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THE picture of the AIM GLOBAL and EARN FOR LIFE superstore which keeps popping up in my mind is a chain of neighbourhood department stores partly owned by each of its millions of customers worldwide who are earning fabulous daily incomes from what the store sells to them every day. I imagine a hardworking customer of the superstore who earns about #250,000 every day. This daily income may appear impossible to earn. But it is easy to earn it on the drawing board and in practice. To do so requires only hard work and the knowledge of some tricks of the game.

The first trick is a belief in the dream. The second is capacity for hard work. Hard work means a customer of the store must be able to bring about 5,000 other customers to the superstore. The task of finding 5,000 other customers for the superstore may not be a difficult task in the end. The starting point for the hardworking customer of the superstore who wishes to earn #250,000 every day is to find the first 100 customers. If each of them introduces no more than 50 persons, that gives our hypothetical partner/customer 5,000 downlines, 4,900 of them indirect. Imagine the team growing bigger when the 4,900 indirect downlines begin to form their own teams. Now, imagine that only 2500 of these 5,000 customers make purchases every day and that our friend is earning only #100 from his/her share of the profit the company is making from their purchases. That will give him/her a daily income of #250,000. Many people who cannot easily follow the dream of the founders of AIM GLOBAL or those of EARN FOR LIFE, or who are not aware that, already, some customers are earning up to #500,000 every day or more, will quickly plug their ears or raise the red flag. Who can blame them? As I said in the first part of this series, many scam businesses have dotted the Nigerian PERSONAL FINANCE skyline and probably sent some emotionally injured persons to other spheres of existence. The biblical Sodom and Gomorrah were like that. Yet, LOT, the good man, came out of the evil that was Sodom and Gomorrah. I can say the same of Chymall e-commerce in a Nigerian personal finance economy that is in danger of being liked by scammers. In reply to a pharmacist who asked last week if Chymall e-commerce wasn’t flowery before it went out of circulation, implying that AIM GLOBAL and EARN FOR LIFE may go the same way, I refuted this claim in a correspondence which said in part:


The business came from Malaysia to Ghana, and from Ghana to Nigeria. Ghana was the headquarters for Africa. All payments from Africa went to Ghana and from Ghana to Malaysia. In other words, Ghana was managing the business in Africa for Malaysia. Worldwide, chymall had about six million members out of which Nigerians accounted for about four million. Ghana’s government said it was an investment business and that it should pay tax. Chymall Ghana, and I believe chymall Malaysia, said it was an e-commerce business and need not pay tax. The dispute went to court and the judges decided in favour of the government of Ghana. Promptly, the government of Ghana closed chymall’s offices and froze its accounts.

“With Nigerians numbering about 4 million in chymall’s global membership, the 52 chymall Nigeria service centers of chymall Nigeria financially held out for some time, devising various survival plans. They probably would have built a safe bridge over to chymall Malaysia or stood on their own. But two major events not of their own making or chymall’s barricaded the way. One was asking by Nigeria’s Federal Government of Bitcoin business in officialdom. The second was Covid19 pandemic which struck harder in Malaysia. There has been an attempt to rope chymall into a third factor. But this factor is too lightweight.


Unknown to many of its Nigerian subscribers, chymall was paying in Bitcoin which the subscriber or the service center could convert to cash through person-to-person exchange or through person or service center exchange at the bank. In February 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) prohibited cryptocurrency transactions in banks and financial institutions. This made naira cash-outs from the company very difficult, with earnings getting stock in back-offices. The 52 service centers swam against the tide but gave up.


There had been total lockdown in Malaysia since about February or March 2021. Only the food industry is exempted. Street-to-street movement is not permitted. There were hopes the lockdown would be lifted by August 1, if the infection rate fell below 5,000 cases daily. As of last week, the infection rates average 20,000 and 22,000 in a 32 million population about one-seventh the size of Nigeria’s population. Imagine what would happen in Nigeria if, proportionately, the infection rate hits 140,000 cases every day. (Nigeria recorded 126 new cases on 27 September 2021).

“As COVID19 hit Malaysia harder and its quantum energy metal became unavailable for sale, a Canadian service center suggested chymall suspend payments until trading resumed. In some quarters, chymall is said to have invested money in Bitcoin with which it could have continued to pay subscribers. This is the argument many Chymall loyalists have termed flimsy. Is a company not free to invest its profit the way its likes? Most it invests it in “salaries” when it is not trading? The Canadian service center owned by Nigeria suggested that Chymall withhold further payments and not erode its capital so it can continue in business after the pandemic softens in Malaysia. So, chymall was not a scam. Its website is still up and all member’s accounts, including unpaid outstanding earnings, are not erased from it.


This company has been in Nigeria for nine of its fifteen years of existence. A scamming business doesn’t stay in for nine years. It was not well noticed because chymall overshadowed it. With the suspension of chymall business, its visibility of AIM GLOBAL/EARN FOR LIFE as a grower of passive daily income has risen tremendously. To its credit is the fact that it has more than 30,000 members on its roll who, individually, have earned more than #9 million from it in daily earnings. That is not to mention thousands more or who are below or above this marker. To its credit, also, is an unusual policy of not renting offices but preferring to build its own property for office and store use wherever it has a 3,000 partner/customer population. A company whose plan is to storm the market hit and eat it all up does not do that. A scammer company “floats like a butterfly and sting like a bee” to borrow the quick-fix boxing language of former heavyweight champion MUHAMMED ALI for describing his rapid knockouts victories “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.


The column of last week ended with the review of one of the leading products in the superstore of AIM GLOBAL/EARN FOR LIFE. For well-explained reasons, the store described it as the WORLD’S FIRST ALKALINE COFFEE. As a former critic of coffee beverages because of caffeine, but as a regular coffee drinker since I tried this decaffeinated and alkaline brand for the reasons I described last week. There was the last line I wanted to add to that review which space did not permit. Here it is now…

What else can be the last line of this column, if it is not LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE? On September 03, the day after I wrote this column for publication today, I went to an eye clinic opposite my home to check my eye pressure. A heavy rain caught me there. Before we could call Jack Robinson, the major road and the open drains were overfilled with water and a flood broke through the door of the clinic into every room therein. The opthalmologist, Dr. Chukwuemeka, thought the water could be bailed out. He was mistaken. Children were crying. The water had gone pass their knee. The doctor and his staff were terrific and paid more attention to human life than to their equipment. They led me to the least flooded room where the force of the water was threatening to lift me off the ground I had to throw my legs apart to resist the force. Better Happiness Effiong, the 14-year-old girl who accompanied me from home may be stubborn and appear sometimes ungovernable but, to this day, she was a loving girl. She dashed between me and the children, consoling them. They must have been age between 4 and 6 years. Their father was helpless as they were crying. The weather was cold. Unusually, I began to shiver. My blood pressure that morning was 102 over 76. My pulse was 56, very low, the doctor said, suggesting that maybe because I had not had breakfast. It was already past 1 O’clock. The shivers worried me. I clasped my hands across my chest to prevent cold from getting into my heart. Better Effiong Happiness notice me, pull off her jacket and wound it around my chest and then dash off to see the children. I needed something to give me instant energy and to keep me warmer. But where would I find it when the flood was everywhere, almost covering some cars to the bonnet outside. Suddenly, I remember that I had a sachet of LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE in the back pocket of my bottom wear. I called Better Effiong and ask her to let us share it. I had been teaching her the concept of giving and taking. I got something from her and I should give her something in return. Her face brightens. She and Joy John, the 20-year-old who works with me love this Coffee. Better’s face was so bright that Mr Sanni Eremosele would almost not recognize her. The day before Better had been so naughty and I had been so hard on her that she became so moody that Mr Eremosele tried to appease her and, unusually for me, I almost got angry with him. I asked Better to reap the sachet of LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE and share it between us. Trust this Better again, she poured a little quantity in my palm and poured the larger share into her mouth, so fast, that I could not complain that she should add more to mine. I put the coffee in my mouth, thoroughly mixed it with saliva, and drowned it. Soon, I felt a wave of energy and warmth all over me and, soon also, I returned Better’s jacket to her. That, for me, was another experience with LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE.

It is good to pray. Dr. Chukwuemeka said he prayed when the flood was breaking in. I told Better, who saw me pray in the morning, that my last words were… GRANT ME THE HELP OF THY POWER THIS DAY. Where does the power of the Almighty Creator and Ruler of all the Worlds not encompass… Land, air, fire, or water?


Almost everyone in the AIM GLOBAL/EARN FOR LIFE superstore network calls it COMPLETE. It sounded so simple I didn’t know what to make of it. The nearest I could guess was whatever Sunny Ojeagbase’s COMPLETE FOOTBALL magazine published decades ago reminded me of. That was a compendium of all Nigerian footballing. After it came COMPLETE SPORTS in that vein. This COMPLETE PHYTO-ENERGIZER should be all those plants as possible, or as near constitutes to their aggregation which the cells, and by extension, the body needs for energy and vitality. Energy is life. For energy is health…and wealth. When we lose it, we say we are in low spirits or we are dispirited. When we have it, we can storm the mountains with physical, emotional, psychic or intellectual energy, to not mention spiritual energy. In respect of this product, AIM GLOBAL tells us:

“Through a wider range of distinctly balanced nutrients that provide the crucial health value from three important areas: daily essentials, botanical energizers and system defenders that include anti-oxidants.”

This product is a version of another product named C24/7. It contains no anti-aging nutrients which are present in C24/7 and make C24/7 contraindicated for children, pregnant and lactating women. This means that children, pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot take C24/7 because its contains anti-aging components which hold down aging whereas children, pregnant and lactating women are in the bracket of people who have everything to do with growing.

COMPLETE PHYTO-ENERGIZER is probably the best absorbed of the LIVEN products as it is said to five times faster than the others do. What are its contents? These are: 29 vitamins, minerals, trace minerals. 12 whole fruit juice blend. 12 whole vegetable juice blend. 14 super green foods, spirulina blend. 12 mushrooms. 10 essential fatty acids. 12 digestive enzymes. 18 amino acids. 22 herbs and specialty nutrients. We may say “so what”?… aren’t these nutrients found in other formulas? The joker of AIM GLOBAL and EARN FOR LIFE is that a percentage of the profit the store makes on the purchase of this product is returned to the customer. Whereas other companies do not do this. Thus, with this type of sales deal, we are witnessing a products war in the market in which only the ones most appealing to the customer will win the battle.


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) said recently that millions of Nigerians were hypertensive suffering from various heart diseases but not paying serious attention to their conditions. Among several and blood vessel (cardiovascular) sufferers are those who have been on doctors’ prescriptions for some time but have not been adhering to them because of the side effects of these drugs. Many men, for example, say anti-hypertensive drugs taken completely knock out their libido. It worsens the situation which has led such people in search of alternative solutions to their challenges. VIDA MAXX would seem to be one of such solutions promised them in health food stores. AIM GLOBAL says of it:

“Vida Maxx has the ability to maintain normal blood circulation and helps to maintain healthy platelet function important to cardiovascular health. Vida Maxx started to work as quickly as 1.5 hours after taking the supplement and continued to enhance normal blood circulation for up to 12 hours. Vida-Maxx is a heart-friendly food supplement with resVida that dilates arteries and FruitFlow, a tomato-based ingredient with an EFSA Approved Health Claim — Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow. The major components of Vida Maxx is fruit flow and resvida

1) Is a natural, healthy, and safe ingredient.
2) Can be used in food, beverages, and dietary supplements applications.
3) Is highly stable and water-soluble, with low flavor, odor, and color profile.
4) Provides strong differentiation for heart health products (an opportunity to create new segment in the category).
5) Builds on established consumer awareness around cholesterol and other heart health solutions.

1) resVida is a high-potency, convenient and safe trans-resveratrol for healthy aging and a healthy heart.
2) resVida is 99% pure, the purest form of trans-resveratrol available.
3) resVida is a nature-identical form of resveratrol.
4) resVida has comprehensive safety data that is unmatched by any other form of resveratrol.
5) resVida has undergone 10 years of development and testing.
6) resVida is one of the leading resveratrol dietary and food ingredients to meet a high safety standard.
7) resVida is free from pesticides and herbicides and can be used in a variety of dietary supplement and food and beverages.
8) resVida has self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status by an independent panel of experts, and is produced according to Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Principles), while meeting OU Kosher and Halal requirements.


It helps prevent free radical damage, It is good for healthy heart, healthy body and healthy Blood Circulation, It helps improve prostate and urine flow, highly effective in combating stroke.”

To be continued……

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