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Olufemi Kusa is a NATURE DOCTOR and a columnist in popular Nigerian dailies. is the first niche herbal website in Nigeria to provide free herbal health news, reviews, life-stories and interesting diaries as well as sundry quality herbal products. The site shows various ways one can live a healthy life-style and latest discovery news straight from the treasure troves of Alternative Medicine.

With thousands of current illnesses ravishing our community, OlufemiKusa stands as a voice and a repository of herbal medicine news for Alternative Medicine practitioners and consumers.

Therefore, due to the niche we cater for in delivering quality herbal medicine news, reviews and products, the website is an obvious choice for members of the Nigerian community who take their health seriously.

Benefits of Advertising on

  • Brand awareness of your herbal medicine product or service globally
  • Increased exposure to advertiser’s website
  • Cheaper means of reaching a wide audience in Nigeria
  • It offers you a cheap vehicle for the maintenance of your online advertisement page

Our Ads Policy

To maintain user trust, the following rules apply to all advertisers:
Ads for illegal goods and services are prohibited.
Ads for products or services that are potentially unsafe or deceptive are prohibited.
Ads making misleading or deceptive claims are prohibited, such as “get rich quick” offers. Also, we do not alternate ads, and ads are shown 24/7 for the whole month depending on the package option.

Therefore, adverts are visible to site visitors at all times. Our advertisers are at liberty to change their messages as often as they deem fit to keep their target audience and Geo-targeting location fresh.


All Advertisers coming to advertise on are required to provide own advert materials i.e Images, files, ads scripts in HTML codes, produced to specification. However, if advertisers doesn’t have the needed materials i.e image, files, ads scripts in HTML codes, they can contact OlufemiKusa Advert unit below for a standard fee depending on the ads size.

Ads Type Location on Site Size Period  Cost
Blog Header (on all pages) Under, Top or Beside Site logo 728×90 ad size (banner or text) 1 month ₦ 20,000
On Sidebar (on all pages) Sidebar 300×250 ad size (banner or text) 1 month ₦ 15,000
Within posts (on all post pages) After posts first paragraph 300×250 ad size (banner or text) 1 month ₦ 20,000
Blog Footer posts (on all pages) After posts (bottom) 728×90 ad size (banner or text) 1 month ₦ 15,000
Product Reviews/Sponsored Posts A dedicated blog post for the review/sponsored post Minimum of 500 word post/article 1 year ₦ 50,000 (minimum per post)


We accept GIF, JPEG, and SWF formats. Maximum of four animated frames per creative.
Macromedia Flash (.swf ) ads should have a “Click” variable expression in place for embedded URLs and target windows must be set to “_blank”.
All flash creatives require a back-up GIF image

Artwork to be provided by advertisers, saved in JPEG, GIF or SWF format.

All adverts are expected to be pre-paid.

Advert materials may be sent as attachment to an e-mail and sent to: or submitted (by hand or through the contact address) in CD, or a flash drive.

Advert rates are subject to change without notice but adverts currently running are protected from increase until the duration expires. An advert run starts the day the advert is published on the website and runs for the period paid for.

All adverts are subject to legal vetting, prior to publication.

We are not responsible for the content of other sites linked from our site.

We reserve the right to accept, reject and/or cancel any advert at our sole discretion. Adverts are accepted on the condition that the advertiser agrees to indemnify Freedom Online, its officers and its business partners against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising from publishing advert(s) by advertiser online.

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