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Corona Virus: Immune system still on the center stage

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Many nations laboured on this week in the search for a COVID 19 infection cure. Madagascar exported COVID ORGANICS to 15 West African nations. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced it was close to a cure. So did a Nigerian-led group of infectious disease researchers in the United States. That Nigerian is Dr. OBAFEMI TAIWO, of the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago. Originally, their drug, REMDESIVIR, was designed for Hepatitis B. But it did not crack the Hepatitis Virus. Next, it was tried on Ebola Virus with limited success. Against Corona Virus, REMDESIVIR brought cures within one week of use to a majority of 113 patients who got it through their doctors on compassionate grounds. Only two of 113 patients died.

But, back home, the Nigerian government was still flat-footed, with many Alternative and Traditional Medicine prophets roaring to fly but unlikely to be honoured by their own land.

Undeterred, the Ooni of Ife, one of the Paramount rulers of South-Western Nigeria, continued his Royal visits to government houses in this region with a view to pushing plant medicine which custodians of Traditional Medicine say can do the job.

In Lagos State, whose government has easily become Nigeria’s leader government in terms of combating Pandemic, Health commissioner professor Akin Abayomi invited attention to the immune system as the waterloo of Coronavirus disease. India is singing the same song with many countries that now recognize the immune system as the last fortress against COVID 19 infection.

In salute of the immune system, this column gives way today to Prof Devan, a popular Indian head, and neck surgeon who in his country mounted a campaign against the use of HydroxyChloroquine and Azithromycin in treatment of COVID19 disease patients. In the recent national interview, he reveals how these two drugs killed doctors who took them to prevent infection and did not spear their patients as well. Professor Devan said he has cured several patients by making them drink hot water and adding iron, zinc, and Amino acids to their diet. He explained how these nutritional factors build a powerful immune system.

Professor Devan was interviewed by Mr. Lai Goel on the subject titled HOW TO TREAT CORONA VIRUS AT THE INITIAL STAGE. Both men have the floor…

COVID-19 or Coronavirus disease has engulfed the entire world, including India. Today, we have Dr. Devan with us, who is the Professor of Surgery, Head and Neck at Ajay Medical College. Welcome, Dr. Devan.

My first question to your doctor. What is your opinion and how you think you are going to treat or do you have any protocol to treat these COVID19 patients? Please explain

“It is indeed so distressing for us to see how many people are dying across the world. Now, I really give a brief overview of this entire thing and looking at the way the virus is. First, what does a virus do the moment it gets a chance? It jumps to a human and starts to replicate. Now, what will a human do is that, it will initiate the initial defense processes of viral immunity. When the body realizes that it is not having the requisite body defense capacity, what can the body do? The body can arrest viral replication by increasing body temperature. Now, this happens a few days, like one or two days after the virus has gained access to the body. Now, what should we as humans do? The moment we have the symptom which may be a slight itch or a pain in the throat, a slight feverish feeling, a feeling of tiredness, a slight temperature, we can assist the body instantly with its second line of defense. And that is by increasing our own body temperature.

If you observe when animals become sick, what do they do? They sleep, go and sit in bright, hard sunlight, thereby increasing their body temperature. How can we do that by frequent sipping by hot water?

I repeat again by frequent sipping of hot water. Keep hot water enough less half a glass every 15 minutes. Keep sipping until you sweat.

Must the water be Sizzling hot?

Yes, Sizzling hot. Keep it in a flask. Take half a glass and then tolerable temperature. You can’t be burning and scalding your mouth by it, but tolerable hotness and keep sipping, which is tolerable when you keep doing that. When the body temperature increases by one degree Celsius, what does a body do? It attempts to bring it down because it does not prepare for the immune fight through temperature. And therefore we start sweating. The moment you start sweating, it is a clear indication that the body temperature has gone up.

Now, if you keep doing that throughout the day for the next two days, that in 48 hours time. Viral replication will stop and the body’s innate antiviral mechanism defense mechanism will kick in and completely inactivate the virus and kill it. That is how it should be.

Suppose I am doing exercise now and I am sweating and by definitely my body temperature increases, will that be effective in killing the germ?

“No, no, no. That will not help because I have come across a report saying that you should do hot water gargle. That is not enough. You need to keep their hot water in a flask and keep sipping hot water. keep using until you start sweating. It is not about exercise. Exercise has no relevance. If a person feels that he has been infected already, even if only because he has gone to an epidemic zone where there is known risk of Coronavirus, come back and for the next 48 hours, keep sipping hot water until the body temperature increases. In that 48 hours time, the body’s immune defense system will kick in and clear the viral load. That is the prime intent, to clear off the viral load and kill it. That is why people are dying when their immune system is not strong enough to defeat the germs? So, therefore, our focus should be to increase the immune levels of the population at large.
Now, as you know, you know, earlier, many years back during my post-graduation, my prime research and theses, was on immunology and infections. At that time, I had a massive file only on Zinc.

What is the basis of the immune system of the human body?

Primarily, it is red. Which is why we say an Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. What do you see in an Apple? Of course, when you cut an Apple, it becomes red, showing it has a rich content of Iron. Earlier we knew that if we had adequate Iron stores, the body’s immunity will increase. The second need for immunity is Zinc. Zinc is the second cornerstone of immunity. And of course, we had Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Laureate, who talked about Vitamin C. Now, the main defense mechanism that first kicks in is called Humoral immunity, which is antibodies. And to create antibodies, we must have adequate Amino acids. What are Amino Acids? Let us have a look at nature’s ingredients, which will give these things. Number one, Amino acid from Sprouts. Number two, Vitamin C from fresh Lime. Number three, Iron, from either Apple or Black Raisins. Raisins are black because of their Iron content. And number four, Zinc. Very high Zinc content is in Papaya and Watermelon seeds for example. So if you have either of these as natural ingredients or if you have them as supplements, to a large extent, the body gets a fighting chance to fight this.

I have treated countless children by just these supplements and many parents. Countless parents have come and told me that about nine weeks of supplementation, led to a large extent of viral Sore throat or Rotavirus Sinus disease, which children suffer, all disappearing. We should realize why do we call a Cold a Cold? Cold is an activator of viruses that are dormant in our throat. And when children drink ice, the virus does get activated, they get a sore throat. And then, of course, we medically go and give antibiotics, which is wrong and should not be, because it’s primarily a viral infection.

What do I tell parents? The moment you give a child something cold, come back home and drink half a glass of hot water. To a large extent, this viral activation will not happen. I, therefore, want to re-emphasize so very clearly, because my belief is that in the initial 48 hours, when the person feels that he is infected, do we have this, as an intervention, or therapeutic option advocated by anybody? As of today, unfortunately, No. But, if in the first 48 hours, the patient frequently keeps sipping hot water, the chances of a fatality are very slim. Drink Hot Water until you start sweating, and keep doing that for 48 hours, to give the body a fighting chance to fight. The viral replication will stop in the body, allowing the same body to then start fighting the virus and clear it. Now, if this was done, it is my opinion, strictly my opinion and not the protocol being advocated or used by anybody that the unfortunate and very large number of deaths we are seeing across the world, should cease.

And second, we should have a clear focus on increasing immunity. Do we have an immune enhancement program at all?

We don’t. We should look at immune enhancement by asking patients either to supplement or take these natural foods. I repeat again, Sprouts, Fresh Lime, Black Raisins, and the seeds of Papaya or Watermelon because they contribute adequate Zinc. They can also supplement with many other sources that are readily available, that the Doctors will know. But that seems to me, to be the way to go.

It is so sad what we now do. We wait for the testing. Why will the patient test after the initial eight to 10 days of incubation? Then when the patient starts manifesting at that time, only with the best becomes positive. Beyond that, when the body starts fighting, it starts to develop antibodies which later become positive. That is too late. Because what happens is that, when the body realizes that too much of Virus replication is happening in the lungs, the body will try to shut it down by releasing what is called a Cytokine Storm.
Though this is a little bit complicated to explain, it is basically a situation in which the human body, in response to an infection or perception of foreign matter, starts to attack its own cells and tissues, instead of the foreign body it is supposed to be fighting, which in this case the Virus. Scientists trying to manage the massive cell deaths being caused by the Cytokine Storm are discovering that by the time they get a handle around the effect of the Cytokine Storm, the lungs are so much destroyed. The treatment that I am advocating is in the initial 48 hours. My feeling and opinion are that if it is done, the large, terrible epidemic of deaths which we are witnessing the world over, can be prevented. Now, What exactly is my take on this? My position is that if by doing this in the start itself, if they have a premonition or a broad spectrum of symptoms of slight fever, body aches, or sore throat, and they started this hot water drinking, not a single death should happen. If it happens, it means my opinion is wrong and I will retract my advocacy.

We have just heard that today, the government has given permission to one of the hospitals to use the plasma of those already infected and recovered or have already been cured. What is your take about that?

It again reverts to what I had earlier advocated. Why do we take the plasma of patients who are cured? Why are they getting cured? It is because their immune system is good. Today we feel that those more most susceptible to Covid-19, are the ones who have co-morbid conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. But what is the main problem in them? Decreased immunity. So my argument is, instead of waiting for illness and instead of all this, why don’t we increase the immunity?

If the immune system is vastly enhanced, the susceptibility which may lead to death, should not happen. So now what are we doing now? A patient who has recovered means he has got a good immune system and we take the blood of that patient, provided it is compatible, then we extract the serum and then inject it to those who are suffering. That is a good idea. But by that time it may already be too late, and only God can help. I wish that by divine intervention, patients will survive. Now there have been patients who have been cured by this technique.

I know that in 1890 when that Diphtheria came, and there were no antibiotics in the world at that time, these techniques were used in many patients and many patients were saved. What do you say about that?

That is true because they are applying the same principle of an enhanced immunity. There are some people whose immune system is good, either because of their dietary pattern or they have looked into it. And therefore, as a consequence of enhanced immunity, they are able to fight it.

Do you think that this therapy can be used also as a prophylactic, for those who do not have the disease right now, should they be given this?

I certainly would not advise this or advocate this as a prophylactic because my advocacy only be to enhance the natural immune system of the human body by giving what the body requires to fight it. I repeat again, what are the natural ingredients, Amino acids, Iron, Vitamin C, Zinc. If a person has adequate of these, his natural immunity will be far superior, instead of the referring back to this plasma therapy. No, I would not agree with that as a prophylactic, but for the treatment.

But for the treatment, let’s see, because it is going to start from today, hopefully. And let’s see what will be the results. Because we have had patients who have recovered, it is logical because we have taken the source serum from a patient who has recovered, which means he’s got a good immune system and giving it to patients who do not have the requisite immune system. So, perhaps because many patients have recovered by this, maybe they will respond.

Now, there is one take I will like to clarify. It is this huge phenomenon of Hydroxychloroquine. Everywhere Hydroxychloroquine is being advocated for, as a treatment and why we are we not taking it as a prophylactic or for the treatment. What is your take on this?

I was the first one who read the original report by the eminent immunologist Franck Touret, of France. The moment I saw that report, I advocated everybody to take hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin. But we failed to realize one terrible thing, that concurrently, jointly, they have an effect on the hearts conductive system and as a consequence, cause the conductive block or Eurhythmia or death.

As you know, recently, about two weeks back, a doctor was taking it as a prophylactic, had a heart arrest, and died. There are several doctors who have had heart trouble or even death because of Chloroquine. Now, how can we prevent that from happening?

It is a conductive block. And therefore, earlier research reveals that while taking Hydroxychloroquine, you must also supplement Omega 3. To a large extent, Omega 3 will protect the conductive mechanism and prevent this terrible fatality, which happens as a consequence of us trying to protect from this disease by this drug. So anybody taking Hydoxychloroquine, must have a prophylactic or an initial Heart BCG and easily showing that the cutie interval is not less than 225mm. It should not be less than 225. If it is so it is highly risky for the individual to take the drug. Second, if they are taking it, they must also take Omega 3 tablets, in which case to a large extent I believe they will be protected.

Doctor, you mention about that Azithromycin along with Dar Hijau Toxic Little queen. If you will take only the HydroxylChloroquin. Then what are we doing?

HydroxyChloroquine is now taken by many doctors and health workers primarily as a prophylactic. Why did they add Azithromycin? Because Azithromycin has an immediate action on the lungs. Now, as you know, the most common complication of the Coronavirus is a lung infection and pathological developments. Because Azithromycin as action there, it is also added. But there is a little bit of caution, I would like to advise as Azithromycin has caused agranulocytosis in a few patients and they died as a consequence of the use of Azithromycin.

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