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Corona Virus: May 29, Power of Pentecost Over Viral forments.

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Last Friday was May 29. I had planned on May 28, the previous Thursday, to publish this column in tandem with one of the most wondrous events in the universe at this time. May 29 is a date I have held in high regard since about 1977 when I first learned of its importance, along with May 30 and May 31, for the well being of all creatures in the universe. I know of thousands of other people in Nigeria, not to mention in other nations, who observe May 29 in spiritual retreat to celebrate PENTECOST the following day, May 30, and absorb Its powers and blessings mediated to the man as once did the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth in the Upper Chamber.

Pentecost is the Christian word I can immediately turn to, anchor the wondrous event which has been taking place from the beginning of Time, coincided with the first reported PENTECOST, and has not failed to take place on May 30 every year after that. I would like to quickly add that this Outpouring of Power to the man from Above is not for Christians alone. It has been happening before Jesus came to the earth. It is, therefore, meant for any soul which consciously or unconsciously opens itself to it according to its receptive capacity.

So, quite naturally, I awoke inwardly when I learned about the astrological prophecy of a 14- year- old Indian boy, ABHIGYA ANAND, in August last year. At that time, he said:
(1) A natural pestilence of the magnitude of war would devastate the earth from November 2019.
(2)The devastation would hit a climax about March 26 2020.
(3)The pandemic disease would begin to lose its sting and, therefore, clip its wings from May 29 this year.

I have not seen anyone who knows about May 29 in the spiritual calendar of our Universe who has not tried to figure out or contemplate the possibility of a linkage between the prophecy of Anand and long-standing prophesies of the warning signals of an END time for planet Earth. In 1999, American journalist TOMKAY took us through many of them in his book titled WHEN THE COMET RUNS. He let us know that the Comet he referred to was not HALEY’S COMET which visits the earth every 75 years or so and was around again in1984. That year, I wrote a number of Haley’s comet articles in THE GUARDIAN newspaper to recall devastating earth events which often accompanied the visit of this Comet and to suggest the crashing of some notable settled scientific notions.

Two of these notions that I suggested were THE LAW OF GRAVITY and THE LAW of BIOGENESIS. The law of Gravity then, and perhaps even now, was that a force in the center of the earth pulled everything to a resting point on the surface of the earth. But what if it was the other way round, that everything floats to or sinks to the level consistent with its density, always forced to a homogeneous environment? If you are a heavy soul, you cannot float to paradise upon your departure from this earth. If you are a light soul, you would easily ascend or float home-ward. Very heavy departed souls may be earth-bound and roaming about aimlessly, disturbing people, and even trying to possess the bodies of negligent ones with weak blood radiations. Regarding biogenesis, the settled law was that like begets like – Dogs give birth to dogs and chickens to chickens. The bottom line is that NOTHING gives rise to NOTHING or SOMETHING comes from SOMETHING. But from the re-emerging knowledge of RADIATIONS at that time which was taking us back to the days of the ALCHEMIST when he probably transmuted sand grains into gold dust and sand, it is possible now to salute BIOGENESIS, the conception that something may arise not from its kind.

I have not been surprised, therefore, that thinkers and researchers such as Dr. ROBERT O.YOUNG have been vehemently trying to lift the lid off this subject. He has been challenging vaccination and vaccines, which, he says, are loads of poisons on the human system. Even in respect of a Coronavirus vaccine, which all nations are competing to develop, Dr. Young says this is perverted thinking. In a short while, we should hear from him on this page. Meanwhile, in his book, THE pH MIRACLE which I read in the 1990s, he showed that a micro-organism, named MICROZYMA lives in every cell, human, animal or plant. Microzyma is natural guests or tenant in every cell and is inert or inactive for as long as the cell is slightly alkaline in its biochemistry. When the cell turns acidic, microzyma DEVOLVES or degrades itself into bacteria to destroy the cell.

By the command of nature, acidity tells microzyma the acidic cell is dying and should be destroyed. That is why corpses decay in the graves and why acidic breasts and other organs are attacked by cancer. Microzyma did not give birth to microzyma in this condition but to bacteria. The doctor wipes the bacteria with antibiotics. The residue of antibiotics makes the cell more acidic and a stronger strain of bacteria emerges which the original antibiotics cannot kill. So, the doctor goes for much stronger antibiotics, which leaves a stronger acidic residue. This time, microzyma is converted by the acidosis to fungi or mold, a microbe more difficult to deal with. It has been suggested that the vaccinations many of us took as children about 70 years ago maybe the foundations of today’s cancer epidemic and viral pandemic. And more acidosis may lead to viruses emerging in the continual pleomorphism of microzyma. It may be shown here today that acidosis comes not only from what the body is fed with but, also, from toxic emotions and cosmic radiations such as ANAND prophesied when he sighted an astrological formation in the cosmos.

May 29, May 30 & May 31

I left something hanging about May 29 in the cosmic calendar. To talk about it, we would need to visit the beginning of all things, LIFE or GOD. There is hardly any human being who, as a child, did not wish to know how God was created and what HE looks like. Now, we know we will never know because our specie of creature cannot behold or withstand the energy of HIS Radiance, let alone of HIS Being. We would simply melt like snow in the tropical sun or like candle-stick in the fireplace. But through the Grace of REVEALED KNOWLEDGE, we are now privileged to be content that HE is UNSUBSTANTATE while everything outside of HIM is in SUBSTANTIATE form. The first of these forms, as the Christian Bible informs us, is the FOUR ANIMAL BEINGS at the foot of the throne of the Almighty God. It should be of interest to us that it is not human beings but animal beings who are the guardians at the footstool of the throne. That is, they have identifiable forms and shapes. These are the first forms and shapes to extricate themselves from the surging oceans of fire which surround the unsubstantiated worlds of the Almighty Creator. They are to be seen therefore as the strongest pillars for our creation or universe.

The Christian Bible tells us they are EQUIDISTANT from one another and form a perfect SQUARE. If we project each point of the square upwards to a common equidistant point, we obtain a PYRAMID. Everyone knows the high point of a Pyramid signifies a starting point which passes power into the pyramid. If we project the SQUARE downwards, we obtain THE CUBE, the shape of the universe. When we recognize that forces in cyclic motion are active in the gigantic structure, we may be on the Terrain of the Quadrature of the circle. These bits of knowledge were borne down to earth by knowing ones over millennia. From the scriptures, we are familiar with the fact that GOD cannot be pinpointed in substantiate form in the Light of HIS luminance. So, we are content to accept that HE is LIGHT.
Light radiates and produces energy. Energy produces pressure, heat, and motion. In these Radiations of THE LIGHT are the seed germs of the specie of everything capable of existence. Existence is either conscious or unconscious. In the law of development, movement is from the unconscious to the conscious. From pristine times, it was known that the world of Angels existed in substantiated forms far away from the unsubstantiated Divinity of the highest. They were able to become conscious because their species were able to extricate themselves from the surging oceans of fire at a point far away from him and form themselves into the shapes we know as angels. We human beings on earth were too weak to do that. The human specie could not, and needed farther worlds away. When the longing arose in the strongest specie of the human spirit for conscious existence, their prayer was granted with the CREATION COMMAND LET THERE BE LIGHT.

Hitherto, the Radiation from the unsubstantiated being of the creator, LIFE, was recalled to HIM at the boundary of the Divine substantiate worlds in a temple where the Bible, for example, informs us that 24 ELDERS sing HOLY, HOLY, HOLY from Eternity to Eternity. To create a new world for the human spirit, a part of THE LIGHT had to be placed at the boundary of The Temple of the Elders. It is this boundary that is the well-reported cold, lifeless void where nothing existed. The command LET THERE BE LIGHT brought a part of the unsubstantiated aura of the Almighty to the boundary of the Temple Elders which interfaces with a cold, lifeless, and void below. That was how the human spirit, which was created IN THE IMAGE OF GOD of that part of THE LIGHT, came about. They were the strongest of the human species and did not have to journey to the earth for their development. The radiations of the part of the LIGHT was sufficient for their creation and sustenance. They are the ones created in the images of God. Their part of paradise is the original paradise which none of us on earth can ever attain because we are not created beings but, at best, are developed beings, whose own spiritual worlds are far, far below.
John the Baptist was one of those created beings. And that was why The Lord Jesus said no man on Earth is as great as John the Baptist. Human beings on earth, were therefore, not those created in the image of God. At best, when they become mature through their wandering, they might have become images of the images of God. We earth men and women are therefore better labeled as developed Beings whereas the images of God are created beings. The universe in which we exist for our development from spirit seed germ to a spirit being, including the earth, did not issue directly from the hands of God. It arose from the loving wishes of the images or the Created Beings who wanted their immature spirit brothers and sisters to become developed Beings.

That was why a lot of work over billions of earth years was involved in putting together the seven universes, including our own, EPHESUS. This subsequent Creation is maintained by the WILL OF GOD, HIS SPIRIT, which we are told, ” hovered over the land”. We know what would happen to the human body if the heart stops beating. It would die! Subsequent Creation is a much bigger version than all the human body systems put together. Once a year in terms of human reasoning, an event takes place in the annex Temple through which the circulation of Divine Power in Subsequent Creation is renewed. On earth, Knowing ones have pinpointed the high point of it as May 30. So, from May 29 every year, they join the entire universe to beseech God to send down into the universe that sustaining power which will keep it going for another year. The created Beings do the same in their own Paradise and Temple.

When the DOVE appears in the Temple on May 30 to confirm the Goodness, Grace, and Mercy of God for his creation, there is jubilation throughout the Universe, including, on earth, for those who have opened themselves up to partake of this Blessing. Time does not permit to explain how the power, which streams down, has been used aright or wrongly by mankind. It is possible that the Power is what the boy astrologist ANAND intuitively sensed would break the constellation of stars which may have produced such radiation reactions on earth to aggravate existing conditions for a devastating pandemic now known as COVID19. It is possible May 29, 30, 31, would bring a breather for a while to the impact of the Radiations of THE CREAT COMET which is fast approaching the earth. What we know from Revealed Knowledge is that its Origin is the same as the STAR OF BETHLEHEM, which was a greeting from the Father at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. The Great Comet is reserved for THE JUDGEMENT.

Corona Virus: Vaccines are not the safest Medicine

Controversial American Naturopath and author of The pH Miracle Series, 68-year-old Dr. Robert Young, Ph.D., D.Sc, says CoV is a concept that only exists on paper. Let Dr. Young speak for himself: All viruses, from HIV, EBV, CMV, Hepatitis C, Ebola, Measles, Zika, and now CoV, are all phantom viruses. Viral existence has not been scientifically demonstrated and never proven.

He continues: Most virologists have very little interest in the possibility that HIV doesn’t cure AIDS, or that the CoV doesn’t cause hypoxia that leads to acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS), because if it does, their experience is useless. Their embarrassment, humiliation, and scientific fraud would have been exposed. Furthermore, Dr. Young says you can’t catch viruses. On the frenzy over whether the eventual production of a vaccine for Covid-19 could end the challenge posed by the virus, he says the proposed vaccine could be toxic!

Besides, some of the vaccines tested so far, give false positives on CoV tests. For Young, the prolonged use of N95 masks could disrupt the normal airway breathing process, and inhaling excessive amounts of carbon dioxide instead of oxygen could cause hypercapnia (excess carbon dioxide build up in the body this is toxic). Dr. Young then asks the question: Is Covid-19 contagious? in his study published 13th May 2020 titled: A study of infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-COVID carriers. In the experiment, an asymptomatic Covid-19 person was exposed to 455 uninfected persons and the infection rate was tracked. Of the 455, zero became infected!

On the pathology of all sickness, which Dr. Young says is the most important scientific article I have ever written, he says a rise in alkalinity of the body prevents CoV, dementia, diabetes, heart attack, etc. This postulation is based on the pH Miracle principle where he says the more alkaline the body, the more it resists diseases, including Covid-19. Young then quoted Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.
Based on the pH Miracle diet, we humans should be eating more of fruits and vegetables and not heart and body damaging fast food that causes inflammation. Hear Dr. Young: The body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. He recommends ionized water. He also gives the benefit per color of fruits and vegetables:

*Green: Contain lutein for vision, vitamins C and K, potassium, and folic acid.
*Orange: Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin Cfor vision, skin, and immune system.
*Red: Rich in phytochemicals like lycopene and anthocyanins that improve the heart and diminish cancer risk.
*Purple: Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. They are anti-aging, reduce cancer risk, and support mental health.

*White: Rich in phytochemicals and potassium and help reduce cholesterol levels. Dr. Young says balance your diet, regain your health, and prevent Covid-19. He says your body’s pH balance is the key to optimal health that prevents Covid-19. The pH diet works with your body chemistry to revitalize and maintains your health.

The following are testimonials about the pH Miracle book:

*Love the pH Miracle book. I went out and bought pH strips, checking out pH on everything. I’m afraid to loan out the book because I may not get it back. I told my son about it, he and his wife ordered their own copy. Called in this morning to say they love it too. I’m reading labels more than ever before due to this book. I recommend it to every household – Bonnie C.

*The pH Miracle book may have saved my life. Simple truth: It works and so many people could help themselves. My Doctor says I’m doing so well, she may discontinue my medication. Just three months ago, they said it was a good thing I checked into the hospital because I was lucky to be alive Micky F.

For more on Dr. Robert O. Young’s views on vaccines, prevention, treatment, and core for Covid-19, see his Blog https://www.drrobertyoung.com/blog for his numerous world-acclaimed articles and presentations on YouTube and at scientific seminars. Dr. Young, though controversial, has his own well-respected world view. There you have it.

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