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Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Health Foods

Again, warning that today’s wheat damages health

The view presented below ought to have been presented as the second part of the wheat belly warning presented last Thursday in this column....

Why we should stop eating wheat foods

We will take a brief vacation today from the ongoing running series on CHRONIC INSOMNIA AND TRAINLOAD OF TROUBLES, which has run in two...

Random Thoughts On Aflatoxins, Papaya Leaf Detox (2)

I FORSEE poor pawpaw fruit harvest in the future if, carelessly, Nigeria plunges into pawpaw leaf medicine without putting the horse before the cart....

Papain, pawpaw seeds and pineapple peel

Is Sunday Papa Danson still out there… and listening Has he heard? Of papain tablets? Pawpaw seeds, like the leaves, sap of the unripe...

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