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I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

When I heard of RESTORE LYF, the “longevity formula” of AIM GLOBAL, two thoughts raced in my mind. The first was: aren’t the words better arranged as LYF RESTORE, Even if the company wishes to play on words? Second, I remembered RESTORE, the STEM CELL formula of Bell Lifestyle Nigeria. This product joined forces with such others as STC 30, Cellgevity and Stemgevity in Nigeria’s anti-ageing market where health challenged persons are searching for food supplement formulas that would help them activate or rejuvenate their stem cells. A stem cell is the blood cell that forms an adult stem cell, found in the bone marrow. From the bone marrow, these cells travel around the body searching for where its services would be required and when it finds one, settle there. Stem cells are needed for such uses as the replacement of injured or dying cells. Under the right conditions, the stem cell becomes a full-fledged member of the host community as it were. In other words, a stem cell that settles in the brain will become brain cells and the stem cells which are found in the eye will become an eye cells. Scientists call this transformation “differentiation”. Thus, a stem cell is a neural cell that has the capacity to differentiate itself into any type of cell its services are required wherever it goes. Please permit me to dwell a little more on the stem cell, for doing so should help you to better understand why I was excited about RESTORE LYF.

Stem cell taken from the bone marrow and surgically implanted into ailing organs is becoming routine medicine in some countries like the anti-malarial prescription in Nigeria. Recently, Alhaji Bashiru, a former Nigerian diplomat in South Africa, sent to me the video of a Nobel Laurette who was making the waves in Japan by abandoning the bone marrow approach and by using instead natural procedures which do not involve drugs or surgery but natural remedies in a patch placed over the eye to give back to his patients “the 20/20 vision they were born with”. Mrs Clara Oyibo, of Blissful Health, a Nigerian herbal medicine concern, went as far as partnering with Unity Hospital in Lagos to bring in an Indian opthalmologist who was to carry out stem cell surgeries for such conditions as diabetes, arthritis, glaucoma and kidney diseases, among several others. I am yet to find out if the right number of persons has signed up to make a Nigerian trip by Dr Rayette economically wise for his sponsors. In Japan, Nobel Laurette SHINYA YAMANAKA is reported to have discovered a natural approach to help this patient “to regain the 20/20 vision you were born with” in a record-breaking amount of time. The video adds:

“Researchers from Harvard University stem cell research and Vanderbilt University as well as National Health Services(NHS) in the U.K identified a startling link between stem cells in your eyes. These studies reveal that your eyes will degrade with each passing year, despite the fact that your eyes may potentially improve as you get older. This Nobel prize-winning scientist assisted in the discovery of the true cause of vision loss and a novel approach to reverse vision impairments while you sleep, regardless of your age or current state. It also works like charm. This hidden habit is incredible. I forced the entire healthcare industry to rethink its strategy and it is currently losing millions of dollars. It has already been done by 13,563 people who have given up their glasses in less than a month. It’s so effective because it focuses on the sole cause of visual loss. So, if you have a visual problem, put down everything you’re doing. The video reveals how swiftly reverse vision problems procedures are, and it works for all types of vision disorders. Name it: cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, hazy vision, and more.

“Andy Perth, a new grandfather, was overjoyed to see his granddaughter for the first time in the hospital. Except when he arrived, his vision was so blurry that he couldn’t notice his granddaughter’s heartbroken expression. He was desperate for a solution until he came upon Dr Yamanaka’s research findings and a simple water critter that hold the secret to gaining access to his vision once and for all. He put together a remedy based on this prize-winning discovery after extensive research, and he couldn’t believe his result. His dark fuzzy patches began to fade after just one week, and by week seven, he could see well again.

“Jan had severe glaucoma for the first time in years. She was on the verge of losing her sight completely. She was at her wit’s end and was both interested and wary about the new finding. She tried the cure, and instantaneously, her eyesight began to improve to the point that she could clearly see objects both close up and far away.”

Prof. Yamanaka had won many international and professional awards including a three million dollars prize for his work which transformed mature cells into “pluripotent” cells to eliminate the need for embryo cells in stem cell surgery.


This product has nothing to do with the pathways professor Yamanaka trod. RESTORE LYF is described in its literature, “as a food supplement specially formulated to prolong one’s life!” It adds:

“Regular intake can protect your heart, prevents inflammation and protects the mitochondria, the powerhouse of every cell. When these parts of the body are protected, a person may achieve life! Restorlyf has a comprehensive, unique and standardized Resveratrol Blend of powerful Longevity Polyphenols:

● Japanese Knotweed
● Premium Red Wine Extract
● Grape Seed Extract

Concentrated Red Wine Powder (with/without Alcohol Content). Resveratrol activates Sirtuin enzymes that promote a longer life span. And it has been proven through extensive experiments with yeasts, worms, flies, fish and most recently with laboratory mice. Also reversing diseases associated with ageing like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc.”

Some of the benefits AIM GLOBAL ascribes to the use of RESTORE LYF are…

“Activates certain enzymes that regulate gene silencing and DNA repair, found to have a positive impact on obesity, hindered fat storage, a hormone that regulates fatty acid catabolism increased levels of adiponectin, increases genes to protect cells against free radical production and DNA damage, mimics the effects of dietary restriction, modulates pathomechanisms of debilitating neurological disorders, such as strokes, and ischemia, It also modulates disorders such as Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, prevents DNA damage/modification, prevents cigarette smoke stress and inflammation, prevents dysfunction in carotid arteries, prevents pulmonary hypertension, prevents smoking-induced cell death in the arteries and mitochondrial loss, prolong life span, promotes sensitivity to insulin, reduced levels of inflammatory compounds, reduces signs of aging and reverses degenerative diseases.”

The constituents of RESTORE LYF are well studied. These include Resveratrol blend, Grape Seed Extract and Japanese Knotweed. It is their polyphenolic compounds which give them their anti-ageing and antioxidant potentials. According to Google, Resveratrol…

“protects the brain, lowers blood pressure, has a positive effect on blood fats, lengthens life span in animals, may increase insulin sensitivity, may ease joint pain, may suppress cancer cells.”

Decades ago, Resveratrol made history as the engine room of the FRENCH PARADOX. The paradox was why the French, like the people of Iceland, ate so much fat but had one of the least fat health challenges in Europe. The answer was that the French drank generous amounts of red wine on every meal. Natural red wine is made from red grapes, the seeds of which are covered with resveratrol-rich skin. On the part of Icelanders, their country was so cold that they needed more fat than other people to keep warm. They ate lots of fatty fish. And since the fish oil was essentially Omega-3 fatty acids, it brought them the benefits of Omega-3 fats. Unknown to many people, the brown skin of peanuts(groundnuts) is a rich source of Resveratrol. In the days I was a pig farmer, I collected the skin from women who roasted peanuts for sale and added it to the brewery waste we used as feed together with special bread and roasted maggots, which are both medicinal and proteinous. My piglets, like my adult pigs, grew fast and well and eat table size in record time.


This ingredient in RESTORE LYF is intertwined with the French Maritine tree. A French adventurer who almost died in frozen water in which he lost more than half of his men wrote in his diary of how villagers revived him and his dying colleagues with water extracts of the bark of this tree. Hundreds of years later, a researcher discovered this diary information, studied the tree bark and found it beneficial for health in many respects. A wave of studies would follow and lead to the patenting of PYCNOGENOL. The Americans would find that grape seed also possesses these chemicals, and GRAPE SEED EXTRACT was discovered. Today, this extract is put up for a number of uses in natural medicine practice. It has been useful in elevated blood cholesterol, chronic blood circulation challenges, eye diseases caused by diabetes, brain health memory, oxidative damage, kidney function, infections, liver protection, wound healing, cancer risk among several others.


Botanically called FALLOPIAN JAPONICA, this plant had been used as a spring vegetable in South-East Asia for centuries. In the fields as in the gardens, this perennial takes others easily to become weed plants and crops. It is well valued for its root which is said to be richer in Resveratrol than the leaves and flowers. The Pakistanis use it for stomach concerns, nervous system challenges and as a diuretic to flush the kidneys. Some nations employ it for menstrual problems, infections, high blood pressure, inflammation, memory and cognition, breast enlargement, milk flow in lactating women and harmonious functioning of the liver, spleen and pancreas. If a plant “cuts across the health globe”, as it were, it should have a place in the formula which restores life!


Weight watchers must have wondered if there was nothing for them in the AIM GLOBAL stable. There is BURN SHAKE. There is also, BURN SLIM. BURN SHAKE comes as a protein shake backed by Hydroxycitric Acid(HCA), L-carnitine, Aloevera gel, Green tea extract, Coffee bean and guarana. While the protein shake induces the feeling of satiety or fullness and discourages food overload by heavy eaters, HCA may prevent fat storage and check appetite and improve exercise performance. Green tea is high in antioxidants and may be of benefit to the brain, heart health, promote weight loss, reduce cancer risk, lower blood sugar, among others. Green Coffee bean is believed to stimulate weight loss, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol, beautify the skin and energise the cells. Guarana contributes no less to BURN SHAKE, being antioxidant dense, fatigue-reducing and focus improving, good for learning, supportive of intestinal health, a skin beautifier, anti-microbial and a check on rapid ageing.


We are back to coffee talk. It has trickled down from the first two parts of this series. This LIVEN BURN COFFEE, like the LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE, fortified with PHYTO ENERGIZER is, in addition, one that comes with Satiereal, Canipure, Green tea extract, Garcinia Cambodia and Anhydrous caffeine. Satiereal is a satiety substance from saffron, a popular herb in the Mediterranean region. It has been clinically proven to support weight loss. CARNIPURE is another name here for L-CARNITINE, an amino acid that aids the conversion of fat into metabolic energy. Besides, it is known to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, check muscle soreness and enhance exercise endurance. GARCINIA made the waves in Nigeria some decades ago. Like Chitosan, another day blocker in the intestine prevents fat absorbtion. It is known to support weight loss, suppress appetite, lower blood cholesterol, check rheumatic pain and ease intestinal challenges.


Thankfully, we are at the end of Burn, Burn, Burn. Like me, do you wonder what burn is this again? The truth is that it is all about Cambodia extract, there are many plants now known to confront the weight challenge and they cannot go on or under one umbrella. So, the creative mind juggles them all to make the maximum strike or hit at the weight market. This one is from GREEN LEAF MATE. This is YABA MATE, an antioxidants warehouse some people consider mightier than Green tea. To its credit are minerals, vitamins and other useful nutritional substances.


Thankfully, we have arrived at the end of the Burn, Burn, Burn!. BURN SLIM is all about Garcinia Cambodia, Green tea, Conjugated Linoleic Acid(LA), L-carnitine and White Kidney Bean extract.


This is another GLUTATHIONE product. The first, mentioned in the first article, is WHITE LIGHT. It is sublingual Glutathione and Vitamin. Glutathione is the body’s chief antioxidant against free radicals and other toxins. It works synergically with Vitamin C. Stomach acid interferes with CYSTEINE, one of the three amino acids which form Glutathione in the liver. PERFECT WHITE is a body cream made from CYSTEINE PEPTIDE. Cysteine is the third in the complex of Glutamic acid, Glycine and Cysteine with which the body makes Glutathione. The closest I have observed to the way Cysteine Peptide is said to work is Citrus Pectin, especially in orange peel. Anyone who has been eating orange peel or using the powder as a food supplement for whatever health condition cannot fail to see the beneficial effects on the hair and skin. Especially when added to hair cream, orange peel makes hair grow longer, thicker and stronger. In body cream, it lightens the skin and removes blemishes of all sorts. AIM GLOBAL calls Cysteine Peptide “one of the most advanced anti-ageing and skin whitening ingredients ever discovered.” The products literature says:

“Studies have shown that the human liver stops producing Glutathione by the age of 30. PERFECT WHITE solves this problem by helping the liver produce more natural Glutathione to bring back to your youthful glow and fight toxins. PERFECT WHITE aids erasing dark spots, blemish, facial creases and wrinkles! It also provides a natural botox effect to make you look 10-20 years younger. According to research, Cysteine Peptide is even three to five times more potent than Glutathione.”


It is a pity I have to round off, and there are still some products to mention, otherwise, CHOLEDUZ deserves more attention than it will receive here. In soft gel, this high level Omega-3 fatty acids from fish are indicated for the brain, eyes, breasts, ovaries, the testes and other fatty tissue, the heart and blood vessels for its cholesterol-lowering and cleaning effects which protect against heart disease and strokes, and for preservation and growth of muscle mass in the disease of cancer, a wasting condition.


On the shelves, as additions to the ones discussed in this series are no fewer than five interesting products…. IPROTECT, MASCULINE WASH, FEMININE WASH, CARE LEAF THERMAL RELIEF PATCH and KIDDIES 24/7 NUTRAGUMMIES.

IPROTECT comes in various forms (necklace chain, identity card and in an air freshener form called IPROTECT HOME). This product keeps bacteria, viruses and fungi away from a three-meter shield it forms around the bearer or wearer. The air freshener mode does the same in vehicles, homes, hospitals, offices and in industrial plants. It isn’t a bad idea in this age of COVID19.

MASCULINE WASH, made from Aloe vera and peppermint to confront bacteria, viruses and fungi, reminds men they, like women, need to keep clean, fresh and cool in what, arguably, to the feminine gender, is the most important part of their bodies.

FEMININE WASH brings Guava leaf and Aloe vera extracts to a woman’s secret place to keep germs at bay prevent itch and unnecessary discharge, and odour, and to keep it properly hydrated and fresh.

CARELEAF THERMAL RELIEF PATCH is described as the world’s first product in its category to use “nano-diamond” delivery system to bring “soothing relief” of nine ingredients to areas of pain in the body. The manufacturers promise is worth checking out in trauma or cancer or arthritis induced pain experiences where nothing else seems to work.

KIDDIES 24/7 NUTRAGUMMIES is a children’s version of C24/7 for adults but without the anti-ageing factors. Children like chewing gum. Children love junk food. The idea of a nutritional, not empty, chewing gum may come in handy for parents in the cat-and-mouse game they play with their children inorder to deliver nutrients into their bodies, irrespective of their exposure to junk diet. For the gummies, say the manufacturer, contains “14 essential vitamins and minerals which include Vitamin A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, Iodine and Zinc…and 26 organic fruits and vegetables which includes Acai Extract, Apple, Apricot, Asparagus, Beet, Blueberry, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Celery, Carrot, Cherry, Cranberry, Cucumber, Grape, Green Been, Orange, Papaya, Pear, Pineapple, Plum, Pomegranate, Spinach, Strawberry and Tomato.”


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