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Aim Global: Burn Slim – A Real Fat Burner Or Another Hoax?

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TODAY, I received the enquiry below in respect of the summary of my presentation at a group discussion on BURN SLIM. The enquirer, Editor on a Lagos newspaper, asked:

“How much is it. And if it doesn’t work will you refund the money because most times it tall claims that a particular drug burns fat. By the time one buys your Burn Slim one would find out it is all a hoax. Money is tight to waste on non-performing drugs. You have to give assurance or a free pack”.


“Why are you pessimistic? You have not sighted or used a product and you have condemned it. I thought you would have checked out the constituents and how they function in relation to fat metabolism before you form an opinion.

On a lighter note, if you spend #5,000 on a meal and does not fill more than one-quarter of your stomach, will you call for a refund? On a lighter note still, do you ask your doctor these questions, or do you ask for a refund or a free pack of medicines? On a serious note, the user response to medicines depends on many factors, including, in this case, the body mass index, adherence to medications, the nature of the fat cell they carry, which I did not remember to indicate because it was not a factor in the clinical trials of BURN SLIM. For example, some people have more brown fat cells than white fat cells. White fat cells do not easily burn. You have to work hard at them to burn. Brown fat cells burn easily and need only a little trigger to overburn. This is because the brown fat cells contain a lot of mitochondria. Mitochondria (mitochondrial, singular) are the organelles in a cell that produce energy. The mitochondria contain a lot of iron. It is this iron that gives the brown fat cell its brown colour. The more the number of brown fat cells we have, the more easily we can burn fat to produce energy especially when we aid the body to do so. People who have more brown fat cells than white fat cells are likely to eat a whole mountain and see nothing to show for it on their bodies, especially if their thyroid glands are working well or overworking. We can increase the number of mitochondria in a fat cell by consuming CoQ10 or, better still, the reduced version of CoQ10, Ubiquinol. For, the more the content of Ubiquinol in our bodies, the more the mitochondria in our tissues. But for people who have more white fat cells than brown fat cells, their white fat cells contain droplets of fats that do not easily burn. Thermogenic therapies are often required to help them. Such people eat a little and balloons. They go on a fast, but never “come down”. They feel cold whereas they are loaded with fat because the fat is not burning fast enough to produce their energy requirements. On the other hand, people with more brown fat cells may be burning energy without assistance. If your body touches their bodies, you are likely to assume that they are running a fever or high temperature. Yet, nothing is wrong with them. I recall that my father-in-law was one of such persons. The sister of one of my fellow editors at The Guardian newspaper was, also, one of such persons. Sisi, I hope your question is answered”.


The ingredients of food supplements may suggest to us what it does. The ingredients of BURN SLIM are:

1) Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HydrocyCitric Acid 60%)
2) Green Tea Extract (Catechin 50%)
3) Conjugated Linoleic Acid
4) L-carnitine
5) White Kidney Bean Extract


Grown largely in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa and known in some places as red mango and Malabar tamarind, Garcinia Cambogia has a huge reputation for blocking fat formation by the body, appetite suppression and boosting exercise endurance. Some other people use it for diabetes, ulcers, cancer, diarrhoea, constipation, etc.


Who hasn’t heard about Green tea? The extract, as used in BURN SLIM, are more powerful and unidirectional than the whole leaf. These extracts are the antioxidants, phenolic compounds and flavonoids of green tea. They support brain health, gut (intestinal) health, weight management, cholesterol management, healthy heart and blood circulation, boost exercise endurance and blood sugar metabolism among other benefits. We know antioxidants help us against free radicals which cause more than 250 degenerative diseases, and that polyphenols are the activators of antioxidants and other plant chemicals beneficial to health.


Some authorities credit it with benefits in the treatment of hardening of the arteries, obesity (it reduces fat deposit), bodybuilding, weight loss caused by chronic diseases and, in some cases, cancer therapy etc.


Made in the brain, heart and in kidneys, it is reputed to help the conversion of fat to energy, boost metabolism for weight loss, etc.


Many studies suggest its supports weight loss, reduces carbohydrates absorption, improves energy profile, aids intestinal health, brain function etc.

I believe this is a product in which we should have confidence even before we use it. Then click below is some testimonials by some users.

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