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Chief Femi Kusa was the engine room of the Guardian Newsroom for over 17 years. I am first a journalist and a Nature Doctor and I am delighted to share with you right on my site the latest discovery news straight from the herbal health world to turn the gaze of health seekers away from man-made poisonous drugs to healing medicines of Mother Nature anchored in the eternal Will of God. Whatsapp: 08094226112 / 08034004247 Call: 08116759749/08034004247

In a new year, everyone expects everything about themselves to become new, even if they are not prepared to become “born again”. So, they literally cursed 2019 for the ” woes “on their paths as the old year took its bow at midnight on December 31. So, in the quest for “what is new”, many people have been curious about what new plant medicines will adorn the shelves of health food stores this year. As I suggested last week, we should expect to see more and talk more about CBD oil or hemp oil this year. We should, also, expect more showing by quantum energy gadgets. We have heard about protective energy eye glasses , healing energy boxers, shoes and pendants. The skyline will parade more this year. But I expect CBD oil to top the chart.

The old brigade nutritional supplements will hold their grounds. New names, which would be like old wines in new skin, are already featuring. By these I mean old single recipes in various combinations will present themselves in new packaging under alluring names to make over as new products. We know that bilbery, Indian gooseberry, rutin, Alpha Lipoic acid, lutein, zeazanthin, asthazanthin and wolf berry for example, are good vision supplements. Some proprietary formulas may re arrange or reconfigure them in varying dosages and parade them as new discoveries or inventions under a new proprietary or brand name. So, it would be important to check labels carefully. I have seen that with a popular vitamin c formula which the producers may have been trying to rescue from consumer fatigue. The “new born” vitamin C, under a new name, is exactly the same formula as the old , which is still trudging along in the market against new comers brimming with the shine of “youth”


An important plant or food medicine which was scarce in Nigeria last year was oxygen. I remembered oxygen tablets and the liquid oxygen drink last week when I heard of the passage of an 83 years plus avid reader of this column for many years, and the serious condition in which a tuberculosis challenged woman has found herself. Their situations led me down memory lane to some people who benefitted from oxygen food supplements some years ago. One of these beneficiaries was a woman who would not get herself together in a crowd. Such people are said to suffer from CLAUSTRAPHOBIA. That means they have a phobia for small spaces and for gatherings. No matter the amount of air in such spaces, they believe it is not enough and this belief makes them to want to faint or to actually pass out. One of them who benefitted from energy tablets then selling in Nigeria hated bus rides. Instead, she would rather ride in taxis, however short the distance and expensive the cost. People around her who did not know the challenges she faced thought she was “raising shoulders”. Her husband had to hire apartments with huge rooms and big kitchens.And when they built their own house, the kitchen was the size of three standard single rooms, the building was adorned with 23 windows and the head room was two coaches higher than normal, to increase the volume of air in the building. As for another woman, she often slumped in church and had to abandon Sunday worship for months until a care giver suggested oxygen tablets to the husband.

The most prominent liquid oxygen formula that I can immediately recall reigned in the years of yore was the FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE ( H2O 2). Please note that this product is the food grade of hydrogen peroxide. We are familiar with some proprietary brands sold over the counter as a mouthwash. This variant goes as well for acne, and some other skin diseases. Dr F Batmanghelidj, author of notable books on medicine, in his OBESITY, CANCER, DEPRESSION, his last work which he did not complete before his passage:
“Hydrogen peroxide and ozone act as local antiseptics against bacteria and the anaerobic cancer cells. Some free oxygen is also provided for the standard white cells in the middle of the inflamed and isolated area. This is how interferon normally acts as a natural and vital anti cancer chemical in a properly hydrated body”.

It is now established that oxygen is an enemy of cancer cells, and that the more oxygenated the human body is the more difficult is it for disease germs or cancer cells to have a foothold in it, let alone ravage it. This is one of the reasons why sometime ago hydrogen peroxide became popular as a blood and tissue oxygenating food supplement. Used in the plant kingdom to protect crops against their predators, hydrogen peroxide not only protected the roots of plants but also stimulated them to absorb more nutrients from the soil which made the plant to grow better.

Hydrogen peroxide comes in different grades and strengths such as…three percent for household use, six to ten percent (hair bleaching), 35 percent (food grade) and 90 percent (industrial). The three percent comes often in a brown bottle. The foam it produces on grazes and cuts or in the mouth when used as a rinsing agent is evidence that it is killing germs. But, lately, evidence that it also kills healthy cells has led doctors to turn their backs against it. Even the 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide once recommended for oxygenation has to be carefully diluted to take away its potential deadly strings.

To be frank, I hate the taste at any dilution. It is so putrid, all I always think Iam drinking is a nuclear waste added to drinking water. Such is the feeling I also have about volcanic waste substances which are built into some brands of “energy cups”. These cups are sold to be Filled with water and said to alkalise and enhance the energy of its content into which it leaches. It is, therefore, not surprising that hydrogen peroxide did not hit the mountain tops in the Nigerian Alternative Medicine market. Rearing its head, but not so sure it would fly, is ozone injections. Ozone continues to divide doctors in the united states. It is given to the oxygen needing patient through injections by specially trained doctors, sometimes secretly.This is a therapy with three atoms of oxygen. With it, trouble may burst if the doctor is not well trained to handle it. For single oxygen atoms may fly off, creating free radical issues. To protect against this, the doctor would normally prescribe an antioxidant. But trust Nigerian patients. They often argue that prescriptions are one or too many, believing that the doctor is trying to rip their purses. So, they take out the anti oxidant and the ozone turns up as a rabid therapy.

As I said earlier, two recent cases which may have been well contained on dietary oxygen therapy reminded me of oxygen tablets and the liquid oxygen food supplement.


This is the death of the 80 years plus gentleman. He looked good for his age but for a vision challenge which his children lovingly helped him to confront , sometimes at high financial cost at cutting edge eye clinics in Lagos. One of them , in fact, devoted her life to the care, ensuring she personally administered eye drops right on the hour mark. Then, about a month ago, he developed a cough which as usual, was well attended to, except that the cough turned out bigger than the punches thrown at it. In hospital, the doctors saw what the family did not but did not lay all the scripts on the table. The cough had progressed beyond even bronchitis to pneumonia. The patient was admitted to the general ward and placed on oxygen. The gadget was inconvenient to him, and he often asked that it be removed. The doctors advised that he be moved from the general ward to the intensive care unit(ICU) where special machines would be used to drive oxygen right down to the lungs. The gadget in the general ward could not do this. But admission to the ICU required the deposit of one million naira. For a lower middle class family, this was a bill too huge to speedily raise within the short time they were informed and the time he passed.

I have not fully recovered from the shock of his passage. He read this column every week for as long as his vision permitted it, or asked someone to read to him. He loved to speak with me about every column. Sometimes, he would appeal to me to pay him a visit at home, and I would oblige him. If I knew he had bronchitis and pneumonia, I would suggest that he try goldenseal root, oregano oil or tincture, astragalus, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, vitamin c, zinc and shark liver oil or squalene. Shark liver oil contains some squalene. Squalene is the chemical substance present in the body of the shark which enables it to live on the seabed, a depth at which oxygen is scarcely available. Squalene permits such an efficient use of oxygen that very little oxygen rations may sustain life where more abundant oxygen rations may not in the absence of this substance. Squalene is present in the skin of humans, but the amount diminishes with age. In the skin it protects against all kinds of troubles. In the body, it is like vitamin E which also helps to maximise low oxygen supplies, especially at mountain tops as many mountain climbers have discovered at these oxygen deficient heights. If the lungs were heavily infected and congested, mullein and CBD oil would be added to the list. CBD oil is an anti inflammatory, anti pain and a system balance.


This is another case of cough involving the elderly, this time a woman in her seventies. Her cough was attributed to tuberculosis of the lungs. The disease was made substantial in roads into both lungs. For a woman who was treating high blood cholesterol with anti cholesterol pharmaceutical drugs, this was like a case of double jeopardy.
The doule jeopardy is that

1)The damaged lungs cannot bring in all the oxygen she needs to sustain her life, by liberating energy from the food she eats for the well being and protection of her cells.

2)anti cholesterol drugs block the pathways through which the body produces co enzyme Q 10 or, better still, ubiquinol, the most bio available form of co Q 10. In the cells, co Q 10 is needed to produce that much talked about energy inside energy “factories” known as mitochondria. It is now well established by scientific research that the number of mitochondria in a cell depends on the amount of co Q 10 available to the cell. Thus, to produce the right amount of energy everyday, the cells must have the right number of mitochondria. The heart, as the organ which hardly rests day and night from conception in the womb to the grave is endowed with the largest number of mitochondria for its work. We must thank medical researchers such as Dr Karl Folkers who devoted more than 50 years of his life to the study of co Q 10 to findings such as that heart disease and failure becomes inevitable when the heart’s need for co Q 10 is undersupplied by about 25 percent. If dietary anomalies undersupply co Q 10 to the body and drug therapy of high blood cholesterol block attempts by the liver to produce co Q 10, it is evident that a pattern of energy deficiency may be established throughout the system as a rationing of scarce co Q 10 ensues and the heart is undoubtedly well affected. It was not surprising , therefore, that in addition to her inability to obtain adequate amounts of oxygen from breathing ,inadequate dietary supply of co q 10 and co Q 10 production by the liver have combined to make her extremely weak. The admission of this woman into the general ward and not into an intensive care unit is no doubt connected to the availability of funds and raises another social problem in Lagos State and in Nigeria generally.

In Lagos state, both the ministry of health and the ministry of information have done a wonderful job of educating the public about the existence of both national and state health insurance policies which offer medical care at little or zero expense. The trouble besetting these offers are public skepticism or the habit of not wisnhing to expend money today to prevent or to solve tomorrow’s problems whenever it pops up.
The woman we speak about will be under pharmaceutical drug therapy for 6 months to free the rest of her body of tuberculosis. Six months on, these drugs will impoverish her friendly bacteria population and cause fungi and yeast overgrowth which may intensify toxemia, energy depletion, inflammation and pain, to mention only a few health discomfeitures, as these drugs would wipe out friendly and unfriendly bacteria alike.

Thus, while it may be suggested that she undergo the hospital treatment with food supplements mentioned earlier in the case of the gentleman who just passed, anti-bacterials such as Amazon C-F and mango seed extract may be added. Mango seed extract is so powerful it even kills sperm. Indian women use it as a natural spermicide for contraceptive purposes. They lather it into the secret place before any engagement. Sure enough, as it kills foreign substances either as topical applications on the skin or when used orally, it kills candida in vaginal candidiasis and bacteria throughout the body. In the “war” against tuberculosis, the population of other disease germs must be controlled as well. This will reduce the number of “enemy” germs the immune system has to deal with. There are tuberculosis germs in the bodies of many people . They are probably not active because their bacterial and viral loads are not huge enough to overwhelm the immune system. In this regard, it is wise to reinforce the body’s natural anti oxidant defences such as immune GLUTHATHIONE and SUPER OXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD) using food supplements such as cell gevity, N-acetyl cysteine(NAC) and, perhaps, stem cell therapy in the form of Stemgevity e.t.c.

When the battle is “won and lost”, courtesy of William Shakespeare in MACBETH, and “the hurly burly is over”, it would be time to rebalance the friendly bacteria population with PROBIOTICS, to avert another health crisis.

Meanwhile, in the absence of credible oxygen therapy as already discussed, I recall the admonition of my wife always to our children who in those days detested beans at meal times…”You should accept whatever your mummy gives you”. The “mummy” of all of us is…MOTHER NATURE. What does she offer us all for dietary oxygen? It is chlorophyll. This is the green pigment of plants which gives them the power to unite forces of the air and those of the soil to make all sort of fruits, vegetables, herbs, cash and subsistent crops, timber and even …HEMP (CBD)oil which is surfacing as plant medicine of the decade.

From scientific and medical studies, we now believe that chlorophyll, the plant’s blood and power, is the foundation and structural framework for human blood. The chemical structure of chlorophyll, the square of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen is held together by magnesium. Haemoglobin , the oxygen carrying aspect of human blood, has the same structure held together by iron. Thus when we eat greens or drink greens, we recharge human blood and infuse it especially with…OXYGEN. Thus, this column always calls out… LET’S DRINK GREEN, THE EARTH IS NOT GREEN FOR THE FUN OF IT. We can find oxygen in the juice of wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, bitter leaf, pawpaw(papaya leaf).One or two decades ago, we sold in Nigeria a product called ALKALIVE GREEN. The name came from the alkalinising power of greens. About 45 plant green leaves were assembled in alkalive green in powder form. There was, also, alkalive red, in which all the berries were assembled for antioxidant force. Then, there was alkalive blue, for all the blues and calming forces. The liquid chlorophyll is a good bet for small oxygen in today’s Nigeria’s economy.


As far back as 1893-1894, the Indian hemp drugs commission in India taught the world that native Indians effectively used hemp to treat tuberculosis and other health conditions. Even the Zulus of South Africa used hemp to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, the common cold and tuberculosis. The Mexicans, too, used hemp to treat tuberculosis. Argentina’s folk medicine speaks of it as well. Abandonment of folklore for pharmaceutical drugs has led to multi drug resistant tuberculosis and “excessively” drug resistant variants which have perplexed doctors and medical researchers. But now that hemp oil is finding its way back to central medicine, and ways have been found to eliminate the psychoactive tetra hydro cannabinol(THC), the coast is clear for CBD oil to finally take its rightful place in the modern treatment of all respiratory diseases, especially tuberculosis.

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