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Monthly Archives: March, 2019

Scatterbrain (add/addhd) children and adults (3)

AMAZINGLY, this column has been discussing nutritional support for the brain health of children for many years. Last week, one woman fished out for...

SCATTERBRAIN (ADD/ADHD) children and adults (2)

Moving from a low grade apartment to higher grade housing sometimes has downgrading effects. Between the mid 1980s and 2006, I have changed residence...

Scatterbrain (ADD/ADDHD) children and adults (1)

THERE are many "scatterbrains" around. I am not referring to politicians who just cannot stop trying to be spanners in the wheels.They go by...

Treachery, like all falsehood, will inevitably collapse

This predictive or prophetic column was first published on July 2, 2015, when, against the will of his party, the All Progressive Congress (...

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