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CORONA-VIRUS and U.S. war on junk food

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AMERICANS are a lucky lot. They live in a fool’s paradise. But they are lucky to always find a life-line or an escape ladder whenever foolery threatens to implode upon them. In their fool’s paradise, Americans see themselves as the makers of our world, set out to confront Mother Nature, believing they are the chosen race and the world’s smartest people. But just when their so-called paradise is about to cave in and entomb them, luck sees them through escape routes. Luck is what they have again found in their campaign against fast food or junk food, begun before the new Corona-Virus pandemic reared its head.
The ‘war’ is to de-popularise meat or fish pie, hot dog, cake, soda (soft drink), sweetened beverages, fries, noodles, pasta, excessive salt, and the likes of them. Why has America been waging war on fast food, and why is the war getting hotter now?

Before the new Corona-Virus Pandemic, health researchers, physicians, and the government had been worried about the rising rate of disease and death from obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood cholesterol level, and kidney damage, to mention a few of them. For example, a study found that, in Minneapolis, 45% of 900 restaurants sold junk food. The study related this figure to 30% obesity among adults and 15% obesity among children. In other words, a significant portion of the population may be doomed to die unnecessarily from dangerous diseases simply because they were eating dangerous foods. Persuasive as their arithmetic was, the food industry challenged it, claiming other factors, discovered or not discovered, may also cause obesity. Irrespective of the opposition to the plans to subdue the sale of fast food, the governments of many states in the US pushed ahead with their plans.

In these cities, restaurants that sell fast food previously enjoyed the privilege of operating DRIVE THROUGH WINDOWS. These are lanes on the road, beside a fast food outlet on which customers could park their vehicles and make their purchases. In order to curb the sale and consumption of fast food and combat obesity, many city authorities have been abolishing the DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW. But now, such abolition has become more aggressive. The abolition is still linked to the obesity war. But many public policy analysts see different handwriting on the wall. That handwriting suggests that the war has been upgraded to silently confront Corona Virus and protect citizens challenged by underlying diseases, who have a higher risk of dying from Covid-19 complications.

AMERICANS appear now to be taking the bull by the horn as regards the diet of the populace in the wake of the pandemic. I employ the word appear advisedly because it is still unclear if the cities can win their war against the consumption of fast food. The World Health Organisation lost the battle about 40 years ago against white flour, naked sugar, greasy food, etc. But what is impossible where there is the will to push it through and the capacity is not lacking? In my view, Americans as in all things, crafty in this venture against meat pie, hot dog, pizza, noodles, cake, ice cream, and all that they have suddenly discovered as their diet, is anti-life. The Standard American Diet (SAD) has been divorced from the life force in all-natural foods and is possibly the reason their immunity could not cope well with Covid-19 infection, while Africans, for example, fared better. But they are not linking the efforts to de-popularise junk food to Covid-19. That is yet an uncharted terrain. They are linking bad food to diseases science has established as the cause.
Corona-Virus has inflicted misery on almighty America. These foods consumed by Americans are lifeless. The life force in them has been extinguished in the production process. They are, therefore, no better than killer free radicals which are now known to diminish immunity, institute degenerative diseases, hasten the aging process, make the body unable to adequately challenge invading germs, and ultimately, cause premature death. This is the Fool’s Paradise which the Americans have allowed for decades, stupidly mistaking pseudo health for radiant health, ignoring the warning of such health prophets as JETHRO KLOSS in his book, BACK TO EDEN. But the lights came on in the cold and dark Fool’s Paradise when common sense and, science began to link obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, elevated cholesterol levels, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and the likes, including cancer, and immune deficiency to these foodless foods, which bring nothing useful to the body, but, as good robbers, steal from it useful food factors to get themselves metabolized.

President Bill Clinton had about 95 percent of his coronary (heart) arteries blocked when he was President and had to have a coronary by-pass surgery done to save his life. He said afterwards that one of his major regrets while in office was that he did not eat real meals often, the meals he had were meat pie, hot dog, other white flour food and soda. His successor, President Barak Obama, was a luckier man. His wife was and is still a naturalist. She brought his lunch to the Oval Office, the President’s office. She converted the flower beds and flower gardens in the White House, the official residence of the President, to organic food farms. She also brought American schoolchildren from nearby schools to work with her. Her dream was that if they knew the difference between real food, which heals and preserves, and junk food which damages and kills, they may be able to persuade their parents to pitch tent with Mother Nature, rather than confront her. After all, it was Mother Nature that fashioned the body of a man in the Will of his Creator and provided, before his arrival on this earth, the food he would need for the nurture and preservation of this body.

In 1977, I bought a book titled NINETY DAYS TO A BETTER HEART at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Bookshop. It was about how the author healed his heart troubles on a wholesome or natural diet. He did not enjoy his childhood and boyhood because his heart could not pump blood well and fast, whenever he needed more energy because this vital organ was enlarged. He linked his travails to devitalized food, such as white flour meals and refined or white rice and naked or empty sugar. I learned from him long ago that the health problems of many populations escalated when mankind began to mill wheat flour for commercial reasons. Whole wheat could not keep for long because it was so nutrient-dense that it attracted weevils during storage and transportation over long distances. This led to spoilage and financial losses.

Degradation of whole wheat to white flour solved the problem. In the degradation, such important nutrients in whole wheat as lecithin and wheat germ oil were removed. Thus, consumers of white flour foods miss these important nutrients which Mother Nature in her wisdom factored into whole wheat. Whole wheat has cholesterol factors. Lecithin and Vitamin E help to emulsify cholesterol or make it soluble in the bloodstream. White flour, derived from whole wheat can keep for a long time because it no longer contains lecithin and vitamin E . This makes it possible for white flour to unleash a cholesterol war in the bloodstream. A high blood cholesterol level may lead to cholesterol sludge and stone in the blood vessels and gall bladder. This may oppose free blood flow, cause elevated blood pressure, and make the cells age and die prematurely from poor oxygen delivery and delayed waste evacuation.

WHEAT GERM OIL, from the germ of wheat, is a generous mixture of Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E as well as trace elements, which include Octosonol. The B Vitamins are required for a number of purposes, including digestion, nerve function, energy production, stress reduction, etc. Vitamin E is well known for antioxidant work, muscle tone, fertility, and oxygen management. Its management, among other muscle toning functions, makes it good for the heart, the uterus, and other muscles in the body, including those of the eyes, and limbs. Mountain climbers do well on oxygen management at great heights. Where oxygen is scarce, but Vitamin E is abundant, the latter, especially when backed with selenium supply, supports the judicious use of small oxygen stocks. Sickle cell anemia challenged persons do experience this support from vitamin E for their oxygen-deprived condition.

We can thus imagine, the great loss for people hooked on white flour foods.
Despite the good credentials of wheat, i do not recommend it in aby meal because i do not eat it. The wheat sold around the world today is genetically modified for a much higher yield per acre and a bigger profit for the farmers. Its proteins do not go well with the intestine and, therefore, damage the digestive tract of many people who cannot cope with them.

As for white rice, it too has lost many natural nutrients in the refining process. The vitamins and proteins have been eliminated. Chromium too has been drastically reduced. Yet, chromium is what is required to drive blood sugar into the cells. Chromiums absence in a white rice diet may, therefore, predispose the white rice addict to elevated blood sugar for which he or she may require chromium picolinate food supplements to be purchased at a health food store. White flour elevates blood sugar and white rice eaters have to supplement their diet with lecithin, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, wheat germ oil, chromium picolinate etc. to avoid or beat hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, failing heart, weak erection, or erectile dysfunction. These undesirable health conditions rear their ugly head when we swim against the currents of Mother Nature. Don’t Americans live in a FOOL’S PARADISE?

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