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Monthly Archives: October, 2017

Barley grass not the least of greens

I DO not know why BARLEY GRASS always escapes my thoughts whenever I work with the greens. Yet this is one green, medicinal herb...

Herpes Simplex Virus tameable like Monkey virus

MONKEY pox, caused by monkey virus, a cause of human tissue cancer picked by humans from vaccination against polio, continued to top the Nigerian...

Monkey virus, polio vaccine, cancer, immunity, herbs

MONKEY virus and monkey pox are the latest health issues in Nigeria. Ebola fever, with its potential to depopulate nations as the Black plague...

Are your heart and blood vessels dying? (2)

Going by responses to the first part of this series, POMEGRANATE should become one of the nutritional supplements many people challenged with heart ailments...

Are your heart and blood vessels dying? (1)

DID you think of your heart and blood vessels last Friday? About 17million people die world-wide every year possibly because they do not pay...

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