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WHEN the EMBER months set in as they have, the time is probably ripe to part the curtains on windows of the aged and departing year and peep outdoor for outlooks of the approaching new year. Two of these columns gave 2020 and 2021 to CHYMALL e-commerce which grew out of an aggressive take-over of SAIRUI e-commerce in Malaysia. Those articles were titled COVID19, CHYMALL SUCCOUR, GREAT EXPECTATIONS FROM 2021. And, before anyone could call JACK ROBINSON, this quantum energy medicine sector company packed into its net a global customer base of about six million trading members, about four million of Nigerians! When I mentioned to someone my intention to foresee AIM GLOBAL a.k.a EARN FOR LIFE as a driving force in the Nigerian passive income market in 2022, she asked, almost disappointedly: “BUT YOU SAID THE SAME OF CHYMALL”. I replied that I did, and that CHYMALL came to pass and was still alive, slumbering or comatose since about February or March 2021 due to no fault of its making but sent to sleep like its host country MALAYSIA by heavy blows of COVID19 infections, one of the heaviest in South-east Asia.

AIM GLOBAL is a lucky inheritor of the Nigerian passive income market CHYMALL has been forced, shall we say temporarily, to surrender or to vacate by COVID19. AIM GLOBAL came into Nigeria about nine years ago with, arguably, the best idea in SHOPPING which made the SHOPPER a PARTNER in its business and not its animal of prey, as many businesses it met in the market were doing worldwide. The origin of AIM GLOBAL is not China or Malaysia or the United States, Canada or Europe from where comes the rooting for NIGERIA, the world’s 27th biggest economy in terms of nominal GDP or the world’s 24th biggest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. AIM GLOBAL came from the PHILIPPINES, Asia’s 10th largest economy by 2021 according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and, like Nigeria, the 27th world’s biggest economy in terms of nominal GDP. It is a country of 7,640 islands in the Pacific Ocean, about 2,000 of which are uninhabited. The country is almost unknown to the downstream Nigerian business person. And this probably accounted for why it took it so long for AIM GLOBAL to be known, heard and sung since it came into Nigeria nine years ago. In the Philippines, AIM GLOBAL has 130 business service centers. Globally, it is present in 18 countries which include Brunei, Cameroon, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Singapore, Taiwan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and UAE. In Nigeria, it is represented by 8 affiliate companies, including EARN FOR LIFE which, arguably, is the most business visible.

The dream of AIM GLOBAL is to create the first SUPERSTORE on Earth. This dream is akin to “WORKING WITH”, which is trying to supplant the idea of “WORKING FOR” as the idea of INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY grew into newer dimensions. In “working for”, the company is the master, the worker is the slave. The Yorubas will tell you that whoever owns the capital owns the trade. So, it is a question of “take it or leave it” which always leaves labour on the breadline, in perpetual penury. The restlessness of labour drove capital owners to disband the sales departments and even the advertisement departments and opt for multilevel marketing mechanisms with all sorts of business plans, some of which still gave the independent, non-staff member labour tinsel instead of gold, or stone for bread or chaff for wheat. That was still a “YOU ARE WORKING FOR ME MODEL”. It did not matter if the deal came with “tear rubber” car gifts for the best “slaves” or own houses or even “all expenses paid” travel overseas for a village boy!

CHYMALL was the first company to visibly overturn that raw deal to something with the WORKING WITH model. I saw the bank statements of a young NCE teacher in Lagos who earned #12,500 every month but who suddenly began to earn close to #1 million every six months. This is chicken feed, compared with what I beheld when I spent about eight work hours with a former cart pusher at Agege Market in Lagos who is now an AMBASSADOR of AIM GLOBAL. When he first introduced himself as “ambassador”, I thought that was his nickname. But when I heard his colleagues so introduced, I paid more than passing attention to the appellation. And, soon, I would learn that AIM GLOBAL makes an “Ambassador” of any of its “customers” who is its “partner” in the SUPER STORE business dream, anyone who has earned a minimum of 9 million naira income. In the eight hours of an interview with his group which crowned investigations for this column, this former cart pusher earned more than #345,000 from bank payment alerts sounding and updating themselves on his phone! Ladies and gentlemen, this really is the era of “working with” business model in, arguably, the world’s first SUPERSTORE!


I must quickly warn that the words “superstore” are my coinage. For that is how it came to me. The following is the picture as I saw it and still see it

1) A group of business people says… we are going to create a STORE for shoppers, everywhere on Earth the kind of which does not yet exist.

2) This STORE will exist in every country and in its major cities and towns.

3) The capital is not going to be entirely ours. That means our idea and seed capital are going to join forces with the capital of whoever partners with us and shops in the store.

4) Partnering means the purchase of up to 15 or fewer slots in the business plan. From that starting block, the PARTNER may or may not invite other partners to join him/her in the store, all as full-fleshed partners of AIM GLOBAL, but domiciled as his/her downlines. As I write, one slot goes for 44,888 Naira or approximately 45,000 Naira. The partner may limit his/her partnership at this level. But, because the business plan is a binary structure of slots or “legs”, the partners is well advised to invite no fewer than two partners to team up with him/her. The idea is this: we humans have two legs. So, a partner must stand on two legs in the business. Each of the partners he/she invites to join him/her is expected, also, to “stand” on two legs. But nothing stops a partner from growing thousands of legs.

5) As everyone strives to stand on two legs, the number of partners of captive customers continues to grow. This concept of the “binary” system is not original to AIM GLOBAL. What may be thought to be new may not be new as well. This is the sharing of profit between the company and its partners. Other multilevel marketing businesses do that as well. But AIM GLOBAL has put an attractive new shine on it. It accounts for every product sold IMMEDIATELY by removing its own share of the profit from the margin on that single product and shares the remainder on a percentage basis among “uplines” and their various downlines. An “upline” is the “partner” who invites another “partner” to the business. So, your “downlines” are your guests and customers in the business. You earn a share of the profit on whatever product they buy. You also earn a share of the company’s profit when you rise to a certain level in the business. Nothing has changed about that multilevel marketing conception. But the real shine and the glow are in the SUPERSTORE conception. I must quickly return to this idea of the SUPERSTORE. So, I begin with the company’s real name. AIM GLOBAL is an abbreviation. The full name is ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL. The first alphabet in the first three words forms the AIM in AIM GLOBAL. The conception denotes an alliance moving everywhere. So, the company sets forth from the PHILIPPINES and partners with great companies with star products anywhere in the world which it would help these reputable companies to sell in special stores worldwide. That is one level of an alliance.

6) Another level to make the customers of these stores believe they are part owners of the stores. This makes it easy for the store to enjoy its loyalty. The partners at this level are loyal to the store because they earn an income immediately on whatever they purchase in the store with their registration Identity Code. The company sells herbal toothpaste. Herbal toothpaste of various formulations has become the star toothpaste since DABUR from India first appeared in the market. Hypothetically, if 1,000 persons in my network shop every day and I am entitled to 200 Naira on average from the shopping basket of everyone, that gives me 200,000 Naira daily income from the company. This is not a dream pipe. The former Agege cart pusher earns much, much more. He is one of the early “risers” that is one of those who have been in the system for about two years. Even then, many newcomers with vast social connections are spiraling to the daily income plateau. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, though, in a market of many scam businesses which have left many passive income seekers, especially retirees, impoverishes disillusioned, and skeptical that another LOT can ever come out of SODOM and GOMORRAH. In my humble view, AIM GLOBAL has remained a LOT in this turbulent market where scammers arise almost every day, fleece persons who fail to carry out due diligence on the business offers, or do not know how to do such things.


Before I come to them, I would like to comment on the name that is like another name of AIM GLOBAL. That name is EARN FOR LIFE. This is the name under which many partners of AIM GLOBAL partner with it in Nigeria. A product named WHITE LIGHT in the catalog excited me. It is a GLUTATHIONE mouth spray. But it is not yet in Nigeria. I am told NAFDAC has not yet approved it. Glutathione is the body’s chief antioxidant produced from three essential amino acids…Glycine, Glutamic acid, and Cysteine. Google says some researchers have found linkages between Glutathione deficiency, glaucoma, and macular degeneration (hole in the central vision). Antioxidants protect the body against free radical molecules which damage our cells, cause diseases and premature aging. Many chemical drugs such as Panadol, Smoky and Filthy air, stress and emotional disturbances, not to mention negative energy such as envy, hatred, and fear, and their chemical reactions, deplete our harmony of Glutathione. A Glutathione spray in my view could help gum, mouth, and tooth decay challenges, protect against infections at the back of the throat which may cause sleep apnea or near-death situations during sleep, and, perhaps, stand guard against COVID19. Who knows?


From NATURE’s WAY, a partner of AIM GLOBAL has come what the company says is the world’s first ALKALINE COFFEE. This is interesting because a war between ACIDOSIS and ALKALINITY is ever raging inside the body. Disease and dissolution of living structures begin when the body becomes acidic, especially in death. Germs love acid environments. Cancer does not survive in an alkaline environment. For such as Bread, milk, sugar, margarine, meat, egg, etc promote acidosis. Fruits and vegetable aid alkalinity. Coffee contains caffeine, which may overdrive the nerves and damage them, and its impacts acid load. AIM GLOBAL says that its coffee brand has not just been decaffeinated, it had been made alkaline, fortifying the Arabica coffee bean source of 15,000 phytonutrients with 131 natural substances and complete phytoenergizer. Phytoenergizer is described as “the most nutritionally dense food concentrated supplement”. Reading about this reminds me of Dr. Don Colbert, the Christian doctor who reduces disease and healing to disobedience to or obedience to Biblical ethics and norms. I distanced myself from coffee from the 1980s when I learned about how it overfires the neurons to pump energy into the system. Over firing the neurons in the brain means making the brain over-consume CHOLINE and INOSITOL, two components of ACETYLCHOLINE from LECITHIN, found abundantly in Soybeans from where it is commercially extracted. Many avid coffee drinkers do not know they are to replace what they are rapidly losing in the brain when coffee overfires their brain nerves, the neurons. And that is why they are energized after drinking coffee and soon fall flat in their noses as it were when there is little or no more ACETYLCHOLINE for the nerves to work with. Dr. Colbert got around his coffee addiction by adding alkalizing substances such as the minerals Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium to his coffee drink. That gave me the idea that coffee may be alkalized to reduce or remove its potential to induce acidosis. AIM GLOBAL says its coffee brand, Arabica, found in Ethiopia and Arabia, has less coffee than the Robusta species, to start with, and that, even then, it decaffeinated the Arabica and went on to alkalize it, using modern technologies which did not remove the taste and the aroma.

The COMPLETE PHYTO ENERGIZER, which is one of the ingredients in this world’s first alkaline coffee, is said to “contain 16,000 powerful PHYTO nutrients that act as a very powerful antioxidant and anti-aging supplement”. As the product literature informs us:

“It is the first mega nutrition with ingredients working in synergy to produce maximum health benefits for the body. Until you have personally experienced it, learning that there is a coffee brand that can make you sleep may be a shocker to you because coffee is well known to keep the head and the eyes awake. In the description of some of its health benefits, the LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE, as this brand is called, the following attributes are listed. It is powerful for a good sleep…it accelerates healing of wounds and prevents cancers due to several foods and vegetables such as Japanese mushrooms and Ginseng that are parts of its ingredients…promotes manpower, helps you perform well if you are an impotent man or woman…enhances sexual vitality…it rejuvenates the skin…it enhances concentration and heightens alertness…it reduces fatigue…it improves performance and endurance during exercise, lowers cholesterol levels… reduces the risk of developing Type II diabetes…Parkinson’s disease…balances your body’s pH level…prevents coronary heart disease…offsets damage of smoking and heavy alcoholism…detoxifies the body…nourishes and balances the immune system…prevents degenerative diseases such as diabetes and rheumatism…promotes healthy blood circulation and self-regeneration”.

With testimonials such as the foregoing, I was tempted to try LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE and bought a packet of it and that of MY CHOCO, a cocoa formula. In the first week, I took the coffee in the morning and My Choco in the evenings, with my dinner food supplements, just before bed. I had an energy boost all day and experienced no sleep disorder at night. In the second week, I took the coffee in the morning and combine it with My Choco. I worked till late evening as usual and retired to sleep when I desired to. In the third week, I tried at night and still experienced no sleep disorder. I have asked members of my household who undertook the regimen with me, and their views are similar. The exception is a 15-year-old BETTER HAPPINESS EFFIONG who tends to be hyperactive and was to be placed on a BLOOD SUGAR METABOLISM food supplement. She goes to bed before the rest of us, as was customary of her, and has not surprised anyone even now that she wakes by 2 a.m. Typically, she would rise about this time and look for something to stuff into her mouth.

Drinking LIVEN ALKALINE COFFEE and MY CHOCO combined has the potential to make one creative in a way. As I drink with my food supplements for the night. Some of these are in powder form and rotated from day to day as the spirit moves me. In the benefits of choices are powder herbs such as Amla, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn berry, Chanka Piedra, Potato leaf, Cayenne, or Black pepper and stuff like them. My experience may be different from that of another person. Human bodies and systems differ in their responses to impact. I have an uncle who is almost 90 and has no abdominal distention although he has been drinking heavily for more than 60 years!

To be continued…..

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