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Azoospermia: The tension and flickers of hope

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I salute the courage of azoospermic or zero-sperm-count men whose wives are anxious to get pregnant, and since this may be a tall dream. Their wives nevertheless initiate or agree to conjugation ruled by the head and not the heart, just to keep the marriage going. These women usually do not betray their worries on their faces at home or outdoor. These relationships must be tension-packed, in homes where high-pressure emotions are bottled up on both sides. Every time I have received enquires on this subject, it has been from a woman. Last week, one such wife told me her doctor asked her to try sperm donated by another man who would be unknown to her and her husband.

As my intuition does not accept man’s meddlesomeness with the arrangements of Nature, I replied that I could not endorse it. I placed myself in her husband’s shoes. How would I relate with a child who is my wife’s child and not mine but who, at home and outdoor, I am expected to pretend I fathered? What happens on the day of the naming ceremony or on the day of the dedication of such a child to the Lord? If I could bottle the pain in my heart and deceive men, would I know joy if I stood in the presence of the Lord to take his a name in vain, and, in addition, bear false witness to Him and to the child that I was the father? I am not saying I cannot raise children who, biologically, are not mine. I am helping to raise some orphans right now. The difference is the deceit that is in one and not in the other.

Could the mother not leak the secret someday? What would our home look like if we have four children, all of them from different fathers, and I am supposed to pretend to be their father? I may become psychologically and even psychically worn down, inwardly cool, and lifeless. I may feel cheated, used, or abused, and turn a cold fish in the night chamber. Such a feeling is dangerous for a man these days that spouses kill each other for no just cause. The woman may sense the man would become a leaking balloon that could spill the beans, bring disgrace upon her, turn her life upside down, and destroy her happiness. Could such a woman not be tempted to get rid of him?

If she became widowed, friends and family could sympathize with her and make her life more comfortable rather than if her husband leaves her. Where this scenario does not play out, how does a donor-sperm child feel when the truth of his or her coming into coming home to roost? Are there no spiritual implications in all of this? Will the man who gave out his sperm to bring a soul to this earth but frivolously walk away from his responsibility towards that child, not be linked to the agony of the child? What about the husband who caved into the pressure of such a woman? What about the doctor who encouraged them for the comfort of his own pocket? Does the child deserve his or her fate? Will they all have to reconvene somewhere, sometime to make amends? Child adoption, which has its own problems, could be another option for such couples. The adoption of a child presents its own challenges. In the natural process of coming into being on earth, a child is a gift to the right mother. Souls wishing to return to the earth for one reason or another are attracted to her through vibrations or echoes of the procreative art. And as a young human body begins to form in her womb, the soul of most corresponding nature or circumstance takes possession of it to be her child. Cases abound, though, in which “black sheep” souls may find their way in. The child may be a “black sheep” with no features corresponding with either husband or wife. While blessings abound in the turning around of such a soul, bountiful harvests of trauma may be the profit.

Azoospermic Man

The azoospermic man has no sperm in his semen and is, therefore, unlikely to make a woman pregnant. The number of predisposing conditions may be legion or few, such as…


Azoospermia may originate from the womb if an estrongenated woman is pregnant with a male foetus. Estrogenation means an excess of the female hormone, estrogen, over its counterpart, progesterone. Some studies suggest excess estrogen damages SERTOLI cells of the foetal testes which are, like the LEYDIG cells, involved in sperm cell production and maturation. In an animal experiment with 47 albino rats fed ESTRADIOL, a form of estrogen, for one month, the epididymis regressed by almost 50 percent, compared with the control group. The epididymis is a coiled, long tube in which mature sperm cells are stored and transported from the testes to another tube called the VAS-DEFERENS. It is from here that the mature sperm cells are moved to the seminal vesicles which add seminal fluid to them on their onward journey to the prostate gland which enriches ” the visitors” on their way, through the urethra. The urethra is the tube that brings urine from the urinary bladder to the penis for voiding. In some men, something unexpected may happen. Rather than the semen flowing down through the urethra, it deviates into the urinary bladder. In the womb, too much estrogen is believed to destroy Sertoli cells. These cells are known also as MOTHER or NURSE of sperm cells because they produce the nutrition or “food” for the nurture, growth, and maturation of infant sperm cells.
Besides, they produce a protein that helps the concentration of the male hormone, testosterone, which is crucial for spermatogenesis, the process of sperm production. Nearby are the LEYDIG cells which produce testosterone. Many women are estrongenated and this may account for why about one percent of men are found to be azoospermic in some population studies. There is too much estrongen in today’s diet. Some men have been found to have more estrogen in their blood circulation than in an average woman’s body. Such men may have sperm problems.

Poultry farmers feed chicken and turkey with estrogen loaded feed so they can lay eggs almost every day through the overstimulation of their ovaries. The estrogen passes into the egg and the meat. Cow farmers do the same for cow milk which many women cherish for it calcium in the hope that it would help prevent osteoporosis. A link has been established between a hormonal imbalance in women (estrogenation) and the growth of uterine fibroids, which have become commonplace among Nigerian women today. On top of this, more estrogen enters male and female blood systems through cellophane food wrappers, such as sachet (pure water). Cellophane and other soft plastics contain Zeno estrogen which is released into the food or water when they are heated.

Almost everywhere, one would find stacks of pure “water” or sachet water bags under the scorching sun. And many women now prefer to wrap hot food not with leaves, but with cellophane! If the entire population of about 500 million Sertoli cells in the average adult male is wiped out in the womb, it is unlikely that azoospermia caused by this problem would be reversible. But who knows, there may be hope where some are spared and can be nurtured to sustain some sperm cells which, strengthen and protect, can do their job. Some cases of low sperm count have this origin. Where there is not enough nutrition because there are not enough Sertoli cells, a struggle for survival takes place among infant sperm cells, with some dying off in the process of natural selection (survival of the fittest), while others suffer from stunted growth or other problems.

Mumps (Orchitis)

This is a dangerous, contagious viral infection that causes inflammation ( swelling) of either or both saliva producing PAROTID glands in front and beneath the ear. Many Nigerians treat these swellings with kid gloves. Yet they can cause infertility in their children in the future, damaging the testes in boys and ovaries in girls. In Ikot Ekwere, an Itam community in Akwa Ibom State, children with mumps ( orchitis) were a common sight years ago. But these Nigerian folks appear to have a plant medicine for it and had no need for vaccination. This folk remedy is a variety of white cocoyam with lemon-green stem and leaves and not deep green like the other varieties. It was cooked for infected children to eat, and the infection disappeared. In addition, these natives searched for plantain stem stump, scooped the fermented juice inside, and gave it to the infected child to drink. I am informed it worked for them. Thus, as this therapy was narrated to me, it reminded me of Plantain Root Juice (PRJ) therapy. It was popular in Lagos decades ago, and perhaps even now, among men who face prostrate gland challenges. The plantain stump was uprooted and the root well washed and disinfected. Then, it was chopped into pieces that were crushed to recover its juice. The juice was bottled and sold.

Today, with the availability of modern juicers, the juice recovery method should change the old procedure. If you permit me to digress a little, I will quickly add that I have heard from a professional colleague of mine that, after much ado with other therapies, he cleared his prostate challenge with the white cocoyam. The leaves, especially the young ones, can help the eyes, balance cholesterol level, manage weight, improve mood, reduce the effect of nicotine and drugs such as cocaine, increase energy, etc. We will talk more about cocoyam leaves some other day.

Let us quickly return to mump infection. This infection is dangerous because it can spread to other parts of the body, especially the testes. This infection can cause oligospermia or low sperm count, damage sperm, morphology (shape) and reduce motility (motion). After puberty, mump infection can cause testicular atrophy within two months. In this regard, it is advisable that azoospermic men make enquires about their childhood illness for the education of their doctors. Who knows how far such information may go to help them?

Vitamin E

Like the mineral Zinc, Vitamin E is well known as a fertility nutrient. In semen, as in any other substance in the body, a violent war is ever raging between Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS), which are free radicals, and anti-oxidants. Free radicals enter the body through air, water, and food, and are produced by the body’s metabolic activities. There are unbalanced molecules because they do not have a pair of electrons in their outermost electron ring. So, they attack balanced molecules by puncturing holes in cell walls in their bid to steal electrons for their own stability. Literally speaking, anti-oxidants swallow free radicals and, therefore, do not let them damage the cells. Vitamin E is one of several anti-oxidant protection the body is provided by Nature.

In one study, 48 infertile men and 20 fertile men as the control group, were tested for the levels of Vitamin E in the semen to determine how well protected against ROS their sperm cell membranes were. The cell membrane is the covering of the cell, its skin so to say. If the cell membrane is destroyed, the cell may be damaged. In another study, infertile men aged between 20 and 45 years had their daily diet supplemented with 200 micro-grams of selenium and 400 units of Vitamin E for 100 days. The results of both studies suggested marked protection against ROS fragmentation of DHA, an essential fatty acid that is a component of the cell wall.

With Selenium and Vitamin E making the cell membrane impenetrable for ROS, courtesy of their protection of DHA, cellular content is protected from damage and sperm cell abnormalities ( morphology, motility, agglutination, etc.) are correct. There is also, evidence that Vitamin E intervenes in the tubules of the testes where Sertoli cells operate. This should raise the hope of azoospermic men. For if all is not lost with these cells, this intervention may bring about some regeneration. This may be why some incorrigibly optimistic doctors prescribe Vitamin E for azoospermia. I always suggest antioxidant defense of the testes to be multi-lateral and not limited to Vitamin E and Selenium, its cousin.

I also advise that men do not delay support for their testicles until these important organs are discovered to have been seriously reduced in size. So, men, check your testicles today. Are they getting smaller? If they are, something may be going on inside them which you may need to address. Other anti-oxidants which have been established as important as Vitamin E for testicular and sperm health include Zinc, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids, Selenium, L- Arginine, N- Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid ( ALA), Peruvian Macca, Ashwanghadah, Wheat germ oil, CBD oil or capsules, Carotenoids, Lecithin, Omega-3 fatty acids etc. The list is endless. At minute levels, they are present in such foods as Spinach, Tomato, Kale, Dark chocolate, Pumpkin seed, Lentils, White and Young cocoyam leaves, pomegranate, banana etc.

Because our focus is on Vitamin E, I would like to mention, as I sometimes do, that many people do not know how to choose vitamin E a proprietary product that will work best for them. They prefer cheap brands. These cheap brands are made from petroleum residues and are not very bioactive. On the label of a product, they are denoted as DL- alpha-tocopherol. Note the L after the D. All Vitamin E is tocopherol. It is the d-alpha-tocopherol that is the natural Vitamin E, NOT the dl-alpha-tocopherol. Even the d- alpha-tocopherol, which costs more than the dl-alpha-tocopherol, is not a complete natural tocopherol if it comes without the better tocopherol, Gamma tocopherol, and Delta tocopherol. The Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta tocopherols appearing together are called full complement or complete tocopherol or mixed tocopherol. What is often sold in Nigeria as natural Vitamin E is d- alpha-tocopherol alone. People who may consider the full complement of tocopherol expensive may be surprised to learn that there is even a higher version of it called TOCOTRIENOLS in the market. It is a more active and more expensive version of Vitamin E. Tocotrienol is top on the prescription cards in some orthodox cancer clinics.

TOCOTRIENOL, like TOCOPHEROL, it is a four-member Vitamin E family on a higher footing than mixed tocopherols. In fact, it is called THE VITAMIN E OF THE 21st CENTURY. While Tocopherols exist more in vegetable oils, the chief sources of tocotrienols would appear to be the OIL PALM. That’s good news for BANGA-Soup lovers like me. But I have gone a step beyond them. I eat boiled palm fruit with my corn pap, boiled rice, beans, and most other foods. Tocotrienol deals better than TOCOPHEROL with cancer, brain challenges, heart challenges, cholesterol, and diverse other health challenges, including, of course, fertility questions.

Other causes

There are more possible causes of azoospermia than we can mention here. Male fertility experts classify them into:

1. Obstructive and
2. Non-Obstructive azoospermia.

The non – obstructive azoospermia includes some of the conditions described above. It will include also, challenges such as hormone deficiencies and imbalances. No doubt, under the activity of the thyroid gland in some cases plays it own nasty role. All sorts of effort are made to balance the hormones. The pituitary gland which controls the endocrine glands, the family from which the male hormones come, has to be in good shape. White or naked sugar disturbs it a lot. So does acidosis. My suggestion for putting the body back on track in this area is that the activities be started with regular ORGANIC COFFEE ENEMA and heavy metal detoxification with, say, CHLORELLA. It is on a solid foundation that we can build a safe house. Do we not clear the weed and plow the land before we plant on it? That done, ASTRAGALUS and MANGO SEED EXTRACT, for example, maybe taken to reduce microbial load throughout the body to free immune system energy for possible work in the reproductive system. TYROSINE and kale should help a weak or sluggish thyroid gland. Some people consume the raw extracts of a bull’s testes to stimulate their testes!
Today, we have the benefit of STC 30, STEM GEVITY, and CELL RESTORE, among other stem cell regenerators to help stimulate the production of stem cells, which replace damaged cells in different parts of the body.

In obstructive azoospermia, normal sperm production may be going on, and the sperm cells may be growing to maturity, but the tubes to deliver them to the penis may be blocked. The passage includes the epididymis, vas deferens, and ejaculatory ducts. Some of the blockages may be congenital and require surgery. Others may be due to infections or activities in faraway places such as the lungs (fibrous-cystosis ) or right within, as in the epididymis, and inflammation for which anti-inflammatory plant medicines may be taken. Those would require immune boosters and natural antibiotics.

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