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We are in the season of ‘‘direct’’ and ‘‘indirect’’ election primaries. So, it occurred to me that it has been some time since this column, directly, answered the questions often asked by its readers. Some of the questions often found themselves answered indirectly in the company of other questions. This week, I am on a sort of holiday which provides the atmosphere for direct replies some of these questions are.

Sperm Reflux

A woman says that, after a meeting with her husband, they discover emissions from her body smears his. And when its over, almost everything flows out. She has tried many things possible to prevent it, but all her attempts fail. The attempts include not getting up immediately and shoring her body with a pillow. She loses everything, no matter how long it is after, whenever she gets up. Like him, she is frustrated because they have no child as yet.

The yorubas of south-western Nigeria describe this condition as eda (d: d) which translates as a pour. Western medicine recognizes it as sperm pour, sperm reflux or sperm leak. In Yoruba traditional medicine practice, the woman takes most, if not all of the blame, whereas, in truth, the man may be contributing. The man may, if his organ is too long or if the sperm is watery. Both parties may be responsible for this condition if they suffer from infectio s, which account for about 60 percent of cases.


When the vaginal is infected, a number of things may happen. The vagina is the outermost chamber of the chambers the sperm must travel through before it arrives in the fallopian tube, where it would meet with and fertilize the ovum or egg released by an ovary. The middle chamber is the cervix. The innermost is the uterus or womb. The cervix protects the uterus against infections from the vagina by producing mucus to seal its entrance from the vagina, as it were, if it senses anything untoward. The cervix also produces mucus during ovulation. The mucus is colourless, odourless and elastic. Its job in normal conditions is to facilitate movement of the sperm to the egg. If it is too thick or too thin, it cannot do this job well. An infection may cause trouble.

When a woman experiences vaginal itch or discharge, the odds are that she has an infection in that region. Quite naturally, her body would respond to this infection by producing thick mucus to trap the offending germs and kill them before they enter the cervix or the uterus. Bacteria or viruses causing the infection may attack and even kill the sperm or sent out through leakages, a pour or reflux as the situation may be described. Yeast infections operate likewise, destroying sperm with its acidic arsenal.

A well known or common yeast infection is Candidiasis. Nature offers the infected woman respite with many herbs. Golden Seal Root Powder may be mixed with egg white, propolis syrup or cream or any other carrier and applied generously as a paste, overnight and rinsed off in the morning with diluted Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV). Mango Seed extract powder serves the same purpose.

Aloe vera gel is handy, too. So are Tee Tree Oil wash and other remedies. One more word about Mango Seed Extract. In India, woman use it as a contraceptive. They mix the paste with egg white as carrier and apply inside before sexual intercourse. The paste kills all the sperm introduced into the vagina. What kills sperm will kill bacteria. I have witnessed bright and sunny smiles on the faces of many hitherto infected women after these therapies.

In respect of men, watery sperm hardly go far before they are killed or rejected and expelled. The woman body naturally produces antibodies to overcome foreign cells. Although intended for the vagina, sperm cells are nevertheless foreign cells. Knowing that they would be attacked and killed as such, the sperm come with antibody-antibody, to overcome the vaginal antibody, and then more on.

Watery sperm can hardly defend itself against vaginal antibody. Infections may cause not only watery sperm but, also, lots of dead or sluggish (immobile) sperm. Sluggish sperm may have no energy to run the race against all barriers. The sperm cell has three segments…. The head, the trunk and the tail. The head is that part which fuses with the egg and fertilizes it. The trunk provides the energy for mobility. In it are such energy nutrient factors as Lecithin and Co-enzyme  Q-10 (CoQ10). The tail is needed for swimming. The quality of some sperm is so poor that some cells gum together in the head like Siamese babies (agglutination) or the tails may fall off, rendering the cell immobile.

Sperm quality may be improved by treating infections, including the much talked about Staphylococcus aureus, boosting sperm count, eliminating agglutination and improving motility (mobility). Sperm counts often improve with zinc, L=Arginine, Peruvian Macca (for male hormones) Lecithin, CoQ10 etc if candida is a problem, Amazon A-F is a good match. If staphylococcus aureus is the obstacle, AmazonA/F is a likely waterloo.

Finally, I would like to return to women. Many of them complain of ‘‘internal heat’’ in the abdomen and pelvic regions, and believe, instinctively or intuitively, that this is a cause of their fertility challenges, if they cannot easily become pregnant. Often, they are not far from the truth. Heat in the pelvic region, where many of the reproductive organs are located, may have to do with inflammation, which may have to do with irritation or infection(s). that is why a doctor may query a PIP (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ) in this condition.

Irritation may come from poor blood circulation and poor oxygen supply evidenced in dark blood clots or clumps during menstruation. It may come from heavy metal poisoning. It may also come from toxic wastes accumulated in the organs and cells which may have elevated acid levels in this region. Whatever it is, inflammation may bar the way to the uterus to sperm and sperm reflux may, thereby, readily occur.

If a P.I.D is infection based, it should be treated as such. Many herbs do this well without side effects. When it comes to remedies for poor blood circulation, Ginkgo bilobe, though well known for upstream solutions, especially in the brain, eyes, ears and heart, is useful downstream as well. But Butcher’s broom is well acknowledged for this. Cayenne moves the blood and breaks clumps. So does Apple Cider Vinegar. Dilto vitamin E. Ditto Wheat grass.

Yarrow remains a woman’s best friend. I remember, also, the cell or tissue salt FERUM PHOS. It breaks down all blood circulation barriers. Where I do not obtain it as a single salt of the 12 salts, I use all 12 in a combination called PLASMA CELL SALTS. The anti-inflammatory herbs help PID as well. My current pet among them after CHAMOMILE is ORANGE PEEL POWDER. This herb not only removes blemishes from the skin and makes it glow as well as make the hair grow thick and long and prevent ‘‘desertification’’ (alopecia) when it is added to skin and hair cosmetics, it cuts the blood sugar, kills germs of all sorts, fights cough, breaks phlegm, aids digestion, prevents constipation and cases or frees the air passages in asthma. PID – suffering women should find it useful too. Where the foregoing do not apply to a woman who suffers from sperm reflux.

She may need to have her gynecologist examine the status of her uterus. Women need to pay attention to pelvic scan reports, especially to remarks about the position of the uterus. Many reports say, the uterus is ‘‘anteverted’’. This is the normal position. This means it is positioned in such a way that ejaculated sperm easily swim in with to the uterus without structural obstructions. The problem to free in-flow comes when the uterus is ‘‘retroverted’’. To understand this, think of the entrance from one room to another being on the same level with both rooms. Think again of a step in the entrance to the other room. Movement is smoother and freer to water flow in the free entrance. The construction of toilets and bathrooms paints another picture. It slants almost imperceptibly for water to flow easily into a drain pipe. Where the man is a ‘‘long’’ man, or where the uterus is retroverted, the gynecologist may advise remedial intercourse positions. Sperm reflux can be corrected.

Systemic Candidiasis

A young woman asked me two weeks ago what she could do about systemic candidiasis, almost everything she had tried having failed to help much. She was fatigued, had skin blotches all over and was restless. She had been constipated, had previously also suffered period pains and had hormonal imbalance as well. Her diet consisted largely of sugary foods and snacks. I did not remember to ask if she was ever stressed up, maybe, because, mistakenly, I did not consider her old enough to be experiencing social stressors. Her doctors diagnosed systemic candiasis from laboratory tests.

CANDIDA strikes terror in the hearts and secret places of many women where it causes embarrassing itch, smelly yellowish discharge and burning pain during urination. In some women, candida may cause damage to the tissue of the vagina, possibly exposing nerves and blood vessels and causing inflammation, and pain during sexual relationships.

For many women, vaginal candidiasis is an on and off lifelong challenge which makes many miserable, because it cuts short or terminates many promising dates and  frustrates marriage hopes. For unless a man is himself dirty or has low standards, a man thinks he deserves a clean woman. In other articles, I have tried to explain to men who are uncomfortable with challenged women that the condition, like that caused by staphylococcus aureus, is not necessarily caused by sexual frivolities, and that, therefore, they should support their challenged spouses to get rid of it.

Although this is not the matter we are looking at, I will spend a little time on it because it is related to systematic candidiasis, our focus.

Candida, a fungus, belongs to the yeast family and occurs naturally in many parts of the body, including the mouth, the vagina and the intestine. It does no harm for as long as the immune system is up and doing, and the fungus does not overgrow its permitted population. It lives on sugar, so a high sugar intake supports overgrowth of its population. Indulgence in antibiotics paves the way for candida population explosion because it makes the cells and the blood acidic and toxic, a natural and suitable environment for its growth, and a disabling environment for the population of friendly bacteria which check its growth and activities. Hormonal imbalance, sometimes caused by the use of hormone – disarranging contraceptive pills, has a hand in candida overgrowth as well.

So does constipation, which inhibits bowel motion and makes decomposing fecal matter a breeding ground for germs of all sorts and fungi and yeast as well. How does candida baloon in the vagina?, many women often ask.

Women who clean from the back forward after a poop can easily get it and E.coli up the vagina. Women who hang washed undies out in the toilet to dry may also pick it up from there. For when the water closet is flushed, air displaced by the flush water may spring up some germs. If these settle on the undies and these undies are not laundered with hot iron before they are worn, trouble may brew later. Even where undies are hung to dry on the clothes line outdoor, fungi floating around in the air may settle on those briefs with dire consequences later. This case is worse with woman who patronize rayon briefs which cause heat and moistening and cannot be laundered with hot iron. Problems may not easily brew, though if the woman concerned is not a sweet tooth and her immune system is reasonably active.

Sometimes, Candida gives early warning signals in what doctor call ORAL THRUSH. These are white patches on the tongue or the cheeks. Many communities in Nigeria easily clear these up with local herbal potions. The Yoruba’s call their own formula Ogun Efu (d: d d: d). our mothers gave it to us as children whenever these patches were noticed in our months. It is possible Ogun Efu killed the white patches in the intestine as well. I gave up on it as an adult when I realized that Alum was a component of this medicine.

Systemic candidiasis occurs when Candida damages the tight lining of the intestine and escapes into the blood and then into the organs. Some doctors say it does not get into the blood or the organs that it is the poison it produces as its own metabolic waste products which do. Others, especially alternative medicine doctors, say it does and try to prove this point with blood slides in dark field microscopy probes which slow while patches in the blood as Candida population. In such slides, the red blood cells are fewer than normal, irregularly shaped and sluggish. Many regular doctors do not trust the diagnostic tool. In all honesty I would suggest that anyone with such presentation or diagnosed with systemic candidiasis have his or her immune or HIV status tested as well.

The symptoms of the condition are legion, which is why it often misleads some doctors, as we say in Yoruba land to neglect leprosy and treat ring worm.

In the PRESCRIPTIONS FOR NATURAL CURES by JAMES F. BALCH, M.D., and MARK STENGLER, N.D., some of them are listed as …

‘‘Persistent fatigue , constipation, diarrhoea, colitis, abdominal pain ,rectal itching, kidney and bladder infections, muscle pain, arthritis, canker sores, congestion, cough, headaches, numbness or tingling in the limbs, poor memory and concentration, mood problems, (depression and anxiety), chronic skin rashes, genital or toe nail fungus, allergies’’.

Treatment goals

Treatment objectives should include but not limited to

  1. Elimination of the candida overgrowth
  2. Restoration of the friendly bacteria’s population
  3. Boosting of immune function
  4. Repair of any cellular damage
  5. Cleansing of the blood stream and recomposition of the blood
  6. Oxygenation of the blood
  7. Treatment of any peculiar presentation such as secondary infections and energy production, as examples.


Some Remedies

Although candida is stubborn, especially in systemic candidiasis, there are many herbs and herbs formulas it yields to in the end. The starting-point for a cure is to make the blood and the body alkaline. Dr. Robert O. Young has educated us that candida or other pathogens can have no foothold in an alkaline environment.

In his pH MIRACLE Dr. Young shows in laboratory experiments that fungi and mold, like all yeasts, are developed from bacteria which devolves from microzyma, a Microscopic organism inside all cells, plant, animal or human. The microzyma is inactive in alkaline environment but devolves into bacteria, then yeast and mold in increasing degrees of acidosis, and evolves as acidosis decreases.

This is why this column always suggests generous consumption of deep, leafy vegetables and alkaline forming fruits and blood cleansing and alkalizing, chlorophyll-2 rich green drinks such as Wheat grass, Barley grass, Spirulina, Kale, Cilantro, Papaya leaf, Lemon grass leaf, Chlorella e.t.c.

Golden seal root offers vast antibiotic potential. So does mango seed extract. In the Amazon, a group of herbs from tree barks and herbs which successfully protect themselves against fungi has been packaged proprietarily as Amazon A-F against candida, fungi and yeast.

Propolis from the bee is good, too. So, is Colloidal Silver. Garlic cannot be neglected in the candida diet. Ransom, or wild garlic, which is more powerful than the garlic we often see around in Nigeria, is well recommended. Activated charcoal has a special role to chelate toxins and germs out of the intestine. Zinc is needed for immune boosting and healing. It goes with vitamin C. The alkaline- forming vitamin C is preferred to the purely ascorbate form because high dosages are required. Amla (or also called Amalaki or Indian goose berry) has 15 times more vitamin C than lemon juice.

Another wonderful remedy to trust is Grape Seed Extract. Echinacea, too, has a place. Some producers combine it with Golden seal root. I suggest they be separated because Golden Seal Root ought to be stopped after seven days for a seven-day break and continued for another seven days in all off-and-on- cycle for three months. During the ‘‘holiday’’, an antibiotic vacuum should not arise so the candida does not resurge. As I said earlier, the list is endless… Pau d’ Arco, Caprylic Acid, Supreme Immune Booster, a proprietary formula, Oregano oil, the peppermint family of herbs, and. Of course, after the hurly burly, when the battle is won by these herbs and is lost by candida, with apologies to William Shakespeare, biochemic tissue or cell salts and probiotic (friendly bacteria) should be introduced to reconstitute the body.