the tropical sun. While many researchers and doctors either did not hear about the experiments of Dr. Batmanghelidj, or chose to ignore him and pursue the more lucrative BUSINESS OF MEDICINE, and crowding him out as they almost did to Dr. Linus PAULING as reported in this column last week, ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE gave these frontier-expanding doctors a hearing. That is why you are likely to hear your alternative medicine care givers tell you HIV is curable, that HIV is no more than an overwhelming of the immune system by many factors and that when you clear them all, you relieve and eliminate the suffocating stranglehold, the immune system would come alive again. It has no choice. It is the command of the Creator that the system defend the body, under a CREATION PLAN which, before the human body was created, had grown on this Earth food crops for its nurture and medicament herbs for its restoration to health if it ever falls ill. As the stages for the pandemics of this century were being set by mankind in the last century, it had the privilege of being forewarned in the 1920s in a spiritual book that neither drugs nor injections, but the right kinds of food and drinks bring lasting health.
My goal today is not only to say humanity is in another panic mode from which another huge medicament industry will grow to feast on fear and gullibility, sweep aside all admonitions that “neither drugs or injections but the right kinds of food and drinks bring lasting health. It is to also show that insightful persons in the world Health Organisation (WHO) are pulling us by the ear to look up to mother nature who designed our bodies and nutrition in the WILL of the ALMIGHTY Creator. I wish to invite attention to president Donald Trump’s comments on the Coronavirus situation in Nigeria and to remind us, maybe next week, of another possible natural cure for Coronavirus disease. In this case, I am referring to the work of Dr. Holda Clark presented free for everyone in her book titled



Nigerians should not overlook the statements of President Trump about Nigeria last week as talkative talk. Nigeria continues to surprise the world about how, her poorly paid doctors, working with antiquated equipment in overcrowded hospitals with fitful electricity supply, have successfully contained viral pandemics on which the international drug companies would have feasted. While the United States continues to bow to Coronavirus disease, Nigeria has adorably contained it. Last week, President Trump said Coronavirus disease could still hit Nigeria harder than Italy and Spain. I added two to two when he went on to invite Nigerian doctors to come over to the United States on good pay to help fight Coronavirus. I thought…” This is the man who says Nigeria was going to go under, the man who knows thousands of Nigerian doctors are working in his country, the man who knows Nigeria is short of doctors and still wishes to poach the few we have in the face of a crisis he predicts.

We cannot fault the response of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) that a doctor is free to work anywhere in the world, even if the taxpayer-funded about 80 percent of his or her education. It is the doctor’s inalienable right. Our response is to not note with passive interest president Trump’s statement, to not panic and to find means other than drugs to continually protect ourselves. America under President Trump is still heavily sold to the GERM THEORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR. That theory says GERMS CAUSE DISEASE AND THAT DRUGS CURE DISEASE. But isn’t this intellectual chaff? By “intellectual” I do not demean a sharp or keen intellect as protective gear or armor in earthly existence. I refer only to that situation in which the intellect has been enthroned in the place of INTUITION. For the intellect is the merely perceptive capacity of the brain to receive, classify, store and retrieve experiences for daily use. The brain, its master, belongs to the animal body or housing in which the owner, MAN or Spirit, resides. The perception of spirit, INTUITION, transcends the intellect’s confinement or boundary within material space and time in CREATION. Thus, intuition should rule over intellect, even in earthly matters, and the intellect only its errand boy, not the master.

Were this so in the United States, it should belong clear that IMMUNITY is what GOD planted in our bodies to protect us and that immunity thrives on wholesome foods and drinks and not in the junk foods and technology modified food crops which adorn the standard American diet (SAD) and had made immunity a cripple before environmental enemies of man. This is the lesson all Nigerian governments should be passing to our people, not crippling lock-down measures. That is the lesson the world Health Organisation (WHO) is teaching the world all over…” neither drugs nor injections, but the right kinds of foods and drinks bring lasting health”


The news is flying around that new world order is on the way in which human thought and opinion, like the government, will be singularized. Purveyors of this idea say it has been in the works for a long time. It involves radio frequency communication on 5 G bandwidth which has 10 times more electromagnetic penetrating power than 4G waves. This means more penetration into homes and offices, vehicles and factories, for example, and harder interferences with human electromagnetic circuits. This would not only disrupt cell-to-cell communication, damaging intracellular and systemic intelligence, causing riots of biochemistry and disease, it would also poison the cells or ionize, which dissolves them. As this is going on, the immune system will attempt to come to the rescue. The hypothesis suggests that cellular debris and other wastes of cellular damage are what the proponents of CORONA VIRUS COVID 19 band together and call the virus in a grand cover-up of the damage of their industry to humanity.

It is interesting, that only in countries where 5 G technology has been well deployed has the Coronavirus pandemic severely occurred. Wuhan, China, the epicenter of that country’s pandemic, was the first to host 5G technoloy there. This technology is widely deployed in Spain and Italy, which are badly affected, and in the United States. Russia defies a cold-weather haven logic of the pandemic. The virus is said to love cold weather. Russian winter is one of the coldest in Europe. Yet Russia is literally Coronavirus free. The reason may be that Russia uses no 5 G technology.

President Trump may have predicted a bad future for Nigeria not just because politicians and powerful citizens who fly home from abroad are not detained at airports for compulsory quarantine there but are allowed home on the vague promise to self-isolate which they never do. President Trump may know that Nigeria has licensed one of the foreign service providers to roll out 5 G technology. With the hunger for bigger radio energy to power a growing number of information technology devices including driverless cars, Artificial intelligence (AI), CCTV, more powerful Android phones, etc, it is doubtful if a man on his own will be able to avert inevitable electromagnetic destruction of his race. The capacity of 5 G broadcasts to do this will ever be covered up, many observers say. And to calm fear and panic, a vaccine against Coronavirus will emerge. The promoters will make good money worldwide. And the vaccine may come with not just the toxic wastes the immune system is meant to fight, but with a computer chip as well in the body to monitor the life activities of that person who would now become a human-robot in the hands of the new powerful manipulation of power and money on earth.


Amidst the confusion comes the calming words of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gbereyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
“We know that, for many people, life is changing dramatically… My family is no different. My daughter is now taking her classes online from home because her school is closed. For the rest of the world that even the most sincere situation can be turned around. But the experience of cities and countries that have pushed back this virus gives hope and courage to the rest of the world. During this critical time, it’s important to continue looking after your physical or mental health. This will not only help you in the long term. First, eat a healthy and nutritious diet which helps your immune system to fight and function properly. Second, limit your alcohol consumption and avoid sugary drinks. Third, don’t smoke. Smoking can increase your risk of developing a sincere disease if you become infected with COVID 19. Fourth, look after your mental health… It’s normal to feel stressed, confused and scared during a crisis. Talking to people you know and trust can help. Supporting other people you know in your community can help as much as it does them. Check on neighbors, family, and friends. Compassion is medicine. Listen to music, read a book or play a game and not try to read or watch too much news as it makes you anxious… COVID 19 is taking so much from us, but it’s also giving us something special. The opportunity to come together as one human to work together, to grow together. I thank you”


Everything is energy. Energy vibrates and radiates. So, we can say everything radiates. Through attraction and repulsion, everything within the universe maintains a healthy and safe distance from everything else and succumbs when its radiations are too weak to protect itself. That explains why the 5-G radio waves may break down the human cell. But it cannot do this where the in-dwelling spirit which animates the body vibrates healthily and its radiations glow powerfully through the encasing physical earth body. To unite with the animating and protecting radiations of the spirit, the body must also generate it’s own radiation as a plug into the spirit socket. To generate its own healthy and powerful radiations, the body must be well-fed with food which contains” THE LIFE FORCE”. The life force contains stellar, cosmic, soil and other radiations which plants, fruits, food crops, and herbs have absorbed and stored in their energy batteries for the consumption and use of man. Globally, mankind has steadily moved away from a diet of the life force to a plastic diet which does not offer its immune system any nurture to protect him from environmental predators. The outcome is immune weakness aggravated in times such as this.


I accept the idea that the stars govern the fate of man. But they do not govern the fate of man on their own. They give back to man the ripened fruits of the seeds he sows. stellar radiations journey to the earth in certain channels, alternating favourable and unfavourable downpour. The stars and other bodies are not hanging over the earth for the fun of it. They are in motion, like the clouds, forming different formations all the time, and each formation has a different impact on the earth. Abighya Anand is a 14-year-old Indian protege who is said to be versed in reading the movement of the stars and predicting what these may portend. According to an internet post:

“Abighya Anand predicted that the world would enter into a tough phase starting November 2019 and April 2020. These six month periods will see the spread of global disease and a rise in global tensions. At the height of it, all would be March 31st which will Mark the climax of this state with the world looking tense.

However, on May 29th, as the earth orbits away from this tough period, it will Mark the global decline as the spread of the disease will become more manageable.
“Anand is a famous Indian protege who has been featured in numerous magazines. Notably, in 2013, he was interviewed on the INDIAN TIMES where his astrological skills were put to test. And to the amazement of many, his knowledge of astronomy was considered a child’s play. He has rightly by use of astronomy predicted the prices of gold and silver and other Indian-related activities.

“On the Coronavirus, it is to be noted that it is a global war…Why Anand considers March 31 to be the climax is based on astrology. Where he cites that Mars will conjunct with Saturn and Jupiter while the moon and rahu will also conjunct. Rahu is the north node of the moon. This is a rare occurrence since Saturn astrology, Mars and Jupiter are considered the most powerful planets due to the fact that they are on the outer ring of the solar system. Hence, when they are all aligned, their power over earth is enormous. “While as for the moon and rahu conjunction, it is also very powerful since the moon is considered the planet of watery spreading. While as for rahu it is considered the communicator planet.
“In terms of watery spreading, he notes that the coughing and sneezing will happen mostly at this time, thus spreading the disease further. It is this vital to observe social distancing during this time. That is 31st and April 1st.

“As for May 29, according to his astrological understanding, the axis will be broken and thus the planetary arrangement more favourable for a cure. From this point on, cases of the reduction of the disease will be reported. As for the economy, the slowdown is predicted to end in November 2021”.


Astrology is a royal art. But Only those “called ” to the code movements of the stars can speak with definitiveness. Four wise men accompanied Baby Jesus to the earth. Three made the trip to Bethlehem after sighting, over the manger, the Star, which has traveled down from the spiritual world as a greeting from the Father. The fourth arrived after Joseph and Mary had fled to Egypt with baby Jesus. May 29 is an important date on the spiritual (not religious) calendar. It is the day the earth receives divine power from out of the holy spirit for its regeneration. The Christian Pentecost festival, which celebrates only the Ascension of the risen Christ, misses this specific date and omits this important aspect of a wonderous event that has taken place in this date since the beginning of creation. The sending of this Power into creation from where it gets to the Earth is important because, if this power is not sent, creation will wither and disappear. It reminds people who know about this event that the Holy Spirit created the universe and will judge it as the Lord Jesus once told His Disciples. The Lord Jesus knew this power from the Holy Spirit was about to be sent to the earth as it had always been sent on this date when he asked his disciples to gather in the Upper Chamber. We all remember the event in which tongues of fire descended into them and they spoke in tongue with an understanding of all languages spoken to them. The Lord Jesus Ascended on the rebounding waves of this power which carried him aloft to his father. Let us all approach this day in watchful reverence and humble prayers for our well being well beyond this earth’s life. May the day bring us strength for peace and happiness on earth in the will of our Almighty Creator.

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