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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247
WOMEN’S affairs are always interesting matters. Therefore, it was not suprising that the section on WHITES(leucorrhea) in last week’s publication excited interest among women as it did among the menfolk. I would like to add another sort of barometer check-list for vagina health today. But, before then, there is a missing link in the discussion of the subject last week which I would like to fix in as well.
      Last week, I suggested that the conclusion that germs cause vaginal infections known as whites or leucorrhea may be plain surface value judgement outside other possible connections. One of these may be over exposure of this part of a woman’s body to semen. It may not matter if the semen is from same man, say a husband, or by multiple partners. This part is meant to be slightly acidic as a means of protecting itself against germs. Semen is alkaline. Too much alkaline neutralises the acidic environment and encourages unfriendly bacteria to flourish. Antibiotics to clear the unfriendly bacterial population merely add more problems as they kill friendly and unfriendly bacteria alike, and as unfriendly bacteria return soon after and grow faster than friendly bacteria. This is why antibiotics, for example, hardly overpower candida , E coli or staphylococus aureus.
      The missing link in this discussion last week was that the vagina is endowed, also, with antibodies to fight off invading elements. The sperm, too, is considered an invading army. To achieve its objective, the sperm arms itself deep with anti body-antibody. This is like an anti-ballistic missile warhead against ballistic missiles. The antibody-antibody of  the sperm suppresses the vaginal antibody for a few days during which it has the freedom to travel up to the egg in the fallopian tube and fertilize it. Sperm without enough antibody antibody in the semen are likely to be destroyed by the vagina’s antibody. But where the semen is well equipped with antibody-antibody, and the vagina is frequently exposed to it, there may be such immune suppression iin this part of a woman’s anatomy which allows all sorts of unfriendly bacteria to set up their colonies there.
    These ideas quite naturally raised the question of how frequently a woman should mate. Many men who read the publication would appear to be unable to hold themselves to the right time in the cycle which I said last week is respected by all normal animals in the animal kingdom. Sometime in the future this question will be addressed more elaborately through the guidance of Devendora Vora, author of HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS.
    We cannot exhaust all possibilities. Today, I wish to add that the temperament of a woman is like her shadow in all things, the health of this region of her body inclusive. What do I mean by this? Perceptions of medicine in europe and Asia differ like parallel lines, but they nevertheless often converge. In Nigeria, we are still stuck with the germ theory of disease  from Western Europe. Thus, a doctor schooled in western medicine would very likely tell you of the germ which causes a specific disease and of the drug which would incapacitate it at dosages which will minimise its adverse effects on the body to tolerable limits. In Asia, however, the first line in the reasoning of the doctor is likely to be THE SEVEN CHAKRAS. This is a concept which holds that man is distinct from his body and that, man, a spirit, is the energy which keeps alive the lifeless mud formation we call the human body.
      Once man separates from his body, the animating energy is cut off and the body is said to have died, while the spirit moves on. A chakra is like a socket in the spirit body into which the mud body inserts its plug. Now, the sites of the chakras have been found to correspond with the sites of the endocrine glands in western medicine. What convergence of seeming parallel lines!
     Many women are familiar with PELVIC SCANS. The doctor orders it when women have lower abdominal challenges which may vary from ovarian cysts and fallopian tube troubles to bladder infections  and uterine fibroids. PID  (Pelvic inflammatory disease) is a general term which covers a wide range of problems in this second chakra region. Sometimes, the question may be cervix based or vaginal issues. This region is governed by the SECOND CHAKRA. People who have second chakra concerns are believed to be people who wish to control other people or situations at all cost and who, being unable to achieve their goal, lapse into emotional maladies, expressed or subsumed, which block second chakra energy flow to the pelvic region. Time does not permit a  more detailed discussion today. Suffice it to say that second chakra problems weaken the organs in this region as they are cut off from energy nurture. They become like deep freezers in which the ice gradually thurs when electricity is switched off. In the state of weakness, cysts may form in the ovaries, uterine fibroids may surface and germs may overpopulate the vagina. We will talk more about all these another day.
     Add to these those problems of hormonal imbalances such as period pains, infertility, diminished menstration, spontaneous abortions, incompetent cervix, uteribe fibroids and even cancer, among many others.
Cracked, sweaty, smelly feet. Most of us are grossly unfair to our lifelong dependable servants, the feet. Whatever is our weight, they bear us aloft everyday and take us to wherever we go, even when we cloak them in fashion-dictated uncomfortable shoes. They do not even complain when we weighed through germ-bearing rain floods, as I did in the rain in Lagos last Saturday to beat traffic jams. When we spend money to make the hair, face, nails and skin to look more beautyful, we hardly think of the foot, unless we are women who value manicure and pedicure. And when the feet become sweaty and smelly, we try to subdue them, to silence them, with harsh soaps which may worsen their conditions and drive the complaints undergound to the detriment of some organs, especially the lungs and the kidneys. In societies more enlightened than ours about the foot, it is accorded deserved recognition and attention, and its care is reserved for the foot doctor, the podiatrist. From such societies, we now have knowledge of reflex zone therapy of the feet, and the value of walking barefoot on uneven ground.
  Walking on dew covered grass early in the morning, the best way to handle sweaty and smelly feet, what causes cracks in the heel and how to address this problem which may cause cancer in the foot if they lead to dangerous complications. We cannot address all problems of the heel. Some of its challenges are better left in the care of the podiatrist. The following suggestions, therefore, are simply simple home remedies, which have been found to work well in many cases…


This practice of alternative medicine is based on the concept that all parts of the body have end points in the foot. These end points are like push buttons which are wired to organs, with etheric energy “cable” lines called meridians. When these buttons are gently massaged, they release energy through the meridians to the organs . Illnesses in the organs are believed to be caused by energy blockages(like blood clots or fat plague in blood vessels) in the meridians. Once the energy blockages are cleared up, the organs receive  etheric energy nurture and begin to function well. A meridian may pass through many organs. For example, the pituitary gland, thyroid gland and the adrenal gland are often grouped together. The eyes are believed to “open” into the liver and into the kidneys. Thus, the problem in one suggests the others, too, may soon fall in line.
      In pristine times, when man walked barefoot, the feet received healing in the massage from the uneven topography of the land which cleared all the meridians of blockages within them. This may be one reason the humanity of old may have been relatively healthier than the humanity of today whose feet are always imprisoned in shoes, or slipper even in the bedroom. Attempts are being made to revive this culture in some parts of the earth. In these areas, it is believed that walking barefoot on dew covered grass early in the morning connects the body to the radiations of the earth from which was derived, and this invigorates tired nerves and muscles. We are reminded of this in the example of the chicken  which makes a pot hole in the earth and nestles in it for earth radiations on warm days. I was priviledged in the 1980s to be part of a RZT training which the guardian newspaper and durosoleye hospital of ikeja, Lagos, co-sponsored at Lagos sheraton hotel. When the german trainer pressed a point in my foot it hurt so badly that I yanked my foot from her hand. She smiled and said crystals were forming in my bladder. I was then told what to do to break or dissolve them. A woman who reacted to a touch on her foot was told she had problem in the uterus. Actually, she had it surgically removed about three years earlier. The pain she experienced suggested that the surgical wound had not completely healed, maybe because she had some nutritional deficiencies. I have helped to revive a woman who fainted by simply massaging the top of the big toe where the head meridian “button” is said to be located. When I pull the hairs in one part of my body I experience stinging electric-shock pains on the back of my right palm. With this experience repeated many times, I believe both parts are inter related. In his book, HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS, Devendora Vora, now of blessed memory, shows different points in the foot and hands which correspond with different parts of the body.


     When we bathe and pour water over our heads under the shower some soap is caught between our feet and the shippers, we wear. If we do not get rid of this, it may some day be a source of trouble. The trouble of the sweaty feet comes more, however, from the inability of the kidneys, the lungs and the intestine, and the skin to completely and efficiently rid the body of toxins. If the feet are forced to stop sweating them out, as we often do with anti-perspirant in the armpit, we not only bottle up these poisons in but also divert their courses, like dammed flood water, to other parts of her body, especially the lungs where they may manifest in respiratory problems. In such a situation, it is better to stimulate the skin to perspire more and the kidneys to form more urine. This can be done with internal approach through the right herbal medications and through reflex zone therapy of the feet. An anion party liner may also be worn in the shoes. They absorb odour and kill bacteria.


There are many possible causes of cracked heels which may present pain, bleeding, infections, damaged muscles, nerves and tendons… and cause even cancer of the foot. One of the possible causes is diabetes and  its complications which may include sores and infections. Callouses may form on the skin of the heel. They may come from dehydration of the heel, pressure from uncomfortable shoes, especially open back sandals, standing for too long. When the fat pad under the heel expands, it may cause callouses to crack.

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