We are getting to a point in this series where I believe I would require a lion’s heart and, perhaps, a Lion’s Mane mushroom food supplement to make ways through a thick forest. A lion’s heart connotes courage and strength. Lion’s Mane mushroom builds energy for nerves. Most of my friends are women. And men need nerves to talk straight to women. Where I am heading is that many women are emotional, manipulative and domineering, and when they cannot conquer the environment they seek to manipulate and dominate, they breakdown emotionally, causing health havoc to their reproductive organs, especially the cervix, vagina, uterus and ovaries. Sometimes, the breasts, too, are affected. This is the thesis of Energy Medicine, which invites us to look beyond those outward symptoms of, say, candida, yeast infections, cervical or vagina cancers and so on, to the underlying “emotional, psychological, and spiritual” causes of these events.  Energy medicine is not a new medicine. It is one of the medical practices of the Eastern world. It was probably brought to the Western World, where it appears new, by Dr. C. Norman shealy M.D., Ph.D., a surgeon, and Carolyn M. Myss, M. A., journalist and spiritualist. Their experience with Energy Medicine are documented in their book titled THE CREATION OF HEALTH, which is subtitled THE EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL RESPONSES THAT PROMOTE HEALTH AND HEALING.

It is all about the belief that earth-man is not bone, blood or flesh but a human spirit in an earth body, which, on its own, is lifeless. To be alive and to perform the duty of providing a housing for the human spirit during its sojourns on earth, the human spirit has to animate its earth body housing or casing. The animation is done through seven points which are energy outlets from the human spirit to the earth body. Western orthodox medicine has found that these seven points, known as the Chakras correspond with the locations of the endocrine glands. The seven chakras are numbered one to seven from the base of the spine to the hallo of the head.

  • Chakra one is at the base of the spine.
  • Chakra two is in the pelvis and controls all organs in this region
  • Chakra three is in the solar plexus region, where the human soul attaches to the physical body through the Silver Cord, an equivalent of the physically observable umbilical cord, which attaches a foetus to the uterus
  • Chakra four is in the heart region, the seat of love.
  • Chakra five is in the neck region and responds favourably to the healthy exercise of free will and negatively to a suppression of it, often manifesting in this regard as all sorts of throat problems.
  • Chakra six has to do with perceptive vision, being in the region of the eyes
  • Chakra seven relates with the hallo in the head region and has been linked to the invagination or sucking-in of spiritual energy through, as some authorities say, the pineal gland.

I am fascinated by the Chakras, and have followed the thoughts of Dr. Shealy and Carolyn Myss since the 1990s. They live far apart in the United States. Whenever Dr. Shealy has a patient, he sends his or her photograph to Myss for her own diagnosis. Carolyn Myss would study the energy profile in the photograph. It is possible she is clairvoyant. And her diagnosis would tally almost 98 percent with the lab work of Dr. Shealy. Together, they suggested that breast cancer may not necessarily be caused by candida, other yeast, toxins or other micro-organisms as is often suggested, but by loss of energy in the breast which gave rise to the opportunity for these agents to have a field day. Loss of energy means the forth chakras was not properly animating this region. The Chakras is like an electricity transformer which steps down high voltage to lower one. If there were no chakras, the body would most probably be paralyzed by a surge of power from the spirit too much to bear. If a transformer breaks down, there is a black out. A breakdown of the forth chakras “transformer” would mean les of energy for the breast and the lungs, for example. Dr. Shealy and Carolyn Myss say they discovered that a negative life trend damages the charkas. In respect of breast cancer, they say the woman or man concerned would have passionately or pathologically hated a person or a cause for about 18 months prior to the onset and progression of the cancer. Where they were able to get their patients to recognize their “sins” against this center of love (the fourth chakras), and express love instead of hatred, these cancers regressed on their own without medication.


Before I come to the second Chakra and diseases of their pelvic region, including those of the vaginal and cervix, I believe a small talk about the chakras is important for the understanding of the case histories that may follow. On earth, the human spirit is in a school in which it is to learn certain lessons, an understanding of which qualifies it upon leaving the earth in so-called earthly death to migrate to a world above or below the earthly plane which corresponds with its level of spiritual maturity. These lessons are said to be structured into seven-year syllabuses for every chakras. We move on to the next chakras lesson when we are due to do so, irrespective of whether we failed or passed. If we failed, we move on with a “carry-over or carry-overs”. The first chakra is all about “groundedness” or feelings of security on earth. People who did not become inwardly safe or secure after their first seven years of life “carry over” this lesson. Some carry it over to their sixties or seventies. You can always find insecure people around you. Of them, it is said that, even if they be kings they would be inwardly afraid of even their slaves. They often surfers from sciatic nerve problems and fractured hip bones or develop bone questions in the lower extremities.   I would limit this discussion of the Seven Chakras to the second chakras for want of time and space. And for this, I would rely on the case history experiences of Dr. Shealy and Carolyn Myss.


Dr. Shealy and Carolyn Myss say in THE CREATION OF HEALTH, which this column often recommends for your health library:

“This energy Center, your second chakras bank account, relates to issues of power in the external world-specifically financial and sexual power as well as power in relationship dynamics and personal power in terms of business and social interactions. It is located in the genital region of the body. The physical organs of the body that are primarily nourished by the energy of this chakras are your sexual organs, lower intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis appendix and bladder.

“In continuing our pattern of developmental process, the second stage of child development is the “what’s mine state”. This is second chakra energy at work within a child’s consciousness. As the child continues through the developmental stages through adulthood, the challenges of working through the “what’s mine” stage become the challenge of learning to relate in a healthy and balanced manner to the material world.

“The most important wisdom chips that a child needs to acquire for this chakra are those of sharing, of learning to relate with respect to other people and learning self-worth without self-thought being totally associated with material object”.

They say that, when self-worth and material objects are equated as one, as in money or power equations, “a person’s self-worth is then determined solely by how much material gain is acquired. The absence of money, therefore, equals an absence of self-worth”. Dr. Shealy and Carolyn Myss say that lack of self-worth in adulthood causes imbalances “in all forms if relationships that exist within the material world, be these relationships in sectors such as power, money economic, political or sexual or even if they concern issues of dominance and control in personal professional and personal relationship”. Obsessiveness in these areas as attempts to compensate for absence of self-worth. When these efforts fail to yield desired dividends, a pattern of fear and insecurity envelopes the man or woman they concerned. They fell powerless, feel abused or manipulated, they may feel sexually frigid, resentful of the other gender or of a spouse, unwilling to get pregnant, feeling resentful of the financial power and control of other people, a fear “of never having enough” and the readiness to “manipulate other people in order to establish control levels in your life”. (We can see Nigerian Politicians in all of these pictures storing trillions of naira in soak-away tanks or country homes).

The authors say the following health challenges arise from a dysfunction of the second chakra: “menstrual difficulties, infertility, vaginal infections, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, tumours and cancers of the female organs; for men, impotency and prostate difficulties, including cancer, (these dysfunctions are associated with loss of financial or political authority, in particular). For both male and female, common dysfunctions include pelvic and lower back pain, herpes and all other sexual diseases, difficulties with slipped disc, all sexual problems and bladder and urinary difficulties”.


Dr. Shealy and Carolyn Myss take us through the lives and health challenges of some people whose problems they analyzed through energy medicine prison. Frank, 41, was a successful professional who suffered from candida infection of the vagina about one year after she had some uterine fibroids surgically removed. She had no husband or child, although she wished she did and had become stressed up by emotional distress and worry that time was running out for marriage and motherhood. Her candida did not respond to the Nystatin prescription of her doctors. Carolyn Myss thought that her “inner struggle reflects what many women must confront and that is the dilemma of choosing between having a family or a career.” Frank had thrown herself into her education and, afterwards, on a practice, suppressing personal and emotional life and soon experienced “serious depression and grieve over never having had a child.” Carolyn Myss though that the sorrow of having not had a child and the fear that time had run out caused the stress which brought about both Frank’s candidiasis and uterine fibroids. Another case study was Carlotta’s. She was 32 and presented “tonsillar, pharyngeal infection (treated with antibiotics), fever and exhausting fatigue”. Carlotta Presented vaginal candidiasis as well, with more than 15 antibiotics treatment over many years. Her marriage was unsatisfactory with a “remarkably ego-centered husband who constantly tells her that she is unattractive and that he doesn’t love her” Carolyn Myss thought that Carlotta became stressed up because she could not stabilize her marriage and because she always believed her husband who often threatened to leave her. She worried all the more because he frightened her that, if he left her, she would not find another man to marry her. Carlotta’s self-esteem was battered. As of the time of her energy analysis, Carlotta had been unable to resolve her problems. Yet another case study was Lori’s she had cancer of the cervix which had spread to her uterus and intestine. Her doctors wanted to surgically remove the diseased organs and tissues which surrounded them. Lori was afraid and refused surgery. For all major organs from her waist down would have to go. She then embarked on a massive Alternative self-help therapy. She did not wish to make the cancer “real” by going surgery, something typical of “it is not my portion”   culture in Nigeria. But this was only a facade. Because, deep down, fear of the cancer govern her life. Carolyn Myss thought that Lori may have survived her cancer, if she accepted the physical reality of its presence in her cervix and empowered herself emotionally to deal with it, realizing the physical and emotional stresses that may have connived to bring it about.

In conclusion, emotional distress like physical, chemical or oxidative stress, had been found to compromise immune function and predispose to danger organs within a chakras region most affected by this crisis. The second chakras is all about the acquisition and use of power. Where a struggle for power exists and it results in a deflation of the ego or Self-worth, the tendency is for the outcome to generate negative stress in the life of a person. The negative emotions or vibrations or radiations dull or inactivate the second chakras outlet of power from the power source, the human spirit, to the region of the body it served. As the organs and tissues in this region no longer get nourished by ethereal energy, begin to wither and are unable to protect themselves against germs.

And only a normalization of the emotion will restore balance. Uterine fibroids, like breast lumps, have been found to regrow even after surgical removal of the previous ones simply because the root cause(s) of the problems were not resolved. Women like to take charge in every situation. They are emotional, the set their children against their fathers. They set their husbands against their extended families. They banish from their husbands their friends that they do not like. They may kill a husband who takes on other women after them. When they encounter a man who stands like a Rock of Gibraltar, that is a man who is unmoved by their antics, a man they cannot control, they break down emotionally. It was once my privilege to nurse a woman who had just been discharged from a mental hospital. She became an intern after she found her husband had cheated on her. She was not concerned about what led to this. The man’s apology fell on deaf ears. I asked her to forgive him and move on with her life as he was moving on with his. I told her she did not own him and he did not own her. He had free will like her, as a gift from his maker. He could use this gift whichever way he wanted but would be answerable to only his creator if he use it wrongly. This woman was not appeased. And the husband did not know what to do. In one breath, she didn’t want him because he had cheated.  In another, she did not want him to go although she now dislike him. So living under the same roof with him continued to give her stress which made her unwell and unable to sleep. She symbolizes and attempts by women to take sexual control of their control marriages by putting their husbands in the marriage cage where he is a prisoner. It has been suggested by someone that, in marriages where peace is seen to reign, the woman is perfectly in charge. Where she fails and pandemonium often occurs. I say guilty because parenting is meant to consciously lead children up the ladder of the seven chakra. Prince Tony Momoh, former editor and Nigerian Information Minister gave a public lecture on these subject in the 1980’s or 1990’s. It was, I believe, at a birth day party of the singer Christin Essien- Egbokwe of Sweet Mother Film are now of blessed memory.

This is a typical second chakra failure of which many parents are guilty.