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I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

Some lion hearts of Nigeria’s traditional medicine and alternative medicine are proudly and confidentially bringing out one formula after another from under the bushel and parading them in public…to persuade their country folks that Nigeria has local cures for CORONA VIRUS COVID19.

Professor Maurice Iwu led the way a few weeks ago with a public statement that he has a vaccine cure. Professor Ayodele Adeleye emerged in the public last week with a similar claim. A former microbiology lecturer and medical researcher at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna state, professor Adeleye said his formula was scientifically proven and he was ready to treat 5 Corona patients free of cost. Also aboard the Coronavirus cure train is Dr. Ben Amodu, who owns a 30-bed African Alternative Medicine hospital in Abuja. He claimed this week that one of his patients had tested negative. Behind him are some herbal formulas which he said had cured throat cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, other lung diseases, would cure Coronavirus COVID 19, and would also cure the Toyota virus which, as he put it, maybe on the way after Coronavirus. One of the old horses of the industry, Mr. Olajuwon Okubena, a chartered accountant who came into prominence in 1994 when The Guardian newspaper reported that his blood formula was a possible alternative to blood transfusion, dusted the dozen or so scientific investigations on his formula in Nigeria, Europe and in the United States, and positioned it as an invaluable remedy for COVID 19. I write as a man-in-the house with respect to Mr. Okubena’s formula, Jobelyn.

The treatise on it is too long to publish here. For this reason, I will advise the lay public as well as editors and all doctors and allied staff treating COVID 19 patients worldwide to read it up in www.olufemikusa.com. I was privileged to follow the research and development of this product since 1990 and was present at its presentation in Accra, Ghana, conference in 2002 and then at another in Senegal in 2006. At both presentations, Jobelyn returned home with first prizes. Professor Iwu was present at the Senegal conference, and from there, undertook a working relationship with Mr. Okubena which saw Jobelyn undergo various laboratory investigations in the United States. Mr. Okubena has subjected jobelyn to various laboratory tests for all sorts of situations. The long story began at the college of medicine, pharmacy department of the University of Lagos where jobelyn showed the capacity to help the body produce a large quantum of blood hematocrit within 24 hours in extreme ANAEMIA conditions, including that of sickle cell anemia. Then, it was found to cut excess blood sugar, decrease arthritis pain. At the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Jobelyn was adjunct medicine in a psychiatric care study.

The University of Ibadan college of medicine, and that at the University of Benin, was not left out. The military Hospital at Ikoyi, Lagos, found Jobelyn improved the well being of HIV patients and presented its findings at a conference of world Military Hospitals in Bethesda, United States. A Tuned, Tunisia study was to report HIV cures. Other studies have suggested that, with ORAC much higher than in most well-praised Euro-American herbs and fruits, Jobelyn is a tough, not antioxidant powerhouse. In COVID 19 disease, antioxidants are indispensable. So are anti INFLAMMATORIES because, in this condition, the lung system is extremely inflamed. In tests abroad for its anti-inflammatory potentials, Jobelyn was found to outclass prized anti-inflammatory chemical drugs of those nations riddled with many side effects. In respect of Coronavirus COVID 19 infections, Mr. Okubena is presenting Jobelyn as a Nigerian herbal blood product which has many roles to play in the fight against this pandemic disease. Coronavirus creates inflammation… Jobelyn is anti-inflammatory. Coronavirus creates tissue-damaging free radicals… Jobelyn is a powerful antioxidant. Coronavirus strikes and thrives in depleted immune conditions… Jobelyn is a proven immune booster. Coronavirus causes blood clotting and other blood problems… Jobelyn is a proven blood normalizer. Doctors say they have no cure as yet for Coronavirus attacks, but that they manage the complications… Okubena says the complications are the same as Jobelyn has been found in laboratory and clinical experiments to satisfactorily address. So, why not adopt it as adjunct medicine in COVID 19 therapy as a Nigerian contribution to world medicine?

Why Jobelyn may not have obtained the acknowledgment of the Nigerian government which it deserves may be due to nothing but the Nigerian FACTOR and the politics and business of medicine. While the business of medicine lines up the purses of those who decide what foreign medicines Nigerian hospitals must stock and prescribe, the politics of medicine ensures that local formulas that will not fatten those purses are kept out of public view and veneration.

This much Dr. Ben Amodu tried to say when he was asked to comment on why his medicines are not acknowledged by the health authorities of this country and of the offer by China to help Nigeria in the battle against the pandemic. But he did not antagonize China. They were nationalistic and right to sell their country’s medicines to the world. Has president, did Donald Trump not jump the gun to prematurely bring up chloroquine which causes many health complications and even death. Has his country not finally accepted help from China?

In the weeks ahead, we should expect more people in traditional medicine and alternative medicine to emerge from obscurity and self-effacement and shout themselves hoarse, some spuriously. President Mohammadu Buhari opened the gate wide for alternatives to pharmaceutical vaccines, which have not emerged, anyway, because it would be irresponsible to watch people die needlessly when curative intervention agents may be available, untapped, in realms of medicine outside allopathic medicine. If traditional and alternative medicines remain held down by allopathic medicine in this trying period, there is something about them that can no longer be caged. That is the awareness of the public that natural formulas now are available which can help them prevent and cure terrible diseases. This awareness has been seen in Nigerians abroad who cured themselves of Coronavirus infections at home on self-medicated herbal formulas which this column has reported in the past few weeks.

This season and the aftermath will be a tough time for allopathic doctors. They are currently like the lion wearing a crown and sitting on the throne of medicine. The lion will attempt to tear down and eat raw any Hunter of the crown and the throne. Already, allopathic (Western trained or orthodox) doctors have been saying claims of herbal cures for the pandemic are flukes. The blasting is set on two grounds. First, it is said that viral infections have no cures and run their full circles. That is absolutely correct. Second, they say viral infections can be self-limiting. That means they may expire on their own without killing the patient. That, also, is absolutely true. They say self-limiting viral infections may be what natural medicines are dealing with when they assume they are achieving cures. This, too, cannot be dismissed. But what many lay observers like me find difficult to understand is the reluctance to try some of these formulas that have certified clinical or laboratory records, especially if they may better treat those self-limiting symptoms.

The umpires in this business are all friends of allopathic medicine and they all speak the same language. All medicines must be scientifically proven and definitive in their biological actions. Traditional medicine, on the other hand, being almost always folklores of a people who have sustained their health over millennia, is content to be THE HEALING ART OF A PEOPLE, EXPLICABLE OR INEXPLICABLE, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines it. In the last century, the WHO got all member nations to recognize that more than 80 percent of the world’s population depended on traditional medicine. On this basis, all nations agreed to upgrade, by 2010, their traditional medical institutions to the standard of allopathic medicine. This meant there would be traditional medicine colleges of medicine, research centers, hospitals, and a regulating council. Many countries have made substantial progress towards this goal. Nigeria is still crawling like a snail towards it. Mr. Okubena started a clinic in Lagos and employed allopathic doctors who showed interest in traditional medicine. But, soon, he gave up. Dr. Ben Amodu manages to still hang on with his. Reverend father Anslem Adodo has opened a traditional medicine hospital at the GRA, Ikeja, Lagos for his PAX HERBAL CENTER. But the road to parity with allopathic medicine is still far. It is possible Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic will open the gates a little wider if traditional medicine and alternative medicine state their cases better.

On U tube, I ran into the following interview last Monday of the Nigerian alternative medicine caregiver who claimed he had cured a Corona Virus COVID-19 patient at his 30-bed hospital in Abuja. The interview goes…

“I am Dr. Benard Amodu, a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, a Fellow of… Alternative Medicines. I own the African Alternative Medicines Hospital, a 30 bedded hospital here in Abuja. I am a lead phytomedicine researcher. Immediately the pandemic broke out, the Honourable Minister of Science and Technology gave a statement that whosoever is a local researcher, that has knowledge in this area, should write them, and I was the first person to contact them. Two weeks, when my letter was not attended to by way of calling me, I approached them that I was the one who wrote this and I had done a researcher on the cure of cancer of the throat and that it was from there I got this vaccine because I was waiting to know what was the made of the infection of the new virus. I was told the throat. So we got something that can eliminate the cancer of the throat and thereby disorganize any disease of the throat including Corona and Anta which has first come out and also Toyota Virus that is yet to come out.

The interviewer asked Dr. Amodu what he thought of the plan of the government to import the Coronavirus vaccine from China when, as he claimed, he had made one.

Dr Amodu replied:
” I am coming from the background of herbal medicine, not just herbal medicine, even food medicine, no side effects. And I have always said my medicine will be the one to beat anywhere in the world. First, it has no side effects and it is very, very effective. Even then, don’t talk about my new cure. You know people like anything which comes from abroad. I said the same thing when I discovered the cure for malaria about 15 years ago and I said at that time it was the vaccine for malaria and is also for curative and it was compared with Chloroquine and found equal or better than Chloroquine and Pyrimethamine. Today it still stands. And even with that alone, don’t talk about my new prevention which is a vaccine. I already have a curative and a vaccine agent in the name of SAABMAL which beats Chloroquine and now it can cure corona. It is listed in NAFDAC, it is in the market and is doing very well. It cures malaria within a few hours of use, malaria and typhoid. And now it can Prevents and cure Corona. As a matter of fact, there is someone in Isolation who is positive and we are hoping he would do his test (last Tuesday). So far he is in very high spirit because he can see the effects of the medicine already. (Dr. Amodu told me on Tuesday that the man tested negative early that day from two test result. He gave me the man telephone number if I wished to speak with him).

The interviewer asked Dr Amodu if he could ” boldly ” tell Nigerians that he had given his vaccine to someone who tested positive to Conrona Virus COVID19.

He replied:
“Yes, that is the one ….in fact, they are supposed to be four. One of them is undergoing the test which is SAAVD19. That is the vaccine. These three have been given to the person… the SAAB which boosts the human immune system beyond human imagination, the SAABFAT6 which takes care of lung diseases, cancer of the lungs, pneumonia and stops fibrosis of the lungs. The SAAMAL beats chloroquine in an international forum in Addis Ababa, was tested in a suppressive Test provilative test, a creative test, it has 95% effectiveness against f.persiferium which is a positive agent of malaria and is also an absolvent in the treatment of so many diseases. I have two vaccines undergoing all tests. So far, I have been cleared in the test. Just waiting for the NAFDAC Note. Others have been registered by NAFDAC over 10years and have already been approved. And then the immune booster which has won consistency African immune booster of the year three times because of its consistency as an immune booster in the market. Nigeria has sustainability in all this virus fight, with the research I am doing and the research my colleagues are doing. The President’s statement is very clear. He will use everything, including alternatives available in his country, to protect his people. And this is one of those alternatives that we have. We are ready to work with the government.

I read in the VANGUARD about three days ago that India says it was not ready to give its Chloroquine to anybody. It was only after America begged that they said okay we can give you a little. And we have something better than Chloroquine. SAABMAL which has been listed more than 10 years ago is for malaria and typhoid and,by latest discovery now, is for the cure of Corona Virus . SAAFAT6 takes care and prevents cancer of the lungs, pneumonia, and fibrosis finally the immune booster. So far, the three combos of my products are fantastic. I have two vaccines for Nigeria and have given the government to test. So what am I suppose to do after? My research work is just the same as the ones Nigeria went to get to other countries. Nigeria went to China to get anthematacine for malaria for which state government spends #3.6b clearing land. As we speak, nobody has produced any capsule of anthematacin. We are not given anything here but we did local research here to get the number one product in the world because it has beaten chloroquine. And it does not have side effects like chloroquine on like chloroquine.
“Nigerians should know that we have what is better than what the world has. I always subject the product to analysis, I appeared on NTA panorama and promised to produce malaria drugs that will be the best in the world and it has come to past. SAABMAl we send to America in line with the best practices in the world, then an American publisher exposes the details of our products to the world and WHO sponsor us to UN to present it and presentation was for suppression of malaria, prevention of malaria and cure of malaria compare to the standard of chloroquine athametamin.

Did Doctor Amodu consider it wise for Nigeria to seek help from China? He did not see anything wrong with it since China has acquired experience in fighting off the pandemic.
“When the president of Nigeria have spoken about an alternative like this our herbal product, what type of inward are we still looking for? My hospital is African Alternative Medicine Hospital, we don’t do operations, we use our alternative medicine to take care of illness like communicable and noncommunicable diseases. Now we have coronavirus, anta virus even Toyota virus, call them any name this product will take care of them. These are diseases that we have a product that can stand the test of the term to cure them.
“Finally, before I stop, since we look up to America and the rest of the world, America came to my lab and collect my product for analysis in their lab in Texas, because they learned my product takes care of cancer, because the colon cancer in the US, the find that the drugs were reacting very well and they find out it is also good for lungs cancer the same test they got 89% cure rate on the both cancer, is it not rejoicing that Nigeria product can cure two cancer in the world. And with those people that talk with both sides of their mouth I think with this, they should just keep quiet. In the world of medical health, Nigeria medicine will stand out, our products come from plants and the chloroquine comes out from the back of chinconal plant.

“Nigerians let get serious we are the biggest black nation in the world.

Finally, those who suffer sickle cell SS can’t marry, we can revert SS to AS and one the medication started no more attack again , there is reto conversion from SS to AS without operation, anybody that wants to travel to India, China, for treatment we have the original treatment here without operation, the first of his kind in the world.


For centuries the people of South-Western Nigeria depended on a herbal extract
to cure diseases of diverse origin, including Anemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, Arthritis,
Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes, Infertility, Malaria, Cardiovascular diseases,
HIV/AIDS, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, Breast Cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,
Lupus, neurological diseases, etc. This remedy was handed over by their forefathers from generation to generation. Scientists would ordinarily dismiss this claim as it was difficult to substantiate with credible evidence. The main ingredient for the preparation of this medicinal product is the special Sorghum bicolor leaf sheath which is only available at a particular location in Nigeria. It has taken more than 20 years to unravel the mystery behind this miraculous herbal remedy. I had a strong resolve to pursue this mystery scientifically and only in recent times I am having a clue that would be accepted as credible.

Immune System Response

It takes a little more explanation to understand how Jobelyn supports the immune system. As with the case of red blood cell health, we need to drop down to a cellular and molecular level and think very small. It’s the antioxidant activity that is most vital for immune system support. Specifically, the extract provides components for the body to build its own super antioxidant: glutathione peroxidase.

The body creates glutathione and uses it for several protective tasks including protecting certain immune system cells called CD4 T-lymphocytes. Glutathione contains selenium and three amino acids (cysteine, glutamine, and tryptophan).

Jobelyn contains all three of these amino acids, providing the body with some major building blocks of glutathione.

Scientists believe this explains some astounding research coming out of Africa right now. In a preliminary human clinical study involving HIV-positive patients,
Jobelyn supplementation improved compromised CD4 cell counts (30-300/1) by
200-300%. Those with initial CD4 counts greater than 300 also saw an increase of
20-30%. The increase in cellular immunity occurred regardless of whether the patient was taking other antiretroviral drugs.

Jobelyn is incredibly beneficial for the immune system when the body is under one of the heaviest attacks imaginable. It makes sense that the herbal would be helpful as a general immune system boost for anyone in fine health. Its effects appear to be moderated too; meaning it won’t make the immune system become overactive. That’s why we see such a dramatic increase for those with very compromised CD4 counts and a moderated increase for those who had higher initial counts. So, Jobelyn is a safe immune support supplement whether you’re looking for a little extra help during cold and flu season, or if you’re facing a much more daunting immune system challenge.

We have researched to find scientific evidence to support the role of oxidative stress in many diseases to buttress the assertion that Jobelyn, being one of the
most powerful natural antioxidants have a prominent role to play in maintaining
wellness and treating many diseases.

Since SARS-CoV-2 is so new, there’s currently no cure. But doctors have been able
to use supportive care and other antivirals to try to help patients.
Early studies show some evidence that certain medications, including those that
treat HIV, may help fight the virus.

Jobelyn has got scientific evidence to support the claim that it is a powerful
immune booster.

Many claims for immune-boosting are not scientifically validated although many natural products have some measure of immune-boosting properties. They cannot be trusted to provide the immune coverage that is required to combat the coronavirus problem.

In a recent publication by scientists from China, this is an extract from the
research publication:

Coronavirus Infections and Immune Responses

Article in Journal of Medical Virology · January 2020
Coronaviruses (CoVs) are by far the largest group of known positive‐sense RNA
viruses having an extensive range of natural hosts. In the past few decades, newly evolved Coronaviruses have posed a global threat to public health. The immune response is essential to control and eliminate CoV infections, however,
maladjusted immune responses may result in immunopathology and impaired pulmonary gas exchange. Gaining a deeper understanding of the interaction between Coronaviruses and the innate immune systems of the hosts may shed light on the development and persistence of inflammation in the lungs and hopefully can reduce the risk of lung inflammation caused by CoVs.

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