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Conversations on Heat Stroke, Seasonal Affective Disorders (Part 2)

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Olufemi Kusahttps://olufemikusa.com
I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Call: +2348116759749

WHEN one season gives way to another, paving the way for an abundance of new food crops, fruits and vegetables, the weather changes as well, sometimes heralding health challenges that are now known as SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDERS (SAD). With the rains gone a, sneeringly hot weather has stepped in as an interlude between the rains and the harmattan season, dusty and cold that will be followed by yet another hot season before the rains come again. As stated in the first part of this series, the weather has been so dusty and hot that many people have been unable to escape its SAD content.

I heard of a family friend who went straight into hospital after the burial of the earthly remains of his father in the east. He was hit by multiple organ failures (heart, liver and the kidneys). He was probably dehydrated and became a victim of sunstroke without realizing it in good time. I saw mine coming. One or two weeks earlier I had literally kept the vigil in respect of one of my nieces who, happily, overcame hers with little ado.

The week after, I caught myself missing one step once in a while, and my breath not as deep as I’d known it to be. My fasting blood sugar was ideal at 83. And my eyes betrayed no signs of anemia. I had been sweating, drinking water mineralized one way or the other to prevent electrolyte erosion, more so as a new eye medicine I was taking may have been diuretic in its own way because I noticed increased urination urinary output, urinary force and probably prostate gland shrinkage as  well. Originally, going by the books, I should have been making less water with increased perspiration.

On December 8, near the kitchen as I tried to take out the gills of a frozen Titus fish head, I went blank, early enough, though, to warn my son I was feeling dizzy and anything may happen. He stabilized me. I called immediately for honey and a sachet of sea salt I had just bought that week. Was my bold pressure low, I wondered? The day before I had bought at a pharmacy a beta blocker eye drop formula for my glaucoma, as I was on the last bottle of my Garcinia Kola (bitter kola brand), ADEFULENOL, and I wanted a back-up before I restored. I had noticed that beta blocker eye drops always brought down my blood pressure and tried as much as possible to avoid them. The salt and honey helped. And I quickly followed them up with a light meal.

Incidentally, the hot weather and the health challenges it may pose had been the feature of robust conversations on KUSA GREEN PASTURE HERBS wasap forum which this column began to share with its readers from last week. The conversation last week was about how the dusty season may cause such throat infections which may lead to SLEEP APNEA, which some people regard as “Spiritual attack” during their sleep. The conversation continues today….

(Post a internal memorandum of a weather report from NIMET) (Nigerian Metrological Agency) titled DISSEMINATION OF WEATHER REPORT FROM NIMET which says …

“ The Nigerian Metrological Agency (NIMET) has warned Nigerians to prepared for more hot days and warm nights. Nigerians are, therefore, advised to engage in smart adaptation practices such as viz:

  1. Drink more water to keep hydrated
  2. Keep a water bottle to remind you to take water
  3. Reduce intake of foods that are rich in proteins because they increase metabolic heat
  4. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during the period
  5. Eat a lot of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables
  6. Monitor your blood pressure
  7. Stay indoor between 12 noon and 3p.m
  8. Take cold baths before going to bed at night

Please adhere since we need you hale and heartily. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation”.

This post was to generate more posts on the withdrawal of certain pharmaceutical blood pressure drugs from the United States market, following indications that they were linked to cancers. But, before then, MRS ENITAN BAMIGBOYE (nee Allen): “ This (is) clocked February 7 (Post was on November 28).

DOTUN AKINTOYE: (replies Enitan) “thank you”.

SPORTY (answers Enitan) “yes, but still relevant” yes, but still relevant”.

KUSA: “The notice should have included the use of sea salt (not table salt). Added to water or food to replace electrolytes and minerals lost in excessive sweating. Principal among the electrolytes are Potassium and Sodium. Sea salt is sodium plus about 80 minerals and trace elements. Table salt is pure sodium which is why it can be dangerous to health. If you take too much water with no sodium or potassium, your body will not be able to hold the water as your kidneys will over work to run it out. Potassium helps you to hold water inside your cells. Sodium helps you to hold water outside the cells in spaces around them. Rumpled skin of shrinkage in body size during old age or illness may be evidence that there is not enough water inside the cell. Think of your car battery cells without enough water to produce battery power!. Think also of the interstitial fluid which surrounds the cell drying up. You can get potassium from banana, orange, water melon, unripe plantain, lime, vegetables and their juices and powdered greens (Spirulina, Kale, Chlorella, Bareley grass, Wheatgrass, Alfalfa e.t.c) my bedroom is naturally cool. So, I do not need even electric fan. So, when I began to sweat even at night a few weeks ago, I began to add to my breakfast of say, pap or corn pap… Apple cider Vinegar or limes or both, Orange juice, a green powder such as Spirulina or Kale and Amla powder. Sometimes, I chop Orange peel, parboil them in the pap and take with the meal because it is reported to have two times more Vitamin C than orange juice and even more calcium. Amla is reported to have 16 times more vitamin C than lemon. Sunstroke puts the body under stress, and, during stress, the body loses vitamin, zinc and other minerals along with sodium and potassium. If you taste your sweat, you would find it is salty. It shows you are losing sodium. Too much sodium loss will make the nervous system and the heart to misbehave. The body will attempt to prevent cellular death by moving some water out of the blood vessels into the interstitial fluid and the cells. The loss of water in the blood vessels will reduce the blood volume and the empty space so created in the blood vessels by the vacation of water may be filled by air as Nature does not allow a vacuum. But air ingresssing or filling the empty space is dangerous because it can cause air block or air lock. Air block is where air splits the blood flow into segments, forcing circulation stagnation in some cases. With time this may cause heart failure, heart attack, stroke, coma and even death. Nature tries to prevent all of these by not allowing air to fill up the space vacated by water inside blood vessels.

It does this by reducing the total areas (lunen) of the blood vessels to fit the space of the new blood volume. Automatically, the reduced space leads to increased pressure to drive or push the blood along in narrower pathways. It is like closing two out of three gates in a stadium that is to be emptied of spectators. There would be pressure on that simple exit. We all can feel the traffic pressure in Lagos nowadays with road construction making some lanes unavailable for driving. That is why we are being regularly advised to check our blood pressure at this times. If the water loss (dehydration) is becoming too much, the body will produce more cholesterol to seal hydrants through which more losses may occurs. To, for example, prevent the lungs and airways from becoming dry and damaging the air sacks. Various organs of the body may begin to harden up as there will not be enough water as solvent to dissolve and suspend mineral salts which may begin to crystallize, forming stones and blocking fluid and blood circulation pathways. It would then require more pressure from the heart to drive blood through them. This may be the origin of secondary hypertension for which the doctor prescribes all sorts of drugs…

MRS. BAMIGBOYE: “ Blessings. If you are taking Amlodipine, Vasertan, or Hydrochlo rothiazide for blood pressure, please contact your doctor for immediate alternative drug. The manufacturer of the listed drugs has recalled on the drugs for potential cancer risk.

BARRISTER FOLORUNSHO PETERS: “My doctor said ‘No’ and sent this https://www.usatoday.com//story//news//health//2018/11/30/bloodpressure-drugs-two-more-medications-recalled-cancer-risk.

KUSA: “Can we please have summaries of both sides of the coin?

It will be interesting to know the source and veracity of the caveat emptor and the on-line contact to which the doctor referred as through Barrister Peters. I know some blood pressure medications cause problems while they try to protect the heart from overworking and damaging itself thereby. Some of these side effects may be direct or indirect. Over to you, ladies and gentlemen.

BARRISTER PETERS: (Message from his doctor) “This must be the article you are referring to (referring to Mrs. Bamigboye). It only mentions medications containing valsatan. It looks now as though Nigerians have added to the original list. You are not on any valsatan. Nor is your wife.

BARRISTER PETERS: FDA issues recall for several medications containing valsation. American College of cardiology. Still from my doctor for furthering our discussion’’.

KUSA: “Thanks Barrister. The lesson in it, in my view, is that we should double-check ingredients in anything we use. When I did a column titled KILLER POIONS IN YOUR POPULAR TOOTHPASTES, I was amazed by the discovery that few toothpastes in Nigeria are free of poisonous content. Even some of the brands well recommended by dentist contain this poisonous ingredients, some of which have been linked to cancers of all sorts.

Someone offered me a tea which he said to have improved the vision of some people. I got along with all but one of the ingredients. This once helped vision in one way or the other. The question mark was on CANNABIS SATIVA. I know there are two species of cannabis (Indian hemp). One turns the head. The other species is used medically. The oil is gaining currency as an all-purpose remedy world-wide. It was approved for use medically by either the United States or Canada. But I do not remember which species is the useful one. I am re-checking. But I know Mrs. Essien, our in-house matron, should have the answer on her finger tip. I will check for Valsatan with my pharmacist friends. Thanks, Barrister.

Every-one on blood pressure medication is advised to re-check with his or her doctor to rule out Valsartan content.

AKIN S.B. Blood pressure medication will eventually kill you… Just saying.

OSCAR: “Please I do not agree with your saying. We should learn on this forum not to be creating fears in people. As a medical doctor of 22 years experience, I have seen many patients with high blood pressure survive and many without the ailment. The best cure is to identify the causes of it and take steps to get away from it e.g having a troublesome or nagging wife at home can spike or jerk the man’s B.P. All we need to know is cause. Sorry if I bothered you.

CHI GLORY; Ha, Mr (Dr) Oscar, na wa o.
OSCAR (Posts a picture which says a bad wife is worse than poverty. If you have a good wife, you are already rich). Sorry, house if my example of wife irritates you.

MRS. AGBEYANGI: “What kind of example is this? When will male chauvinistic utterance give women folk a reprieve? Is my husband’s B.P a result of my nagging?, post that of bad husband, nah!

CHI GLORY: “I am just sad at the mindset some of us humans have. After your first post Mr. (Dr) Oscar, you went ahead to buttress your point. I know you are aware that we have men who are worse off. You could have balanced this intelligently, but you chose to balance your point. What is the essence of your apology?

Well done, Sir, thank you. We do the damage and just say “sorry’’

OSCAR: “I have said that already. My English mechanics did not say all women. Most cases too drunken men cause lots to their wives. Most people do not know women are so elastic or have resistance than men. Before a woman gets serious BP, you know if it is a man it will be history. We did this survey in 2012. But I repeat “sorry” to our most esteemed women. No single intention to undermine your values”.

MRS ESSIEN: (To Kusa) thank you, Sir. It is a scientifically established fact that the cannabis herb has always and still provides enormous health benefit to mankind. For the short period I have researched this amazing plant, I tend to agree with a lot of people that it is more of giving a dog a bad name to hang it. It is not possible to go into the details of this plant in this forum. There are hundreds of scientific researches going on, on with these plants most of which are headed by Israeli scientists. The cannabis is the umbrella name and so far, two very distinctive species have been discovered. The hemp and the marijuana. They are as different as chalk and cheese.

Hemp is purely medicinal with documentary evidence of medical values, the main component is the CARNABINOL (CBD), It is non-psycho-active. That is, it doesn’t make anybody high due to its predominance ingredient….TETRA HYDRO  CANNABINOL (THC). Because of the deceit, the lies and the deliberate misinformation from the big farmer, we are told that hemp and marijuana are one and the same thing. Nothing could be further away from the truth. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that hemp is not marijuana and marijuana is not hemp any more than someone will tell you that efo riro is one and the same thing as efo tete. The CBD oil that is gaining so much popularity and acceptability the world over is gotten from the hemp and not marijuana. The CBD oil can be aid has been administered to anybody, new borns, pregnant women, children, adults, just anybody. I have administered it to so many people with outstanding results. So go ahead and use the CBD oil if you want to. It acts on the human carnobinol system spread all over the human body.

DANGANA LOT (TO Oscar). You are right, Dr. Oscar. This is an alarm without an explanation as to how and without alternative solutions to high blood pressure. Kindly throw light, please.

COLLINS OKUCHABA: “ it (recalled drugs) should be replaced with payment.

AKIN SB: “I am just going to the thread. Not surprised that medical doctors that come out to do the defensible. They are designed to keep you taking the drug with devastating effects. I had high blood pressure. Thank goodness I never subscribed to taking drugs. I simply changed what I consumed and, like magic, it went away. I have seen tons of clients that perpetually take drug pressure medicine just to celebrate a few points moved on the reading. And they became so addicted to it and also all the side effects. I repeat and stand on it… they will eventually kill you. It is simply my firm conviction and belief. I am a very experimental person. I have persons who have simply cured their blood pressure by being on one of my fasting programmes. Fasting is the greatest remedy of life. Fast and see a knowledgeable herbalist. You won’t be needing the drugs. Most people I have met are constantly on repeat prescription. I don’t see a cure in that. Please bring any blood pressure drugs and read the side effects they never tell you about. It is on the pack… then later liver this, and kidney that… Give the body the right nutrition, (and) it would heal itself.

KUSA: “(To Oscar) “I agree Sir, that that was a sweeping statement. It should be enough for us to know and to advise ourselves that drugs have their side effects, that they are indispensable in emergencies, that we can device creative ways of minimizing their use such as through dietary and lifestyle changes. For example, when my Ophalmologist suggested that the corticosteroids I was taking for early stages of rheumatoid arthritis may have triggered glaucoma in my eyes, I changed over to natural medicine.

Ternopol, a beta blocker drops my blood pressure sometimes to 85/55. This morning, it was 90/60.  High blood pressure challenged persons may say I am a lucky man at 68 when I should have been hitting 130/90 at the least. But I say I may not necessarily be. For low blood pressure does kill faster than high blood pressure in some situations. I have learned to take my BP back to the normal of 110/70 by relying on adaptogens such as Ginseng and Gotu Kola which raise or drop pressure as is best for the body or by taking a pinch or two of sea salt in a glass of water and by never failing to take dietary supplements appropriate for whatever symptoms I experience from time to time.

I am so sorry I cannot take more of these chats. They have taken us round this season of heat stroke and some of the Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) to expect from it, including coughing, throat infections, sleep apnea, hypertension and the dangers in taking pharmaceutical drugs.

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