The Easter Season (April 21 to June 9, 2019)

THE easter holiday is over. Many people stepped out of the revelry of the ages, this time to contemplate some thorny questions in christiandom. I guess we can spend another day to revisit some of them . There are too many questions about the JESUS STORY which still trouble the souls of many christians, irrespective of the opinions on them which leaders of the religion have put forward since after the departure of Jesus as gospel truth which cannot be questioned. These opinions survived the INQUISITION and the CRUSADE. But, today, like the wakeful five wise virgins with oil in their lamps many christians whose spirits are not slumbering or asleep or lazy are asking questions. None of these questions doubt the JESUS STORY. One of the prominent ones this easter season were: Did Jesus come to die for the sins of man? Or, did he come only to show mankind the way they must tread to salvation?

Afterall, the book of revelations, which even islam says is one of the four books sent by God to man, speaks of people who wash themselves in the blood of the lamb, that is people who cleaned themselves up by themselves, and not people who, like babies, were put in a bath tub by some other persons and cleaned up, because they could not do the cleaning by themselves. So, the question goes, was Jesus murdered by the leaders of religion who considered him a threat to their authority, power and influence? Did these leaders cover up their misdeeds with the misconception of sacrificial lamb? In throwing up this conception of Jesus, THE LOVE OF GOD as the lamb, did they not confuse issues with the LAMB one of those four wind animals or, better still, Divine Beings at the foot of God’s throne revealed to mankind in the book of revealations? A conception is a key for unlocking the door to knowledge. When the conception is wrong, the key is wrong, knowledge becomes elusive. And, as the bible says, “My people perish in ignorance”.
I partook in the debate last Thursday in this column with the article on with stigmata, stigmatists and Golgotha. It sought to relate the experiences of people whose bodies bleed from the exact points of the wound marks of Jesus on the cross, especially in the easter season, with their roles in the events which led to the crucifixion. From my mail comes this response by AZUBIKE NASS, who lives in Enugu, to that publication.
He gave it no title. I hope Iam not out of place if I title it as OUT OF TUNE WITH POPULAR NARRATIVES. He says…

“My Good Greetings to ‘Oga’ Femi Kusa.

I am a regular reader of your column in The Nation newspaper. I am a mystic long addicted to the study of Metaphysics and the spiritual roots of organised religions, extinct and extant.

I refer to your column of April 18, 2019, on STIGMATA: Your narrative of “revealed knowledge” largely sounded odd to better known varieties of “revealed knowledge”. Due to time constraint, I want to limit my observation to 2 or 3 areas for comment:

1. You made it sound as if Judas was the one deciding and manipulating the activities of Jesus the Christ, including Jesus going to the Temple of Jerusalem and what Jesus was to do there. That sounds very strange to minds studied on the issue.

2. The common version of the narrative in Judaism tradition, which is corroborated in some Tibetan manuscripts about Saint Issa (Jesus), says that the Sanhedrin (the highest Jewish religious court) did not seat to condemn Jesus, as popularly narrated in Christian version. That the law and tradition of Sanhedrin forbade it from sitting to try cases once it was evening/dusk. And so it did not sit in the night to condemn Jesus before Jesus was taken to Pontius Pilate the next morning. There were rather intrigues by some religious and political leaders to condemn Jesus and excuse themselves from blame. The famous Edger Cayce (the 20th Century American prophet) in one of his trance Akashic record readings, said something similar.

3. Prophet Zoroastra (of Persia) and Jesus of Nazareth (in Palestine), both have unique similarities. Zoroastra live some 600 years before Jesus. Both had “virgin birth” and lived “meek and gentle”. Zoroastra predicted the birth of Jesus to His inner disciples (the high-caste Zoroastrian priests known as Magi. He gave astronomical and astrological signs that would precede the birth of Jesus. Zoroastrian priests (Magi) were legendary for their knowledge of Astronomy (the study of the movement of the heavenly bodies) and Astrology (the effect of these on the human person). Complex mathematical and Zodiacal calculation were involved. They were called magicians because of their art.

4. The so-called “Three wise men” were Zoroastrian priests/astrologers/Magi who were the first to know about the birth of Jesus.

5. I stop so far, for now.

Azubike Nass
Enugu, Nigeria.”

My response is as follows…


I in no way said or inferred that “Judas was the one deciding and manipulating the activities of Jesus the Christ”. What I said was that Judas longed to be a member of the inner circle of three disciples…Peter, John and James. If Judas was manipulating and deciding the activities of Jesus , he would not have longed to be in the inner caucus. In any case, he was not with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration and in the garden of Gethsemane. These were two places where major events took place in the earth life of Jesus. And with him each time was the inner circle of 3 disciples. As a matter of fact, some of the disciples would appear to not have warmed up to the call of Judas to be among the twelve . Only Jesus would know why he called Judas. My assumption is that Judas was one of those chosen for this task in the higher realms, where preparations were made for the mission of Jesus to the earth, and specially prepared for this purpose. When the mission of Jesus to the earth was announced in each realm of existence above the earth, there was jubilation. Many perfected spirits and human souls not yet perfected pleaded to be permitted to partake in this rescue Mission in one form or another. After the preparation of the privileged ones, they were sent to the earth and guided to their duty posts from where they would receive and recognise his call when the time was ripe. One of those privileged ones chosen for this mission was John the baptist, the fore runner of Jesus. John the Baptist never needed to come to this earth for he was one of those Spirit Beings created in the image of God and perfect from the beginning of Time. We earth people àre spirit seeds who, literally speaking, were sown in the soil of the Universe to sprout, germinate , flower and fruit. At the highest point of the attainment of perfection which our specie is capable of, we will be no more than the likeness or shadows of those spirit beings from a realm of those spirit beings created in the image of God , after whose likeness or shadows earthly humanity is striving to grow as developed and perfected spirits. Those spirit beings and souls chosen for the Jesus mission would be waiting for him by the time his mission would begin. Their paths would lead them to him. The spiritual bandage which shielded their inner gaze would fall off when he sights them and calls them to follow him. They would intuitively sense, spiritually speaking, that they were on this earth solely for that purpose and, therefore, abandon all pre occupations and unconditionally follow him. It was possible that, while they subconsciously waited for him, some of them may have become distracted by materialism.

After all, didn’t Lucifer try to divest Jesus himself? Did the fourth wise man make it to the manger in Bethlehem? It was possible that when all four sighted the star of Bethlehem, three gave up whatever they were doing, the fourth sought to secure his estate before proceeding to Jerusalem, and, so, arrived later than the three, and after Joseph and Mary had taken baby Jesus into safety in Egypt. Still talking about a possible Judas diversion, we notice the diversion of even the three wise men by Lucifer. They, too, were called for this mission , prepared and endowed with the skills which would be required to protect Jesus from physical dangers in the course of his Mission. Rather than stick around their charge, we saw them, as any of us today is likely to behave in the pursuit of bread and butter, live baby Jesus without the protection they were called to offer him. Rather, they went to an enemy Lucifer had incensed to destroy the mission. This was king Herod. If they went only to pay obeisance to him, that would have been in the normal course of protocol. But they instead revealed a vital secret to the king, namely that someone mightier than the king had been born. We all remember the carnage of all first children of Jews at that time in the hope of eliminating baby Jesus and His Mission.

In like manner with these diversions, the ambition of Judas may have made him an easy prey of Lucifer. The Jews were under political governance of the romans. So unbearable was their yoke that they sought a messiah who would liberate them from this earthly yoke. So bad was it that Mary, who would later become the earthly mother of Jesus, a kind hearted pure soul who innocently offered water to thirsty and probably dying roman soldiers faced scorn for this love shown the romans perceived by her people to be their enemies. Even her mother angrily smashed the pitcher of water from which the romans drank. The messiah the jews sought in these circumstances was not a Divine or a Spiritual messiah, but an earthly territorial conqueror. It was possible Judas, too, stepped out of his spiritual call in the suffocating embrace of his ambition. They were in the season of the passover, a great Jewish festival which reminded them of deliverance from the Egyptians . Everyone was hoping this gathering would spur a great rebellion which would also deliver them from the romans.The teachings of Jesus were galvanising the people towards Him, and the leaders and generals of the Jewish resistance army sought to exploit this potential for mass rebellion. Judas was in touch with Jewish resistant movements and their generals. Jesus, independent of Judas and the generals, was coming to Jerusalem to observe the passover. Judas in no way influenced his coming or his plans. He only sought to exploit his ambition to prove that he could be or was smarter than Peter, James and John. Jesus was not just man on earth. His core was also not just divine .A spark of the unsubstantiate spark of God, a part of God himself, resided in it. In fact, this spark is Jesus. Jesus saw through the game plan. And that was why, when he arrived in the temple, he shifted his speech far away from the topical subject of the day, the call of a Jewish messiah to arms against roman overlords, but instead, to the disappointment of all and sundry, including Judas and the generals preached THE BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MEN.


I did not say that the Sanhedrin sat in the dark overnight to try Jesus and condemn him. I said that he was hatred by the Sanhedrin for His teachings. Jesus had become so popular in the land that the religious leaders felt their authority and influence had been dangerously eroded in favour of the new faith. In several ways, they had tried to tempt him to break Jewish or roman law to nail him in this account but always failed. Once, they even sought to stone him when he said he had existed before Abraham ,their father. But they always failed. For they, too , were afraid that the multitude would overrun them if they eliminated Jesus on flimsy charges. After Judas failed in the temple, he approached the sanhedrin, promising to identify him among the twelve with what has now become well known as THE KISS OF JUDAS. The aim of Judas was not to get Jesus eliminated. He believed Jesus could summon the heavenly host to destroy his assailants and again trigger a wave of euphoria that would lead to Jesus being proclaimed king of the Jews. In this political dispensation, Judas would automatically become a front bencher. But how wrong Judas was in the grip of Lucifer. He would return the 30 sheckels bribe he had taken for this king of the Jews project and the betrayal of Jesus, and after that, commit suicide by hanging. Jesus would be charged later for, among other alledged offences, claiming to be the king of the Jews over and above the emperor of the Roman empire under which the Jews lived. I did not describe the proceedings which followed for want of space. Soldiers were involved in the arrest, and there was manhandling. Mary followed her son behind the lines, hiding in bushes and thickets, until he was brought before Pontius Pilate, another called one, who was to have thrown a protective cordon around Jesus with his high office. Were the three dreams of his wife not meant to remind him of why he was governor of Judea at that time?


I wish to comment first on VIRGIN BIRTH. It is not what mankind has taken it to be. Jesus taught that he had come to fufil the laws, not to disobey them. He was not speaking about the torah or the law of Moses which, in some cases, he proved were wrong. He performed miracles on the sabbath for example. He spoke, rather about the laws of God, which have unswerving regulation for the coming into being of man on earth. In Jewish conception of those days, virgin birth meant a birth from a womb which gave birth to a child for the first time ever. This means that this womb had not given birth prior to this birth. Evidentially, Jesus of Nazareth was the first birth from the womb of Mary. His birth was, therefore, a virgin birth. Any misdefinition of virgin birth on that account is an attempt to embellish the stature of Jesus which requires none and is vanity. If Jesus needed embellishment, would he have been born in a manger?


Astrology is, indeed, a royal art. But it takes one who can calculate, correctly, all the aspects in the universe which govern an event to predict it correctly. These aspects include radiations of all the stars and planetary bodies, known and still unknown to man, radiations of all the beings, seen and unseen, and, above all, the FREE WILL of man. If all your calculations tell you I would be in Enugu tomorrow, you may be right. But, what happens, if in the last minute, through an act of free will, I divert my path to Ijebu ode? There is no one on earth who can pre determine the act of free will of another person.The gift of free will
is part of the intrinsic make up or nature of the human spirit. Animal souls do not posses it. Freewill is one of the features which distinguishes the human being from the animal. It should not be out of place in this context to assume that the Almighty Creator himself will be unable to predetermine what you would do in the next 5 minutes. That is why we bear responsibility before him for the manner, good or evil, in which we exercise the gift of freewill. You yourself cannot predetermine it, for an exercise of your free will at that time based on the experiences of the moment may derail or divert your determination. This should inform us that mysticism is a farce, that there is nothing like it. From the very word, mysticism wears the garb of mystery. But there is no mystery in the universe as every event, every occurrence, is explainable under perfect, unyielding, eternal laws which holds everything in existence together as individual parts of one gigantic hole, and governs them all. So, where is that man who is a mystic, who has all the answers to world events. Given the fall of man, arising from the stunting of the spiritually -receptive part of the brain, the small or back brain also called the cerebellum, and the over cultivation of the frontal or big brain, where the intellect is formed and its seat, we can only in humility be guided to the knowledge of all past or coming events, which may change their courses, anyway, through REVEALED KNOWLEDGE. Revealed knowledge will sound odd, no doubt, when viewed against laboriously sourced intellectual narratives, because revelations come from above whereas intellectual thesis, bound up by the earthly conceptions of time and space, come from a groping from below.


  1. “Happy Good Friday.”
    When a neighbor sent me the above “greeting” recently, I responded as follows:
    If the “murder”(Acts7:51-53) of the Son of God, was “good and happy” He would not have prayed “Father forgive them for they know not what they do!”
    The mission of Christ was to bring the Word of Truth which shows the Way to Salvation.. But man must walk this ‘Way’ himself. (cf, John 8:51)
    “Do not be deceived….. for whatever a man sows, that shall he reap!”

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